Jeremy Ray Holst’s Creato Review — 4 Criteria Of Dropshipping Winning Products

March 15, 2024

Creato is a 100% free dropshipping class by Jeremy Ray Holst that teaches his exact strategies for building a 7-figure Shopify dropshipping business. Essentially, dropshipping is a method of selling products online where the seller doesn't keep the products in stock but purchases them from a third party and has them shipped directly to the buyers. 

The Creato class is free, but you must sign up at the Shopify link provided in the video and send a screenshot of the plan to their email as proof. Otherwise, you will lose access to the course. Using their link, you can use Shopify for $1 per month for the first three months, which is excellent if you want to start your dropshipping business. 

This Creato review will reveal Jeremy's four criteria for choosing the winning products for his dropshipping business. There's an enormous opportunity in dropshipping, expected to reach $243.42 billion this year. It's also likely to keep growing rapidly, going $301.11 billion in 2024 and $372.47 billion in 2025. However, only 10% of dropshippers are profitable in their first year. If you want to start with this business model, be prepared to lose money for at least a year.

However, local lead generation is another business model to consider. The local lead generation industry was worth over $300.7 billion in 2020 and is growing at a rate of 15.6%. Building a website takes only 10-15 hours, and it can only take six weeks to 6 months to rank. Once your site is at the top of Google, you can make money without losing money. 

Creato Pros and Cons


Creato Class is 100% free. 

Jeremy Ray Holst is a successful and experienced dropshipper.

By using the link provided by Jeremy, you can sign up for Shopify and pay only $1 per month for the first three months.


If you don't sign up for Shopify within 24 hours, you'll lose access to the Creator class.

Creato Class does not offer 1-1 mentorship or coaching. 


Creato dropshipping course is 100% free. 


Creato starts in 2022. 


Jeremy Ray Holst is the CEO of Crystalline Academy, which offers courses on how to build successful e-commerce brands, personal brands, affiliate marketing brands, Amazon FBA, and marketing agencies. He has a significant online presence, with 192K subscribers on YouTube and over 140K followers across his social media accounts.

Creato’s 4 Criteria Of Dropshipping Winning Products

1. Potential to go viral

With the rise of social media platforms, such as TikTok, viral products can be promoted through creative video content. TikTok has  834.3 million monthly users worldwide this year and 150 million users in the U.S. alone. Jeremy mainly uses TikTok to promote his brand. 

2. Have a profit margin of $10 at least

According to Holst, a product should have a profit margin of at least $10. This means the product should be priced high enough to cover costs, such as marketing, shipping, and handling, while still leaving room for profit. If the profit margin is too low, like $2-$3, it's not worth the effort and resources required to sell the product, especially if you plan on selling in high volume.

3. Not available in department stores 

If a product is already available in any department stores like Target and Walmart, it will probably be cheaper for customers to buy from them directly, making it difficult for your business to compete. Therefore, it's best to choose unique and niche products that are not readily available elsewhere.

4. Products that solve a problem

In the US, 70% of people shop online. 268 million Americans bought products digitally in 2022, and it's expected to reach 285 million by 2025. Those people often buy products because they need them, not just because they want them.So, choosing problem-solving products, like back pain relief pillows or self-watering plant pots, can ensure high demand and meet customers' needs, increasing a dropshipper's success.

What Do I Get in the Creato? 

You will get a free dropshipping mastery class containing 28 lessons with 7 hours of video content, you will get access to their community in discord, and the Creato® Chat with thousands of members talking about their own business. If you’re serious and want to take your step into the next level, Jeremy offers 1-1 mentoring, but it's not free, you can join his Creato® Club. 

Creato Class 

  • Dropshipping Full Setup 
  • Shopify Store Buildout 
  • How To Accept Payments
  • Dropship I.O. Full Use Case
  • Facebook Ads Explained
  • How To Find Winning Products
  • Top 100 Products To Sell In 2023
  • Million Dollar Product Research
  • Creating Your Ad Account
  • Setting Up A Facebook Page
  • Connecting Your Facebook Pixel
  • Linking Your Pixel With Shopify
  • Setting Up Your First Campaign
  • Setting Up Your Ad Sets
  • Finishing Up Your Ads
  • TikTok Ads
  • 48-Hour Shopify Dropshipping Challenge
  • How To Take Your Dropshipping Business To The Next Level
  • Creato Chat

    Discord community with thousands of dropshippers sharing experiences with their own brands. Jeremy Holst also does lives once a week in Creato® Chat to answer questions.

    Creato Club

    Creato® VIP Club black card costs $99.99/month.

    What's included:

    • FREE Unreleased Creato® Merch
    • 24/7 Chat Support
    • Daily Live Q&A Coaching Calls
    • 1-1 Help From Jeremy Ray
    • VIP Black Card Holder®
    • Full Dropshipping Course

    Creato® VIP Club Card costs $19.99. 

    What's included:

    • 24/7 Chat Support
    • 1 With 1 Help From Jeremy Ray
    • VIP Card Holder®
    • Full Dropshipping Course
    • M, W, F Live Q&A Coaching Calls

    Is Creato Dropshipping Class Worth It?

