Cole Gordon’s Review (What Actual Students Have To Say About The Program)

March 15, 2024 is a company run by CEO and founder Cole Gordon. The online consulting business aims to help their clients learn, understand, and become experts in “leadership-driven sales.” In their LinkedIn profile, describes itself as “the industry leading sales training and recruitment company for coaches, consultants, course creators, marketing agencies, and other online service-based businesses.”

So is worth checking out? Reviews from past students show us positive and negative aspects of the program. These insights can help you decide whether this course is right for you and your business.

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What does do? helps companies and entrepreneurs scale their business through its Remote Closing Academy sales training and recruiting service. Specifically, the high ticket program targets agencies, coaches, and consultants. The company provides leadership-driven sales training. They also teach service-based businesses about how to build their own elite sales teams.

In addition, aims to help existing but underperforming sales teams “perform at a higher level” and “eliminate ruts and inconsistency.” Their website’s FAQ section likewise promises that they’ll help team members “stop missing deals they should close… and you’ll end the year with a couple hundred thousand more in your pocket.”

Sales Team Accelerator

According to, their expertise “lies in creating ethical selling frameworks that eliminate awkwardness and sales pressure.” Their Sales Team Accelerator program helps businesses and their teams achieve their best potential in terms of closing deals. This is divided into four parts namely:

Is legit? is a legit company founded by a respected sales expert with a solid background in remote closing. It is designed for business owners aiming to scale their brand by hiring closers - top team members who are skilled at improving their sale process.

In an interview with the International Business Times, Cole pointed out that doesn’t believe in outsourcing talent but rather “help companies build internal sales teams that essentially run themselves.”

“Let's face it, the last thing any entrepreneur wants is for an outsourced sales team to leave the company,” he also added. “That's why we recruit, hire, and train the top one percent of sales reps instead.”


While the price is not indicated on the website, WealthByDefault claims the current cost is $8,400.

Refund policy

According to’s terms of service, they implement a no refund or exchange policy. We read, “As our service are digital products, it is deemed “used” after being emailed, downloaded and/or opened. If you are not happy with our services, your only recourse is to unsubscribe from using the services.” Review

Majority of online reviews are noticeably positive. Some of the most prominent we've seen are student testimonials, TrustPilot reviews, and a Men's Journal feature.

Student testimonials

On their official website, several students have shared their testimonials. AdOutreach Founder and CEO Aleric Heck said his company finally achieved their first million, thanks to Cole’s program.

“Since working with Cole, (we earned) from around $200,000 to $250,000 a month to over a million dollars. We did $1.085 million last month. This month, we're on track to do $1.1 to $1.2 million and we're just gonna keep scaling from there. And the way that we've been able to support that sales team is by having training with Cole and his team.”

Soraya Russell, CEO of Project S Lifestyle Coaching, said Cole and his team helped her find the right closer and grow her business.

“Before the program, I was doing most of my own sales,” she confessed. “Within 2 to 3 weeks, I built my entire sales training from zero to really foolproof. They helped me bring my first closer. She's been amazing! She's been closing more (high ticket sales) than I ever had… They've also given me the tools I needed to create the leadership and the culture around that team.”

TrustPilot reviews

On TrustPilot, Cole Gordon Remote Closing Academy has a 4.8 star-rating out of 833 reviews as of this writing. Here are some of the reviews we’ve spotted on the said website:

Results in less than 3 months

“What a pleasure it's been working my way through the RCA program and becoming a part of I'm absolutely thrilled with the quick success in the program, and landing a solid offer less than three months in. This is owed to the efficiency of the program, the quality of the education, and the one on one coaching.”

A wise investment

“The program gives you access to all the coaches and their feedback. Coach Sam and Coach Reagen just hosted a self sourcing class which focused on how to engage possible employers. They give live suggestions about remote closing that the students can modify and implement to stand out from the crowd. RCA is the best investment in my life.”

