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Dean Holland Review – Is His Internet Profits Course Legit? (2024)

March 15, 2024

If you are active in affiliate marketing, chances are you may have heard of Dean Holland. Dean Holland is quite known in the world of online marketing business regarding click funnels. If you are new to internet marketing and have no idea who Dean Holland is, I will explain in this article just who he is, what his businesses are, and how they work.

There are countless online “gurus” out there as long as there’s money to be made in internet marketing. There are as many reviews on the internet as there are gurus. One surprising thing though is that you won’t find much detailed reviews on Dean Holland apart from affiliates of his program which are always positive.

What makes Dean Holland stand out from the others? What are and how do his courses and programs differ from the hundreds of others all over the web? Does the model he teaches make a good online business in 2024Read along and you will find detailed answers to these questions.

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Who Is Dean Holland?

Dean Holland is an affiliate marketer from the UK with a success story you would hear from every online marketer that claims success. He ventured into online marketing in 2004 and claims he sold half a million worth of products by 2011. Dean even had a now defunct online course called Commission Takeover back in 2011. Dean has then gone on to be recognized as one of the top ClickFunnels affiliates. Russel Brunson, the co-founder of the $400 million online business, ClickFunnels, was Dean’s mentor and friend.

Russel Brunson is another big name in the world of affiliate marketing with a net worth of over $40 million. If you want to know more about Russel Brunson, check out my detailed Russell Brunson Review for 2024.

Dean Holland is the owner of Internet Profits LTD. He also has a personal YouTube channel where he posts some free training advice and daily blog updates, but it failed to get much traction. He has retired from the YouTube channel as of 2018. As of date, Dean has two courses/programs. One would be Internet Profits, the other is Big Commission Blueprint.

Is Dean Holland a scam? The only negative reviews of Dean Holland I’ve found online are directed at affiliate marketing as a whole rather than the man himself. On the other hand, the only positive reviews I’ve found of Dean and his courses are from affiliates. Keep this in mind when deciding if his programs are for you.

Dean Holland’s business style is what they call a sales funnel. According to Dean, success in sales funnel relies on 4 fundamental skills:

  1. Traffic generation
  2. Capturing Audience
  3. Following up with the lead
  4. Ability to turn leads into sales

This is what Dean Holland teaches in his programs.

How Does A Sales Funnel Work?

Success with this method requires the 4 skills that Dean Holland mentioned. First would be traffic generation, this is the awareness stage. Dean Holland’s technique is by giving a product away for free that would serve as a lead magnet. This is meant to capture the lead’s information. This “ethical bribe” is also meant to build interest in what he’s about to sell. After capturing the lead’s information, the next step would be to follow-up on that lead to convince them to purchase the product being sold.

Internet Profits Review

Started by Dean Holland in 2010, the course teaches students how to make money via sales funnels. Internet Profits itself is not just an affiliate marketing course but also high ticket products meaning you can make a lot of money from big commissions if you can sell the course itself, but there’s a big catch of which you will find out as you read on.

Getting Started With Internet Profits

What stands internet profits apart from other internet marketing courses is that it isn’t accessible as you’d think. You can’t just simply go to a website and sign up for the course. By going to the Internet Profits site, you are greeted with the words “Strictly via invitation only”. There are two ways to get in.

The first way is through an affiliate link which will send you to a landing page with a video that starts with “this invitation was never meant to be seen by public eyes” followed by “this private video is for customers eyes only and that you’re watching because someone he trusts believes you should see the page”

There are no details anywhere on what the costs are nor details on what the program actually teaches you. The landing page is full of student reviews and success stories, high promises on how much one can earn, and a few motivational videos. These, of course, are all designed to get you interested and curious enough to go to the next step.

Applying for the program requires you to fill up the required fields with your name, email, phone number, as well as schedule a call for an “interview”. 

The method we just talked about is exactly what the course teaches. This is the sales funnel method that Dean Holland uses. To lure you into entering your details, turning you into a lead, then by following-up that lead via your “interview” call to turn you into a successful sale. If you think that’s it after signing up, you couldn’t be any more mistaken.

