Suzie Agelopoulos’ BNB Method Review: Make 6 Figures Without Owning Property?

March 24, 2024

BNB Method is an Airbnb arbitrage course by Suzie Agelopoulos. The course teaches you how to make 6 figures on Airbnb without owning any properties and while only spending 5 hours a week on your business. Airbnb is more profitable than traditional long term renting in terms of nightly rate if you have good vacancy rates. Low vacancy rates can lose you money.

Airbnb arbitrage can be a passive income business. You can outsource almost all the work in the business, such as management, bookings and check-ins, cleaning, etc., although this will add to your operating costs, which means bigger risks.

Local lead generation is a passive income business that has low starting capital and low risk. As a form of digital real estate, you earn a predictable monthly income through rent without having to deal with tenants, property maintenance, regulations, or other issues that plague real estate. Check out local lead generation for a less risky passive income business model.

Can You Make 6 Figures With Airbnb Arbitrage?

Airbnb rental arbitrage can be profitable, but it will take work. You need to take into account your rent, expected maintenance costs, vacancy rate, insurance, and any other things you may need to spend on.

What makes Airbnb great compared to traditional real estate investing is the huge potential income with high vacancy rates. Short term rentals that are cheaper than hotels and don’t require long term contracts are in growing demand, even during a pandemic.

A good Airbnb income is over $13,800 a year, which is based on data from Airbnb. This is actually an increase of about 85% during the pandemic. Miami and San Diego are the most profitable cities for Airbnb hosts. Places with warm weather and relatively affordable housing make them popular for booking Airbnb.

Things You Need to Know Before Creating an Airbnb Arbitrage Business

Owning an Airbnb can be very risky depending on your location, property, and guests. Rowdy and destructive guests can lead to complaints from neighbors, or even violate regulations and policies.

Costs of Airbnb Arbitrage

Depending on the location and property, expect to spend around $3,000–$6,000 to start an Airbnb arbitrage business. The expenses cover one month's security deposit plus rent, furnishings and appliances, application fees, and legal fees.

To start an Airbnb business with no money, you can either do co-hosting, Airbnb management, or put one of your properties up on the listing. You can try rental arbitrage if your current rental fits the requirements of an Airbnb and if you can persuade the landlord to agree.

Disadvantages of Hosting an Airbnb

  • Higher upfront costs - You will need to furnish your Airbnb with furniture, appliances, decor, etc. Other necessities like Wi-Fi, Netflix subscription, linens, towels, soap, shampoo, drinking water, etc. also add to the initial and recurring costs. You are also responsible for insurance costs, which are higher for short-term rentals because of the amount of people moving in and out the property.
  • High maintenance costs - Maintaining an Airbnb can prove costly. Aside from the utilities bill, you have to make sure the property is sparkling clean before every guest arrives. Hiring a team or partnering with a cleaning company will add costs but free your time. You also need to take into consideration repairs costs, such as replacing light bulbs, repairing appliances, and groundskeeping costs, like mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes.
  • Costly management - Managing an Airbnb takes a lot of your time. If you choose to hire a manager or a management company, they usually charge an 18%–20% management fee.
  • Vacancy rates - Seasonal properties have the risk of low vacancy rates. Properties near the beach may have high vacancy rates during the winter, just as properties in winter getaway locations may have high vacancy rates during the summer. Unforeseen events, such as bushfires, floods, or pandemics, will affect vacancy rates. It is advised to take into consideration a 30% vacancy to limit these risks.
  • Review oriented - As with any business that works towards customer satisfaction, negative review scores can significantly hurt your business. It is very important to make sure your Airbnb guests are well taken care of and satisfied to ensure a positive Airbnb review score.

According to the New York Times, the biggest problem with Airbnb is the resentment toward the company. Turning residential homes into short term vacation rentals has created resentment from neighbors who blame the company for the problems that such rentals may cause, such as noise, rowdy parties, and security issues. This has led to many rules and regulations for Airbnb rentals.

Downsides of Airbnb Arbitrage

Because you do not own the property, there are high risks to Airbnb arbitrage.

  • Monthly costs such as rents, insurance, maintenance, etc. Low occupancy rates may cause you to have a negative income.
  • Upfront costs such as furnishing, first month’s rent, and security deposit.
  • Property owners can end your lease when your contract is done, which means you will lose your business.

Airbnb arbitrage is legal, but there are some rules and regulations depending on the location of the property. You have to check the local laws on short term rentals, such as if they will require you to get a hospitality license, so you don’t get into trouble for breaking any regulations.

How to Start Airbnb Without Property

To get into Airbnb arbitrage, you need to convince the landlord to let you list the property on Airbnb. Most landlords would be skeptical and deny you outright, so you need to explain how it would benefit them.

  • Pre paid renting. The landlord will still receive regular rent or you can entice them by offering to pay more months in advance.
  • No long term renters that damage the property. Hosting an Airbnb requires you to immediately fix damages before the next renter checks in or risk negative reviews that will damage your business.
  • The Airbnb host will take care of maintenance fees and other expenses, such as insurance.

Landlords would agree to rental arbitrage even when they could earn more if they listed the vacation rental property themselves because they don’t take any risks. They still get their usually monthly rent plus assurance that the property is well maintained.

Pros and Cons of Suzie Agelopoulos' BNB Method


Suzie Agelopoulos is a successful Airbnb business owner and has multiple other businesses.

