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107 Profitable Ecommerce Business Ideas of 2024 (Case Studies Included)

December 30, 2021

image of people shopping online

Like it or not ecommerce is here to stay.

Think it's too late to jump on this money-making train?

Think again. But part of the puzzle is deciding what niche to focus on.

A few things to keep in mind when determining what product or service your ecommerce site should offer:

  • Profitability
  • Competition
  • Price Point-Easy
  • Shipping
  • Durability
  • Sellability & Seasonality

It was a big job, but after endless hours of research, we have compiled a list of 107 most profitable ecommerce business ideas of 2022.

Suggestions that are not only trending, but highly lucrative for you to consider and help you begin making money online. 

Chapter 1

Health & Wellness Industry

The health and wellness industry is a $4.2 trillion conglomerate, which has seen an increase in growth of 12.8% over the past two years.

These statistics are not to frighten, but rather to challenge your inner entrepreneurial beast. 

There is a ton of potential for profitability in this market, but you need to strategize if you want to make it in the big leagues.  

People trust real reviews-84% of people rely on reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Businesses who can prove satisfied customers will have a much higher success rate.

cartoon of a heart full of healthy food

Offer rewards or incentives to those willing to leave reviews.

Use social channels to tout your product or service, and provide trust and transparency with your customers.

This sector attracts a specific audience, so tap into their empathetic nature and nurture your clientele while expanding your brand. 

By cultivating advocacy and promoting engagement, people will be more likely to be loyal to your site and the goods or services you offer.

When determining what to sell, consider the following suggestions:

1. Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are a $3 billion+ market in the United States alone.

With a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 8.2% by 2025, this industry will see a value estimated at over $7.5 billion in the next four years.

There is a demand for air purifiers both in the individual and commercial sectors pushing high profitability and potential for exponential sales.

Wholesale options such as Chinabrands offer HEPA Air Purifiers for as low as $30/each.

Retailing at between $150-$500+ you are looking at a markup of over 300%. 

2. Face Masks

Pre-COVID-19 days, if you were not a medical professional or worked in an environment riddled with pollutants, little thought was given to owning, much less purchasing face masks.

But now-well-best of luck ducking and weaving the price gougers if you can get your hands on this hot commodity at all.  

Let's step back and analyze the market pre-COVID-19 and understand that this is a $792.4 million industry with a projected CAGR of 5.6% by 2027

That said, it would stand to reason that the projection is much lower than will be the demand after 2021.

cartoon of face masks

People will be slow to believe they are safe and that life has returned to 'normal,' suggesting that now is the ideal time to capitalize on this market.

Medical face masks are sold in bulk (quantities between 1000-50,000/order) and wholesale for around 0.20-$1.00/each through distributors such as Alibaba.

Currently, medical face masks-any masks for that matter-are retrieving top retail dollar and are being sold online for as much as $7-$70/mask.

Life after COVID-19 will see the price return to its original state-or close to it-which is typically a markup of 100%-200% as per this publication.

picture of a box of latex gloves

3. Medical Gloves

Medical gloves will reportedly hold a market value of $13.5 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 10.5%-17.8% as per this publication.

Increasingly necessary in reducing contamination and potential allergens from touching human skin combined with a growing number of infectious and contagious diseases.

Significant market growth is forecast to continue to drive the growth of this industry. 

Wholesale medical gloves can be purchased for 0.05-0.06/glove.

Retail the same item for around .24-.37 through your ecommerce website, and you are looking at a hefty ROI. 

Connect with wholesalers like wholesale point, esafetysupplies, and

Don't be this guy, but here is a great article outlining the economic potential of this niche. 

4. On-line Health Service

The healthcare industry in the United States is worth an estimated $3,504 trillion and continues to see momentous growth.

This influx of consumer demand has created an increased need for online and on-demand health service centers. 

Align with revered professionals to build a superior platform providing reliable services and state of the art technology.

Privately owned, your online platform can become established as the 'go-to' for online healthcare in your community. Provide services like:

  • Medicine 
  • Check-Ups
  • Ambulance & Patient Transfer Transportation
  • Pharmaceutical Deliveries

A 'telemedicine' style business allows Americans to access physicians and medical services online and is one of the most profitable ecommerce ideas in 2022.

This article offers ten of the best online doctor and medical systems to examine to get a better understanding of what is involved.

cartoon of chiropractic chart with a man & woman beside it

5. Orthotic Insoles

The potential growth rate for this niche is profound for a few reasons like:

  • Prevalent health issues of diabetes.
  • Obesity and arthritis in Americans.
  • A rise in consumer spending within the healthcare industry.

Advancements to orthotic insoles are negating the need for custom-orthotics-which can be an expensive investment many people either cannot or will not make.

Orthotic insoles fit the bill in terms of sizeability-small, easy, and low-cost shipping.

Wholesale platforms like sell inserts starting at $5/each, and shipping is free.

This same insert will retail for $32-$35, confirming this suggestion is well worth your time and effort.

Here is an article published by Amazon suggesting that this is one of their recommended sales trends for 2022.

6. Detox Teas

Americans are on a detox mission.

This industry is estimated to be worth $69.85 billion by 2025 confirming that there is nothing like the present to launch this product on your ecommerce site. 

Touted for its health benefits in not only weight management, but smoke cessation, detox teas are a trend worthy of further investigation. 

Wholesale sites like alibaba and sell 10kg of '28 Day Detox' for $18.90-$59.90.

That's a LOT of tea. One order retails for $50.99 and contains 112g. 

If you scored even one order, you would recoup initial costs, and the rest is gravy.

Here is an article that suggests you could broaden your target market and sell a variety of teas to earn big bucks.

cartoon of protein powders

7. Protein Powder

The fitness industry is an influential market with everyone trying to trump the competition.

Protein and KETO diets have seen a steady incline in the last decade and show no signs of slowing down suggesting this is one of the most profitable ecommerce ideas in 2022.

