Will Perry’s Creative Testing Mastery Review: Can This SOP Boost Your Paid Social Ads Revenue?

October 13, 2023

Creative Testing Mastery by Will Perry is a 30-day online course that teaches media buyers to generate sales using Will's strategy of winning ad testings by controlling the algorithm. The course is also called Creative Testing Masterclass. Will believes the course and says this is not only an ad course but an “elite-level training” course of testing ads through Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn. 

Social media ads are annoying for regular consumers but effective. Sprout Social data says that an average person spends 151 minutes daily on social media with an estimate of 4.89 billion users. A good indicator that paid social ads are reaching several consumers daily. Creative testing is profitable in validating variables and elements that make an ad work. But it is also a challenging way to make money. You don’t just need money to post an ad. You also need the resources and time for research to create a winning ad. The time needed to invest in learning foundational skills, market research and tactical skills to make your income higher. 

In this Creative Testing Mastery review, I discuss the course content, pros and cons, who the course is for, and if the students are getting results. I go through the definition, benefits, and the methods of creative testing and how it can help you earn a higher ROI. I tackle the course creator and his claims about the course and some course alternatives. Last, I discuss the creative testing business model and suggest a more profitable business model.

Creative Testing Mastery Review: Pros and Cons


Creative Testing Mastery has a lot of successful student reviews.

Will Perry has 15+ digital marketing experience.

Creative Testing Mastery shows examples of successful ads as examples.


Creative Testing Mastery enrollment does not give direct access to Will Perry.

The course is expensive.

You can’t see other students' reviews aside from Will Perry’s YouTube and website.


The price of Creative Testing Mastery is $1,997. The course has discounts offered on the website.


The training of Creative Testing Mastery is 30 day self-paced modules.


The group of Creative Testing Mastery is through Slack.

Refund Policy

The refund policy of Creative Testing Mastery is a 30 Day No-Matter-What Guarantee.




Will Perry's reputation is overall positive, with no negative reviews online.

How Can Creative Testing Mastery's SOP Boost Paid Social Ads Revenue?

Creative Testing Mastery, also known as Creative Testing Masterclass, teaches actionable strategies to apply on ad testing based on Will’s experience as a digital marketer. Will calls it the creative testing SOP that “guarantees” ad ROI improvement in 30 days. He believes the course is what media buyers need to stop guessing and wasting time. The course tackles topics on winning tests using the post iOS edition. 

The landing page shows Will’s 1 hour video showing a brief introduction to what you’ll getting if you enroll. The video includes examples of past successful ad campaigns Will created using the same SOP. It also includes some Q&A with his students. Will Perry discusses how to control the algorithm and the 8 keys on winning creative testing. 

1. Ad Variable Isolation

Will talks about how important it is to test 1 variable at a time (image, video, headline) and create up to 3 variations of the same creative. He mentions that the testing loses its clarity if you test many variables at once.

2. Repeatable Testing System - Scaling System and SVST Testing

This will give you an understanding of how to create a standard in launching, testing and scaling your ad testing. Includes troubleshooting problems that allow media buyers to make informed decisions in scaling ads.

3. Message-Driven Targeting

This is Will’s technique of “calling out” your prospect consumers. This technique allows you to understand your target avatar, the needs, and the challenges.

4. Winning Ad Formula - 80/20 Principle

You will learn Will’s 80/20 principle in protecting 80% of your content that makes your ad campaign or ad creatives successful. 

5. Message Testing Volume

Will suggests the use of more headlines and hooks in creatives and the ad setup. He also mentions using the winning creative ad and creating more variations of the same kind.

6. Hook Prioritization

This is the result-driven kind of messaging. It includes the product results that will benefit the customer.

7. Best Audience Only

Based on the creative, only target your best audience.

8. Stop Ad Sets Fast

Will’s suggested rule that if the ad spent is twice the CPA and is not generating purchases, stop the creative and move on.

What Do You Get With Creative Testing Mastery?

Creative Testing Mastery’s Testing Framework

  • 4 Phases Campaign Structure

  • How to Optimize Scroll-Frame

  • 5 Creative Testing (Scaling Mastery Upgrade)

  • 5 Structures for Scaling

  • Isolation of Variable Ads

5 Creative Testing

You’ll learn Will’s technique of ad testing before deciding on increasing your ad budget. This technique focuses on teaching AB testing to increase winning ad tests and increase Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Creative Testing Mastery’s SVST System of Testing

This will teach you Will’s repeatable ad testing system in knowing how to optimize and adjust your ads. You learn what to look for in your creative testing to know when to stop an ad.