Supportive community

“The energy and support in the community is amazing! Everyone here genuinely wants you to win. In my experience, I was initially overwhelmed with the information in the training but the weekly Zoom calls from my coach… was key for my understanding. The fact that I have no sales experience and an introvert, I've been able to gain a high sense of confidence and optimism in my future as a remote setter and closer.”

On the other hand, some students have also shared their negative feedback about and RCA, leaving 1-star reviews on the platform.

A costly course

“The course (theory) itself is not bad actually but such a high price could only be justified if they would actually deliver on 1-o-1 coaching and provided you with opportunities. Instead, you are pushed to big group coaching calls and you maybe get one overcrowded job interview per one or two months.”

Flat out invasive

“This company absolutely REEKS of desperation. They bombard you with texts and phone calls instantly and relentlessly, from 3 different numbers so far, even AFTER opting out of texts. Red flag city, avoid like the plague. They're so persistent they're just flat out invasive.”

The company tends to overpromise and underdeliver

“I think this works for SOME people however this is just my experience… They fall into a false-positivity where only positivity is allowed so people who are struggling or are getting ignored by their coaches/the pipeline have their voices silenced by the company… There are better remote closing programs out there and long story short - the closers promise a lot and then the company underdelivers.”

Men's Journal feature

As mentioned, has also been featured by Men’s Journal in an article entitled “How Cole Gordon and are Changing the Industry by Building Sales Teams that Run Themselves.”

The article reads, “ has a proven track record of placing top performing sales reps who hit (key performance indicators) within their first few weeks and ultimately get hired full-time. Gordon is well-known in the coaching and consulting industry for placing sales reps into many of the top names in the space (including Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, and Dean Graziosi).”

Who is the owner of Closers io?

Cole Thomas Gordon is the owner, founder, and CEO of He also founded and created 7-Figure Selling Academy and Remote Closing Academy. Through the years, Cole has established a reputation as an industry expert in coaching, consulting, and sales.

Back in the days, Cole used to earn $18,000 per year as a bartender. Eventually, he found work doing phone sales where he managed to make over $10,000 per month. After discovering and mastering remote closing, he now teaches businesses the required skills to take their brands to the next level. With, he now earns up to $30 million a year.

Cole Gordon’s social media presence

Currently, Cole Gordon runs an active YouTube channel. He usually posts videos about helping entrepreneurs and sales representatives “increase their closing ratio, systematize their pipeline & follow up, eliminate sales ruts (for good), and build and scale their sales team!”

Since joining YouTube in March 2021, his Cole Gordon channel now has 18.8k subscribers, 398 videos, and over 515,000 views.  

In addition, Cole Gordon is also on Instagram where he has over 596,000 followers. Meanwhile, he has over 4,700 followers on Facebook and over 2,000 followers on Twitter.

Who is Aaron Martinez?

Aaron Martinez is Cole Gordon's partner in the Remote Closing Academy program. He is the one who is currently at the forefront at promoting this course. You learn all of Cole's steps to becoming a high ticket closer. Aaron makes over $30K per month as a remote closer. To learn more about Aaron, check out my Aaron Martinez Review.

What are other high ticket closer courses?

There are many other high ticket closer courses out there. In fact, we've also reviewed some of them here on our blog, such as:

  • Closer Cartel 3.0
  • Elite Closers
  • Inside Closer

Just be aware of the red flags gurus don't want you to know in remote appointment setting, high ticket closing, and similar courses.

Closer Cartel 3.0 

On their website, Closer Cartel is described as “so much more than just a course, it's an entire ecosystem and community built to provide the best education, cultivation, and opportunities for salespeople anywhere in the world.”

According to course creator Luke Alexander, students can learn how to make an income of $10,000 to $30,000 per month through closing high ticket deals.

Elite Closers

Elite Closers is a high ticket sale mentorship program by founder and CEO Gentry Chidester. In the course, he shares how he went from earning a monthly salary of $3,000 in his day job to as much as $40,000 per month as a remote closer.

Inside Closer

Another high ticket sales course, Inside Closer is created by Mike Barron. In the program, Mike teaches the secrets of becoming a successful closer. With his help, learners can potentially make $1,000 to $2,000 daily.

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