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Adam Cherrington Review: What Is the 7 Pillars Invisible Affiliate System

April 29, 2024

Adam Cherrington is known for his development of training systems, such as the 7 Pillars Invisible Affiliate System. His strategy teaches affiliate marketers how to leverage proprietary tools and unique traffic sources to maximize their earnings. Affiliate arbitrage is an online business model where you earn affiliate commissions by promoting other brands’ / organizations’ offers through sponsored traffic, boosted through the use of online ads. Adam Cherrington offers a mentorship, referred to as the Cherrington Experience or Adam’s Method. 

Reviews for Adam Cherrington are mixed. Many students praise the value they received in his mentorship, although they criticize the high price. Unsatisfied customers complain that Adam's cheaper programs deliver no value but lead to more upsells and that the real value is behind the expensive mentorship program.

Adam Cherrington’s team spends $50K/day on average every Q4. That’s an ad spend of around $4.6 million. His mentorship costs between $39,995 and $99,995. But, he claims to make $450,000 within just one ad account in 2 months (that’s revenue). Can Adam’s advice help you do the same? Do his online money making ideas require such a high ad spend? This Adam Cherrington review has all the answers. And, if these numbers intimidate you, consider an online business with a far lower investment like local lead generation. In this article, you will learn all about Adam Cherrington, his Invisible Affiliate System, and his mentorship.

What Is the 7 Pillars Invisible Affiliate System?

7 Pillars Invisible Affiliate System is Adam Cherrington’s comprehensive guide to affiliate marketing. This system is what Adam’s Cherrington Experience is based on. The 7 core pillars are as follows:

  1. Business Model: The Invisible Affiliate System introduces “Ad Arbitrage” method that maximizes profits from advertising investments by taking advantage of traffic loopholes.
  2. Market & Product: The program helps identify profitable markets and products, giving users insights into what is currently in demand.
  3. Target Demographic: The system emphasizes targeting profitable demographics who have a disposable income for purchasing advertised products.
  4. Invisible Traffic Source: Instead of common platforms like Google or Facebook, the system utilizes less obvious sources of traffic, which Adam refers to as "invisible".
  5. Execution Strategy: The program provides a step-by-step plan on how to execute marketing campaigns effectively.
  6. Tools and Automation: Users gain access to proprietary software tools that automate much of the process, simplifying the management of affiliate campaigns.
  7. Mindset: The final pillar focuses on cultivating a resilient and proactive mindset essential for overcoming the challenges in affiliate marketing.

Who Is Adam Cherrington?

adam cherrington review
  • Adam was born in San Benito, TX, part of the Rio Grande valley.
  • His parents ran a plant nursery and worked 16-18 hours every day. They divorced when he was 7.
  • At 14, Adam moved to Dallas for high school. He lived with his mother and step family.
  • Adam made it to the University of North Texas. He worked and took out student loans. Money stayed tight, and he began dealing marijuana. Within the next 6 months, he lost his apartment and dropped out of school.
  • Adam started dealing cocaine and ecstasy at raves. He started dating a girl from Peru with an ex-boyfriend that had ties to the cartel. He connected Adam with bigger cocaine deals.
  • Adam prepped to smuggle cocaine into Australia. He strapped it to his body for a week and flew in. Security caught him because he said he was going to a baseball game (they play cricket in Australia).
  • Adam helped the authorities catch the guys who were going to pick up the cocaine. They set him up in a sting operation with a wire.
  • After they caught the other drug dealers, Adam’s lawyer told him he would spend 10 years in jail in Australia. He ended up spending 3.
  • Adam started in a maximum security jail because he had taken part in a sting operation. He quickly had to become even more of a criminal just to survive.
  • Eventually, authorities moved him to a minimum security prison. He continued to deal drugs to get food.
  • Adam became workout buddies with one of the worst criminals in Australia.
  • He got out of jail at 24 years old and lived in San Antonio with his father, in case it was no longer safe for him in Dallas. He worked for his father’s pest control business and went to community college.
adam cherrington and wife