The protein market in the United States is valued at $7.3 billion and expected to see a CAGR of 6.8% between 2020-2025. 

Whey protein powder fits the ecommerce bill perfectly.

Lightweight, easy to package/ship and plenty of scalability suggests that this market is a top contender for earning you money.

Wholesale options are in abundance with sites such as drinkiconic, aeglenutrition, and

The markup on protein powder is approximately 100%.

With numerous flavors and brands to choose from, you can offer your customers a variety of options.

This post provides step-by-step instructions on how to implement and be successful with this endeavor. 

8. Vitamins & Supplements

Americans live harried lifestyles.

Unfortunately, as a result, nutrition tends to fall by the wayside.

More people are becoming health-conscious and informed about the importance of taking vitamins to fill in the gaps left by their not so fantastic diets.

With copious amounts of options from daily multi-vitamins to performance-enhancing supplements, this $33.1 billion industry offers an abundance of potential. 

Retail markup on vitamins and supplements is typically between 30%-50%.

But be sure to adhere to FDA standards and list all ingredients on your site. 

Wholesale retailers thevitaminshoppe and bulksupplementsoffer reasonable rates and free shipping on most orders.

9. Ketone Strips & Sticks

People that participate in the KETO diet swear there is no better way to lose weight, lower cholesterol, and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Worth $9,696.8USD million globally, this industry is projected to see a growth rate of 5.5% between 2020-2027.

Ketone strips & sticks monitor levels of ketosis and are used religiously by KETO enthusiasts. 

An example of markup and potential revenue: Alibaba sells 100 barrels of $2.80-$3.50.

These barrels retail for $14+/each. Math is not my forte, but I am suggesting that this is a ridiculous profit margin.

Check out sites such as shoplet, equinoxnutra and for more information.

10. Fitness Trackers

HIIT-Tabata-interval training. All popular forms of exercise and all appear to be withstanding the test of time.

What do they have in common? They each require fitness or time trackers to maximize workouts and monitor heart rates.

While it is true there are numerous downloadable APPs, for many fitness fans, the tracker remains essential. 

Wearable technology is a $95 billion industry.

image of fitness tracker devices

With multiple options, styles, and types of fitness trackers available, you have the luxury of offering your customers numerous choices like:

  • Wristbands 
  • T-Shirts 
  • Heart Rate Monitors

Wholesalers like dhgate,, and wholesalepoint are ideal candidates to get the best value for the dollar. 

The average markup on this style of equipment is around 40%.

Add vitamins, recovery/performance supplements and additional inventory to your site you can become a 'one-stop-shop.' 

11. Post-Workout Massage Guns

One of the hot ticket sellers for 2022, post-workout massage guns have a projected CAGR of 9.8% between now and 2027.

These hand-held devices are used to relax tense muscles post-workout. 

Wholesalers like alibaba and are your best bet for pricing.

But with a markup value of 100%+ even if you opt to score discounted prices from platforms like vortix and heroproof you will achieve a profit.

Instagram would be the ideal place to market your items-especially if you can connect with influencers or target ads around particular hashtags. 

There is an abundance of product potential as this item is still relatively new suggesting now's the time to get a jump on any competitors with this profitable ecommerce suggestion.

Chapter 2


Globally the fashion market is worth approximately $1.5 trillion

The best part is because of the diversity of this industry, your price points can fluctuate from discount barn to haute couture depending on your identified target market. 

Determine your niche and establish a unique online shopping experience for your customers that offers value.

Listed below are our top seller picks that are hot right now and fit the ecommerce business ideas MO.

12. Wardrobe Suggestion App

There is an app for everything.

While there are numerous fashion apps available if you are a bit of a techy with a keen eye for fashion, why not consider creating a wardrobe styling app?

Based on the viewer's current wardrobes, your app can promote personal style management with items they already own. 

There are several app building platforms, including AppMachine, Instapy, and Good Barber.

Check out this post for complete instructions on how to build and launch an app.

cartoon of hands holding devices showing apps

To monetize this profitable ecommerce idea in 2022, you will need to generate revenue.

The most popular choice for app developers is Ad Revenue.

But you can connect with affiliate programs, in-app purchases, or sponsorships as per this publication.

You will need to invest some time and capital to launch this business proposition.

But if you can monetize your app successfully, you will see tremendous profit margins.

13. Costumes

$3.2 billion+ is spent on costumes in the United States every year. People enjoy dressing up and not just at Halloween. 

Think Mardi Gras, period costume parties, kids parties, the list is endless.

With a retail markup of 50%-60%, you can purchase wholesale costumes from a variety of vendors including funexpress, rubies, and

Check out this post offering helpful hints on how to build, structure and sell costumes on your site.

14. Luxury Fashion

By opting to sell high-end fashion items, you have identified your target market and ideal client base.

Individuals in search of luxury fashion expect quality and are willing to pay premium prices if your products are on point. 

This sector of the fashion industry is worth over $68 billion, with a forecast of 3.5% for 2022.

image of various handbags

Wholesale options include fashionbulk and tashaapparel.

What you the seller needs to understand is that purchasing high-end fashion pieces over bargain-basement selections is a process primarily evoked by emotion. 

Your job is to make the consumer feel like this product was designed specifically for them, their unique style, and tastes.

This post does a phenomenal job of breaking down considerations and successful strategies.

15. Athleisure Wear

Athleisure Wear is becoming one of the most popular ecommerce products of the century.

This $215 billion industry is projected to see growth rates of nearly 11% through 2024. 

Your best attack for generating sales in this market is to connect with influencers and leverage social media platforms.

Paid advertising on Facebook is worthy of consideration. 

The retail spread is between 55%-62%, and wholesale items can be purchased from sites like judson, royalapparel, and

Check out this post offering additional wholesale options and a more in-depth description of each.

picture of fitnesswear direct home page

The online boutique market is competitive.

