Blake Rocha’s BNB Profits Review- Can It Generate $80K Monthly? (Plus Airbnb Operating Expenses Breakdown)

March 15, 2024

The BNB Profits course by social media celebrity Blake Rocha offers a shortcut to learning and scaling the Airbnb arbitrage business model. It teaches a simplified method of studying rental arbitrage because the process is broken down in easy-to-understand language. The course also discusses common rookie mistakes that you should avoid doing. 

It's possible to make $80K monthly from Airbnb arbitrage. But, it would take a lot of hard work and luck to reach that number. Finding a landlord that allows subletting is the biggest challenge. Some states in the U.S. like California and Florida, have laws that regulate it. Getting a good property in a profitable location where the landlord permits subleasing, without violating local laws, is a lot for a beginner to handle. 

Local lead generation is a better business model if you're exploring online passive income opportunities. Unlike arbitrage, you have full control over your lead-gen business. As a digital landlord, you enjoy passive rental income without maintaining physical properties. The lead generation business has minimal operating costs. You can sell leads to small business owners at 85% to 90% profit margins

BNB Profits Pros and Cons

BNB Profits Pros

The course offers a beginner-friendly approach to learning Airbnb Arbitrage through a fast-track system. 

The course teaches an efficient way of scaling your Airbnb business by acquiring multiple arbitrage units in one building. 

Students of the course will have direct access to Blake and his team for mentorship and support as you start your BNB journey. 

Gives a free webinar, so you get an idea of his coaching style before you enroll

BNB Profits Cons

High-priced course with no guaranteed business success. No (unsolicited) success stories from real enrollees of the course.

Some laws limit/restrict subletting, depending on where you live. So, finding a property to use in rental arbitrage can be a challenge. 

Many lessons in the course, like finding your first rental unit and furnishing the property, can be learned for free on YouTube. 


BNB Profits costs $6,000

Refund Policy

No refunds, all sales are final 


Blake Rocha started real estate investing in 2020


The course creator, Blake Rocha, is a social media celebrity with 1.3M followers on TikTok and 286K on Instagram. He bought a $3.1M Airbnb property at 24 years old and acquired over 25 properties in 2 years. 

Can BNB Profits Generate $80K Monthly? 

It is possible to generate $80K monthly from a rental arbitrage system in multiple units. In Blake's case, he earns approximately $80K per month on 12 Airbnb properties. However, $80K is still gross income. From this, operating expenses are deducted, such as rent, cleaner fees, utilities, and property management (if applicable). So, you'll likely be left with just a fraction. 

What's in the BNB Profits Program? 

The BNB Profits Program teaches a shortcut method for the Airbnb arbitrage business model. Compared to other courses, BNB Profits has a simpler approach because the process is broken down and common risks are specified. 

Common Challenges

The BNB Profits Program helps newbie investors through these common challenges: 

  • Finding property investments that make 2 to 3x monthly with short-term leasing (vs. the cost of rent)

  • Finding landlords that allow subletting and pitching the Airbnb arbitrage business model to them 

  • Knowing the right markets to tap for Airbnb investing 

  • Finding quality lenders that will help you in the acquisition, renovation, and furnishing of more Airbnb units 

  • Self-managing strategies for short-term rental properties and techniques for saving 20 to 30% of the monthly income

What You Will Learn

  • Proven business strategies on how to make a 6 figure income following the business model without owning a real estate property (applicable for new and experienced investors)
  • Teaches step-by-step process on: 
    • How to get started with Airbnb Arbitrage and acquire your first unit with just $10,000 (you can also read about how to get started with just $5K)
    • How to find winning properties in strategic and profitable Airbnb locations
    • How to scale your Airbnb portfolio and how to find and buy your first Airbnb property
    • How to get financing from community banks and private lendings
    • How to set up the property and automate the Airbnb business
  • Strategies on how to do proper research to find your first “gold mine” 
  • Strategies for exponentially growing your listing to $84,000 monthly

BNB Profits Course Solution 

The long-term goal is to purchase real estate, own it for a long time, and build generational wealth

What's Included?

What’s included with your course purchase? 

  • Lifetime access to a 7-part video course (step-by-step learning module)

  • Access to an exclusive BNB Profits mastermind group 

  • Monthly group coaching calls via Zoom 

  • Access to lenders 

Who Is the Creator of the BNB Profits Program?

Blake Rocha (MrFourToEight) is the creator of the BNB Profits program. He is a California-based internet entrepreneur, real estate investor, and social media influencer with over 1.5M followers (collectively) on TikTok and Instagram. Born on March 29, 1997, this 26-year-old online celebrity acquired a $3.1M Airbnb property at 24 years old. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from California Lutheran University in 2019. The following year, he received his Master's in Business Administration- Enterprise Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the same university. 