How to Optimize Scroll-Frame

You will learn how to win ads for longer periods.

Isolation of Ad Variable

You learn how to win ad sets. Will teaches his method of competing with your competitors with that is 3x faster and will give clarity.

10+ Hours' worth of Testing SOP videos (TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn).

  • CTM 101: Develop Your Message- You’ll learn what copies to use for “Google Level Targeting”.

  • CTM 101: Core Sales Message Framework- Includes Creative Testing Mastery’s 8 steps workbook that teaches you to better understand and address your consumer’s problems.

  • CTM 201: Offer Validation- It focuses on what headlines, texts, headers to use in your ads using isolation of ad variables. It also teaches you to confirm offers using Power Images. 

  • CTM 301: Creative Strategy- In this section, you’ll learn Creative Testing Mastery’s 5 High-Intent Types for creative in testing. It also teaches what videos or images to use to attract consumers into buying. 

  • CTM 401: Single Variable Split Testing- Learn Will’s 4 Phases Method of Testing that will help creatives make content faster.

Creative Testing Mastery Bonus Access:

  • Avatar Research Workbook
  • Elite Media Buyers Slack Channel
  • Templates for Hooks and Headlines
  • SOP Booklet with over 200+ pages
  • Elite Media Buyer Academy Trainings

Who Is Creative Testing Mastery For?

Creative Testing Mastery is for founders, chief executive officers, product owners, and media buyers who are spending $200 to $30,000 a day on ads and running their own ads. It is for people who have the extra money to spend on creative ad testing. The course are not for beginners who are just starting on their online business but for established entrepreneurs who are already making a profit. 

The course is for people who want to gain an “elite-level” understanding on creative ad testing. It teaches digital marketers profitable ad creation without spending too much money. Creative Testing Mastery is also for those who are seeking growth and knowledge under Will Perry.

Is Creative Testing Mastery Worth It?

Yes, Creative Testing Mastery is worth it if you own a profitable digital product that would justify the money you will spend on ads. It is worth it if you have an extra budget to test different ad testing variations. You need to take those extra precautions since paid ads are expensive. The course cost $1,997 but Will offers discounts on the website from $47 to $97. Will Perry appears to be genuine and honest in this course. He is also active on YouTube, where you can interact with. 

Creative Testing is costly if done wrong. Data from Winterberry Group says that in 2021, the total digital advertising spent on digital marketing was over $436 billion. That shows how important knowledge, tools and skills are important when deciding how you’ll spend money on AB testing and paid ads.

Are Creative Testing Mastery Students Getting Results?

Yes, Creative Testing Mastery Students are getting results. There are 21 student testimonials found on the website. 11 are YouTube videos that you can find on Will Perry’s channel and 10 are screenshots from students. Aside from the 2 platforms mentioned, you can’t find other reviews or testimonials.

Blake Wyatt is a performance marketer and a student of Creative Training Mastery. He shared that with the training he received from the course; he generated his highest sale of 80 in 1 day. Another student is Shane Kofoed, an agency owner. He shared in the private slack channel that Creative Testing Mastery’s framework helped him achieve 12.10x ROI with over $7.73 conversion rate.

Alfie West, a social media‌ buyer (TikTok and Facebook) shares his experience of having a new working ad system thanks to this online course. He says that the only missing piece he needed was the information Will Perry gave him. Now, Alfie has the confidence to create “Winning Ads” with higher success.

Can Creative Testing Mastery Boost Your Paid Social Ads Revenue?

Yes, Creative Testing Mastery can boost your paid social ads revenue by teaching you Will Perry’s proven strategy, SOPs, and processes about any ad campaign. Instead of wasting your time testing wrong variables, the course focuses on giving a direct path to testing. Will teaches you his “winning ad” technique in mastering AB testing and split-testing paid social ads. Once you know the formula for your ads, you’ll know the right optimization and improvements that will give you the Return on Ads Spending (ROAS) and Average Cost Per Action (CPA) you want.

Who Is Will Perry?

Will Perry is an online educator with over 15+ of experience in digital marketing and ad testing. He graduated from the University of Central Florida, majoring in journalism. Will is currently living in Orlando, Florida, United States.

Before starting his own online business, Will was a web and communications intern at American Junior Golf Association and Golfweek from 2009 to 2010. He then worked for Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy for 5 years being the director of sales and marketing. Will worked with Unicorn Traffic as the chief operating officer and the chief executive officer in 2015. In 2021, Will founded Elite Media Buyers Academy, teaching media buyers his ad systems, processes, SOPs, and framework. One year later, Will continued working with Unicorn Traffic as the chief executive officer side-by-side with his online business.