But if you have a site that is: 

  • Easy to navigate
  • User-friendly
  • Sells quality products
  • Provides excellent customer service

You stand to recoup costs and see substantial ROIs.

Here is an article depicting the potential of the athleisure wear market and why this is a good investment.

16. Consignment

You understand the relevance of niche-specific inventory and identifying your target market.

But if interested in launching a consignment-style site, you must also take into consideration sellability. 

While it is true people want a bargain, they still expect a certain level of quality and style (even from an online thrift store).

So tackle your rummage sale strategy accordingly.

image of an online consignment store

Americans spend an average of $17 billion a year on used-merchandise, so why not on your site? 

There are numerous places to locate sellable items, but you need to be bargain savvy if you intend to make a profit.

Check out places like:

  • Garage and Estate Sales 
  • Clearance and Liquidation Sales 
  • Flea Markets 
  • Overstock Wholesale Platforms

Remember to clean up your haul and incorporate your time and effort into your price points to generate a decent ROI.

Here is an article providing additional information on how to create this style of ecommerce business.

17. Plus Size

45% of Americans are considered obese.

So, it stands to reason that this segment of the fashion industry is one of the fastest-growing online markets in the nation.

Worth an estimated $24 million, the potential to generate significant sales and a high-profit margin with this business suggestion are staggering. 

Wholesale sites like jasmineusaclothing, ccwholesaleclothing and offer trendy, low price-point options.

Given the competitive nature of this niche, consider a rewards program, free shipping, or incentive deals to not only build but create client retention.

image of american shapewear home page

18. Shapewear

Granted, no one openly admits or discusses their Spanx, but this $5.6 million market is projected to see an online growth of 9% in 2021.

With the potential for markups between 40%-70% selling shapewear and compression clothing online is not only strategic but incredibly profitable. 

One of the most profitable ecommerce ideas in 2022, wholesale purchases can be made through sites like americanshapewear, feelfoxy, and

This evergreen niche continues to skyrocket and remains one of the top contenders.

19. Lingerie

Lingerie is fun. It's sexy, and it has the potential to make you a load of cash.

Estimated to be worth $125 billion globally by 2024, the opportunity and styles available in this market are as diverse as body-shapes. 

  • Key points to consider are who your target market will be. 
  • Dial it way down.
  • Will you offer uber-sexy, curvy gal, or off-the-rack options?
  • How you market will also make or break you.

It's worthwhile to invest in a professional model and photographer for images on your site.

Consumers need to see pictures to imagine themselves in your products.

High-end, classy, and the 'I need to have that now' shots are the goal. 

picture of lingerie

By connecting with a reputable distributor, you will improve the opportunity to secure high-profit margins.

Check out gagaopt, bravounderwear, and for above-average products with fair pricing. 

This market is competitive so be prepared to leverage social media platforms.

Market your brand and give your site some additional optimization.

This post offers extra suggestions on how to maximize your profit potential.

20. Minimalist Jewelry

Reports from Google Trends advise that while this industry is forecast to see an expected annual growth rate of 2% between 2020-2023.

If you are looking for a market that is not riddled with cut-throat competition, it may be worth taking the time to investigate this $18+ million market further.

The demand is there and platforms like  bohemiansands, teeda, and offer a wide selection of wholesale pieces.

If you want to give it a go, this article gives details on how to sell jewelry online.

21. Shoes

You can never have enough shoes.

The versatility and marketability of this industry are limitless.

But this is an option requiring competitive analysis to determine your best course of action.

Revenue in the footwear market equates to $94 million and is expected to see a CAGR of 2.4% between 2020-2024.

Mesh shoes, in particular, have made the top ten' online sellers list two consecutive years.

But depending on the level of local competition, this may not be a profitable endeavor.

Once you determine who your target market is, connect with wholesalers such as nywholesalealanic, and

This article offers valuable information and tricks to the trade in terms of selling shoes online.

22. Sunglasses

Fashionistas love their sunglasses. Ultra-trendy, sunglasses are also an uber-competitive niche.

With revenue amounting to $4900+ million in 2021, the market is projected to see an annual growth rate of 1.9% from 2020-2023.

It will take a bit of business savvy strategy, but it is possible to trump the other players if you do your market research.

Get niche-specific and be prepared to shell out some coin for paid advertising and marketing. 

Check out distributors like apparelcandy, queenbee, and for selection and pricing.

picture of a row of hanging backpacks

23. Backpacks

Backpacks see a lot of sales online.

And reports from Google Trend confirm that this product is a front runner if you are looking for a profitable ecommerce business idea

With sales slated to rise from $19.1 billion to $22.5 billion by 2025, backpacks are a sure-fire way to earn cash.

Kids backpacks typically see a surge during the 'back to school' shopping, so be mindful of your timing, or you could be scorched by inflated ad spends.

Thankfully there is not the seasonality associated with college and adult consumers, which should provide your site with a steady stream of traffic year-round.

You can buy wholesale through numerous platforms including backpacksusa, bagsinbulk, and

This article shares insider tips and tricks on how to get started in this industry.

24. Watches

Watches are an ideal ecommerce business idea.

Versatile, ship and package effortlessly, and offer a wide variety of styles and choices.

With a steady growth rate of 8% in sales this $7 billion industry provides an abundance of opportunity. 

Concentrate on discovering and offering an untapped area within this niche to entice potential customers, and remember marketing is key-especially on social platforms.

image of timeworld home page

Minimalist watches are one of the trending products for 2022, but there are numerous alternatives, including smartwatches and wooden watches.

Wholesale distributors such as timeworldusa and offer a wide selection with reasonable price points and quality customer service.

The retail markup for this product is typically around 40%

This post offers step by step instructions on how to create a fortuitous enterprise selling watches online.

