Kevin David – Amazon FBA Ninja Review 2024, Great Course?

January 13, 2023

Kevin receives his 2-Comma Club award from ClickFunnels founder Russel Brunson, given to those who has produced more than $10 million with just 1 funnel

As of July 2024, Kevin David’s FBA courses are heating up to such high temps, you’d think you just landed on the surface of the Kalahari in deep summer. Read on to see this entrepreneur extraordinaire’s latest offering on his Amazon FBA Ninja Course Review.

Before I discovered my current bread and butter in lead generation, I dabbled in the Amazon FBA business model too.

I’ve had a few wins and some heavy losses, spent months learning how to succeed through this route.

I’ve seen how low people can go to keep their profit share. Unethical suppliers can make you lose your profit margin to where you’re only getting even.

These experiences gave me a bird’s eye view so I can evaluate the claims of each online training course with authority.

I’ll be upfront with you. Majority of these course offerings are crap. Only about 20% are legit and will give you value for the money you spent enrolling in the course and the time studying the videos.

For every so-called eCommerce guru or Amazon FBA expert that promises you millions of dollars in profit after enrolling in their courses, I got one question.

Always ask them: “Where is the customer traffic coming?”

In his free complete tutorial uploaded to YouTube and now having 164K+ views as of July 10, 2024, Kevin outlines several strategies he always checks off to make sure his products sell.

First and foremost is using VAs to complete an exhaustive keyword research for relevance and search volume.

Every product must have a detailed description and a fully optimized title, coupled with high quality photos with good lighting.

Most Amazon FBA sellers try to get new customers from Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, Pinterest, Youtube, Snapchat, and other social media sites.

Then they use chat bots for maximum engagement. A lot of people swear that chat bots have higher conversion rates than emails alone.

You also have the option of using Amazon’s in-house advertising option.

I can’t emphasize how much time you really need to set aside to research about your product so you don’t end up with a lemon no one wants to buy.

What Amazon FBA sellers do is enhance their products’ visibility by driving potential consumers to their sellers’ page via paid external traffic (Facebook ads, Instagram and YouTube adversiting, using influencers for optimal sales.

I’d really rather stay away from paid traffic. It’s a fact that sometimes, non-converting ads will bleed you dry and you keep on running them thinking the tide will turn.

Nope, fiscally conservative digi-preneur right here.

I just think I’ve been spoiled by the easy Rank n’ Rent biz model I learned after I enrolled in a training program focused on lead generation.

I didn’t spend $100K on paid ads, minimal capital outlay is the name of the game.

Let’s be honest. Who has that kind of money to blow away? The only one getting rich is our friend Mark Zuckerberg and his stockholders when you burn through your cash paying for Facebook ads that don’t convert.

The kind of people who enroll in eCom training programs like this are beginners, individuals who need every little dollar they shell out.

I feel sick thinking there are so many predatory parasites out there who’ll divest you of your hard-earned money faster than flash.

Arm yourself with knowledge before you commit to a digital course. Do your due diligence all the time. Read on to learn more.

About the Course Creator

Kevin David hails from Eugene, Oregon. He was an active sporty youngster who gravitated towards the competitive game of soccer early on, playing it passionately.

He’s always known even at a young age that he wants to be an entrepreneur when he grows up, and nothing will stop him on his way.

The discipline and competitiveness he was exposed to in soccer further convinced him that the entrepreneurial path is a better fit for his temperament.

All he wanted was to work hard every game and bring home win after win.

At 14, he made his initial foray in the business world, selling baseball cards to schoolmates, boys preoccupied by cardboard mementos of their beloved teams.

Kevin studied Accounting at the Oregon State University, graduating with highest honors (Summa Cum Laude).

He was hired to work at the prestigious accounting firm Price Waterhouse Coopers in Portland, Oregon. 

He then moved to Menlo Park California after being hired by Facebook as a privacy consultant.

Kevin toiled in regimented, precise, headache-inducing work that sometimes took 80 hours a week, combing through rows upon columns of numbers.

The numbers didn’t mean anything to him – they’re for his employer’s benefit.

Fed up with doing so much work for so little money, Kevin started educating himself on online selling.

