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21 Best Businesses To Start With $15K-Small Business Ideas For 2024

May 12, 2022

Passive Income

You want to be an entrepreneur.

Own a business that makes you money.

The landscape was challenging before COVID. But now it's next level.

  • What businesses will generate profits now and in the future?
  • What sectors have proved to be COVID-proof?
  • How do you know if your idea will be a success?
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#1 Biz OpportunityLocal Lead Gen

We get it and we were curious too. So we did some sleuthing.

What we found were 21 best business to start with $15K ideas.

But before we share the deets, let me give you the 411 on my story.


Hey, I'm Ippei!

The entrepreneurial lifestyle has always appealed to me.

But like most Americans, I did the whole go to college-get a job-live proverbially broke thing.

Punching the 9-5 clock but never getting ahead of the game.

I knew there had to be a better way.

And I found it in 2014 when I came across this course.

A training that taught me how to rank websites.

Just like this one I built in 2015 that’s been making me $2000/month for the last six years.

Now I generate free leads for my clients, and don't worry about punching the clock.

Want to know how I did it? Click this link for more info.

1. Online Nutrition Coach

Enjoy counting macros?

Get the whole caloric deficit thing?

Understand the science behind healthy eating?

Consider yourself a wellness fanatic and want to help people achieve optimal health?

Then the nutrition coaching industry is calling your name.

You need some kind of degree or certification for this suggestion.

But this post shares how to become accredited without a bachelor's degree.

image of a heart held in hands with healthy food inside

A business you can do online, you won't need more than $15K to get going. 

Nutrition coaches offer a couple of services like the ones found in this article that include:

Calculate Individual Caloric Needs

Discuss Pros & Cons Of Eating Styles 

Teach Clients How To Shop & Eat Healthy

Collaborate With Clients Around Realistic Goals & Expectations

The bulk of your initial investment should be earmarked for marketing and advertising expenses.

It will also cover the costs of any certifications/education you require.

Build a client base following tips found in this post like:

  • Niche Down & Offer Pro Bono Deals
  • Utilize Instagram & Social Media Platforms
  • Cross-Promote With Non-Competitors

You're looking at earnings of $31,000-$51,000+/year.

Rewarding and in-demand if this idea appeals to you, check out this post for more info.

2. Water Damage Restoration Company

Chances are good that you know someone who has faced a leaky basement.

Water damage is an expensive PITA.

But it's also big bucks for the people with the skills to clean up the mess.

An industry worth $210 billion in the USA and continuing to climb.

You're gonna need the right kind of equipment like stuff mentioned in this article, including:

Moisture Meters

Low-Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifiers

Air Movers

Air Scrubbers

You don't have to have a license per se.

But if you want to get in tight with insurance adjusters.

Or generate more biz, think long and hard about grabbing your ANSI-IICRC certification.

Go at it on your own with an initial investment of around $10,000.

Or hit up a franchise like one of the options found in this post.

cartoon of a man with a shop vac

You're looking at $460,000+/year in profits, according to this article.

Want in on this potential cash cow?

Check out this post giving the lowdown on starting a water damage restoration business.

3. Construction Company

Consider yourself strong with above-average coordination?

image of men in construction clothes

Residential construction is the answer to it all.

You're looking at an initial investment of $10,000-$15,000 to cover the cost of things found in this post like:


Licensing-Permits-Incorporation & Insurance 


Marketing & Field Labor


Equipment/Tools & Trucks

Residential construction is like a boomtown in the USA.

Now is the perfect time to get in on the action.


Check out this article sharing a complete guide on starting a construction company.

4. Real Estate Appraisal Firm

You're the master detective.

Examining property to ascertain its value.

All you need is some business attire and a tape measure.

A low-cost investment, you can start a real estate appraisal business for $1000 or less.

cartoon of a giant hand putting money into real estate property

You do need some cred, but this link shares the steps on how to become certified.

