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This is a review on the best Facebook ads courses of 2021.

As you go through this review, you'll see the pros/cons of each course and hopefully, you'll be able to have a better picture as to which course is the best option for you.


When reviewing each course, I've based my rankings on the following:

  •  Was each module explained in a clear and concise manner?
  •  Simplicity of course
  • Do you walk away from the course with enough education to land a client and provide results?
  • Amount of value presented for the cost 

If you'd like a more in-depth look into each course, I've added links to the in-depth course reviews I've created for each one.

Towards the end of this review, I'll compare the Facebook Ads business model against my local lead generation business and explain why lead gen is my number one choice to this day.

I'm dropping the link for that below in case you'd like to check that out now...

13.) Social Media Marketing Mastery - Learn Ads on 10+ Platforms: Coursenvy

Course Length: 8 hours and 6 minutes Price: $12.99
  • Course that touches on the majority of social media platforms
  • Plenty of downloadable content to help you not forget the steps to each of the important aspects of each advertising platform
  • PDF on blogs & backlinking
  • Many promotional affiliate suggestions
  • Long explanations for basic understanding
Social Media marketing mastery Course details:

We’re pretty sure everyone already knows this, but just in case:

PPC stands for “Pay Per Click,” and it’s one of the cornerstones of Facebook advertising. 

From Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and even blogs, you’ll find PPC ads pretty much everywhere on the web. 

While many entrepreneurs choose to focus entirely on Facebook advertising, others would argue that you’d have to be a fool not to diversify.

If you want to take a more overarching and broad approach to your marketing strategy, this course could be the right move for you. 

The aforementioned Justin O'Brien takes you on an extensive educational journey of just over 8 hours, and you’ll cover an extremely varied set of subjects.

When you’re finished, you’ll get a certification of completion.

These subjects include important concepts that revolve around almost every online platform you can think of. In total, this course covers PPC marketing strategies for over ten platforms. 

Just to give you an idea of how detailed and extensive this course is, there are over 31 lectures on Facebook and Instagram alone.

If there’s one thing that Justin O'Brien knows about it’s getting the most bang for your buck when using these ad strategies. 

Follow his advice closely, and you’ll see an impressive return on your investment. 

This course is an obvious choice for anyone who wants to check out various online advertising options, without simply focusing on Facebook alone. 

The Bottom Line
Best selling point
  • Course gets you familiar with many social media platforms
Biggest Issue
  • Bland presentation


Most of the third-party websites John recommends aren't active anymore.

This isn't a bad investment if you're new to the digital world though because you learn the basics about all of the social media platforms.


Social media marketing mastery COURSE rating: 3.0/5

or you can purchase the course here.

12.) Digital Marketing Academy Membership - Unlimited Access

Course Length: At Your Own Pace  Price: $9.00/month
  • Access to all of Diego Davila's courses for a low price
  • You'll learn how to digitally market on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and even how to create websites on WordPress
  • The courses included are a bit out of order in the list of courses

Digital Marketing Academy Membership Details:

Many entrepreneurs might be approaching the digital marketing world with the opinion that both Facebook and Instagram are both equally important. 

In most cases, you’d have to take separate courses in order to master both of these platforms.

But with this group of courses, you can learn all about marketing strategies with both Instagram, Facebook and YouTube in one convenient place.

The mastermind behind it all is Diego Davila, a trusted entrepreneur and proven success story in both Instagram, Facebook and the YouTube marketing worlds.

Many of the concepts we’ve already mentioned, including Facebook pixel and effective targeting methods for reaching your ideal audience.

But you’ll also learn plenty of unique skills and concepts that you might not find anywhere else.

Diego Davila shows us how we can use Facebook Live to our advantage when marketing our products and services, and how to boost our Facebook likes and overall popularity. 

And we can’t forget Instagram nor YouTube either.

This course shows you how to create effective Instagram ads, which is something that is still quite new on the platform and how to perform YouTube SEO to rank #1 in the search engine.

It definitely makes sense to learn from the best when you use these methods for the first time, and Diego Davila knows what he’s talking about in this area. 

This course certainly wins our seal of approval, and it’s an obvious choice if you want to tackle Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for marketing purposes. 

The Bottom Line
Best selling point
  • For a low monthly price, you'll have access to all of the courses on that will teach you other marketing skills
Biggest Issue
  • The course is free, but all of the information is condensed into 2 hours


Listen, for $9.00 a month, you can't go wrong with a group of courses that will teach you everything you need to know.

My only issue is that I wouldn't want to keep paying $9.00 a month without end.

I'd rather invest in another course.

digital marketing academy membership rating: 3.0/5

or you can purchase the course here.

11.) Instagram Marketing: Guide to Getting 10,000 Followers

Course length: 10 hours and 15 minutes  Price: $20.99