The second way to find an invitation to the course is available via Dean Holland’s official site. He does not sell anything on his site, instead he promotes his book “The Iceberg Effect” by giving it away for free. Included with this free package is an invitation to join his course. This as well is just another part of the sales funnel strategy.

How Much Does Internet Profits Cost?

Membership to Internet Profits Cost a one time fee of $1,997 as well as a $67 monthly fee to access the training platform. The high membership price is cited as the biggest program by those who reviewed it. Additional costs, such as paid ads and autoresponders, are also to be taken into consideration if you wish to upscale your business. There are also other available products ranging from $1,000 – $7,000. You are also encouraged to use paid traffic as opposed to free traffic.

Payment comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee.

What’s Included In The Internet Profits Course?

Now I’m going to state it immediately and clearly. The Internet Profits program is NOT a scam. There is an actual product that you are paying for. The interesting thing is, if you do get pulled into this course, then you already know that it works. How well it works, of course, is another question.

The course teaches you how to sell high-ticket products by using a sales funnel. The main training consists of 2 step-by-step phases that span 30 days.

  1. Phase 1: Business Set-Up – 6 steps on how to create and set-up your own sales funnel business.
  2. Phase 2: Business Growth – 3 steps on how to drive traffic and make sales.

The course also includes a daily group Q&A coaching, a monthly coaching call in which your results are reviewed and given feedback, access to live events, and access to a private Facebook community with over 4000 members. Membership also allows access to tools needed to build a sales funnel business.

Is Internet Profits Worth It?

Membership price aside, Internet Profits training program is very well made. Dean Holland really knows what he’s teaching. One thing that separates Dean Holland from many other “gurus” is that he doesn’t just teach how-to, but relates every lesson to real-world examples based on his experiences. When it comes to learning about sales funnel business, Internet Profits is a very good course to take, especially for affiliate marketing beginners.

Becoming a member and finishing the courses also allows you to become a member of the Internet Profits partner program. You can earn up to $3000 in commissions from selling the course with all the upsell products. This may also be a con, as the high ticket product that you’d be selling is actually the program itself, which may be mistaken for a pyramid scheme.

Big Commission Blueprint Review

Big Commission Blueprint, created in 2014, is another one of Dean Holland’s programs. Unlike Internet Profits where you can pick your own niche, Big Commission Blueprint‘s focus is on one niche, and that’s promoting high-ticket coaching courses, a.k.a. the program itself. The big risk here is that if the company closes down, you could lose your main business, as the training may not translate well to other niches. Like Internet Profits, Big Commission Blueprint’s training course focuses on teaching traffic driven sales funnels.

How Much Does Big Commission Blueprint Cost?

$19.95 starting price, which gives you access to an account where you can access the first step of the course. This is then followed by upsells if you decide to continue further. The 3 upsells are:

  1. Affiliate Club costs $47 monthly – you will be able to access more of the educational materials and resources, and gain access to weekly webinars. Purchasing this upsell is also required in order to start earning a commission as a Big Commission Blueprint affiliate.
  2. iPro Platinum Membership costs $1,997 – you will be able to access the high-ticket program, unlocking more training materials and tools. You will also receive weekly coaching with this upsell.
  3. iPro Masters Membership costs $4,997 – you will be able to access even yet more additional training and tools.

This course also comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee.

What’s Included In Big Commission Blueprint?

The course consists of 11 video training modules. However, not all modules are available until you purchase the upsells. Upon buying into the starting $19.95 membership, you are given access to the first 4 modules. These modules are more like intros, rather than lessons, into what you should expect and what the rest of the course contains. Other optional upsells are improved pre-recorded training videos and social media training.

It is not until you purchase the first upsell in which you can access the 5th module which includes basic training materials and tools you’ll need to set up and drive traffic to your sales funnel in order to sell Big Commission Blueprint products and cash in on the commissions. You can earn from $10 up to 90% commission on course sales, and as much as $98 per sale on other upsells, and a recurring $23 monthly from affiliate club sales.