Adam Cherrington Begins His Journey to Affiliate Marketing

  • In 2005, Adam took an HTML course and worked at FedEx just to get the money for training materials, spending over $30K. He learned CSS, Photoshop, and other skills. He also learned from online business coaches Jeremy Palmer and Jason Nyback. 
  • This culminated in creating The site ranked very well in the United States, so he used it to host affiliate links to guitar lessons. made $129,000 in its first full year. Later, he sold it for $10K.
  • He continued to make sites until 2010. Over 30 sites made him $500,000 revenue a year completely organically, with no paid traffic.
  • Unfortunately for Adam, Google released the Penguin algorithm update. He lost 90% of his income overnight. He laid off his employees and tried to build out another site, which only brought in $80K in 10 months.
  • Adam got a 9-5 as the personal traffic guy for an internet marketer. He learned all about paid traffic and became an expert, but soon learned that corporate life was not what he wanted. 
  • He started his very own advertising agency and focused on running traffic as an affiliate with his partner. Adam ran this agency for 2 years, spent $2 million, and left his company to return to work as an affiliate.
  • Meanwhile, Adam was still fighting demons. He had PTSD from jail and was on Xanax and Valium. He ended up in Christian counseling and started recovering. It took him two years. He even lived in a trailer with other guys who needed help. Adam found a church called the Upper Room in Dallas, TX. He met his wife there, and they were married at ages 33 and 32.
  • In 2022, Adam Cherrington is 40 years old. The couple has 2 children with a third on the way. He enjoys having the ability to make money online and have more time with his loved ones.
  • Adam has spent over $40 million on online advertising. He wants to work from home with as stress-free a life as possible. So, he has started his Affiliate Mentorship.

Adam Cherrington Net Worth

Adam Cherrington’s net worth isn’t public knowledge, but we can speculate. In his first 3 years, he spent $30 million in paid ads. He made back $10 million. Within the next two years, he spent an additional $10 million. So, it’s likely that his net worth is around $12 million.

Adam Cherrington Reviews

Todd Turner Reveals What To Expect Inside Adam Cherrington's Affiliate Course

Todd's Onboarding Experience With Adam Cherrington

Upon purchasing Adam Cherrington's program, Todd encountered two upsell offers at checkout. He purchased the upsells because of the money-back guarantee. When he got into the admin area with his username and password, he realized the main product's structure was confusing including its upsells. 

Todd's Experience with Adam's 14-Day Program 

There were tasks assigned for each day of Adam Cherrington's 14-day program. However, Todd was restricted from accessing these resources and the issue was only resolved after the coaching call. Contrary to what he expected, the calls turned out to be group sessions that focused on sales techniques rather than affiliate marketing training. The additional sales videos and questionnaires weren't good either.  

Todd's Verdict on Adam Cherrington's Program

The program was not effective for Todd. He was frustrated with the whole process because it did not meet his expectations. First, he encountered issues with accessing resources. Next, he felt that the coaching calls were more sales-oriented rather than instructional. The lack of value turned him off. He left the program feeling disillusioned and gave it a negative review. 

What's not mentioned in the video: The key to success in affiliate marketing is traffic. According to the Influencer Marketing Hub, you need at least 5,000 to 15,000 social media followers to make a substantial affiliate marketing commission.

Adam did not mention this upfront. He makes the business model sound so easy when there are non-negotiable prerequisites to succeed in this business. 

Adam Cherrington Reddit

There is nothing on Reddit about Adam Cherrington. This can mean a few different things:

  • Students are required to sign an NDA that limits what they can post online about the course.

  • Adam simply hasn’t had enough students to warrant a meaningful discussion online. Adam actively only takes a certain amount of students, so this is likely. 

  • His students haven’t achieved a level of success they want to brag about yet.

  • The course is so good that people are only sharing information with those they know.

Is Adam Cherrington Still an Active Affiliate Marketer?

No, Adam Cherrington does not do affiliate marketing himself anymore. Instead, his 27-member team runs this business passively for him so that he can focus on students.  

What Is the Cherrington Experience?

  • Adam promotes health supplements (in the Health and Wellness niche) to middle-aged women via email. While this might feel like a direct target, you can consider it a way to help real people.
  • Adam’s business model of choice is affiliate arbitrage. Affiliate arbitrage is a variation on affiliate marketing that uses paid ads and media buying to push traffic rather than organic traffic through content.
  • Instead of gathering emails through free offerings (using Mailchimp, etc), Adam places his promotions within other people’s emails. You buy this spot in the email.
  • To test ad campaigns, Adam starts by testing with push ads ($0.15-$0.30/ click). Then, he takes the most successful ads and pushes them into email sponsorships which cost $0.50-$1.20/click. Then, the most successful from that campaign go into dedicated emails ( $1.50-$3.00/click).
  • To increase your profit margin, you must spend less on ads than the money you bring in.
  • He does NOT use Facebook or Google ads, wordpress, social media, or clickfunnels.
  • Proprietary softwares and web applications
  • 8 virtual assistants create marketing materials ( ads, landing page)
adam cherrington ads

What Is the Adam Cherrington Affiliate Marketing Program?


Using email lists avoids getting banned from paid ad platforms

Learn the entire marketing process with a mentor

Coaching is one-on-one



Better programs out there

Some lessons are out of date


$49,995 for a year, $39,995 for 6 months, and $99,995 for VIP service with a 50/50 profit share for 24 months.

