Derek Moneyberg Review: What is His Success Principles?

June 20, 2024

Derek Moneyberg is a coach and mentor that teaches about entrepreneurship, real estate and investing. His courses give you access to his training modules, client success case studies, group training calls, private group chat, interview series, and guidebooks. He also offers weekly challenges, a live training, Moneyberg Summit tickets, one-on-one calls, networking opportunities, and many more

There are mixed reviews online about Derek Moneyberg. People from Trustpilot, SiteJabber, Reddit, and YouTube think that Derek’s courses are quite expensive, with no refund policy. Some negative reviews focus on his aggressive teaching style. He forces testimonials halfway through the course and threatens to remove students who would not comply. Some also complained about the excessive amount of work required to complete the course. On the positive side, Derek’s approach motivates many students who also appreciated the depth of the content, the practical exercises, and networking opportunities.

This review explores the pros and cons of Derek’s courses, his success principle, and his 10 Commandments of Wealth. We’ll also dive into what he teaches, his life story, how he became successful, and his students’ testimonials. Plus, we reveal an intriguing lawsuit with a YouTuber and my recommended business for financial freedom. 

Derek Moneyberg Review: Pros and Cons


Derek’s courses have comprehensive content and practical exercises.

Derek has decades of extensive experience in wealth building.

He provides live sessions for every course.

He offers a tremendous opportunity to network and connect with other entrepreneurs.


Derek’s courses and coaching services are quite expensive.

His courses have mixed reviews online.

Derek’s courses require intensive commitment to complete the coursework.

There are only a few success stories that are posted on Derek’s pages.

There’s no guarantee that the courses will work for all his students.


Derek Moneyberg’s courses range from $1,000 to $20,000. It can go as high as $60,000 for 1-on-1 coaching.

Refund Policy

Derek Moneyberg’s courses and coaching services do not have a refund policy.


Derek Moneyberg’s coaching business started in 2019.


Derek Moneyberg’s reputation in coaching and business is good. He has received features in many publishing sites and interviews from different media outlets and other personalities. He has over 4 million following in his social media pages combined.

June 20, 2024

Lads, beware of a business guru named Derek Moneyberg. I took one of his expensive courses, and no one was making any real money. He even forces clients to give testimonials halfway through, or he kicks them out. Imagine paying almost $5k and getting kicked out after 4 weeks for not giving a testimonial.

2.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

What is Derek Moneyberg's Success Principle?

Derek Moneyberg’s success principle is from the following tenets:

  • Continue learning and acquiring knowledge: He advocates for investing in oneself through education and experiences, to gain a competitive edge in your field.
  • Make smart and strategic investments: This applies to financial investments, time, and energy. He encourages investing in areas that align with personal and financial goals.
  • Set clear, actionable goals and develop a plan to achieve them: Moneyberg stresses the importance of having both short-term and long-term goals and meticulously planning the steps required to reach these objectives, emphasizing discipline, hard work, and consistency in execution.
  • Understand and manage risk: He teaches that risk is an inherent part of achieving substantial rewards and that successful individuals learn to assess, manage, and mitigate risks effectively rather than avoiding them entirely.
  • Take personal responsibility for one's actions and their outcomes: He believes that success comes to those who own their decisions, learn from their failures, and continuously strive to improve themselves and achieve abundance without blaming external factors.
  • Build a strong network of contacts and nurture meaningful relationships: He highlights the value of surrounding oneself with successful and motivated individuals who can offer support, mentorship, and opportunities.
  • Be tough and resilient in facing challenges and setbacks: According to Derek, developing a strong mindset and the ability to persevere through difficult times is essential to achieving long-term success.
  • Be efficient and productive: He advocates for optimizing one's routine, eliminating distractions, and focusing on high-impact activities that drive towards achieving one's goals.