25. Print On-Demand Lifestyle Apparel

The T-shirt. It never gets old and never goes out of style.

This ecommerce business idea is expected to surpass $10 billion by 2025.

This article confirms that this market is not only trending-it is on fire.

Your best course of action is to connect with an on-demand third party printing company.

Unless, of course, you are design-savvy, crafty, and enjoy that sort of thing.

Once you figure out your target market and design strategy, you can hook up with distributors like needen, blankstyle, and

With markups around 40%, this post gives a breakdown of how to reap profitability in this industry.

26. Fashion Rentals

Constructing a rental fashion site is a culmination of fashion and technology.

The premise is to provide your clients with the newest outfits and accessories.

By connecting with multiple designers and agencies, you charge your customers a percentage of the rental fee.

Be sure to include the cost of any service charges, dry cleaning, etc.

Orders are made and dispatched from your vendor's inventory.

cartoon of mannequins a giant needle and thread

You can rent anything from formal wear to costume jewelry.

Additionally, you can monetize your site through commissions advertising, affiliate links, sponsored listings, or subscriptions.

When an order is placed, the product is dispatched from the vendor's inventory with pre-addressed packaging.

  • There should also be a provision for holding an insurance amount during the rental period to cover any accidental damage.
  • Consider adding a selling component and allow your vendors to sell their products while you take a percentage of the sales.

Your ROI will depend on your price point and how many rentals you generate monthly.

This article offers additional information on how to set up your ecommerce platforms and be successful with this endeavor.

27. AR Online Fashion Store

Augmented reality has the potential to revolutionize the shopping experience you offer your client base.

AR is expected to reach a market value of $198 billion by 2025.

The realm of possibilities for your e-commerce site should you incorporate this shopping methodology are endless.

By bringing your products or rentals to life via 3D technology, customers can try on your pieces virtually before purchase.

technostacks website

Check out this post on how to set up your site to be AR compliant.

Whether you opt to use your own product or affiliates, this suggestion can set you apart from the competition.

Consumers want AR, but most online retailers are hesitant to offer it. 

Harness the power of AR and you not only enhance the online shopping experience for your customers, but have the potential to generate significant profits.

Here is an article providing additional information on how lucrative this suggestion could be for your online business.

Chapter 3


The financial services market is forecast to see a value of $26.5 trillion by 2022, with a 0.9% rate of change yearly.

America is a wealthy nation, and Americans are keen to capitalize on investment strategies. 

By offering on-line platform options, you open the door to potential earnings not only for the general public but for yourself.

Here are a few of our favorite finance profitable ecommerce business ideas of 2022 to assist you in entering the exciting but fluctuating world of the financial market.

28. Crowdfunding Platform

Crowdfunding is a fantastic opportunity for investors and applicants to raise and earn money.

Crowdfunding platforms make money by skimming a percentage of the capital raised in addition to an added surcharge to cover costs of credit card processing and handler's fees.

There are several highly successful crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo you can mimic to develop your platform and get in on this $8 million industry. 

With a CAGR of 5.4% slated between 2020-2023, crowdfunding is quickly becoming the go-to money-making opportunity. 

By providing a platform to pitch projects or ventures to potential backers, your role is to market your site and generate a steady stream of traffic.

Think paid ads, social media marketing, etc.

Check out this post, offering specifics on how to create a crowdfunding website.

image of a bank with cryptocurrency in front

29. Cryptocurrency Payment System

Growing in both popularity and accessibility, especially in ecommerce, cryptocurrency is currently worth a cumulative market value of $237 billion

Cryptocurrency payment gateways act as an advanced payment network allowing transactions to be completed in this style of currency.

Check out this post on how to build your gateway platform to copy BitPay-one of the global dominators in the industry.

The primary function of this platform is to:

  • Transfer essential information from merchant websites to issuing banks, credit card companies, and online wallet players. 
  • Earn money by charging a service fee for transactions and applicable expenses.

Provide value to your identified clientele and you establish yourself as a vital pillar in payment transactions and daily purchases for numerous businesses.

This article gives a more detailed description and instructions on how to set up your cryptocurrency gateway platform.

30. Sweepstakes & Giveaways

Hosting giveaways are used by ecommerce businesses to generate brand awareness and increase sales potential.

This marketing strategy requires appropriate tools, ensuring the campaign is successful. 

Big players like Rafflecoptor and ViralSweep have some industry domination.

But if you can create a platform that is:

  1. More user-friendly
  2. Offers alternate options
  3. Has better price points

Your biggest challenge will be marketing, so you need to determine your niche.

Be the go-to expert in the field and earn money through user fees and paid advertising.

Interested? Like the sounds of this profitable ecommerce business idea?

This article offers additional information regarding giveaway and sweepstakes examples and suggestions.

31. Currency Exchange Program

Online currency exchange platforms-or digital remittance-allow people to conduct their banking digitally.

The number of people using this online model is expected to climb to 13.2 million by 2023.

Confirming that now is an ideal time to enter this profitable ecommerce business idea of 2022.

Your site will be responsible for cashing out currencies or trading one digital currency for another.

By charging a processing fee, you earn money on each transaction.

But this will take some market research to become successful. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who are the significant players? 
  • What their fees look like?
  • Is there an area they are undeserving? 
  • Can you charge less?
  • Where and how can you gain a competitive edge?

You'll need to invest in the necessary software, marketing, and qualify for funding.

But it you 're into it, this article offers insight into this suggestion and breaks down how to get started.

32. Couponing Site

There's no denying people like a deal and will gladly save a buck when they can.

With an economic turn down staring America in the face, it is only a matter of time before this multi-million dollar industry encounters rapid growth.

Slated to see a value of $91 billion by 2022, digital coupon redemption platforms are a lucrative business opportunity.

Couponing websites generate an income through advertising revenue and affiliate commissions.

So you need to generate a lot of traffic to reap a significant level of monetary compensation.

