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7 Best Facebook Ads Courses in 2024 (Expensive & Affordable Options)

April 15, 2024

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are paid advertisements that brands can use to promote products or services. Marketers have flooded Facebook (Meta) with the goal of helping local businesses increase the number of leads they generate, increase their brand awareness, and more.

Making money with Facebook ads is possible. You just need to take time to understand who your ideal customers are. Once you know their location, demographic, and interests, you'll be able to craft ads that are going to convince people to do what you want them to. That can be to either grow their awareness of your products/services, or to make them to give you their contact information to take advantage of a free informational product or a certain service. There are several types of ad formats you can make in the Meta Business Suite (previously Facebook Ads Manager). You can create video ads, single image ads, carousel ads, stories, and more. 

Over the last few years, there have been many gurus who have created a Facebook ads course. They all taught you how to get started with running ads on Facebook. Today, you won't find many courses where you can learn Facebook ads like you did 3-5 years ago. Now, some courses include a Facebook training along with showing you how to start an entire digital marketing agency. 

I've gone through some of the best Facebook advertising training courses and have compiled a list of the ones offering the most value. In this article, I also list the best Facebook ads courses that are also still available for purchase from the most expensive to the cheapest price.

Expensive Facebook Ads Courses

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass by Kevin David

Facebook Ads Ninja by Kevin David is an expensive Facebook marketing course around and has been ever since it came out. Kevin David is one of the most popular digital marketers in the industry and, as a course creator, has created other courses for different online business models. This course explains every important step you need to follow to make this business plan work for you. From setting up your Meta Business Suite account and installing the Facebook Pixel to creating ads, targeting the perfect audience for your niche and retargeting, you're going to learn it all. This is a complete Facebook ads course.


Informational online course with plenty of useful tips and strategies to implement in your Facebook advertising campaign

Kevin shows you real-life examples of ad campaigns

Kevin David is a high-energy instructor which helps in keeping you focused and motivated


Kevin often pitches his other courses while going through this one

Some videos seem to be out of order and repetitive

Can get repetitive and disorganized in some parts


Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass costs $1,997


6-Figure Ads Agency by Billy Willson

Billy Willson's Facebook course is one of the best affordable options, at only $500. What's unique about Billy's course is that he shows you everything you need to know to start a Facebook Ads Agency. You learn how to find your ideal clients, how to set up meetings with them, how to turn them into paying clients, and how to generate the best results for them using Facebook ads. Billy also shows you how to get started running Facebook ads so that you can provide your clients with the results they're expecting.


Billy shares his own ads that converted well for him in his Facebook ad campaign

Training on how to automate and scale your business

Over an hour long training on copywriting

Billy shows you how to start your business legally

Billy shares the online marketing softwares he uses for his agency


There are more steps to the "simple" 3-step funnel Billy shows you especially if you want the upper echelon of clients

With Facebook ads, there's too much testing that goes on before you find an ad that'll convert regularly. You're going to find yourself in a hole with the cost of FB ads rising each year.


6-Figure Facebook Ads Agency costs $997


Affordable Facebook Ads Courses

Lead Generation Blueprint by Ryan Wegner

Ryan Wegner's goal is to get you to reach 6-figures in revenue in only the first 90 days of you taking his Facebook advertising course. In the Lead Generation Blueprint, you learn how to create Facebook ads from beginning to end. There are over 41 training videos and even training on email marketing, as well as how to reach out to potential clients when prospecting. He even shows you how to get clients on UpWork. As far as support goes, after joining, you get ongoing mentorship from Ryan on Facebook Messenger.


Decent price for everything you learn and are provided with

Ryan teaches you how to get clients on UpWork

For support, you get ongoing mentorship from Ryan on Facebook Messenger

They provide you with 5 DFY funnels you can implement in your campaigns


Not enough sales training

No training on how to diversify and run paid ads on Google, YouTube or TikTok

Course only teaches you the basics of Facebook ads unlike Billy Willson's course.


Lead Generation Blueprint costs $497


Paid Traffic Mastery by Kasim Aslam

Paid Traffic Mastery once taught Facebook ads as the highlight of the course along with training on other paid traffic platforms. Now, the program teaches Google ads as the main offering but they still have a solid Facebook ads marketing training. Module 6 of the course is called Facebook Ad Network. In it, you learn how to get started running ads on Facebook, how to structure your campaign, how to choose your budget, the importance of the Facebook Pixel, optimization, KPIs, and how to scale ads. You learn more about Facebook ads in one module than some other courses teach in their entire course. This course is a great starting point if you want to get into social media marketing with paid traffic.


You get to learn about Google ads and YouTube ads along with the Facebook ads training

72 videos divided into 7 modules and they provide you with tools, templates, and worksheets

Revamped course for 2022


They removed LinkedIn training once Kasim took over this course.