    Yes, the Creator dropshipping class is worth it. Jeremy teaches you the exact strategy he uses to start, promote and build a 7-figure Shopify dropshipping brand. Besides that, the course is 100% free, making it accessible to anyone who wants to learn about this business model without having to spend a lot of money. Plus, he offers a chance to use Shopify for 3 months for just $1 per month, giving you a cost-effective opportunity to start your own online store and put what you learn from the course into practice. Some people say Shopify dropshipping is dead, but it can be still profitable. 

    If this course isn't right for you, Ecom Stride Academy is another option. 

    Who Is The Owner Of The Creato? 

    Jeremy Ray Holst is the owner of Creato®. Jeremy started his first business at age 12, selling duct tape wallets. He has since been passionate about business, art, and personal freedom. Jeremy believes in the power of self-belief, as he turned his idea of selling duct tape wallets into a reality. And right now, Jeremy has already built seven-figure Shopify businesses. He aims to help over 200 million people believe in themselves and chase their dreams. His company, Crystalline Media, teaches people how to build successful e-commerce, personal, and affiliate marketing brands. It also provides knowledge on starting a marketing agency, whether you're a beginner or an experienced business owner.

    What Is Creato Affiliates?

    Creato affiliates is another offer by Jeremy where you refer people to join the Creator Chat Discord server and earn a commission for each referral with Creator affiliates. You don't need to be an upgraded member to become a Creator affiliate, it's free. You will earn for every invite, whether they buy a membership.

    How To Create Your Invite Link?

    Step 1

    Navigate to the Creato® Chat server. 

    Step 2

    Steps 2-6 show you how to get your custom invite link, and it can only be performed on a computer or laptop. 

    Once you are on the main server, click on the server's name.

    Step 3

    Click on “Invite People.”

    Step 4 

    Click on "Edit invite link"

    Step 5

    After clicking the "edit invite link" button, you need to edit your invite link to the following:

    After you apply those settings, click the "Generate a New Link" button. 

    Step 6

    After clicking the "Generate a new link" button, it will give you a new link

    The bottom left corner should say "Your invite will never expire"

    If it does, then just click "Copy" button and save the link.

    Step 7

    You now have your invite link. Next thing you need to do is account creation, or TikTok account creation. 

    How To Create An Account?

    Step 1

    Create a brand new TikTok account.

    Step 2

    Set the name to something involving "creato®", "create" or "chat" in the money/wealth niche, such as

    • creato®chat
    • wealthcreator
    • createwealth
    • createmoney
    • createbusiness
    • createyourfuture
    • moneychat
    • financechat
    • businesschat
    • hustlerchat
    • wifichat

    NOTE: Make sure there are no numbers in your name

    Step 3

    Set your nickname name to®chat

    Step 4

    Set the profile picture on the Creato® Chat logo.

    Step 5

    Set your bio to: 👇 join the chat, it's free!

    Step 6

    Set the link in the bio to your custom invite link that you created in the 🔗│invite-link

    When you are done, your account should look something like this:

    Step 7

    You need to warm up your account. During these 24 hours, act like a normal user by following people on your for-you page, as well as liking/commenting on videos.

    Step 8

    After completing all the steps listed above, you just need to get verified for access to the rest of the server. You just need to create a ticket to request access.

    Creato Alternatives

    • Launchers Academy - Launchers Academy by Jaiden Vu is a 3-7 month mentorship that helps people make money online using dropshipping by their very own Dropship to Brand model. You need to build first your store, find profitable products, then brand your own store and scale it. It costs $995.
    • Product Launch Masterplan - The product Launch Masterplan is the newest module of Ecom Academy by Jack Kitchener. It is a blueprint that aims for you to start your own Shopify store from scratch, and then earn your first income within 21 days. The Masterplan costs £999 as an introductory price or a regular price of £2,999.
    • Ecom Revolution - Sebastian Esqueda created a Shopify dropshipping course, Ecom Revolution. It teaches everything you need to learn about the business model. Sebastian will guide you in setting up your own ecommerce store. The course leverages the power of digital marketing in building the brand and creating customer loyalty through different social media platforms. Ecom revolution costs $1,997.
    • Skup - Matt Schmitt and Devin Zander of Skup believe there's more to running a success ecommerce business than dropshipping from Chinese suppliers. In their courses, trainings, and software tools, Skup focuses on the print on demand jewelry business model, promising it's possible for business owners to make 6 or 7 million dollars in no time.

    Why Local Lead Generation Is More Passive Than Dropshipping? 

    Local lead generation is more passive than Shopify dropshipping because once you've built a website and ranked it on Google using free methods like SEO, you can rent‌ it out to local businesses who pay you every month for the leads generated from the site. Since you target smaller local markets, there's a minimal competition to worry about, and you won't have to worry about managing inventory, shipping, or customer service as you do with Shopify dropshipping.

    Moreover, maintaining the site costs very little, and it can remain on Google's top results for years without updates. Scaling the business is effortless since you can repeat the process as often as possible. Unlike dropshipping, which requires a lot of effort and time to stay profitable, local lead generation is a smoother path to earning passive income and eventually quitting your 9 to 5 job. I tried dropshipping before and wouldn't suggest it to beginners.


    Therefore, local lead generation is the most influential business model for achieving time and financial freedom. For instance, I built a limo site in 2015, and it has been earning $2000/month for the last eight years.

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