By embracing these mindsets, individuals can work towards building financial success and a fulfilling life. Unlike other wealth coaches, Derek has a unique way of selecting his students. Participation in his programs requires undergoing a selection process, which includes submitting an application and taking part in an interview. Moneyberg is selective about his clients, preferring to work with those who are serious, skilled individuals, and passionate about achieving their goals.

Who is Derek Moneyberg?

Derek Moneyberg is the online persona of Dale Buczkowski, who was born on May 2, 1979, in Chicago, Illinois. He is an investor, globe traveling entrepreneur, speaker, UFC enthusiast, and a coach known for his work in wealth coaching. Derek has hosted hundreds of coaching workshops worldwide and online.

Derek Moneyberg teaches about the knowledge, skills, and mindset required to achieve success in various aspects of your lives. His teachings focus on wealth building, personal finance, career advancement, entrepreneurship, and personal development. Moneyberg aims to equip his students with the tools they need to create a successful and fulfilling life.

Derek Moneyberg makes his money through his investments in stocks, real estate, other business endeavors across different industries, and his career as a coach and mentor. He earns through his coaching programs, speaking engagements, workshops, and courses.

Moneyberg's journey to becoming a wealth coach began with humble beginnings, often going to bed hungry as a child and experiencing a challenging upbringing with his father and uncle serving long-term prison sentences. From a young age, Moneyberg sought work to support himself, eventually landing a job at Walmart at 18 and quickly rising to a managerial position at only 19 years old.

He left Walmart to pursue a career in property management and stock market investing. His success caught the attention of friends and associates, leading to his advisory role for a self-help company in 2007, which saw significant revenue growth under his guidance. He used to be a dating coach for a company called Real Social Dynamics.

In 2019, he founded, turning his expertise into a wealth-coaching business. Moneyberg's coaching programs include Moneyberg Mentoring, Markets Mastery, and Real Estate Riches, which are aimed at helping people with personal and professional growth. Derek became a millionaire at 29 and a multi-millionaire at 31. He focuses on teaching clients how to transition from employees to business owners and investors.

Moneyberg's education includes an MBA Finance from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business in 2015 and BMA Entrepreneurship at  Bradley University in 2005. Derek gained recognition in over 40 articles from various publications, such as LA Times, USA Today, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider, to name a few. Derek also has an active online presence and currently has 407 followers on LinkedIn, 13K followers on Facebook, 4.2M on Instagram, 270.3K on TikTok, and 161K on YouTube.

His expertise in wealth creation has made him one of the most sought-after wealth coaches in America. Moneyberg's approach to financial success involves straightforward, no-nonsense guidance to help clients reach an optimized lifestyle. His clients include business professionals, ambitious entrepreneurs, celebrities, and athletes, many of whom have reported significant success stories after working with him. Derek has a reputation for mentoring many high-profile individuals, including famous entertainers, sports figures, and athletes like Ben Adams and Max Richert, among others.

Derek Moneyberg Reviews

People are saying mixed reviews about Derek Moneyberg. Users on Trustpilot give him a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 stars in the life coach category. From the 105 total reviews, 93% rated 5-star, while the rest rated 4 and 1 star.

In August 2023, a Trustpilot rater named Rodrigo from the United States gave Derek a 1-star rating and said to avoid the courses because it is mostly video narrations with a lot of homeworks. He also mentioned that he gained nothing, and it is not the coaching that works for him. Other 1 star raters such as Azjatyckie Klimaty, Gerald Rosa, and Vadoksman call Derek a scammer and his courses as a get-rich-quick scam. One also hinted that some of the positive reviews are just bots.

A lot of Trustpilot reviews mentioned the positive side of coach Derek, such as being generous in addressing questions during live sessions and giving out valuable advice. A rater named Alden Zimmerman said that his course is a game-changer, the real-world assignments are gold, and the community is tight-knit. Samuel Wong also commented that while some of the course’s intensity gives pressure, he sees it as a catalyst for action and even without the upsells, the core program is already robust enough.