Blake tells the usual rags-to-riches story of how Airbnb arbitrage helped him achieve financial freedom through passive online income. In a LinkedIn post, he mentioned that he was laid off from his service job at the Wood Ranch BBQ and Grill. After that, he worked a 9-to-5 job as a realtor at Keller Williams Realty Inc where he worked with luxury real-estate agent Cade Silva. This job inspired him to pursue a career in real estate and the rest was history.

Blake Rocha's Social Media Stats: 

Social Media Handle: @MrFourToEight




2.68K Subscribers

How Did Blake Rocha Make His Money?

Blake Rocha makes money through Airbnb arbitrage. He developed a system of automating his short-term rental businesses by training dozens of cleaners and virtual assistants. Blake also made good relationships with lenders, which allowed him to acquire more properties to turn to Airbnb. 

He currently manages 12 units in different categories: arbitrage, micro-Airbnb, and luxury Airbnb, which generates over $80,000 monthly. Blake also claims that his net worth is now $17M because of his real estate investments. He successfully launched two multimillion-dollar businesses, managed a team of over 30 staff, and launched BNB Profits to teach aspiring Airbnb realtors who want to earn like him. On top of his real estate earnings, he also makes a hefty income from being a social media celebrity.

Does Blake Rocha Give a Free Webinar? 

Yes, Blake Rocha gives a free live webinar, the 5 Steps To Get Your First Airbnb Arbitrage. Webinars are hosted on fixed schedules at least once monthly. The actual time and date of the webinars are posted on the BNB Profits website. Pre-registration is required. You will receive a link to the webinar and the schedule you reserved after you sign up with your email.

Free Webinar Course Outline

  • HOW TO SET UP YOUR LLC IN 3 SIMPLE STEPS | Teaches the basics of starting an LLC in 3 beginner-friendly steps. Get started in just 7 days! Discusses the basics of starting an LLC in 3 beginner-friendly steps. Get started in just 7 days!
  • THE "HOW TO USE OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY" STRATEGY | Teaches how to start Airbnb Arbitrage on little capital. 
  • THE PROVEN LANDLORD SCRIPT| Proven negotiation method (and script) to close 5-figure deals 
    Negotiation methods and techniques so landlords agree on Airbnb subletting with you. 
  • THE "GOLDEN LOCATION SPOTTER" METHOD | Profitable Airbnb businesses are those that are in strategic locations. Blake will teach you how to spot the golden location for your Airbnb business. 

What is Wiseguy Investing by Blake Rocha? 

Wiseguy Investing is an online stock trading discourse community. Signing up for a plan gives you access to 20 hours of pre-recorded learning material for studying stocks and cryptocurrency trading. Wiseguy Investing is not a trading community nor a copy trading service. It’s merely a platform where members freely discuss trade ideas in exclusive chatrooms to mutually benefit from healthy discussions. Wiseguy Investing does not give trading advice to its members. None of the staff are licensed financial advisors, so members trade at their own risk. 

Weekly Plans start at $25 and Yearly Plans at $800. Monthly and quarterly plans are also available. Purchased plans cannot be refunded and automatically renew after your subscription expires. 

How to Pitch Airbnb to Landlords?

Pitch an Airbnb business to the property owner by highlighting the benefits if they agree to sublet. As a newbie in Airbnb arbitrage, focus on single-family properties because multi-families require an advanced understanding of the business model. First, emphasize to your landlord that (compared to a regular tenant) you're staying long-term because you are a business. Property owners lose money on an empty rental property, so a long-term lease is beneficial for them because it eliminates the cost of tenant turnover. Since you are a business, you're a stable and consistent income source. Make them feel confident by signing a two or three-year lease agreement. 

Unscheduled repairs and maintenance are major problems for the property owner. When pitching the Airbnb business, assure them you will regularly maintain the property because you want to give your guests a quality place to stay. A deal like this benefits the landlord because it takes the obligation to maintain the property off their hands. 

Payment default is another problem landlords can avoid by agreeing on subletting their property. As a profitable business, you have more capacity to pay the rent (vs a tenant who may lose a job or become incapable because of personal reasons). And, in case you default on payment, you are easier to evict because you are not living on the property. 

What Are the Operating Expenses in an Airbnb Business?


