Shaddy Mzeghet’s Amazon Ultimate Review — 4 Reasons Private Label Not The Ticket To Passive Income

March 15, 2024

The Amazon Ultimate is a private label program by Shaddy Mzeghet that teaches people how to sell on Amazon through private label and use Amazon FBA. This course focuses on a private label, which involves finding a product from China, customizing it, and sending it to Amazon's warehouse. Shaddy provides a step-by-step guide to the entire process.

The Amazon Advanced course 2.0 teaches you the best products to sell on Amazon and how to use the tools that successful sellers use. You'll learn all the do's and don'ts, tips, and tricks that you need to sell immediately.

Private label is a difficult business model, and having the right guidance can make or break your startup. Can Shaddy's free course and Amazon Advanced course 2.0 teach you everything you need to know to generate income with a private label?

While Amazon private label can generate income, it requires an active effort that involves marketing in building your brand, inventory management, working with manufacturers, and putting yourself in line always. For those seeking a more passive income stream, the local lead generation business model may be a better option, providing predictable monthly income without these drawbacks.

Amazon Ultimate Pros And Cons


Amazon Ultimate is a free course.

The videos are downloadable. 

Easy access training program.

The Amazon Advanced course 2.0 is only $19.99/month, which is cheaper to access the entire course. 


You can't open some of the training videos only the basic videos. you need to enroll in Amazon Advanced course 2.0 for $19.99/month.

It does not offer mentorship and coaching.

Just a pure training video. 

I have seen no feedback about the course from his students.


The Amazon Ultimate is free while Amazon Advanced course 2.0 is $19.99/month

Refund Policy

Shaddy does not provide information about the refund policy.  


Amazon Ultimate starts in 2022. 


Shaddy Mzeghet has been selling for 5 years through a private label on Amazon and reaching a 7-figure mark. 

4 Reasons Private Label Not The Ticket To Passive Income

1. High Competition

Selling private label products in a crowded marketplace can be challenging, as there are many competitors offering similar products. 54% of Amazon sellers use the private label business model, making it the most popular Amazon FBA business model. And you’re competing against Amazon with two private label brands, Amazon Basics, and Amazon Essentials. To stand out and drive consistent sales, private label sellers must invest in marketing and continuous product innovation. This requires significant time and resources, with no guarantee of success. 

2. Inventory Management

To meet customer demand, private label sellers must manage their inventory levels effectively by forecasting demand, ordering from manufacturers, and monitoring inventory levels. Poor inventory management can cause lost sales and excess inventory costs.

For instance, if you're selling private label skincare products. You predict high demand for a product and order a large quantity from your manufacturer. However, when the product arrives, sales are not as expected, and you end up with excess inventory. This can tie up your capital, resulting in long-term expenses.

3. Manufacturing and quality control

Private label sellers must collaborate with manufacturers to ensure their products meet the desired quality standards. This involves selecting the right supplier, negotiating prices, and overseeing the production process to maintain quality. If quality issues arise, it is the seller's responsibility to resolve them. In such cases, you need to work extra with the manufacturer to address the quality issues and improve future products' quality standards. 

4. Customer Service

Providing customer support is crucial for private label sellers to handle product issues, answer questions, and address complaints or returns. Excellent customer service builds a strong brand reputation and fosters repeat business. Customers may experience a problem with the product and seek support. Prompt and professional resolution of the issue, such as providing a replacement or a refund, is necessary. You need to be always in line because poor customer service can lead to negative reviews and harm the brand's reputation.

What Do I Get From Amazon Ultimate? 

With Amazon Ultimate, you can get lifetime access to the free course that helps you sell on Amazon, get started, and if you want to know more Advanced course 2.0 has all the little details, tricks, and tips that Shaddy recommends you to do to sell on Amazon.

The Key To Success For Amazon FBA

  • Introduction 
  • Investing Yourself
  • Time Management
  • How To Grow And Scale Your Business
  • Be Creative And Have An Open Mind
  • Health >  Wealth
  • Starting Your Amazon Business

  • Setting Up Your Amazon Seller Central Account 
  • Creating A Business Structure
  • FBA Fee Calculator
  • Module 1: Product Research

  • Product Research Introduction 
  • Stay Away From These Products
  • Targeting And Selling The Right Product (Advance course 2.0)
  • Research Tools To Help Your Grow
  • Finding The Right Product To Sell (Advance course 2.0)
  • Your Product Idea Should Have This (Advance course 2.0)
  • How To Improve Sales And Beat Competition Part 1 (Advance course 2.0)
  • Amazon Plug-In Tools Recommended (Advance course 2.0)
  • Finding Products Ideas From Deal Sites (Advance course 2.0)
  • Intellectual Property To Be Aware Of (Advance course 2.0)
  • Does Your Idea Have Brand Potential?
  • Keepa (Advance course 2.0)
  • Your Next Step! (Advance course 2.0)
  • Module 2: Product Sourcing 