Nicholas Hopkins appreciated Derek’s teaching style while John Bennett said that despite the steep cost of the courses, it also offers immediate return of investment. However, many of the reviews mentioned that the courses and Derek’s methods are not for everyone.

Some of the Trustpilot reviewers, such as from Angela Napolitano, Tia Frei Connoly, and Arthur Sloan, mentioned that they have positive experiences with Derek’s courses and it has changed their views on life, especially in handling finances. Other benefits mentioned by different reviewers include the depth of the content, combined with practical exercises and invaluable networking opportunities.

From the 14 reviews from SiteJabber, Derek Moneyberg has a rating of 4.43 stars. Looking at the rating trends below, his rating from the website actually decreases over the years.

One positive review from SiteJabber said that he started the Moneyberg Mentoring program with limited knowledge about stocks and investing, but Derek helped him make a stable living off his investments. The rest of the reviews highlighted that courses are a lot of work, but worth it in the end. The courses are the perfect balance of inspiration and practicability. Derek sugarcoats nothing, but tells you what you need to hear.

One critical review from SiteJabber called the Markets Mastery course a huge scam, and no one is making real money. Additionally, he stated that they pressured him into providing a testimonial after four weeks in order to continue with the course. A Reddit thread from Coffeezilla_gg also backed this claim.

Over 100 student reviews were posted on Derek Moneyberg’s website, YouTube Channel, and social media pages. Most of these videos say that they are halfway through the courses and doing great so far. Aside from the plethora of testimonial videos available, you can also see that Derek posted some screenshots of messages and emails from his clients.

Moreover, some reviews outside of Derek's website and social media pages, like Spencer Cornella's from YouTube, featured a video clip taken by a student during Derek's live session. In the video, Derek instructed his students to submit a video testimonial or face removal from the program they had already paid for.

Derek Moneyberg’s Courses and Programs

What is the Ten Commandments of Wealth?

The Ten Commandments of Wealth is a program offered by Derek Moneyberg, which comprises 10 modules that discuss topics about making more money. It teaches the 10 lessons of wealth building that Derek learned over the years and the common mistakes you need to avoid. It comprises over 127 hours of deep-diving the content, workbooks, live training, and exercises that would help you reach your potential. The training includes everything you need, from your diet to your study schedule.

Commandment 1: Thou shalt negotiate

This module teaches you how to negotiate, widen your profit margin, and build confidence to succeed.

Commandment 2: Thou shalt lead and manage effectively

The second module will cover topics about the best and tested management strategies, becoming a respected leader, and building the best team that supports you with your targets and goals.

Commandment 3: Thou shalt build client acquisition funnels

The third module will cover funnel acquisition building, getting lifelong customers, and keeping customers with minimal effort and risk.

Commandment 4: Thou shalt do e-commerce

The fourth module will teach you everything there is to learn about e-commerce, finding the right source of revenue, and avoiding the common pitfalls of online business.

Commandment 5: Thou shalt know the law

This module involves familiarizing the nuts and bolts of business law so you can protect your assets, avoid conflicts, and maximize your profit legally.

Commandment 6: Thou shalt understand microeconomics

The sixth module covers topics about making rational economic decisions, using resources available to you, and learning the psychology of money.

Commandment 7: Thou shalt understand macroeconomics

This module covers topics on how money moves globally, how it affects your business, how to make your business recession proof, and how to avoid losing your money.

Commandment 8: Thou shalt know finance and accounting

Module 8 will teach you the basics of accounting and financing so you can make informed decisions when investing and avoid financial burdens that can cripple your business venture.

Commandment 9: Thou shalt understand statistics

This module covers topics about statistical concepts in business and investment and how you can use them to drive business decisions.

Commandment 10: Thou shalt market yourself

The last module will teach you about marketing, creating a brand, and making promotions. 