Rates vary depending on the size of the property and location 

Airbnb Fees

Airbnb charges the property host a 3% flat rate on the booking subtotal 

Short-Term Rental Insurance 

$1,000 to $3,000 annually (approx $84 to $250 monthly) depending on the property value

Complimentary Supplies

Consumables like toiletries, condiments, and cleaning products-$50 to $100 | Towels and Linens (replaced every 6 to 12 months)- $30 to $40 per set 

Cleaner Fees

$30 to $250- small to medium-sized properties | $500 for large properties with over 5 bedrooms 

Short-Term Rental Property Management

Rates start at 15% of the property host’s revenue 

Licensing and Permits

$20 to $500 depending on state regulations in your property’s location


Airbnb hosts pay regular income tax and self-employment tax.

How Do I Make Passive Income on Airbnb?

Making passive income on Airbnb can be achieved through an automated system, role delegation, outsourcing services, online payments, and self-check-ins. Train staff and virtual assistants in key roles so they can work with minimal supervision. Set up an automated system for managing guest bookings, logistics, marketing, and accounting. 

Outsource the cleaning services to a reliable cleaning company and agree on the rate. Allow guests to self-check in by installing smart door locks that can be controlled and accessed remotely. All payments should also be made online.

How Can You Make Your Airbnb Rental Arbitrage Business Successful? 

Finding the right property, controlling operating expenses, and building a good relationship with your landlord are the keys to succeeding in Airbnb rental arbitrage. Find a profitable property by considering traffic, proximity to tourist spots, and accessibility to public transportation. Keep operating expenses under control to maximize profitability. Maintain a good relationship with the property owner by making the terms clear in the lease agreement. Ensure the contract includes the approval of the landlord to conduct business activities on the property. 

Airbnb units that yield the highest revenue are the ones that give the best experience to their guests. Whether you’re managing the business yourself or hiring a virtual assistant, make sure you have a reliable system in place for booking, payment, cleaning, and property maintenance. As an Airbnb host, aim for a 5-star rate with every booking. This will increase your profits and will help you rank as an Airbnb Super Host. 

How Can You Make Money From Airbnb Without Owning Any Property?

Make money from Airbnb without owning any property through the rental arbitrage business model. In rental arbitrage, you rent a property and sublease it as an Airbnb unit with the approval of the property owner. This business model requires less capital compared to traditional Airbnb hosting. You can start Airbnb with just $5K. Since you do not own the property, you are not tied to long-term commitments such as real estate taxes, maintenance, and safety compliance.

Alternative Airbnb Arbitrage Courses

Million Dollar Renter by Sean Rakidzich 

Sean Rakidzich offers a similar course on rental arbitrage through automation. Sean is a trusted name in the industry and there are many positive reviews on his courses to back him. A refund option is also available, which can be claimed via email within 14 days. 

Price: The paid course costs $5,000 ($1K cheaper than BNB Profits). 

More Info: Million Dollar Renter 

Passive Airbnb by Sam Zuo 

Teaches how to earn passive income online through the Airbnb arbitrage business model. The course also offers pre-made templates for landlord pitching, house rules, and subletting contract. 

Price: The passive Airbnb course costs $2497 with a 45-day money-back guarantee. 

More Info: Passive Airbnb 

Humza Zafar’s Airbnb Accelerator 

Airbnb Accelerator is a course that teaches the step-by-step process of starting, scaling, and automating a rental arbitrage business model. It promises a lucrative 7-figure passive income without owning a property. You’ll also get access to a private community and hands-on guidance from Humza to gauge your progress. 

Price: Airbnb Accelerator course ranges from $4K to $22,499

More Info: Airbnb Accelerator 

Final Thoughts: Is Airbnb Arbitrage a Good Business in 2024 and Beyond? 

Airbnb arbitrage might still be a good business in 2024 and beyond. Blake Rocha is an accomplished entrepreneur, and he knows how to make money online. However, his course may not be worth paying $6K for because there are many free content online from better Airbnb entrepreneurs that offer more valuable insights into the business model. Many say his concepts and strategies can be learned for free on YouTube. 

Success with Airbnb arbitrage heavily depends on external factors. First, you need to find landlords that will sublet with you. Finding lenders is also a serious challenge in rental arbitrage. There's no guarantee you'll be granted credit by lenders. And if you can't get lenders to pay for your ventures, you can't scale the business. While it's true that you can generate $80K from Airbnb, you'll only be left with a fraction after deducting operating expenses. 

If you're looking for a sure and stable method for making money online, go for local lead generation. Unlike rental arbitrage, you don't need the approval of a property owner because you are the digital landlord. You'll earn passive income from renting out digital assets to small businesses. No need to find a lender to finance an acquisition. You can start this business with just $500. Airbnb is a seasonal business, but small businesses need leads all days of the year. Digital assets earn passive income once they're ranked and rented. Operating costs for this business are low and margins go as high as 90%. 

The key to success in lead gen is understanding the basics right. Over 7,000 have explored income opportunities through local lead generation training

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