You need to find an untapped market and spend time optimizing and ranking your site as per this post.

Unfortunately, this is a very competitive market so take the time to research, determine your niche, and specify what you plan to offer.

Alternatively, you could collaborate with a coupon affiliate site which will expand your brand’s reach as per this publication and ultimately increase your ecommerce site’s profitability.


33. Interface to Withdraw Money from ATMs

No one carries cash anymore.

With the majority of American purchases both on and off-line made through debit or credit.

Why not consider creating an interface where it is possible to withdraw cash from an ATM using net banking details?

This suggestion requires coding ability and an understanding of programs like Java and Python as per this publication.

You can charge a service fee for your platform to earn money.

Offer stellar customer service and a reward program which will enhance client retention and scalability.

34. Robo-Adviser Financial Planner & Stock Analyst

Robo-advisers are a simple solution for first-time investors and individuals looking for a hands-off approach to investing.

Using algorithms, robo-advisers build a diversified portfolio.

One that aligns with investing styles and allows individuals to meet their target allocation percentages. 

This post provides detailed instructions on how to set up and launch a robo-adviser platform.

cartoon of a man in a computer

Less expensive than the live services of a financial adviser, robo- advisers make their money through management fees. 

Increasingly popular, there are several digital platforms, but this $57.8 billion industry has room for a few more players.

Identify your target market, advertise, access the competition, and build your brand. 

Here is an article outlining a DIY model, which provides an interesting perspective.

Chapter 4


The food industry has been a little behind the eight ball in terms of entering the realm of e-commerce.

Revenue in this industry is valued at $702,061 million. With a CAGR of 1.8% between 2020-2023, the time to act is now. 

Citing the challenge of quick processing and delivery, with advancements to technology and a push from shoppers, the market is forecast to see online revenues of $26 billion by 2022.

 Here are a few of our top profitable ecommerce business ideas of 2022, promising sellability, and high-profit margins.

35. Meals To Order & Subscription Boxes

The meal delivery service market is a $3+ billion industry, with a CAGR of 17% forecast between 2020-2025.

Ecommerce platforms have experienced an 800% increase in sales, and that number continues to climb. 

The pivotal component is niche selection and the ability to cater to human psychology.

People want a novel, convenient, and accessible product. 

Offer cooking techniques and ingredients geared towards your ideal client base.

Establish your site and you stand to earn considerable profits with this ecommerce business idea.

This article offers excellent strategies on how to build and market your site.

cartoon of men delivery household items

36. Delivery Service

With revenues equating to $24+ million in 2021, there are twenty-four million reasons why offering a digital meal delivery service is a profitable enterprise.

Your site facilitates the meals from local businesses to hungry customers seamlessly, creating both convenience and accessibility for the American consumer.

Money is generated through fees charged to the restaurants participating on your site in addition to service charges for customers utilizing the service.

The goal here is simplicity.

An easy to navigate site with decent pricing will quickly see you as the top contender in this competitive market as per this article.

Set up your platform with a list of local food providers, menus, a place to order/pay, and voila you are in business.

Check out this post on why food delivery is an optimal choice for e-commerce in 2022.

37. Local Commodities

Shop local. We hear it all of the time.

Consider a local order platform where you connect individuals with people from your community who make unique foodstuffs.

Food can be tricky as you need to adhere to national and regional regulations outlined by government organizations.

By offering quality products, establishing vendor relations, and touting the support local mantra, you can start small and scale as profit margins increase. 

Plant-based and home-made items are trending at the moment.

Check out this post for tips on how to start an online food business.

cartoon of people shopping for organic produce

38. On-line Grocery Store

Slow to catch on, the USA online grocery store is a $27 billion industry, and reports suggest it will reach $38 billion by 2021.

36.8% of Americans currently purchase their groceries online, and that number is on the rise.

  • Access your competition. 
  • What are their price points?
  • What do they offer?

Consider offering free delivery or enlist a rewards program-frequent buyer points-etc. to attract new customers and maintain client retention.

Be mindful of FDA regulations and be prepared to do some legwork to connect with reputable vendors. 

Here is an article with solid advice and instructions on how to set up an online grocery business.

Chapter 5


Kids are money pits. Yes, we love them and devote much of our lives to our children.

But the average cost of raising a child in the United States is between $173,000-$250,000/per kid

Factor out the basic necessities, childcare, and extracurricular activities, and you are still left with big-ticket consumer potentials such as education, entertainment, and the newest and coolest fads. 

While several of these suggestions don't fit the ecommerce model, listed below are a few that when executed correctly will bring lofty returns on your investment.

39. Toy Rental Platform

Online children's toy sales are valued at $23 billion, with an annual growth rate of 10.5%.

Most children have the attention span of a gnat, making keeping up with trends and captivating toys for their children a full-time job for many parents. 

Consider too how fast children outgrow things-particularly babies.

What if there was a way to capitalize on this need?

Enter the toy-rental ecommerce gateway.

picture of little people toys in Olympic clothes

Similar to fashion rentals, you could connect with manufacturers/distributors and rent toys on your site. 

Make money through rentals, user fees, and shipping costs.

Be sure to include a damage waiver/insurance clause as toys can get broken quickly. 

As your site gains traction, consider expanding your brand.

Here is an article providing information on how to sell toys online.

40. Educational Portals

E-learning provides students an edge in a highly competitive scholastic environment.

The e-learning market is reported to surpass $243 billion by 2022.

Whether to improve grades or advance education.

By providing unconventional ways of accessing educational resources and priming your site for scalability, you will reap significant profit margins.

You will need to research the market and offer original, dynamic, and interactive learning.

There are a multitude of niches and sub-niches to explore from vocational to a college education.

Earn money through things like:

  1. Memberships
  2. Purchased PDF
  3. Sales on educational resources

This article provides suggestions on how to build and monetize an educational tutoring platform.

cartoon of women with babies

41. Baby Products

The baby industry is booming and revenue for online baby and infant apparel alone is valued at $2.6 billion.

