Shannon Livingston’s Content Creator Lab Review — 3 Secrets To Succeed In Content Creation

June 3, 2024

The Content Creator Lab is a 6-week step-by-step program by Shannon Livingston that will teach you everything you need to know to get started in a highly in-demand and lucrative niche, working as a freelance content creator for bloggers. This course takes you through a three-phase process: foundation, implementation, and sell/scale. 

Content creation can be a good business, as 51% of full-time content creators generate enough income to live. Additionally, using visuals in marketing is a popular strategy, with 71% of bloggers reporting that they incorporate them. In fact, using real people's photos instead of stock photos can cause a 35% increase in conversions. However, there are also downsides to the industry. More than a third of full-time freelancer content creators don't earn enough to cover their expenses, and 11% don't earn any money at all. These statistics highlight the potential for both success and struggle in content creation.

Local lead generation is a way to make money by creating websites for local businesses and helping them get leads through search engines. It's easier than creating content because once you rank the website, you don't need to keep finding clients or promoting your brand. Unlike content creation, the competition in local lead generation is not as tight, so it can be a good option for people who want to generate passive income.

Content Creator Lab Pros And Cons


Shannon Livingston is an experienced and successful freelancer with 9 years of experience. 

CCL already produces successful students. 

You have the option to pay 6 times. 

Shannon will help you get a client after you finish the course.


The price is $1,497, which is a big start-up cost compared to other courses. 

You need 6 weeks or more to finish the modules.
You may not finish it earlier than 6 weeks.


Content Creator Lab costs $1,997, but you have to choice of $437 with 5 payments. 

Refund Policy

Shannon Livingston offers a 14-day money-back guarantee


The Content Creator Lab starts in 2022. 


Shannon Livingston is a 6-figure freelancing content creator. Also, Content Creator Lab already helps acclaimed 200 students to succeed in this niche. 

Shannon Livingston’s 3 Secrets To Succeed In Content Creation

1. Niched Down

Specialize in a particular area to establish yourself as an expert. By doing so, you can create content that is highly relevant and valuable to your target audience. This makes it easier to attract and keep high-paying clients. For example, Shannon niched down to specialize in creating content for bloggers from generalist virtual assistant. The move allowed her to charge higher rates and establish herself as a go-to person for this niche.

2. Willingness To Learn

Content creation is constantly evolving, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques is essential to stay competitive. Shannon emphasizes the importance of having the willingness to learn and continuously improve your skills. This can include taking courses, attending conferences, reading industry blogs, and experimenting with new content formats and styles. By staying current and offering the latest and most effective strategies to her clients, you will become a valuable asset and be able to command higher rates.

3. Raise Your Value

As you gain experience and establish yourself as an expert, it's important to increase your rates accordingly. By niching down and continuously improving your skills, you become a valuable asset to your clients. Increasing your rates as you become more experienced and skilled is a natural progression and ensures that you are fairly compensated for your time and expertise. Shannon gradually raised her rates from $14 per hour to $100 per hour as she gained more experience in her field. By charging rates that reflected her value, she attracts higher-paying clients and earns more for her time and expertise.

What Do I Get From Content Creator Lab? 

You will get lifetime access to comprehensive step-by-step modules of The Content Creator Lab which contains 6 modules, and three bonuses that you will use in content creation.

Module 1: Build the foundation

It teaches how to understand blogging as a business, make it legal, and create and sell key types of content multiple times.

  • Introduction to content creation 
  • Understanding the blogging business 
  • 3  Key categories for content creation 
  • Your content selling options 
  • Camera and lens recommendations 
  • Naming your business 
  • Structuring your business

Module 2: Plan your content

It provides students with access to Shannon's personal content calendar template, three tools for finding high-ranking content, and a printables resource guide with tips and tools for creating printables. This module equips students with essential resources and knowledge to create high-quality, in-demand content and succeed as content creator.

  • Advanced content planning 
  • Creating content that ranks 
  • Generating content ideas 
  • Content copyright laws 
  • Making content unique
  • Creating perfect printables

Module 3: Crate and shoot your content

It teaches students how to set up a home studio for taking content photos, provides a sneak peek into successful content packages, and offers a chance to go through their first content photoshoot. It's an essential resource for any aspiring content creator looking to improve their craft and produce high-quality, marketable content.

  • Setting up your content photography space 
  • Elements for a successful shoot
  • Shooting content photos for sloggers 
  • Photographing ingredients and materials
  • Taking in-process photos
  • Taking styled hero shots 
  • Offering recipe reshoot

Module 4: Create your content package

In Module 4, students will learn to select the best photos, write recipes and instructions, and complete their content packages. These skills will help students produce polished, professional content that stands out in a crowded market.

  • The photo culling process 
  • Editing your content photos
  • Adding watermarks to sample photos 
  • Writing recipes and instructions
  • Content package reviews

Module 5: Prepare to sell

This module teaches students how to price their work, manage business finances, prepare for taxes, and automate the sales process. It equips students with the skills to run a profitable freelancing business.