At the moment, Will Perry has worked with brands that generate over 9 digits. He also owns 3 companies such as REASON, Elite Media Buyers Academy and Future Kontent.

What Is Elite Media Buyers Academy?

Elite Media Buyers Academy is a company founded by Will Perry in 2021 that teaches processes about ad testing, SOPs, systems, and frameworks for creative testing success. You’ll also learn how to reduce your account’s CPA. The academy claims that you will earn $5,000 to $10,000 a day with TikTok and Facebook ads.

Will Perry’s Claims

Will Perry claims that you will unlock 50+ sales a day using the creative testing strategy. He also claims the Creative Testing Mastery will guarantee you testing clarity, efficiency, output and performance for 10 times over. He claims that the course will help you improve your ad account with little to no effort. Aside from generating 50 sales, Will also claims that the course will help you and your team to be an “elite media buyer” with or without you.

Will Perry’s Claims DEBUNKED

Will’s Creative Testing Mastery is an aid of knowing a working technique, strategy, and SOPs that are working. But remember that this is based on Will’s experience. Your results will vary depending on your perseverance and patience in learning from this in-depth course. Even if you follow everything you see on the course, it will still guarantee the same results as Will’s or his students. 

The results you get on paid ads vary depending on the product or service you offer or promote. Most consumers purchase a product or service from someone they know. If you promote information products should have a face to increase trust and likeability. The same person should also appear on the paid ads to increase conversion rate. 

Creative Testing Mastery’s FAQ section of the website does not say how fast you’ll be able to see results. Will answered the question generically and said if you implement the teachings found on the course as soon as possible, you will see the results right away.

What Is Creative Testing?

Creative Testing is the test an agency or marketer conducts to know what captions, images, headers will be effective in an ad. The technique is data-based, that usually comes from testing different variables to know the most effective approach that would increase ROI.

Benefits Of Creative Testing

Gives a clear direction on how to run ads based on data.

The data accumulated will give you an idea of your consumer’s preference, impact, impression, purchase intent, and the weaknesses and strengths of the ad test that came from your potential consumers. This will give you a sense of direction, so you won’t be creating ad campaigns based on instincts or guesses.

Chance for improvement based on statistics.

Creative testing gives you a chance to know the creative elements and variables not working and can still improve your creative concept before posting the actual paid ad.

What Is The Purpose Of Creative Testing?

The main purpose of creative testing is to know what creatives (ideas, text and image) are working to best describe the brand’s marketing message. It is a way of gathering data to improve and enhance brand perception and creative performance using the analytics gathered.

What Are The Methods Of Creative Testing?

A/B testing, multivariate testing, and split-testing are the common methods of creative testing.

A/B Testing

This is the most used method in creative testing. This technique requires you to create 2 or more variations of an ad with a different variable. The variables can be the image, heading, CTA, video, or caption. A/B Testing gives you the information on what kind of variable combination engages your consumers more. Once gathered, you can now create more creatives since you know the combination consumers prefer.

Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing is an improved A/B testing in which you create all combinations of variables and ad elements to determine what performs well. This method is not used often since it requires more resources and time spent. Bigger ad campaigns from bigger brands go for this approach as it gathers more data. 


While A/B testing tests only one variable, split-testing differs by testing 2 or more variables. Like A/B testing, split-testing is also used in creative testing.

How Do You Test And Scale Creatives The Correct Way?

  • Goal Setting. Know what you want to achieve through creative testing. This will become the foundation of your ad campaign.
  • Create objectives. List down the tasks and objectives. Is it to promote awareness, sales, traffic, or engagement? 
  • Understand your competitors. It can also help you check your competitors and try to understand the past ad campaign that worked for them. Try to mimic or test the ads that are performing well and test. 
  • Decide what variables to test. Based on previous campaigns and competitors' analysis, create at least 2 or 3 creatives to test. You can combine different images, texts, captions, and CTAs. 
  • Test your variables. Decide on the duration of your creative testing. It can be for a few weeks or months. 
  • Note and apply results. Based on the results, note the best-performing variables and concepts and apply. It can help you and your ad creatives create a strong ad campaign based on facts and data from potential consumers.

Is Paid Social Ads Creative Testing Profitable?