With an abundance of goods and services available to offer on your ecommerce site, plan to conduct a competitive analysis before you decide what to sell.

Determine what, where, and who is being under served.

Think things like:

  • Cloth Diapers
  • Organic Toys
  • Elite Clothing Lines

Connect with mommy bloggers or affiliates to advertise and promote your brand and market on social media, platforms-especially Facebook mom groups.

Google Trends reports advise that several baby products are currently trending, including infant and baby carriers and baby wipes.

Check out this post listing the current top baby trends and sellers.

42. Books

With children's books, you are not marketing to children. You're targeting the adults that purchase the books.

The market for online and e-readers is expanding as more American children own smartphones, tablets, etc. 

Consider building an online book portal for children and young adult readers.

You have your target market.

Now add options like:

  • Reading the story on your site
  • Downloading the product
  • Purchasing a hard copy

Offer instant digital cards for users or enlist a rewards program to increase income potential. 

Historically profit margins for book sales have been slim, but if you can provide a untapped service you stand to earn a decent ROI. 

Here is an article discussing the global textbook rental market, which is applicable in terms of modeling for your ecommerce business.

cartoon of a coupon

43. Daily Deals

Why not launch a platform offering daily deals and lowest-price options for frazzled parents?

The daily deals industry is valued at $6 billion and has seen annual growth of 12.5% over the last five years. 

Think sites like Groupon, DealsofAmerica, and RetailMeNot.

This market is competitive.

But by providing a website dedicated to children's deals, you offer a niche-specific service in a potentially untapped area of the market.

Daily deal sites generate an income through percentages on each deal (between 20%-50%), subscription memberships, paid advertising, and affiliate links.

Check out this article outlining how to create and monetize a daily deal site to capitalize on one of the most profitable ecommerce business ideas of 2022.

44. Art Supplies

The arts and crafts industry is valued at $44 billion and expected to rise to see financial worth of $50.9 billion by 2024.

With at least 63% of American households participating in at least one creative activity every year, the options to earn high returns are promising. 

Sell specific children's arts and craft supplies through distributors like allartsuuplies, artsupplywarehouse, and where you can purchase for 40% off retail.

Consider offering interactive components where kids can do arts and crafts online or a combination of the two.

Earn money through subscriptions, paid membership, sales, and affiliate links. 

Here is an article providing additional information on how to set up an ecommerce art store.

cartoon of a woman gaming with VR

45. Gaming Website

Gone are the days of holing up in your parents' basement with your Atari to play endless hours alone.

The gaming world has evolved, and now it is all about interactive solutions allowing children to play against their friends from their respective homes.

  • The video gaming industry is growing at a rapid rate and slated to reach an estimated market value of $300 billion by 2025.
  • There are 2.5 billion gamers worldwide, with 21% of these users under the age of 18.

There are a multitude of options when considering a gaming site.

Will you sell games, stream, or serve?

By creating a niche-specified platform for children, you hone in a specific sub-section of this extremely competitive market. 

Generate capital through things like:

  1. Video Advertising
  2. Affiliate Links
  3. Subscriptions
  4. User Fees
  5. Sales

This publication breaks down the details on how to build a gaming website.

Chapter 6


Valued at over $225 billion in North American alone, the pet industry is expected to see a CAGR of 3.8% in 2021.

Americans love their pets and are willing to spend money on their care and wellbeing. 

With the national yearly spend around $1000/pet, there is a vast opportunity to see substantial profits in this exploding market.

Here are a few profitable ecommerce business ideas of 2022 to think about.

46. Accessories

Pet accessories are a lucrative business opportunity offering multiple sub-niches to explore and capitalize for big bucks.

Providing recurring business and the opportunity to up sell, you can offer things like beds, bowls, and leashes.

Google Trends reports that currently, pet beds are a hot seller with over 200,000 searches a month. 

There several wholesale distributors such as petedge and offering decent price points.

Go for items that ship easily (and cheaply) to maximize your earning potential.

Check out this post for an insider's view on how to make this suggestion profitable.

cartoon of pets lined up front and back poses

47. Food & Treats

The pet food industry is projected to see a value of $30 billion by 2022, with dog treats expected to equate to $6.7 billion in the United States.

Think sites like Chewy, Amazon, PetSmart

Huge conglomerates that sell online food and treats,

But what about the little guys?

The organic and entrepreneurial food and treat producers.

By creating an ecommerce site dedicated to exclusive, homemade, and premium quality brands, you diversify from the big players and can skim a percentage of the profits for your labor.

Connect with reputable vendors with a similar vision of expansion looking for a way to increase their online presence and market their brand. 

You can sell additional pet supplies to maximize your profit margins, as demonstrated in this publication.

48. Local Dog Services

Dog services like walking, boarding, and grooming are a multi-million dollar industry.

Overall, revenue for dog walking alone is expected to see an annualized rate of 4.2% increasing its industry value to over $1 billion.

Individuals looking for assistance more often than not turn to online searches.

By offering an ecommerce site listing the local dog centered services, you provide an invaluable service for both the consumer and the business owner.

People can price shop, contact individuals directly, and make bookings all through your local pet services gateway.

Income is generated via service charges, paid advertising, and a percentage of sales executed from your site.

Like Rover but local with better price points and value for your target market.

Here is an article on how to launch a walking dog site that offers some valuable suggestions you can apply to your own design.

cartoon of a lady walking dogs

49. Breeder Platform

Dog breeding is a contentious and highly debated topic.

But the dog breeding market is a multi-million dollar industry that shows no sign of decreasing.

With an ecommerce platform that carefully vets breeders, potential consumers can rest easy knowing they are not supporting puppy mills or unsavory breeding practices.

There are endless breeds of dogs.