Extra training materials and other bonuses posted on the Facebook group.


48hr time frame to have your questions answered.

Access to the private Facebook group is only for 8 weeks.

Only 1 Q&A session.


$1,997. Installments are available for 2 monthly payments of $1,019, or 4 monthly payments of $549.

Refund Policy

No refund policy.


No reviews outside of the official web page.

What Do You Get With Suzie Agelopoulos' BNB Method?

  • 8 Modules that teaches you how to find, set up, and run your Airbnb property
  • House manual templates, resources that Suzie uses for automation, and canned messaging: You also get scripts that will help get 5 star reviews.
  • A shopping list for your Airbnb business. This will help you save money by avoiding unnecessary purchases.
  • A quantity calculator to calculate exactly how many items you’ll need based on the number of occupants you'll have.
  • 1 hour Q&A session during the 8-week course with Suzie, where you can have your important questions answered to stay on track.
  • Over a dozen management trainings that teach you how to cohost a property without the need for any money.
  • You’ll have access to a private Facebook group for 8 months. You can ask questions daily, which will be answered within 48 hours on workdays. The group also has special trainings and other bonuses.
  • Training on how to scale your Airbnb business to include multiple properties and listings.

Are Students of Suzie Agelopoulos' BNB Method Successful?

There aren't any reviews of Suzie or her course outside of her official site. Here are some of the student success testimonials from her site.

Who Is Suzie Agelopoulos?

bnb method review

Suzie Agelopoulos is a travel blogger and entrepreneur from Seattle, Washington. She created the BNB Method to help women strategize, monetize, and hit 10k months in their first few months of business. Financial freedom allowed Suzie to travel to over 30 countries, and she continues to grow that list and document her travels.

Suzie makes $70K a month from her Airbnb business. Aside from her Airbnb business, she also makes $48K a month, creating content for a startup influencer company. She also makes 6 figures a year from influencer and brand deals and working with hotels. She also has a step-by-step playbook for $99 called Power Moves Masterclass that teaches various ways to make money.

Suzie's Restaurant Business Ventures

Suzie was born into the restaurant business. She moved to LA and opened her own restaurant, but she did not like the fact that she had to stay in all the time. Next, she tried starting a culinary tour company but was not confident in this business and quit when she got scared of being out of her comfort zone.

After her failed businesses in LA, Suzie went home to Seattle to open another restaurant during the boom when Amazon moved in. She looked for a restaurant spot for 2 years but they were charging $200K just to move in. Instead, she worked in restaurants cooking, cleaning, etc., for $50K a year.

Suzie's Discovery of Airbnb Arbitrage

One day Suzie took a break and went on a vacation to Bali. There she met a couple in a cooking class that she had enrolled in. She learned that they list their house in Hawaii on VRBO 9 months out of a year and make $210K after taxes, which allows them to travel freely.

In 2016, Suzie listed her apartment on Airbnb while moving home to her parents. Since then, coupled with 17 years of her doing psychology research, she has been able to create a successful Airbnb business that has allowed her the financial and time freedom to travel the world.

Is Airbnb Arbitrage Worth It in 2024?

Airbnb is still profitable in 2024, as statistics show big growth in the short term rental industry. Even during the pandemic, demand was still high for short term rentals. While many short term businesses got scared and had their properties rented long term, traveling nurses, people having home renovations, etc., were still booking long term rentals.

The pandemic saw an increase in income in rural Airbnb rentals, such as cabins or cottages. The post pandemic has seen a further increase as travel restrictions have been eased. Having an Airbnb is a good investment. According to Macrotrends, Airbnb is a $75.68 billion company that continues to grow. 

How to Have a Successful Airbnb Arbitrage Business?

You can make your Airbnb rental arbitrage business successful by doing your due diligence. You need to do research on the area where you plan to start your rental arbitrage to get a proper estimate of your costs and potential income. Proper estimation will lower the risks of your business failing and losing money.

A good way to deal with common Airbnb risks encountered by hosts is to properly educate yourself on how the business works before you begin. Taking an Airbnb course or getting a mentor, such as Brian Page's BNB formula, Avery Carl's The Short Term Shop, and Dr. Chau's Beyond BNB Secrets, can definitely help you avoid common and costly mistakes. If you want to own your own property and need to build capital for it, you can check out courses like Cole Ruud-Johnson's Wholesaling Heroes that teach you how to make quick short term income with real estate wholesaling. Dow Janes also has a coaching program created by women for women that teaches how to invest in stocks and other investment strategies.

The step to take if your Airbnb host listing gets permanently banned is to submit a formal appeal and review form. While this may take a while, you can always create a listing on other similar platforms like VRBO,, Houfy, Plum Guide, Flipkey, etc.

Best Passive Income Business Model in 2024

Local lead generation is my number 1 recommended online business in 2024. By creating and ranking a site on Google to rent out to local businesses, you create predictable and passive income. This business has low starting costs, with as little as $500 for the initial cost. With minimal maintenance ROI of up to 90%, there are low risks.

With local lead generation, there are no tenants or landlords to deal with. There are no real estate laws and regulations to worry about. You are the landlord who doesn't have to worry about much maintenance. It is also very easy to scale this business; you simply have to repeat the process for each site.

These are the qualities that make local lead generation a highly scalable, low investment, low risk business with high returns. If you are looking for time and financial freedom, local lead generation may be the best business model for you.

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