Before you get too excited about this best business to start with $15K, let's weigh in on the pros and cons.

A few listed in this article include things like:


  • Rewarding & High Customer Retention

  • Pick Your Clients & Control Your Workload

  • Unlimited Income Potential & Simple Business Model


  • Inconsistent Work & No Benefits

  • Stressful & No Safety Net

  • Repetitive Work & Demanding Clients

Trainees start at the low end of the pay scale.

But put in your time and continue with ongoing education and certification.

Get your ducks in a row and you could be making around $100,000 or more a year.

  • Think this one's for you?
  • Want more details?

Check out this post sharing the 411 on how to start a real estate appraisal business.

5. Hair Services

You can pull this best business to start with $15K off for $14,000.

But you'd better have a few tricks up your sleeve and know what you're doing if you want to make bank.

Competitive and annihilated by COVID hair services are clawing their way back to profits.

No time like now to carve a piece of the pie.

Be on-point with the trends, including things in this post like:


90's Revival & Loose Ends


Chunky Highlights & French Fringe


Low Maintenance Hair Cuts & Curtain Bangs

Find your ideal niche and target market.

Offer a wide gamut of services, and you're looking at earnings of $70,000-$175,000+/year.

2020 was a train wreck, but good things are in the cards for hairstylists.

If you're keen to try your hand at this suggestion, here's a link to a complete guide on getting started.

6. Mobile Pet Grooming Business

Thought the pet grooming industry couldn't get any bigger?

Think again my friend.

This market is looking at annual growth rates of 5% from 2020-2026.

When it's all said and done, pet grooming in the USA will be sitting at revenues of around $3 billion.

cartoon of pets lined up front and back poses

Go mobile or offer services out of your home, and you're looking at a low-cost business venture.

To make even more money stay on top of trends like the ones in this post.

Including things like:


Organic & Sustainable


Working With Influencers


Legalization For All (CBD)


Offer Mobile Services

You need some experience and industry know-how that you can read more about here.

But if you enjoy four-legged companions and are into this suggestion, check out this post.

With income sitting around $25 to $30 per hour or about $100K gross/year, this is one idea worth investigating.

7. Delivery Service

Thanks to Amazon, people want their stuff fast-like yesterday.

Delivery services is hot, and the market is only getting hotter.

But it's also getting challenging as we face breakdowns in the supply chain and price increases.

cartoon of men delivery household items

Is starting a delivery service worth it heading into 2022?

Let's look at a few of the pros and cons of this best business to start with $15K.

Like the ones in this post that include:

  • High Demand & Returning Clients

  • Recession & COVID-Proof

  • Profitable Hourly Pay Rates

  • Demanding Clients
  • Not A Passive Business Model

  • Transportation & Logistic Issues

So-is it worth it?

You decide. But with an income of around $72,000+/year, it just might be.

Offer stellar service, and there will be no shortage of demand for your services.

If you're giving this suggestion some thought, here's a post outlining the a-z on starting a delivery business.

8. Drone Business

Word on the street is that drones are 'revolutionizing' business operations.

More than just an expensive aircraft toy or hobby.

Drones are worth their weight in gold and offer all kinds of opportunities.

A few of the top contenders found in this article include things like:

  • Photography & Videography

  • Building Inspections & Security Surveillance

  • Search & Rescues

You need certification and a license to use a drone for commercial use.

But the process is pretty straightforward, and this link will help you get it sorted out.

Decide on your niche and business model and get crackin.

cartoon of a man flying drones

Drone business owners are bringing home $40,000-$100,000+/year.

Pretty sweet setup to fly overhead all day.

Interested in learning more about this best business to start with $15K

Check out this post.

It gives the Readers Digest on how to start a drone business.

9. Mobile Auto Detailing Business

It's gonna cost you about $9K to roll out.

It could make you $300K+/year.

What are we talking about?

Mobile car detailing.

cartoon of a shiny car

A market sitting at values of around $11.5 billion in the USA.