By connecting with various breeders throughout the country, you allow individuals to contact breeders via your site.

Generate a profit by: 

  1. Charging breeders a usage fee
  2. Percentage of sales generated through your platform
  3. Paid advertising

There is no way dog breeding is going to cease to exist in the United States, but by providing an ethical and quality service, you fulfill an untapped area of the market.

Check out this post on how to build a site specifically for dog breeders to use as a template.

Chapter 7


Estimated to reach over $422 billion in the United States in 2021, record highs are being set in this lucrative but highly competitive market.

With profit margins typically falling between 5%-10%, determine if the effort is worthy of your time and energy. 

 Here are some of the top ecommerce business ideas of 2022 to consider.

50. Product Info Guides

Electronics are a household staple.

Unfortunately for the majority of Americans figuring out how to set up, use, or even turn them on is a real struggle.

Consider that the United States is the largest technical market worldwide, representing 32% of this $1.7 trillion industry

That is a lot of people potentially needing help with their electronics, suggesting that the demand and potential profits for an ecommerce website are substantial.

With a level of technical complexity geared to an engineering degree, most users will always require assistance.

Create a site where customers can purchase things like:

  • E-books
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • How-To Podcasts

Maximize earning potential through:

  • Affiliate Links
  • Paid Advertising 
  • A Paid Section For Subscribers Only

Here is a publication with additional information on how to make money selling info products online.

51. Computer-Assembly & Sales

The choice of computer brands is endless.

From laptops and desktops, the variety in price and reliability can drive a person insane. 

The desktop PC market alone is forecast to be worth an estimated $10.86 billion by 2023.

Keep in mind where there is demand there is also competition.

By offering a platform of top picks with price points and the option to purchase, you negate the need for people to jump from one site to another.

Like Amazon, but yours will be better.

cartoon of hands fixing the inside of a computer

Offer configuration suggestions and pre programmed/assembled computers online to simplify the process and add value.

Dropshipping would be your best course of action to minimize stock and storage issues.

Connect with wholesale distributors like wholsalecomputers and

Consider adding a chatbot to give your platform an added edge and techy feel.

This post offers solid advice on how to generate a profit selling computers online.

52. Accessories & Essentials

Americans love their electronics.

They also love all of the extra gadgets and accessories available.

Think about mobile phone accessories. 

Expected to be worth $74 billion by 2026 with a projected CAGR of 13.7% between 2020-2026, this is one minuscule facet of opportunity in this broad niche.

The demand for products is there. But so is the competition.

cartoon of students surrounded by tech accessories

Look for obscure niches that have not been saturated.

Anything from printer ink to TV accessories and AR/VR headphones is worthy of consideration.

A few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Have a generous return policy and utilize BIN (Buy It Now) propaganda to maximize sales.
  2. Consider hiring a professional photographer to take pics of your inventory to differentiate from all of the other sellers.
  3. Go for small, easy to ship items to start and as you build your brand, you can expand your platform.

This post is geared to selling phone cases but provides some great additional resources and tips worth considering.

53. PC Support

image of tech support icons

Desktop PCs are an $11 billion market with limitless potential to capitalize on American's lack of tech-savvy abilities.

With over 90% of households owning a computer, it would stand to reason that there is a demand for your services. 

You have identified the problem-now provide the solution.

American's are busy.

No one has time to take their computer for repair.

By offering remote support and repair your site makes the process just so easy as per this publication.

You will need remote connection software, but after you iron out the logistics, you have the potential to make significant profits.

Here is an example of a business offering this service to give you some ideas.

54. Discounted Products

Electronics are expensive. 

They're also one of the top ecommerce business ideas of 2022

With a projected growth rate of 3.7% for 2021, Americans continue to purchase the newest version or own multiple devices. 

What if you could benefit from this consumer need and save the average joe a few bucks in the process?

By offering refurbished and discounted items, you earn profits through your markups, percentage of sales, and affiliate links. 

Check out sites like wholesalecomputers, reaganwireless, and for low cost options and an abundance of variety of makes and models.

Here is an article offering additional information on how to maximize earning potential with this idea.

Chapter 8


Our world is digital.

With 57% of the population utilizing online searches to connect with resources, the internet offers a multitude of possibilities to generate significant profits.

Consider creating a website to connect people with appropriate providers 

Offer networking opportunities and invaluable information to create a steady stream of online traffic and maximize earning potential.

Pick untapped markets, obscure niches, and unique services such as the profitable ecommerce business ideas of 2022 listed below.

vector of people shopping online

55. Comparison Rating Platform

American's are after the best price.

And most prefer the convenience of a comparison rating platform listing top products with the best cost, saving consumers time and money. 

After you identify your target market, set up a user-friendly, responsible, and informative platform.

And allow potential customers to connect with vendors and land the best deals. 

Expected to reach a market size of $834 million by 2022, mediating between customers and retailers is a lucrative industry.

Here is an article with supplemental information on how to build a successful site.

56. Online Store Itinerary

There is no denying that it is nothing short of a pain in the ass to go to multiple stores in search of specific products. 

People like convenience and time-saving strategies.

One reason why creating an ecommerce website listing current in-stock items for local businesses is such a compelling idea.

Not only are you solving a problem, but you are offering a service that is a relatively new facet of the digital world.

By amalgamating inventory information from stores in your community-city or state, you can charge a service fee or user surcharge for the luxury of convenience.

Check out this inspirational post on how this suggestion is not only profitable but highly scalable.

Fulfillment by Amazon

57. Global Ecommerce

Everyone has heard of Amazon.

This global conglomerate will see a net revenue of over $260 billion in retail sales in the United States in 2021.

Dominating 49.1%+ of the ecommerce platform, they are a formidable contender.

Do not be alarmed. Amazon's success has generated what is referred to as the 'Amazon Effect.' 