He searched for creative ways to create extra income. He stumbled upon Amazon’s affiliate program and tried it out for a but, but finally found out Amazon’s FBA businesses.

He hit the jackpot and just when this business model was taking off, he snagged his hooks in.

The Amazon FBA system would eventually net him millions of dollars.

He built his Amazon fulfillment store from scratch, turning a fledgling company with a staff count of 1 to wildly profitable eCommerce business.

And it only took him a year!

Kevin’s store made thousands…millions in sales. He bought his dream car, moved into his dream house, and shared his hard-earned income to the rest of his family.

Spurred by a deep feeling of service, Kevin shared his Amazon FBA knowledge to thousands of other struggling online entrepreneurs.

He wanted to be a mentor to others because he knew the pain of struggling, how it played with your self-esteem, and he wanted young men like him to taste success in this business model too.

So he created online courses and became a full-fledged mentor.

His Amazon course is one of the fastest growing online  and has since helped thousands and thousands of entrepreneurs create online businesses and passive income.

Since then, he has concentrated on helping others take advantage of these kinds of businesses, and to train them to become better online businesses. His courses have twice been awarded the “2 comma club award.”

What is FBA Business Model?

Did you know that the most valuable company in the world in 2024 is none other than our giant online convenience store, Amazon?

As of June 2024, Amazon surpassed Microsoft, Google, and Apple in terms of stock valuations. It’s now worth $315.5 billion.

It only follows that the founder of the current most valuable company in the world is the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos.

As of July 8th, 2024, Bezos sits on a personal pot of gold worth US$168.60 billion, and this is after he lost $38 billion to his wife following their much-publicized divorce.

Amazon totally changed the shopping experience, dominating so many retail categories.

You can watch a vintage movie through Amazon Prime Video, order thousands of live ladybugs (for what purpose, we don’t dare imagine), buy a tiny desktop refrigerator that can only fit one can of beer at a time, and, get this – buy a human finger!

Such is the reach of this giant global online marketplace.

But Amazon can’t do all this product juggling and shipping all alone. So they created a system that allows businesses to partner with them.

The business owner will create the products, then Amazon will store his inventory in a temperature-controlled, state-of-the-art facility.

Once an order rolls in, Amazon employees will pack the product in an expert manner then ship them off to the customer directly.

This system is called Fulfillment by Amazon.

Any business owner can list their product on Amazon’s shopping platform, whether they procured the product somewhere else of they made it themselves by hand.

The local businessman can even display Amazon’s ubiquitous Prime logo
for easy customer recall.

That gives small business owners a competitive edge knowing their products is affiliated with the Amazon ecosystem.

Psychological studies indicate that a customer is more likely to buy a product if it displays a certain logo or identifying mark to a familiar memory .

A lot of entrepreneurs have succeeded in ramping up their companies through the Amazon FBA system.

In April 2024, Amazon launched their Middle Eastern counterpart called, based in the United Arab Emirates. It’s since been rebranded to

Souq (pronounced sook) is the Arabic work for market.

The giant bought back in 2017 for a whopping $580 million in order to cement their hold on Middle Eastern online consumers.

Shoppers in will have the option of accessing the site in Arabic for the very first time.

Amazon’s Middle Eastern branch will sell over 30 million products initially, but if you include US-based products that will be inventoried in the UAE, the products count balloons to 35 million.

Amazon’s value grew by around $108 billion between 2018 to 2024 alone, reflecting the brand’s continuous efforts to blur technology with shopping.

Amazon has allowed consumers access to more than 12 million products, and this doesn’t include books, wine, services, and media.

But if we include the number of Amazon sellers who link up via the FBA system, the count increases to 353 million products!

Kevin David’s Amazon eCourse; Legit or a Scam?

I first found Kevin David while looking up videos about the Amazon FBA system on YouTube.

He’s got a pretty good channel where he regularly uploads content on all things Amazon & Shopify. He’s gathered half a million registered subscribers on his YouTube channel alone.

It turns out he’s got both Amazon & Shopify training materials.

His Amazon course is the first one I purchased and went through. I tell you what… other than my primary business which is local lead generation, I made a pretty decent chunk of change doing sales through Amazon FBA too.