Big bucks are sitting on the table with this idea.

Want to make even more money with this suggestion?

Implement a few of the trends found in this article like:

Mobile & Eco-Friendly

Automated Scheduling & Payment Options

Utilize Advanced Interior Cleaning Services

It takes some hustle and a bit of elbow grease to pull this off.

Network and offer stellar service, and people will be calling your number.

For more tips on starting an auto detailing business, take a read through this post.

10. Home Travel Agency

They say that 2021 is the year of the travel agent.

And 2022 is gonna be even better.

A job you can do from home with an initial investment of around $1000 to $10,000 as per this article.

Travel Affiliate Offer

You'll need some credentials behind your name that you can learn more about here.

The key to success is to specialize in a particular niche.

Think big players like the ones found in this post that include things like:

Specific Country-Based Tours & Spa Getaways

Cruises & Adventure Expeditions

Destination Weddings & Honeymoons

The travel agents future is bright, and you could earn between $28,000-$96,000+/year.

If you like this idea and want to read more about getting started, check out this post.

11. Insurance Company

It all comes down to the size and scope of your agency with this best business to start with $15K.

You can open your doors for anywhere between $5000-$50,000.

But you need the right credentials and government stuff.

image of a man holding a giant umbrella over a house

This article breaks down how to become an insurance agent.

It also includes all of the applicable links to get you rollin.

Trends continue to reshape this $1 trillion market.

A few to keep an eye on are found in this post and include things like:

Contactless Payments

COVID-19 Legal Challenges

Virtual Customer Experiences

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Get this right, and you could be pulling in between $20K-$200K+/year.

Think you have what it takes?

Make sure and take a read of this post

It shares the goods on how to start an insurance agency.

12. Collection Agency

Debt is a fact of life.

The same goes for the people that have it and don't want to pay it back.

Enter the collection agency.

The 'heavy' hired to find and collect on past-due and unpaid debt.

An industry worth big bucks in the USA and growing at 4.4% in 2021.

cartoon of a man sitting with his head in his hands bc of money issues

You can get yourself sorted for around $10,000.

Or open your business from home to save on start-up costs following the steps outlined in this article.

To achieve optimal success with this suggestion, be mindful of a few tips like the ones in this post, including:

Be Prepared & Document Everything

Be Pleasant & Control Yourself

Don't Assume Anything & Give Options

Avoid Confrontation & Manipulation

Collection agencies charge either a flat fee or a percentage of the debt.

Typical earnings are $16,000-$60,000+/year as per this post.

Debt is tough, and it brings out the worst in people most of the time.

But if you have patience and can be a bit stealthy, this could be the business for you.

Interested? Want more info?

Here's a post outlining additional information on starting a collection agency.

13. Renewable Energy Consulting Firm

Climate change and the green movement are global concerns.

One seeing rapid changes and in your face demands for businesses to get onboard.

Renewable energy is all about generating energy from natural resources like sunlight and wind.

The ultimate goal is to utilize energy that can never be depleted.

image of a man with renewable energy options

No easy feat.

But it does open the door for renewable energy consultants.

Individuals who know their stuff and can advise on the best strategies for business owners moving forward.

Renewable energy is here to stay and is moving in a definitive direction.

A few ongoing changes as per this article include things like:

  • Federal Clean Energy Standards

  • Increased Energy Storage Installations 

  • Transitioning Away From Gas

  • Inclusive Climate Investment & Consumer-Driven Decarbonization

You're gonna need a degree and a strong knowledge of the energy industry.

Interested in learning more about becoming a renewable energy consultant?

This post shares the must-haves and how to get started.

Got the right stuff and ready to get after it?

Check out this article outlining how to start a renewable energy consulting firm for more info.

14. Customer Service Consulting Agency

Do you have the magic touch?

An ability to diffuse situations and tactfully interact with complaining customers?

Customer service consultants provide information about a company's products or services.

But they also resolve issues and solutions.