Adam says he has financing options that allow people to start for a few hundred dollars a month. On top of the cost of the course, you will need a minimum of $10K to spend on advertising.

Refund policy:

Adam Cherrington’s refund policy is extensive. To be eligible, you must have attended 20 live Zoom calls, have 5 marketing reviews, used their professional team of virtual assistants, shared/updated your profit-and-loss sheet, and spent at least $10k on ads.




There is very little out there about Adam Cherrington’s course. I couldn’t even find affiliate reviews, which is surprising since it's an affiliate mentorship. But, he only had 15 students in 2020, and his ad says he wants 50 “this year”. The ad is from 2021. So, it’s likely that he has only taught around 100 students.

ad spend and price
On top of spending over $49K on the Cherrington Experience, you will need an additional $5K to $10K for ad spend.

If Adam Cherrington has a Successful Affiliate Marketing Business, Why Does He Teach His Course?

Adam says he is a serial entrepreneur and therefore likes to diversify his income streams. This course/mentorship is another stream. According to his YouTube ad, Adam Cherrington is trying to get 50 "aspiring super affiliates" this year (the ad running right now is from 2021, so he still hasn’t gotten there. Plus, this ad includes a past teaching about Inbox2020, an outdated software.)

Does Adam Cherrington Teach How to Build a Legitimate Recurring Income Stream?

Yes, Adam teaches his strategy for building a legitimate recurring income stream: affiliate marketing with paid ads and media buying. If you have the money, this can bring back a lucrative return each month. But you will need at least $45,000 just to start, and you'll have to continue buying ads to make more money. 

Does Adam Include Any Bonuses Along with this Mentorship?

Yes, Adam and his team meet with you in daily Zoom calls. You will have exclusive access to 7 affiliate marketing programs that will automatically approve your membership just for your involvement with Adam. This saves you time finding the best offers. Finally, you will get to use Adam's team of virtual assistants, a collection of pre-recorded training, and a private group. 

Adam's Software and Web Extensions

Through the Cherrington Experience, you'll have access to 2 Chrome extensions: ScrapeBot and CropBot. These extensions work together to locate and resize Google images for your ads.

You will also have access to:

  • Flexy: a landing page builder with customer templates. Adam includes this in the mentorship's price.
  • Metric Mover: allows you to create and test hundreds of landing pages (works with Flexy)
  • DIYTrax: a URL and landing page rotator and tracker that helps you test and build advertisement campaigns
  • Pixelpress: a tool that creates and tests banner ads
  • Blaze: Adam's ad server. You won't use this until you are scaling your business.
  • No Escape: a tool that starts and tests popovers on your landing pages.

What is the Cherrington Media Mobile App

The Cherrington Media Mobile App is Adam’s free mentorship app for iPhone. Through it, you can access the Cherrington Media community. They update this app regularly. It’s available in English, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

Does Adam Cherrington’s Affiliate Marketing Course Have Upsells?

Yes, Adam Cherrington’s course has upsells. For example, Adam’s team can run the software for you, and that service probably isn’t included. 

When Did Adam Cherrington Create This Course? Has He Kept it Up to Date?

Adam created his mentorship sometime between 2015 and 2020. He has kept it up to date, and continues to add new and updated software.

What is the Success Rate of Adam Cherrington’s Course?

Adam claims that he has a 95% success rate. He says that 100% of students who did what he said made it work. Keep in mind, he only had 15 students in 2020, and is still looking to hit 50 in 2022. Assuming that he has hit 50 students, he has successfully taught 48 students.

Is the Cherrington Experience Legit?

Yes, the Cherrington Experience is a legit mentorship program for those who want to learn how to do affiliate marketing while using media buying. Adam has the experience to back up his strategy. But make sure that you have the startup capital before signing up.

Is One on One Coaching with Adam Cherrington Right for You?

If you want to get into media buying and affiliate marketing, the Cherrington Experience might be a great way to learn. Having a mentor helped me find my way to local lead generation, so it can certainly help others with this nuanced strategy for affiliate marketing. Before committing, watch some Adam Cherrington ads (they will come in your email) to decide if this is a guy you can listen to. Make sure you can vibe with your mentor.

Is Adam Cherrington’s Affiliate Marketing Course Worth It?

The Cherrington Method might be worth it if you have the capital, but you will need a lot. Adam has several students who are spending $5K per day, only to make $2500 back.

Adam’s Method also works best for the analytically minded. If you enjoy being creative, rather than analytical, this method will not play to your strengths. Content, advertisements, and landing pages are all outsourced.

Where Else Can You Study Affiliate Marketing, Besides with Cherrington Media?