With the Ten Commandments of Wealth, you get:

  • Ten Core Training Modules: (23+ hours long) - $20,000 
  • 20 Client Success Case Studies with Client Interviews (20+ hours long) 
  • 10 Group Training Zoom Calls (20+ hours long) - $1,000
  • Ten Commandments Discord Group Chat 
  • Bonus 1: 50 World Champion Interviews Series (57+hours long) - $497
  • Bonus 2: The Three Sacred Questions Guidebook - $5,000 
  • Bonus 3: The 30-Day Goal Accelerator Guidebook - $497 
  • Bonus 4: Ten Commandments 52-Week Challenge - $ 497
  • Bonus 5: Bruce Buffer Exclusive - $100
  • Bonus 6: Three Live Bonus Training Calls with Derek (6+ hours long)- $ 1,000 
  • Bonus 7: Two Tickets To A Monerberg Wealth Summit - $2,500
  • Bonus 8: One-On-One Accountability Call - $300

Derek Moneyberg's Ten Commandments of Wealth program has a total value of $31,391, but it is currently being offered at $1000.

What is the Moneyberg Mentoring?

The Moneyberg Mentoring is a comprehensive course that guides you in all things entrepreneurship. Through the Moneyberg Mentoring experience, you can have the potential to achieve the income you deserve, make the best moves in your professional life, build rock-solid systems, and scale your business higher.

You can achieve this by increasing your value as an individual and as an entrepreneur, communicating effectively and confidently, eliminating bad habits, bouncing ideas off, using customized roadmaps, and building a team that helps you achieve your goals and shares your future visions.

What is Moneyberg Mentoring’s 12-Week Schedule?

Moneyberg Mentoring’s 12-week schedule is composed of the following:

Week 1: Claiming Personal Responsibility

  • Understanding why you don’t have what you don’t have in life
  • Overcoming the three main reasons for failure
  • Killing procrastination and kick-starting productivity
  • Maximizing your high impact actions

Week 2: Goal Setting & Building Infrastructure

  • Fixing your brain
  • Recognizing the biases that's affecting your life
  • Breaking free from delusions
  • Creating bulletproof mental framework

Week 3: Managerial Decision Making

  • Realizing you are affected by logical issues
  • Identifying the nine classes to stop repeating critical errors
  • Making effective decisions with confidence
  • Eliminating your blind spots

Week 4: Surviving Business Cycles

  • Dominating your niche
  • Hurdling any barriers to market entry
  • Maximizing economic expansions
  • Becoming recession proof

Week 5: Shielding Yourself From Risk

  • Maximizing your upside potential while protecting the downside
  • Shielding yourself from systematic and unsystematic risk
  • Analyzing your opportunity cost
  • Fortifying your corporate structure

Week 6: Communicating Your Value

  • Communicating real value
  • Anchoring your value high
  • Cultivating relationship value
  • Creating massive consumer surplus

Week 7: Master Your Marketing

  • Managing your frame
  • Establishing unbreakable positioning
  • Diving deep into human emotions
  • Skyrocketing your sales

Week 8: Negotiating For Everything You Want

  • Polishing your external communication
  • Starting from a position of power
  • Negotiating like a grizzled pro
  • Crafting value-packed offers

Week 9: Bonus Week: Getting A Grip On Your Finances

  • Creating airtight financial accounting processes
  • Diagnosing problems early on
  • Mastering your balance sheet
  • Leveraging intelligently

Week 10: Leading Your Team to Victory

  • Becoming a leader your team needs
  • Eliciting massive buy-in
  • Attracting and retaining top talent
  • Building strategic alliance

Week 11-12: Extra Sessions for Follow-Ups

  • Bringing everything you learn together
  • What Do You Get With Moneyberg Mentoring?