Focus on the trends shaping 2022 like the ones outlined in this post which include the following:


The Importance Of Agent Experience (AX)


Personalization Is Key


Omnichannel Communication Dominates


Implementation Of Tools & Software To Improve Efficiency

With minimal startup costs you can be up and running for around $1000.

But you need the right skills and experience.

Think things found in this posting like:

  • High School Degree/GED (maybe BA)
  • Excellent Computer Skills
  • Strong Interpersonal Communication Skills
cartoon of a giant magnet attracting customers

You're looking at earnings between $27,000-$44,000+/year.

Liking the sound of this best business to start with $15K?

Want to learn more about getting started?

Check out this post sharing the a-z on launching a customer service consulting firm.

15. Chatbot Developer

It's a global market headed for annual growth rates of 24.9% from 2021-2028.

And when the dust settles, the chatbot industry will be worth an estimated $2,485 million in revenue.

A business you can start for $5000-$15,000+ you need a few qualifications for this gig.

cartoon of a man and a chat bot talking

Things like:

  • An ability to create and implement applications to automate customer communications.
  • Review and simplify code.
  • Establish bots for companies operations.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, Python, C++, and JavaScript.

Chatbots offer advantages and disadvantages for business owners.

Be one step ahead to shut down objections and have the answers to a few fundamental facts.

Like the one outlined in this post, including:

  • Availability 

  • More Engagement

  • Data Collection
  • Data Security

  • Inability To Understand Emotions

  • Costs

If you can pull this off, you're looking at an annual income between $35,000-$212,000+.

Want to be part of this growing industry?

Check out this article, sharing a complete guide on everything you need to know.

16. App Development Firm

You can do it from home.

It's an initial investment of around $5000-$15,000.

And could see you bringing in $68K-$119K+/year.

cartoon of hands holding devices showing apps

You need an idea and a bit of techie know-how.

But if you can figure out an app that people want or need, you'll see big profit margins with this one.

App development can be broken down into a few simple steps.

Like the ones found in this post which include the following:

  • The Development Stage

  • UX/UI Design

  • Fine Tuning Development & Testing

  • Launch Your App

  • Sell It

Liking the sound of this suggestion?

Curious about how to get started?

Here's an article giving a complete dissection on starting an app development firm.

17. Piggyback Coffee Business

It's one of the highest-valued commodities in the world.

Coffee. A $465.9 billion+ industry.

But opening a coffee shop is a pricey venture.

Reduce your risk and investment costs by starting a piggyback coffee business.

A business inside a business. It's a win-win really.

cartoon of a bar with stools at a cafe

You get an established customer base and a lower-cost startup.

Your partner gets an add-on to their existing business.

Chop your costs even further and focus on offering fewer options but ones in demand.

The most popular coffee choices in the USA are listed in this post and include:


Americano & Espresso


Cappuccino & Latte


Macchiato & Mocha

Do your research and understand the culture.

The more you know, the more you stand to make as per this article.

You can pull this off for $15,000 or less if you take the time to create your business plan and strategy.

This post offers additional information and considerations on how to start a coffee business.

18. Data Analyst Firm

A profession that's reported to be 'exploding'.

Data analysts firms collect, clean, and interpret data.

Their main goal is to answer a question or solve a problem.

image of data and graphs on a computer screen

If you have the brainpower you’re in high demand in industries listed in this article like:

  1. Business & Finance
  2. Criminal Justice & Science
  3. Medicine & Government

But you need some skills and qualifications to pull this off.

A few non-negotiables listed in this article include things like:

Data Visualization & MATLAB

Linear Algebra & Calculus

Python & Machine Learning

Critical Thinking & Communication

You stand to earn $47, 563-$125,512+/year with this one.

Up for the challenge?

Want the inside track on starting a data analytics firm?

Check out this video.

It shares all the goods on succeeding with this best business to start with $15K idea.