The 6th module can be unlocked by purchasing the 2nd upsell. This is where you’ll find the in-depth traffic and marketing training, and weekly coaching sessions. You will earn a $1,000 commission for your referrals that purchase this upsell.

The 7th module is unlocked after purchasing the 3rd upsell. This level gives you access to additional training and tools and the rest of the modules. It also gives you a $2,500 commission on your referrals that purchase this upsell.

Is Big Commission Blueprint Worth It?

The Big Commission Blueprint course is mainly geared towards teaching you how to drive traffic into the funnel to sell them products arranged beginning from the lower end products, to upsells, to high-ticket coaching courses.

Iceberg Effect Review

The Iceberg Effect is a book written by the so-called “click funnel master” Dean Holland with a foreword from his mentor Russel Brunson. This is the book he and his affiliates give away for free to those who apply. The only costs you would have to pay is the $7.96 shipping and handling fee. The contents of the book is not a how-to but rather a bird’s-eye view of affiliate marketing. It is filled with back stories of Dean Holland, case studies and examples of how he built his affiliate business, and tons of motivational fluff.

The book comes in 8 chapters. The first 4 chapters are about Dean’s experiences and motivational speeches. The 5th chapter explains the types of traffic and how important they are to affiliate marketing. Chapter 6 talks about why affiliate marketing is dying and the rising cost of ads. Chapter 7 explains the perfect path to 7 figures in affiliate marketing. The last chapter, chapter 8 explains the iceberg effect, or as he calls it, “the ultimate funnel”.

The free book comes with an audio book for those who prefer listening to reading as well as online access to the “Iceberg Effect Masterclass”. Dean Holland also has other similar free products that he used as lead magnets such as the Affiliate Marketers Playbook, and a free 68-minute video training called the perfect offer.

Honest Review of Dean Holland’s Book “The Iceberg Effect”

Background and Story

This guy bought Dean Holland’s “The Iceberg Effect” book and expected a detailed, step-by-step guide on affiliate marketing. However, he found it too broad and full of Dean’s personal stories rather than practical lessons. He realized that the book is only a tactic to sell Dean’s courses.  

Can He Apply The Lessons In His Business?

According to this reviewer, some strategies taught in The Iceberg Effect could apply to his business. He advises his viewers to focus on  improving bottom-line revenue.

Important points From The Book

Continuous Commission Strategy: The focus of the book is affiliate marketing. Dean emphasizes the importance of earning commissions not just on the first sale but also on future purchases by the same customer, including expensive items or subscriptions.

Long-Term Engagement: This approach underlines the importance of selecting affiliate marketing programs that provide ongoing commissions to maintain long-term customer engagement, rather than settling for a single commission.

Broad Relevance: This reviewer says the insights from the book are valuable for anyone involved or interested in affiliate or internet marketing.

What’s not mentioned in the interview: The Iceberg Effect has a 2.9-star score on 71% have rated this book 3 stars and below. Most negative comments say it’s disappointing, underwhelming, and lacks in-depth explanation. One reviewer even calls it “the worst book I ever read”

Is Affiliate Marketing Still Good In 2024?

In chapter 6 of Dean Holland’s The Iceberg Effect, he talks about the reasons why people say affiliate marketing is dying. He explains that it’s because the majority of people who sign up for affiliate marketing fail to achieve financial success. Affiliate marketing is all about driving traffic and these are done through the following:

  • Creating ads that sell
  • Running ads on platforms such as Google and Facebook
  • Writing blogs that can rank on google
  • Email marketing

This skill is what his program teaches. You can still earn financial success by affiliate marketing, but it does take a lot of work and skill. Check out my Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes article to find out the main reasons why affiliate marketers fail.

There are, of course, other alternatives to making money online apart from affiliate marketing. From dropshipping, to Amazon FBA, to local lead generation. My number 1 business is local lead generation and the reason why is that it gives me a way to make money online passively. It’s all about building relationships with local businesses and driving leads to them. Once you create a site to promote these businesses and rank it on Google, the flow of commission will steadily arrive. This is the true passive income model that has given me financial freedom. If a steady passive income is what you’re looking for, come check out local lead generation

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