    With the Moneyberg Mentoring, you get the following:

    • 12 Weeks of Live Coaching Calls With Derek Featuring Extensive Question and Answer Opportunities - $36,500
    • 12 Weekly Comprehensive and Topic - Specific Video Content Modules - $12,000
    • Access to Client Group Discord Chat - $10,000
    • Moment-To-Moment Insights on Current Business and Market Opportunities 
    • Weekly Exercises to Help You Master Entrepreneurial Skill Sets - $6,000
    • Members Area Access and Training Archive Access - $6,000
    • Weekly Accountability Coaching Call - $6,000
    • Complimentary Ticket to Derek’s Live and In-Person Moneyberg Wealth Summit - $2,500
    • Access to a Private Two-Day Online Moneyberg Business Conference - $2,500
    • Derek’s Personal Attention Helping You Avoid Catastrophic Losses
    • Bonus 1: $1,000 discount if paid in full - $1,000
    • Bonus 2: The Moneyberg Three Sacred Questions Guidebook - $497
    • Bonus 3: The Moneyberg 30-Day Goal Accelerator Guidebook - $497 
    • Bonus 4: Lifetime VIP Tour Pass PLUS Lifetime VIP Tour Guest Pass 
    • Bonus 5: Moneyberg Mentoring Certificate Of Mastery

    What is Moneyberg Markets Mastery?

    Moneyberg Markets Mastery is a 10-week course on investing created by Derek in order to help others in making investment decisions and managing their portfolios. The program covers various aspects of investing, including emotional control, capital allocation strategies, asset analysis, and risk management, among others.

    What is Moneyberg Markets Mastery's 10-Week Schedule?

    Moneyberg Markets Mastery’s 10-week schedule is:

    Week 1: Introduction

    This week, Derek will offer insights on the stocks in which he has invested and the ones he has completely avoided, and the roadmaps to take in your investment journey.

    Week 2: Introduction to Investing

    This week covers all the basics of investing, such as the procedures, avoiding investing mistakes, implementing strategic capital allocation strategies, and a crash course in Modern Portfolio Theory, which means making the best portfolio that aligns with your goals.

    Week 3: Fundamentals of Asset Analysis

    This week discusses price and value, understanding corporate bonds and treasuries, evaluating teams, investment allocations, and resource management , and buying the best asset to maximize return.

    Week 4: Day Trading and Technical Analysis

    Week 4 covers patterns and data for successful trades, building models of stock movement, avoiding distortions and biases, and using fundamental analysis to grow your net worth further.

    Week 5: Foreign Exchange and Cryptocurrencies

    This week helps you understand what drives foreign currency exchange rate, learn fox trading, evaluate portfolio allocation, and many more.

    Week 6: Options Contracts

    Week 6 teaches you how to model and predict option pricing, how to hedge your portfolio to earn free income, how to analyze option pricing, and how to acquire shares cheaper than market price.

    Week 7: Futures and Commodities

    This week lets you explore alternative investments, understand asset fundamentals, and gain understanding of investment vehicles.

    Week 8: Leverage, Margin, and Maximizing Returns

    In this week, you’ll learn how to multiply the size of your returns and prevent yourself from facing downsides in your investments.

    Week 9: Risk Analysis and Putting it All Together

    Module 9 covers helps you predict upside potential, enter and exit trades carefully and skillfully, and foresee potential risk.

    Week 10: Outro

    This week wraps up the entire program and involves feed backing sessions on your progress as a trader.

    What Do You Get With Moneyberg Markets Mastery?

    With Moneyberg Markets, you get the following:

    • 10 Live Weekly Coaching Calls With Derek Featuring Extensive Q & A - $30,000
    • 9 Weekly Comprehensive and‌ Topic-Specific Video Content Modules - $9,000
    • Weekly Exercises To Help You Master Market Opportunities - $5,000
    • Derek’s Exact Personal Stock Pick and Analysis 
    • Access To Client Group Discord Chat (Elite Performers To Discuss Ideas With) - $ 10,000 
    • Members Area Access and Training Archive Access - $5,000
    • Weekly Accountability Coaching Call - $ 5,000
    • Derek’s Personal Attention Helping You Avoid Catastrophic Losses 
    • Bonus 1: $1,000 Discount If You Pay In Full - $1,000
    • Bonus 2: The Moneyberg Three Sacred Questions Guidebook - $497
    • Bonus 3: The Moneyberg 30 Day Goal Accelerator Guidebook - $447 
    • Bonus 4: Complimentary Ticket to Derek’s Live and In-Person Moneyberg Wealth Conference - $2,500
    • Bonus 5: Access to a Private Two-Day Online Moneyberg Business Conference - $2,500
    • Bonus 6: Lifetime VIP Tour Pass Plus Lifetime VIP Tour Guest Pass - $497
    • Bonus 7: Moneyberg Markets Mastery Certification