  • Introduction To Product Sourcing
  • Introduction To Alibaba
  • Supplier Interactions (Advance course 2.0)
  • Vetting Through Suppliers (Advance course 2.0)
  • Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) (Advance course 2.0)
  • Ordering Samples (Advance course 2.0)
  • Thinking Outside The Box (Advance course 2.0)
  • Negotiating Product Price And Deposit (Advance course 2.0)
  • Module 3: Shipping

    • Introduction To Shipping
    • Getting A Shipping Quote (Advance course 2.0)
    • Customs / Duty Rate (Advance course 2.0)
    • Getting An Accurate Shipping Quote (Making A Bare Bones Listing) (Advance course 2.0)
    • Creating Your Amazon Listing (Advance course 2.0)
    • Finalize Your Amazon Listing (Advance course 2.0)
    • Creating A Shipping Plan (From Start To Finish) (Advance course 2.0)
    • Profit Margin Is Key To Success (Advance course 2.0)
    • Ship Directly To Amazon (Advance course 2.0)
    • Creating Amazon Barcode Labels (Advance course 2.0)
    • Placing Your First Order (Advance course 2.0)
    • Amazon Inventory Quantity Restrictions And Workarounds (Advance course 2.0)
    • what Is A 3PL And What do I Recommend (Advance course 2.0)

    Who Is The Owner Of Amazon Ultimate?

    Shaddy Mzeghet is the owner of Amazon Ultimate and a full-time Amazon seller. Besides selling on Amazon, he is interested in long-term investing and living life to the fullest. He has been selling on Amazon for five years and started selling on eBay before shifting to full-time on Amazon. In his second year of selling, Shaddy added two more products on Amazon and started averaging around $600 in profit per day. Currently, in his fifth year, he reinvested in his business and now makes an average of $2,000 per day in profit through a private label on Amazon. 

    Shaddy loves using Helium 10, a software suite that helps Amazon sellers find popular products, improve their product listings, manage inventory, and analyze sales data to increase sales and profits on Amazon. In Amazon Ultimate, he shares his knowledge and experience on how to save money and grow your business or personal income

    Is Amazon Ultimate Worth It?

    Amazon Ultimate is worth it, especially for beginners who want to start with private labels but have a limited investment in a course. For only $19.99, you can access Shaddy's personal advice, tricks, and tips that might help you avoid the mistakes he's made. While there are free resources online, such as YouTube, Amazon Ultimate provides an organized and comprehensive program. However, there is a lack of feedback from previous students. Since the free course is available, there's no harm in trying it out, and it's only the full course that costs money. But if you're looking for another business model, check the Membership Guy program.

    Amazon Ultimate Alternatives

    Amazon Brand Academy 2.0 by Luca Davenport, a UK private label course that guides you through the process of starting a profitable private label business on Amazon FBA. It covers everything from product research to launching your business. Luca Davenport, who has successfully built a six-figure brand on Amazon FBA since 2018, has helped hundreds of students achieve success in their own private-label businesses. Many of his students have reached $10K and $100K in profits.

    Price: Amazon Brand Academy 2.0 costs £749.00, with the option of paying in four monthly installments of £215. The full price of the course is £1,500.

    More Info: Amazon Brand Academy 2.0 Review

    Ecom Project Zero is a course that teaches how to build a private label brand and run an online business on Amazon FBA by Michael Soltis. The course includes lessons on finding products, optimizing listings, and managing inventory and shipping. Michael Soltis has helped over 300 students start their e-commerce businesses.

    Price: Ecom Project Zero costs $2,997, but you can get lifetime access to a mini-course for just $4 today.

    More Info: Ecom Project Zero Review

    What Is The Best Ticket To Passive Income? 

    Local lead generation is the best ticket to passive income. With local lead generation, you can create valuable leads for local businesses and get paid a monthly fee, creating a reliable source of income. This business model requires minimal startup costs and can be scaled up quickly. In contrast, private label businesses require a large upfront investment in product development, manufacturing, and marketing. Additionally, they face fierce competition from other sellers and require ongoing inventory management. There's also the potential for issues with manufacturing, which can cause problems for customers. You are required handling customer inquiries and issues, which can be time-consuming and stressful. These factors make private label businesses a more complicated and riskier option for earning passive income than local lead generation.

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