Yes, paid social ads creative testing is profitable if done correctly. Since paid social ads are already expensive, if you do not have the right tools and skills, you can lose a lot of money. According to Zippia, the average yearly salary of US media buyers ranges between $56,000 to $98,000. Data says that focusing on one social media platform can be profitable. Zip Recruiter says a Facebook Media Buyer makes an average of $65,946 nationwide. The data shows how profitable learning AB testing and understanding what the consumers want can be profitable for you and the business. 

Even if paid social ads are profitable, remember that there are still challenges that come with being a media buyer and an advertiser. Paid ads sometimes not profitable. LinkedIn Marketing created a question that revolves around the most common challenges of media buying. Some answers mentioned are budget, targeting, quality, right mindset, innovation, and optimization.

According to WordStream, Facebook ads and Google ads are the most successful paid platforms for high ROI. The projected digital ad spend for 2023 is $486 billion which makes it harder for beginners to compete. Paid ads are saturated and will be difficult to stand out from other online businesses. Hootsuite's report from 2022 shows that 33% of ad spend comes from social media. 


Remember that creative testing requires a workforce who will do the creatives and that requires a budget. It is important to know how to divide on which platform or channel will offer the best ROI. Creative testing requires tools and resources to account for the CPA and CPL to measure results.


Another challenge paid social ads creative testing face is knowing what audience you want your ad campaign test to reach. You need to understand the consumer’s preference, needs, and behavior to reach the right audience for your tests. It also requires understanding the right social media platform you want to target.


A good quality ad attracts potential consumers. Data from Word Stream says that consumers search for the business displayed in the ad by 27%. Media buyers have to make sure that the quality of media sources is top quality to avoid low-quality traffic or even fraud.

Right Mindset

Paid ads and creative testing need a lot of time and effort to work and be successful. Ad campaigns and AB testings take months before you get the result. AB Tasty suggests the shortest recommended time for AB testing  is 2 weeks, but it may depend on your goal and target. And since this is a test, there is no guarantee you’ll get the result or goal you want, so prepare for potential failure and move forward. Take into consideration that if you use other methods, it will take a longer time.


You need to be updated on tools, trends, and platforms that may happen over the years. It will affect you and your business if you’re not able to adapt to the changes, especially in your executions. 


Creative testing gives you the information you need about what ads will turn your views into customers. Track the data you get from your testing and apply in your ads. Ensure that the data you get from your test has the right information since you don’t want to be wasting your time.

Related Courses On Making Money With Ads

  • 4080 Scaling Academy by Ethan Bence is a Facebook ad online course that teaches you in finding the right formula that makes Facebook ads profitable. If you’re focusing on Facebook ads and want an affordable online course which costs $49, this is the course you can try. 
  • 7 Figure Media Buyer Academy by Alex Fedetoff teaching the basics of becoming a successful Facebook media buyer. It also focuses on teaching you to train someone who can buy the ads for you.
  • Google Ads Masters by Oliver Pestalozzi focuses on Google Ad campaigns. He teaches how to build a keyword list, manage it, create Google ads, and choose the best bid. 

Why Local Lead Generation Outshines Ad And Creative Testing Businesses

The advantages of ad and creative testing are helpful in knowing what variables are working before creating paid social ads. It helps you avoid mistakes and have a better understanding of your audience. Create Testing Mastery is a course that focuses on teaching you the SOPs you need to do to increase the chance of succeeding. It also aids in how you can optimize your paid social ads that will make more revenue and will reduce ad spend. 

Ad and creative testing is profitable, especially when done right. But this business model also has challenges, such as the time it requires for the result to show and the audience preferences. Don’t forget that before you post your social paid ads, you still have to do creative testing. That takes money and time. Resources and time costs money. Now, audience preferences also vary. Even with creative testing, there is still no guarantee that people will purchase the product or service.

Local lead generation

If you’re looking for another business model, that is also data-driven but guarantees profitability. It is local lead generation. It is a business model that requires low upfront investment with high ROI. The biggest difference between social paid ads and local lead generation is you don't pay for engagement and traffic. Local lead generation works when you target a certain ranking keyword from a local business niche and you create a website based on that. You will optimize the created website to rank organically on search engines like Google. As long as you rank on Google, you generate free traffic. The leads you get from the website will be redirected to local business owners for a cost. Now, that is your income. This is a local tree website I created that cost me $500. Years passed and I am still making $2,000 every month. If you create 2 to 5 more websites like that, imagine how much you’ll make. Local lead generation is my tried and tested business model that is sure to help you earn passive income over the years.

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