    The Moneyberg Markets Mastery program has a total value of $ 71,441, but is currently given at $5997 or $4,997 if you pay in full.

    What is Moneyberg Real Estate Riches?

    The Moneyberg Real Estate Riches is a course that teaches the mechanisms and strategies for creating wealth by investing in real estate. It includes live coaching calls, topic-specific video content modules, weekly exercises, insights on current market opportunities, access to a client group for discussions, and several bonuses, including discounts and guidebooks for further learning.

    What is Moneyberg Real Estate Riches' 10-Week Schedule?

    Moneyberg Real Estate Riches’ 10-week schedule is:

    Week 1: The Wealthy Investor

    This week covers topics about the process and principles of real estate investing, strategies in real estate wealth building, mitigating risk, maximizing profits, and increasing your net worth through real estate.

    Week 2: Cash-Flow, Valuation, and Property Types

    Week 2 helps you learn how to increase property values, how to find the right properties and what to avoid, how to value properties, and how to analyze appraisals.

    Week 3: Property Financing and Loans

    Week 3 talks about avoiding financial disaster, learning the ins and outs of loans for property investments, learning strategies for foreign market investment, and using cost-effective loan amortization methods.

    Week 4: Commercial Real Estate

    This week gives you plenty of methods to invest in commercial real estates, learn everything about maintaining buildings, making safe investments, maximizing returns, and avoiding common mistakes in commercial real estate investing.

    Week 5: Development and House Flipping

    Week 5 covers the secrets of property development, house flipping guide, wholesaling, and real estate investing with no management hassle.

    Week 6: Deals Analysis, Accounting, and Tax Strategies

    This week will teach you how to spot hidden deals, dissecting deals, leveraging tax strategy, learning about the 1031 Exchange hacks, and finding the right insurance and legal protections for your investments.

    Week 7: Negotiations and Team Building

    Week 7 will cover the most competitive real-estate negotiations, deal closing checklist, publicizing yourself effectively, forging relationships, and building the best team. 

    Week 8: Property Management and Dealing with Tenants

    This week will teach you about the techniques of spotting tenant red flags, discovering good tenants, getting acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of lease agreements, and finding the most reliable property manager.

    Week 9: Final Summary & Next Steps

    Week 9 helps you put everything you learned into actions, learn from real-world examples, discover real estate investment hacks and many more.

    Week 10: Follow-up Sessions

    This week is for follow-ups and feed backing sessions.

    What Do You Get With Moneyberg Real Estate Riches?

    With Moneyberg Real Estate Riches you get the following:

    • 10 Live Weekly Coaching Calls With Derek Featuring Extensive Q&A -$30,000
    • 9 Weekly Comprehensive And Topic-Specific Video Content Modules - $10,000
    • Weekly Exercises To Help You Master Your Real Estate Deals - $5,000
    • Derek’s Moment-To-Moment Insights On Current Real Estate Market Opportunities 
    • Access To Client Group Discord Chat (Elite Performers To Discuss Ideas With) - $10,000
    • Members Area Access & Training Archive Access -$5,000
    • Weekly Accountability Coaching Call - $5,000
    • Complimentary Ticket To Derek’s Live And In-Person Moneyberg Wealth Conference - $ 2,500
    • Access To A Private Two-Day Online Moneyberg Business Conference - $2,500
    • Derek’s Personal Attention Helping You Avoid Catastrophic Losses 
    • Bonus 1: $1,000 Discount When You Pay In Full - $1,000
    • Bonus 2: The Moneyberg Three Sacred Questions Guidebook - $497
    • Bonus 3: The Moneyberg 30-Day Goal Accelerator Guidebook - $497
    • Bonus 4: Lifetime VIP Tour Pass PLUS Lifetime VIP Tour Guest Pass - $497
    • Bonus 5: Real Estate Riches Certificate Of Mastery

