Adam Enfroy Blog Growth Engine Review: Blogging vs YouTube

April 9, 2024

Blog Growth Engine is an online blogging course by Adam Enfroy that teaches you how to monetize your blog to create passive income. The course includes 11 training modules and 1:1 coaching. It teaches you all the strategies that Adam Enfroy used to generate $500k per month, such as link building and keyword monetization through affiliate marketing with his blog. Since the March 2024 core update, Google has prioritized established websites, which made it more difficult for small blogs to rank.

Reviews for Blog Growth Engine are mixed with a 3.7/5 rating on Trustpilot. Students praise the comprehensiveness of the course while critics point out the unlikeliness of Adam's claims of his earnings and lack of transparency of the spending involved in this kind of business.

In this review, we will cover what you will learn from the course, who it is for, and what people say about it. We will also discuss all about Adam Enfroy and his blog business. You will also learn about blogging as a business and how profitable it can be.

Blog Growth Engine Pros and Cons


Extremely detailed and personalized.

It is taught by a successful blogger. 

You receive lifetime access to all their updates. 

You receive 1:1 support and coaching. 

You get access to a community of bloggers. 


It is expensive. 

A lot of the reviews come from affiliates. 

Results take a lot of time. 



Refund Policy

14-day money-back guarantee.


2021. Since its creation, it’s gone through several updates and is currently in its 3rd version.


A lot of reviews are positive, but a lot of them come from affiliates. 

Blogging vs YouTube 

Blogging and making YouTube videos are common ways of earning passive income through content creation. Both have their pros and cons and can be profitable depending on your niche and business model. Adam Enfroy started off as a blogger before becoming a YouTuber in 2021. His primary source of income is still his blog, but adding the second platform allows for more revenue growth. 

  • You own the platform and domain name.
  • Can be outsourced and automated.
  • You can generate long-term traffic. 
  • Costs less to set up and maintain.
  • Includes a lot more steps and is difficult to set up. 
  • Takes longer to generate income.
  • Can be hard to rank on Google for competitive niches.
  • Easy to set up. 
  • Faster generation of traffic. 
  • You can create visual engagement with the audience.
  • You don't own the platform.
  • You are subject to YouTube's algorithm.
  • Recording equipment and technical skills may be required.

How Much Does Blog Growth Engine Cost? 

The Blog Growth Engine course originally costs $3,900. However, if you view the free masterclass, you can purchase the full course for $1,497 upfront. They also offer 2 monthly payment plans. You have the option of paying $599 for 3 months for a total of $1,797 or you can make two monthly payments of $799, which totals to $1,598.

If this course doesn't sound right for you can check my article about My Freedom Empire review, another online blogging course by Caroline. 

Will There Be Additional Costs To Run Your Blog After Purchasing The Course? 

There aren’t any upsells after you purchase Blog Growth Engine. However, there are tools you need to manage and set up your blog. According to websitebuilderexpert, the average cost to set up your blog is between $50 and $200 and $20 to $60 per month to maintain it. Adam Enfroy recommends several tools you can use to boost your content creation, such as Ahrefs, SurferSEO,, Grammarly Pro,, and ClearScope. 

Does Blog Growth Engine Offer Refunds? 

Blog Growth Engine offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. They clarify the requirements to issue a refund upon check out. To qualify for the refund, you must finish the entire program, have a 1:1 coaching session, and join their private community. 

Blog growth engine Refund Policy

Who Is Blog Growth Engine For? 

Blog Growth Engine is for anyone who is interested in making money through blogging. It is for beginner and advanced bloggers. They cover the basics and everything you need to know to set up your own blog. Adam teaches you the strategies that he’s learned and used throughout the years on how to monetize your blog and turn it into a business. 

What Will You Learn From Blog Growth Engine? 