No private Facebook group for accountability and support


Paid Traffic Mastery costs $495


FB Ads Course by Rudy Mawer

Rudy Mawer

Rudy Mawer's Facebook Ads course comes from Digital Marketer Lab. It is a deep training program for mastering Facebook ads. The course includes sessions on making substantial offers. They cover using images and videos for big impact. And understanding the psychology of effective ads. Rudy also teaches using user-generated content and pattern interrupts. These create compelling ad stories. Rudy's approach emphasizes the need for testing and optimizing ad elements. The goal is to boost engagement and conversion. The sessions include Q&A. They also have worksheets and a hands-on experience. This lets participants to apply concepts to their campaigns. The course aims to give learners strategies they can use. The strategies are for scaling ad campaigns well and without wasted effort.

Price: The Facebook Ads course costs $295.

More Info: FB Ads Course Review

Creative Testing Mastery by Will Perry

Will Perry's Creative Testing Mastery is a comprehensive 30-day online course for media buyers to enhance sales through effective ad testing for Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn. The course emphasizes the importance of creative testing in a crowded social media environment. Since the consumer attention is limited despite high usage rates. Pros of the course include a wealth of successful student reviews and Will's extensive 15+ years of experience in digital marketing. Creative Testing Mastery offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and is hosted via Slack, providing a community for learners. It focuses on teaching a systematic approach to ad variable isolation, repeatable testing systems, and targeted messaging. The course is particularly suited for established entrepreneurs or media buyers with significant ad budgets. It offers in-depth insights on profitable ad creation and scaling.

Price: The cost of Creative Testing Mastery is $1,997. 

More Info: Creative Testing Mastery Review

Cheap Facebook Ads Courses

4080 Scaling Academy by Ethan Bence

This course teaches you how to do more than advertise on Facebook. You learn how to scale your Facebook ads by testing all aspects of your ad. Testing is what will help you find the formula that makes your ads highly profitable. There are 7 video training modules with downloadable content, bonuses, and a private Facebook group for support.


Testing your ads is one of the most important parts of paid traffic

Inexpensive course that shows you what most other courses don't regarding testing


Testing ads is time-consuming and can get expensive fast

No in-depth testing strategies


4080 Scaling Academy costs $49


Creating Effective Paid Ads on Facebook by Billy Gene

They divided this course into 18 sections. You’ll learn how to meticulously create your FB ad from scratch, using sophisticated ad copy to capture and convert countless leads. There’s a great deal of emphasis placed on the actual planning process behind sales and marketing strategies. You’ll also learn about the various ad formats and how to choose the right type of advertisement for your business. As a bonus, you’ll also receive a helpful marketing workbook that can help you as you become more independent and create your own personal marketing strategies.


Great in-depth lesson on ad copy

Billy explains the importance of sales and shares proven scripts

Download Billy's Digital Marketing workbook


No handout of his demographic analysis for Facebook

No in-depth Facebook advertising training on how to scale to 6-figures


Creating Effective Paid Ads on Facebook costs $24


Facebook Ads FAQs

1) How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost?

Facebook advertising cost is on average, $0.94 per click or $12.07 per 1,000 impressions. 

2) What Are The Main Disadvantages of Facebook Ads?

The main disadvantages of Facebook ads are the rise in ad cost each year as well as the increase in competition, which is causing that rise in ad cost. Also, it's time-consuming to get started and even spit test ads if you don't know what you're doing.

3) Is Facebook Ads Better Than Google?

Facebook ads can offer better targeting with it's pixel and more powerful tracking than Google. Google can provide faster results and a wider reach but also be more expensive than Facebook.

4) How Are Facebook Ads Paid For?

Facebook ads are paid for by connecting your credit card or your client's credit card to your Meta Business Suite account. As you start seeing results on your campaigns, Facebook charges your card.

Are Facebook Ads worth it in 2024?

Facebook ads are not worth it in 2024, but that doesn't mean they don't work. Facebook advertising has been one of the cheapest types of advertising compared to radio, tv and newspaper ads. Today, TikTok is more cost effective than Facebook but either way, the cost of running paid ads is exponentially rising each year. This is because of the increase in digital marketers and business owners flooding the platform. 

Also, you need to always test your ads while managing your ad cost and conversion. You have to also test your ad copy, image, ad creative, call-to-action, and even landing pages to see what works.

No part of this business model is passive. Even worse, if you use Facebook ads to generate traffic for affiliate marketing or dropshipping. It's a hassle and expensive because in only a few days, you can be out of hundreds or thousands of dollars with no ROI.

Just like other online business models, Facebook ads do work and you can make money, but I much rather use my time and money creating my digital properties that pay me on autopilot each month, while helping local business owners grow their business.

The benefits are much better with local lead generation.

Final Thoughts on Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is by far the best online business model because of the control you have in your business. You get to choose how you're going to run your business. From the niche you get into, the small business you work with and how much they pay you. There aren't any outside factors you have to pay attention to like custom audiences, split testing ads, or budgeting. Things are far more passive in the world of local lead generation.

This tree care site has been paying me $2000 every month ever since I built, ranked and rented it over 7 years ago. 

Local lead generation

Today, I have over 50 of the lead generation sites paying me on autopilot each month because they are still ranked a top the local search results on Google. 

There are over 7400 students from around the world that have learned how to build these sites. They are currently building, ranking and renting them to local small business owners and becoming financially free.

To learn how you can create your digital real estate empire without paying for traffic on social media, check out the local lead generation training program.

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