    The Moneyberg Real Estate Riches program is valued at $72,491. It is currently advertised for $5997 or $4997 if you pay in full upfront. Derek also offers 1-on-1 coaching for $60,000.

    What is the Derek Moneyberg Mastermind Network?

    The Derek Moneyberg Mastermind Network is a special membership network that gives you lifetime exclusive access to Derek’s mastermind classes. You will receive invitations to private events such as dinners and getaways and private access to Derek and his inner circle. This is an excellent networking opportunity to meet with like-minded individuals. Membership initiation cost $20,000, with an annual renewal of $5,000.

    Derek Moneyberg's Lawsuit Against Spencer Cornelia

    On June 21, 2021, Derek Moneyberg sued Spencer Cornella for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress in the U.S. District Court of Nevada. Spencer is a YouTuber with over half a million followers. His niche in YouTube is investigative video series focused on the music industry, money in hip-hop, and get-rich-quick social influencers.

    Derek Moneyberg sued Spencer Cornelia, centering on two interviews that Cornelia conducted with John Mulvehill, a former friend and associate of Derek. In these interviews, Mulvehill questioned Derek’s academic credentials and implied that his success could be linked to criminal behavior. Cornelia also considered nominating Buczkowski for a "Charlatan of the Year" award in a later broadcast.

    Wealth Inc, owned by Derek, brought the case before the U.S. District Court in Nevada, where over several months of 2023, Judge James C. Mahan dismissed the complaints against both Mulvehill and Cornelia. The judge ruled in favor of Mulvehill in July, citing a lack of jurisdiction, as Buczkowski could not prove residency in Nevada beyond a few pieces of mail.

    Subsequently, in a summary judgment released in late September, Judge Mahan dismissed the defamation charges against Cornelia, stating that Buczkowski, being a public figure, needed to prove Cornelia acted with actual malice, which he failed to do. The judge noted that the allegedly defamatory statements came from Mulvehill, not Cornelia, and Cornelia had based his videos on information from reliable sources, including a video from a former employee of Derek that corroborated claims about unethical business practices. Cornelia did not act with reckless disregard for the truth.

    Spencer also revealed in his YouTube video that Dale got arrested in 2006 for obstructing an officer and that someone issued a warrant for his failure to appear in court in 2008.

    Despite the dismissal of the case, Derek has filed an appeal, and Cornelia plans to appeal the denial of his anti-SLAPP motion, which could have made Derek liable for Cornelia's legal expenses. Cornelia expressed relief at the ruling and intends to pursue for 100% of his legal fees after the appeals process.

    What is My Top Business Recommendation for Creating Financial Freedom?

    When compared to traditional investment strategies advocated by Derek Moneyberg, local lead generation is a better business model for you. Derek’s traditional investments often involve long-term commitments and huge capital outlay while local lead generation has relatively minimal initial investment.

    Local lead generation leverages digital platforms and tools that are free or cost-effective. Unlike traditional investments in real estate or stock markets that require outright capital, local lead generation only needs a laptop, an internet connection, and significant knowledge of the business model. In addition, its return on investment is high because once you establish a system for generating and selling leads to local businesses, the cost of maintaining and scaling this system is low.

    Another significant advantage of a local lead generation business is its scalability. With digital tools and automation, you can replicate successful strategies across different niches and geographic areas without increasing your workload or costs, which are not easily achievable in traditional investment strategies.

    Choose a business model with a high demand for local services even across different niches. Start your local lead gen journey today and secure a scalable passive income.

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