I enjoy learning new things, challenging myself and running multiple businesses versus working on the same business over and over again.

Once you scale up your business and hire dedicated staff members to do most of the work for you, it frees up your time to then go start new businesses which is exactly what I’ve done.

I’m passionate about writing about entrepreneurship and online businesses and I used this blog to spread the word about my #1 online business recommendation.

By the time I got to Kevin’s course, I’ve already enrolled in other FBA courses and went through them.

Why am I so passionate about learning as much as I can about eCommerce?

Because I believe in self-education and the best form of investment you can make is in yourself. No one can ever steal the skills you learned.

I didn’t want to leave any stones unturned.

Wanted to make sure I had all the best strategies of the Amazon FBA businesses not just form 1 mentor but from several.

In this unbiased review, I’ll go over what my key takeaways were with this course.

What I Like/Dislike About Amazon FBA

After doing the Amazon FBA business for the past year, how does it compare with other online businesses like local lead gen?

What sort of challenges do new Amazon FBA sellers face in the future?

Is it all rainbows & sunshine? or are there some issues that these mentors are telling you about?

Kevin David’s Updated Amazon FBA Ninja Course

Kevin’s teachings remain relevant even in July 2024 because he continually updates his course content.

One of the coolest perks after to purchasing Kevin’s course might be getting access to his private Facebook group where the members share their recent wins & are able to direct questions to Kevin, who tries to answer promptly.

I wish you could read through the member comments whenever one of them posts his struggles. They’re all very supportive of each other!

This group is gold. And I’ve been a member of so many other eCommerce groups and could tell you with authority which ones are being run professionally and which ones are rough shod.

The easy camaraderie between the members helps you stay inspired & keep pushing forward.

That’s the name of the game when it comes to succeeding with an online business.

Amazon FBA gives plenty of opportunities for people to be successful as long as they put in the work and they don’t give up.

Hiring mentors as well as associating with other like-minded entrepreneurs is the key that will drastically increase your likelihood of success.

What about the actual course itself?

I’ve reviewed other Amazon FBA courses already and a lot of the basic stuff is the same.

So the bits that I pay attention to are:

  • Any new product research strategy that I can gleam off of?
  • Other tricks to boost the product listing rankings?

Most likely these coaches have studied other Amazon courses out there already.

It’s inevitable that you’d find some parts of the course repetitive since you’ve heard it before from another coach.

However, I thought Kevin David did a pretty good job introducing fresh new ideas for product research and boosting product listing by using Facebook and Google Adwords PPC campaigns.

He’s got solid lessons on how to create engaging landing pages, how to collect emails and implement email marketing to increase sales & Amazon reviews.

Some of these strategies I’ve not seen before in other FBA courses so major props to Kevin on that.

Hint: You can sell products on by funnel traffic from other sources using PPC (Paid Per Click) campaigns.

Yes, it’s paid advertising but with the dollar investment comes better control over the success of your product listing compared to your competition (if they don’t do paid ads).

Take note that you don’t need to use paid advertising perpetually. You just need to do enough to beat your competition.

Local Lead Generation vs. Amazon FBA Business

Even with utilizing PPC ads, IMO ranking a site in the local search results is still much easier than ranking an Amazon product listing for the most part.

I love local lead generation because I can exercise my SEO skills to dominate virtually any of these cities in the USA.

Whereas trying to rank a product listing to page 1 of Amazon is so much tougher because it’s heavily reliant on the number of reviews.

Which has its own pace for acquisition which I can’t totally control.

And there is no backlinking strategy I can employ for Amazon rankings.

With local lead gen, if you have superior SEO skills than the competition which we do then you can get to page 1 everytime and for the most part, local rankings are still very easy.

Definitely a lot easier to accomplish for most newbies than some of these Amazon product listing.

Being Able to Make Consistent Progress & Never Be Stuck is the Key

What’s cool about running your business off of organic rankings is that you can continue to rank different digital properties and continue to build your business consistently.

This is exactly what Kevin David is doing with all of his YouTube content.

As long as he churns out quality videos one after the other, his business will continue to grow and his number of subscribers expand.