  • Launching Your Blog - Adam teaches you the fundamentals of setting up your blog. From niche selection and how to customize the layout of your content. He teaches you how to use platforms like WordPress and other tools to create a profitable blog. 
  • Blog Monetization - There are several ways to earn through your blog such as creating blog post for other businesses or earning through an affiliate link. Adam primarily teaches you how to make money through affiliate marketing. 
  • Growing Your Blog Like Business - A lot of bloggers make the same mistake of treating their blog like a passion project or a journal. Adam shows you how to run your blog like a business. This means choosing topics that are most profitable through search engine optimization and keyword research.

2 Paths of Blogging With Blog Growth Engine 

There are two paths you can take to increase your viewers by taking advantage of the google search console and search engine optimization. This will allow you to focus your keyword research on your audience’s search intent. 

1. Link Building 

Link Building is Adam Enfroy’s recommended path when you’re looking to turn your blog into an online business. According to Adam, links are like currency. The more links you have, the bigger chance you have of ranking on the google search console. This means more earning potential.

Backlinks are the most valuable links there are. When another website links to yours blog, this means that you’re an authority site in the eyes of google analytics. However, it’s difficult to get these links as other sites wouldn’t have the incentive to link your blog on their site. Adam came up with a system called leverage-based link building. Here, you essentially exchange links with other authority site by providing more value to their content and vice versa through domain ranks, and high-quality content. 

2. Content Building

Content Building means focusing more on your content than ranking. Here, you create high-quality content that is interconnected with each other to make yourself an authority site. Adam recommends this method for those who are blogging as a passion. 

What Is Included In Blog Growth Engine? 

40+ Hours of Content 

You receive access to 40+ hours of video content all designed to help you start and scale your blogging business 

Access to a Private Community of 1,000+ Bloggers

You receive access to a a private group of other students vloggers in which you can receive tips and have your questions answered. 

Access to a Private Link Exchange Slack Community

You get access to a community in which you can share your blog link for other people to add to their blogs and vice versa. 

Unlimited 1:1 Coaching Calls and Support

There is a support team that you can contact anytime for over the shoulder coaching. 

Blog Growth Engine Review and Testimonials 

The Blog Growth Engine course has mixed reviews with students praising the extremely detailed course and provided support that you need to get your blog up and monetized. However, most of the positive reviews are from affiliates, so they have an incentive to talk highly about the course. Blog Growth Engine has a 3.7/5 rating on Trustpilot. Suspiciously, there is only one 5-star review displayed.

blog growth engine review

The only review visible on Trustpilot praises the step-by-step training that is great for beginners and the helpfulness of the community. The reviewer also praised the coaches and their availability. I could not find any negative reviews as most of the reviews online are created by affiliates of the program.

Who is Adam Enfroy? 

Adam Enfroy

Adam Enfroy is a wealthy affiliate marketer, blogger, and YouTuber. He was working full time in the tech industry and then became an affiliate marketer and digital marketing director. Despite earning 6 figures monthly, he was overworked and stressed and wanted to earn income passively. In 2019, he started blogging as a side hustle and made it his main source of income in 2021. His YouTube channel was created in 2006, but he only started posting content about blogging and content marketing in 2021 and has amassed over 72k subscribers. 

What Does Adam Enfroy Blog About? 

Adam Enfroy doesn’t write his own blogs anymore and has fully outsourced all the blog content creation. He posts topics about making money online. His content includes information about affiliate marketing, YouTube, Instagram, different business models and ideas. He has blogs that provide how-to guides and different types of software you can use for whatever business model you’re working with. 

How Do You Monetize Your Blog? 

There are several ways to monetize your blog. You can offer paid membership plans to your viewers, sell ad spaces, and create sponsored blog post for other businesses. You also have the option of creating online courses, selling products to your audience, or accepting donations. The Blog growth engine course teaches you several paths you can take on scaling your blogging business, but the number 1 way is through affiliate marketing. For those who want to monetize their blog without too much effort, there are ways to use AI to generate passive income through a blog. 

How Much Can You Earn With Blogging? 