  • Understanding taxes and deductions 
  • Managing your business finances 
  • Pricing your work
  • Understanding the sales process 
  • Automating the sales process 
  • Mailchimp email marketing tutorial 
  • Content package delivery setup (if the sales process is not yet automated)
  • Start accepting payments from clients (if the sales process is not yet automated)

Module 6: Start making money

It helps students monetize their content creation skills by connecting with bloggers, listing their first content package for sale, creating a photography portfolio, and understanding the importance of contracts.

  • Connecting with clients
  • How to sell your content to bloggers
  • After the sale: purchase and delivery process
  • Creating a photography portfolio
  • Using a photography contract

Bonus 1: Photography learning library

Bonus 1 offers on-demand lessons that teach students how to create beautifully styled images that can be sold for cash. The lessons are continuously updated with new content.

  • Let's talk about lighting 
  • Building up layers 
  • Photography composition rules 
  • Best angles for content photography
  • 10 Tips to uplevel your photography
  • Common photography mistakes to avoid

Bonus 2: Beginner's guide (Content to start with & what to avoid)

It provides a 40-minute video that takes students through the process of shooting an actual content package from start to finish. This hands-on demonstration is valuable for students looking to improve their content creation skills. Additionally, students will see the resulting photos, giving them a clear understanding of the completed package.

Bonus 3: Over-the-shoulder video of a content photoshoot

Bonus 3 is a guide that will come in handy for students who are new to photography and may find some content more difficult to shoot than others. It will provide helpful tips and insights when choosing the content to create.

3 Phases Of Content Creator Lab 

Phase One: Foundation

  • Learn about different content and ways to sell them
  • Create content that can be sold repeatedly
  • Use tools to find and create content that ranks well for bloggers
  • Access a personal content calendar template to ensure the in-demand content creation
  • Phase Two: Implementation

  • Learn to set up a simple and affordable home studio
  • Take beautiful content photos, even for beginners
  • Finish photos and package them for selling to bloggers
  • Phase Three: Sell and Scale

  • Get connected with thousands of bloggers who are ready to buy content
  • Start making money by selling the first content package
  • Who Is Content Creator Lab For? 

    Content Creator Lab is for individuals who are freelancing but not meeting their income goals, as well as moms who want a flexible and profitable work-from-home job while taking care of their children. It is also suitable for those who want to leave their current 9-to-5 job and start living life on their own terms, as well as for individuals who want a fun and creative way to earn an income from home.

    Who Is The Owner OF Content Creator Lab?

    Shannon has over 10 years of experience in marketing and worked in corporate jobs before transitioning to freelancing. She tried various business ideas before discovering freelancing, which was the perfect fit for her. Shannon started as a general virtual assistant, providing services such as social media management, marketing support, email management, and general admin work. She learned from her mistakes, including charging too little for her services initially, and continually improved her craft, which led to her earning up to $100 an hour.

    Is Content Creator Lab Worth It?

    The Content Creator Lab can be worth it for those interested in freelancing as content creators. The course has received acclaim for being straightforward and easy to understand, allowing students to learn at their own pace and avoid feeling overwhelmed. Additionally, upon completion of the course, Shannon offers help in finding clients to sell your recipes or food photos to. However, it's important to note that the course comes with a price, and creating high-quality photos or images may require investing in high-spec tools that can be expensive.

    While local lead generation requires a lower start-up cost of only $500 and can generate a monthly income of $500-$2,000 after you rank your site in SERPs and rent it out to local businesses.

    Why Local Lead Generation Is The Best Business Model?


    Local lead generation is the best business model because it involves building and ranking own websites at the top of Google to generate leads for small businesses. These businesses pay monthly rent for the leads they receive, creating a stable source of passive income. You can scale this model by building and ranking more sites, each generating $500 to $2,000 per month. These sites become like digital real estate, with small businesses paying monthly rent for the leads they receive. As landlords, you have full control over who we work with and can choose to work. With over 50 niches and thousands of cities to target, the opportunities for growth are endless. So if you're new, I recommend starting with local lead generation. 

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    1. Shannon Livingston's Content Creator course is $1,997. That is a LOT of money for most people. If she would price it at a MAXIMUM of $1,000, then I would consider trying it. But she is selling it a double that price and it is out of reach for most people. I know she has a 2 week trial guarantee, but it takes 6 weeks to complete the course and not 2 weeks. And then it takes a bit of time to see if it will make any money for you. Whatever the case, she would get more people buying the course if she would make it easier for people to buy and avoid greediness. I seen her try to compare what she charges to the price of paying for college and saying it is cheaper than going to college. Technically, that is true, but, still, $2000 is STILL a lot of money. And, Ippei, as you said, there is competition out there to deal with. Anyways, that's my 2 cents (and "2 cents" is all I would have left if I spent $2K for this course).

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