19. SEO Business

SEO-the magic potion that increases the visibility of a business' website.

The ultimate goal is to drive consumer traffic to your page, increase conversions, and a company's ROIs.

If you understand the process and can do it well, you're worth your weight in gold.

To the tune of $34,000-$200,000+/year.

vector of a rocket launching over a computer with people working on a website

You can get an agency up and running for $62, according to this post.

Of course, you can budget for higher.

Spend the full $15K by hiring additional staff and scaling right out of the gate.

But there are a couple of pros and cons to consider like the ones in this post that include:

  • Start Your Business From Home

  • Scalable & Flexible

  • Low Start-Up Costs & Minimal Overhead Expenses 

  • Crowded Space & Competitive Market

  • Lengthy Sales Process & Customer Retention

  • Security Issues

You'd better know what you're doing.

And be prepared to put your money where your mouth is with this idea.

Need some help?

Check out this post breaking down the steps on starting an SEO business.

20. E-Mail Marketing Firm

Do you have strong technical knowledge?

Consider yourself an expert on strategy and design?

Email marketing just might be your jam.

Creating emails to educate and inform new and existing customers.

Ian Stanley 90 DTF

Engaging and brand-focused it comes down to improving a business's ROIs.

A $7.5 billion global market and growing.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective techniques around-if you know what you're doing.

Keep it interesting and be on point with the trends like those listed in this post. Including things like:

A Pop of Color & Bold Typography

Playful Shapes & S-Curve Layout

Action-Based Animations & Value-Illuminating Illustrations

Low startup costs and annual incomes between $67,410 and $92,946 make this one best business to start with $15K.

This article shares the inside scoop and industry details.

If you're looking to establish an email marketing firm, it's a great place to start.

IMO The Best Business To Start With $15K

Lead Generation

You want a business you can start with $15K.

You want to take control of your financial freedom.

Get off the hamster wheel and run your own show.

Lead generation checks all of the boxes.

A business you can get up and running for less than $15K.

It has low overhead costs but offers maximum returns.

Why Lead Generation Is The Best Business To Start With $15K:

Lead generation is all about building and ranking websites.

Use the techniques shared in this course, and you get those sites to the top of Google.

Follow the training just like it's laid out.

And once your sites are at the top, they're almost 100% hands-off.

That means those lead gen sites are like a passive income stream.

Bringing you money month after month just like this tree site.

One of my first builds, I spent around 10 hours working on it and haven't touched it since. 

The best part? This site has made me $2000/month since 2015.

Lansing tree service

Why Lead Generation Works:

Lead generation is about internet domination.

Get your sites to the top of the SERPs and generate free leads for local business owners.

Your sites are like digital real estate.

Like billboards that drive traffic to your site and bring in organic leads.

Follow the six simple steps and you're golden.

Lead gen model

The sugar on top?

The sites and the leads belong to you.

Take those leads and sell them to a business owner looking to expand.

Flat-fee, commission, pay-per-click. Your sites-your leads-your choice.

Lead generation is without question the best business to start with $15K.

Here's why:

  • Leverage Google in over 400 niches

  • Every postal code presents multiple opportunities to build lead gen property

  • It's a business model that takes skill creating a higher barrier to entry

  • Not a saturated market

  • Build as many sites as you want

  • No cap on income potential

This is not your typical rank and rent model.

This program delves into strategies and techniques that far surpass what others have on offer.

But it's not a get-rich-quick scheme either.

Lead generation takes hustle and commitment.

Talk to any of our over 7000 members, and I think they'll agree lead gen is the best business model going.

Think you have what it takes?

Interested in learning more or have questions about lead generation?

Click the link below and book a call now.

You wanted the dirt on businesses to start with $15K.

We heard you and hope we delivered with this list of 21 best business to start with $15K.

There are so many other options that didn't make the cut.

If you have a suggestion, question, or comment, please drop us a line below.

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His #1 online business recommendation in 2024, is to build your own lead generation business.

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