The average earning potential of a blogger varies per niche. Your earning relies on how much traffic your blog can generate and how you monetize it. According to Glassdoor, the average blogger salary is $51,906. However, there is still a chance that you earn nothing when you’re just starting out. Blogging takes a lot of time before you can generate any kind of passive income, but once you start, there is no limit to how much you can earn. 

earning potential of bloggers

What Is The Most Profitable Niche For Blogging? 

Digital Marketing is the most profitable niche in 2024 for blogging, according to Themeisle. The market size had reached over $155.3 billion within the US. However, Adam Enfroy recommends that when choosing a niche, you focus on yourself instead of the niche itself. Choose something that you’re interested in as you will work with it for a while. Your topic should be broad, so it’s easier for you to niche down and create multiple blogs containing different content. 

Conclusion: Is Blogging Still Profitable In 2024

Blogging is still profitable in 2024, but it will be very difficult to gain traffic after Google's March 2024 core update. The core update, which aims to combat low quality content caused by the surge of AI tools, focused on websites' topical authority, made it harder for small blogs to rank on the search engine. Big media or businesses directly related to topic are now increasing in rank, while smaller and non-established blogs have dropped significantly.

YouTube user BenLovegrove explained how his blog lost its traffic after the March core update. As his blog lost ranking on Google, he lost his traffic and income stream. The strategies prior to the update are no longer effective and you will need to adapt to the changes if you want to make money from blogging.

Adam Enfroy: You Shouldn't Start a Blog in 2024, Unless...

In a video Adam uploaded on his YouTube channel, he discussed why you shouldn't start a blog in 2024 unless you follow the advice that he gives. Since the March 2024 core update gave preference to big media and businesses because of their high authority created by the sheer amount of backlinks, high competition niches have become more competitive. Therefore, Adam advises that bloggers should narrow down their niche in order to avoid competing with high authority sites.

Adam himself has invested a lot in backlinks. Early on, he built backlinks for free by writing guest posts. In 2024, it is more common to pay for guest posts. The efficient way to get backlinks today is to buy it. Adam has since spent a small fortune on backlinks. He also suggests bloggers to diversify their traffic sources, such as running social media ads and building email lists, instead of relying solely on organic leads from ranking on search engines. 

In conclusion, if you want to start a blog you plan to monetize, you have to pick a very specific niche with little competition or be prepared to spend a lot of money to build site authority and marketing.

How Long Before You Start Making Money With Blogging?

Unless you are pumping in a lot of money into backlink building or ads, it takes years before your blog gets significant traffic that you can monetize on. The average time for blogs to make money is 20 months. With the March 2024 Google core update, this will only increase the time it takes for new blogs to gain traction. It can take up to 5 years or more if you don't have an effective strategy.

A Redditor, Foxy_Marketer, posted on a blogging thread that it took them 8 months and over $1,000 for tools and services before they started getting traffic. They went on to explain that it took them 2 years to start monetizing. The earnings from the blog were not much either and were inconsistent. The Redditor ended the post by explaining that they had since shut down the blog and sold the domain.

Create Low-Cost Predictable Income With Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is a business model that creates predictable passive income for a little investment in time and money. It works by ranking a site on Google and renting out to local businesses. You can start with an initial investment as low as $500 for the tools and a weekend's worth of work. Once your site is ranked on Google, you can rent it out for $500-$3,000 a month.

There are hundreds of niches and thousands of local areas that you can choose from. You will only need to outrank a handful of websites compared to blogging niches, where you will be competing with thousands of others globally. It can take a few weeks up to 6 months for a website to rank on Google's local search results, while blogs can take years to rank if they do at all. You also need to produce content consistently if you want your blog to grow while you can spend just one day on a local lead generation site. Once your site is ranked and rented, it's basically hands-free.

A local lead generation business is also highly scalable. You simply need to repeat the rank and rent process and you can have as many sites as you want. This makes your earning potential virtually limitless. This is why local lead generation is my number 1 business to create time and financial freedom.

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