This is why I’ve been successful with my lead gen business and this blog, which I use to promote the coaching course of the lead gen business model.

As long as I continue to create more lead gen sites and continue to write more blog content, I know my internet business is growing consistently.

Building an internet business with organic traffic allows you to make consistent progress without getting stuck.

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule?

20% of your activity produces 80% of the results.

So I make sure that I complete 20% of highly effective income-producing activity everyday to ensure that ny business is growing predictably month after month.

That includes writing these blog posts, or building more lead gen sites which are digital properties that’ll rank over time and bring an influx of more customers to my business.

Learning how to build your organic traffic online is one of the most important skill one can learn to be successful online imo.

Do People Still Fail with Amazon FBA Business in 2024?

Yes, they do. A lot.

Most people are really clueless on how to grow their online presence.

Don’t know much, don’t have time to learn. Too stubborn to seek help.

And so they get stuck in the perpetual cycle of “launching” phase, unable to gain traction. As days pass by, they get confused why their products don’t sell.

All that prep work for nothing. We all know how stressful it is to contact suppliers, order samples, order bulk, label and branding, etc.

Then have to sit on your heels for months to see if your product will sell or not.

Since there is really no good way to create new product listing without having inventory in stock and no good way to boost your listing without getting genuine reviews & conversions.

People can get stuck with product research thinking that’s the end all be all.

But imo someone that takes massive actions and launches more products has more chances to succeed!

The great thing about Amazon FBA business is once you rank high and your product is of good quality, you can get genuine positive reviews from buyers.

This translates to a solid business presence, one that will consistently produce great numbers.

There are millions of eyeballs on Amazon, that’s the good thing.

Once you hit page 1, you can count on some great income.


My #1 online business recommendation is local lead generation, for reasons I mentioned above.

The Amazon FBA business is #2 for me.

I’ve made money with both systems. I just think local lead gen is more sustainable.

Recently, there’s been a big explosion of Amazon FBA courses almost overnight.

As more and more people try FBA, it’s going to take longer and longer for new product listings to get to page 1.

Opportunities that were available a year ago are no longer there because page 1 now has too much competition.

The products with thousands of reviews can lord it over the rest. It’s hard to catch up to a product listings with thousands of reviews.

This forces new Amazon FBA sellers to pick products that have lower and lower search volume, making less money for the same amount of work.

As I see how rapid the competition level has been rising in the Amazon FBA space, I lean more and more towards doing local lead generation over my Amazon business.

Lead Gen Completely Changed my Financial Outlook

Posted 7/2/2024

This also explains why many people that are in the e-commerce or Amazon FBA business switch over to selling courses instead.

Because selling a course has higher barrier of entry because not everyone will be able or willing to put together a 10-20 hour plus video training to sell.

Less competition.

Additionally, selling an information product has higher profit % at nearly 100% whereas selling physical products is only 10-20% margins.

More people joining Amazon FBA means the competition will drive the prices down over time, which is great for customers but not so great for us entrepreneurs.

I still think there are still plenty of good opportunities in Amazon FBA but its gotten tougher than few years ago.

It’ll keep getting more difficult & less rewarding as time goes on, especially with all these training courses coming out.

With lead generation, I’ve built a $50K per month business in few short years and the market is in no way saturated.

To learn more, go here to check out the coaching program that taught me everything I know about learning the skill set of ranking sites, generating leads & getting paid for it.

Hot Off the Press – July 2024

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  1. This was supposed to be a review as to whether Kevin David’s system was legit or not and whether it actually worked for you or not. Instead it became a blog of advice of things we hear every single time when getting into entrepreneurship. Yes we have the dedication but did the system work for you, will it be worth it for someone to pay $1000 to start with Kevin David’s system to become successful.

    1. if you apply the training faithfully it’ll work. I’ve made decent income with Amazon FBA. although I like the lead gen biz better at this point.

  2. Thanks for the article, Ippéi. I have been thinking about jumping into the Amazon FBA space recently and you have answered a lot of questions I had. However, I know nothing about local lead generation. I like the idea of it and was wondering if you could possibly explain more of it to me. I am knew to this whole online thing but am a very fast learner.

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