Learn affiliate marketing through the Super Affiliate System by John Crestani. This 50-hour course costs only $997. The mentor through the course is Carlos Cruz, whom I had hired as my mentor, back when I did affiliate marketing. Other affiliate marketing courses include:

There are thousands of affiliate marketing courses to choose from. Read our full list of best affiliate marketing courses before choosing one that suits you.

Affiliate Marketing FAQs

How Do You Start Affiliate Marketing as a Beginner?

To start affiliate marketing as a beginner, do not jump into an expensive course or mentorship like Adam’s. Instead, consume as much free content as you can to learn about the business model.

From there, it comes down to the social media following you have. If you have a large following, locate a low competition niche with keyword research tools and incorporate affiliate links into your highly popular content. 

If you do not have a large following, you can either build that following first (you won’t make much off of your affiliate promotions until your following increases), or you can follow a paid ad strategy similar to Adam’s method. But to do that, you will need to invest some savings- at least $50/day- in ads. And, you must invest whatever you make back to continue to build. 

What is the Startup Cost of Affiliate Marketing, Other than the Cost of Adam Cherrington’s Course?

The startup cost of affiliate marketing, at its most basic sense, is free. Joining an affiliate program is often free, and if you have the skills (copywriting, content creation) you can do this for very little money. 

However, becoming financially free this way is almost impossible in 2022. You will need to pay for ads (into the thousands), outsource the creative aspects, and do extensive research with various tools to bring in cash. Unless this is all automated, it won’t be passive.

How Long Does it Take to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing in 2022 as a Beginner?

If you pick the right niche, it will probably take around 12 to 18 months to make your first $1000 month. That’s if you choose a good offer and have a well-made affiliate marketing website. This time might shorten if you use ads like Adam suggests. However, using ad campaigns to push your links will also eat up time as you test what works and what doesn’t.

How Much Can You Make a Month with Affiliate Marketing?

Adam Cherrington claims he can make $450,000 in 60 days on a single ad account. Typically, affiliate markers collect 30%-60% commission on the sales price of the offer they promote. According to Scaleo, the average, middle class affiliate marketer makes $1K- $10K/ month. 

Here’s Adam’s affiliate account from the Affiliati Network:

affiliati network

Can You Make a Living with Affiliate Marketing?

You can make a living with affiliate marketing. Depending on the scale of your business,you can generate anywhere from around $20,000 to $150,000/ year, though only 3% reach that level because this business model is far more difficult than it was years ago.

What Are the Disadvantages and Challenges of Affiliate Marketing?

In 2022, getting traffic to promote your affiliate offer is extremely difficult. If you don’t use Adam’s outsourcing resources and strategies, you’ll have to know how to:

  • Write sales copy

  • Run ads across multiple platforms and Facebook and Google (and follow the rules of this platform)

  • Generate written, photo, and video content that converts

  • Build a website

  • Create landing pages

  • Optimize conversions through ad campaign testing

  • Track the clicks and cost per click (CPC) vs. the amount of commissions you’re bringing in

Is Affiliate Marketing Saturated in 2022?

Yes, affiliate marketing is saturated in 2022. But if you can do effective, analytical research, you can find niches with low competition, high search volume, and affordable CPC. A high CPC will show high competition. Use tools like Ahrefs or SEMRush to do this. Keep in mind that whatever you find can change month to month or week to week- so you will also have to keep up on the trends to make sure you stay in an unsaturated niche, or reinvest your earnings to build along with your niche as it becomes more popular.


My #1 Online Income Alternative to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Arbitrage is Adam Cherrington’s unique strategy for affiliate marketing in a post pandemic world. But, buying ad space in existing email lists can quickly get expensive, especially if you want a larger return. 

I did affiliate marketing back in the day, when it was easier, and it wasn’t my favorite. Even with a mentor to guide me, it didn’t bring the financial freedom I was looking for, even though it can be a lucrative source of semi passive income. Eventually, I was led to local lead generation, which also requires generating traffic. However, we do this organically with up-to-date SEO strategies. That way, you don’t have to spend money just to get your ads in front of the right eyes.

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  1. I really learned a lot from this review. Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts on the 7 Pillars Invisible Affiliate System. I’m still deciding whether to invest in it, but your review has given me a better understanding of what to expect.

  2. I found this information to be extremely informative. I recently found Adam’s training info online & wanted to give it a try, however, I fear that I do not have the necessary capital to make it work.

    In the past, I’ve worked with Amazon affiliate marketing. I’ve run ads on Facebook, utilized Twitter & Instagram for lead generation with unsatisfactory results. Maybe I’ll give his program a try in the future.

    Thanks for the info.

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