The impact of their platform has created new and exciting opportunities for ecommerce entrepreneurs.

When considering a global ecommerce platform, there is a hybrid of opportunity to generate significant profits such as:

  • Fixed Subscriptions 
  • Commission Logistics 
  • Deep Discounts
  • Niche-Specific Goods and Services
  • Identified Target Market

You can opt to sell anything you like on your site.

cartoon of a man shopping online with VR

The premise is that you are shipping worldwide, so remember the critical components of a successful ecommerce business in 2022.

Competitive market analysis is a must.

Choose untapped industries.

Places where Amazon does not deliver, or business options that are not saturating the internet to maximize your earning potential.

Here is an article outlining how your site can successfully make you a ton of cash.

58. Offline Store Purchase Options

Believe it or not, there are still businesses who are not selling their products online.

By providing an ecommerce website for vendors and retailers without a digital presence, you not only increase their sales but stand to earn a substantial income. 

Online retail sales of physical goods in the United States are projected to reach nearly $600 billion by 2024.

Confirming the way of the future is without question selling products and services with e-commerce.

The key is connecting with industries selling offline items that coincide with your identified target market.

Stand out from the crowd with things like:

  • Professional images
  • Add detailed descriptions (to entice potential customers)
  • Transparent pricing
  • Offer generous return policies, and refunds to minimize confusion

You can earn capital through a variety of ways, including a subscription/user fees, percentage of sales, and a surcharge for customers.

Here is a post with tips on how to drive sales from your site and maximize your earning potential.

59. Networked Ecommerce

Think about building collaboration with ecommerce vendors.

Ecommerce sites are typically niche-specific.

But what if your identified target market is after a product or service you do not provide? 

By connecting with other online sellers to buy/rent/sell you, establish endless possibilities for both yourself and your customers.

cartoon of heads of people in chat bubbles

A networked style site presents a host of opportunities to generate significant profits and help you dominate your specific market.

This decision should not be entered into lightly.

The goal is profit, so choose whom you partner with wisely and consider the following:

  • Complimentary Offerings
  • Generating a Larger Portion of the Identified Target Market
  • Similar Customer Base-Not Too Much Overlap
  • Comparable Style in Operations

This article does an excellent job outlining the pros and cons of such an endeavor.

60. Merchandise Platform

There is no denying that selling online takes time, effort, and capital to be a successful.

One of the biggest challenges is finding and connecting with reputable suppliers.

Manufacturers who are not only willing to provide the best price but can be counted on for fulfillment. 

What if you were to build a site for the newbie retailers? 

You could provide things like:

  • A list of all of the suppliers
  • Details on how to contact them
  • Any other applicable information

This resource would be invaluable to others entering the world of ecommerce.

Income can be made through subscription, user fees, percentage on acquired sales, and affiliate links.

Here is an article with additional suggestions on how to find trustworthy suppliers. 

cartoon of a man and woman developing a QR code

61. Price Checker

Price wars are nothing new, but how can the consumer confirm they are landing the best deal?

Price checker apps and ecommerce sites allow numerous businesses to add their websites and inform customers of price drops in real-time.

An invaluable service to consumers.

This is also an opportunity for affiliated businesses to:

  1. Increase their online presence
  2. Advertise
  3. Market their goods or services

Make cash through user fees, subscriptions, and paid advertising.

This article does a great job explaining how to build this style tracking engine and generate significant profits.

image of social media stats

62. Social Networking Site


It always falls to the bottom of the list, but do not underestimate this business generating strategy.

Typically the most successful people are the most connected people. 

Social networking sites are expected to see a growth of 14.5% in 2021 and are a $46 billion market.

By offering a social networking platform, you are elevating the typical Facebook group and providing an invaluable service to on and offline businesses.

You can promote people's businesses-think banner ads, live streams, etc.

By charging a user fee or paid subscription, you are offering a necessary service and solving a problem as per this post.

You can take this idea one step further and offer users the option to shop directly through ad links.

This not only increases the value of your site but adds to your bottom line.

63. Industrial B2B Products

The B2B (business to business) ecommerce model is valued at over $1 trillion. 

The beauty of honing in on the industrial sector is that it is virtually an untapped segment of ecommerce

Over 30% of wholesalers and distributors do not have their own site.

Opening a floodgate of opportunity for you to capitalize on this profitable ecommerce business idea of 2022.

  • The key is to concentrate on a specific industry.
  • Build connections, trust, and rapport.
  • Secure reasonable pricing and then scale accordingly.

With good profit margins, this idea is worth noting. 

Check out this publication on how to sell your services and fully capitalize on this income generating option.

Chapter 9

House & Home

Real estate is a massive industry in the United States.

The essence of the American dream is to own a home.

With a projected growth rate of 2.9% in 2021, this $33 trillion market offers e-commerce a multitude of sub-niches and sellable inventory. 

We have uncovered a few of the premium ideas that promise significant growth and income potential for your consideration.

cartoon of a woman in front of two chairs

64. Furniture

Half the fun of being a homeowner is filling it with purchases that reflect personal taste and style.

Furniture is a staple, and there are a ton of product options available to sell.

Furniture is a $262 million industry expected to see a CAGR of 0.7% between 2020-2023.

This is when keyword research, Google Trends, and competitive analysis will serve you well.

Choose low competition within growing industries such as eco-friendly and industrial-inspired designs. 

This post offers examples of the top furniture trends of 2022 worth reviewing.

Wholesalers like vigfurniture and offer fantastic discounts and flat rate shipping.

65. Home Décor

There is nothing like finding the perfect area rug or accent piece to complete the look of a living space.

Americans are avid consumers of home décor, and the market is expected to reach an estimated value of $83 billion in 2021.

Anything from sofa covers and pillows, to mirrors, rugs, and picture frames is on the table with this niche.

Dial down and hone in on your identified target market.

cartoon of home décor pieces

Remember-people make purchases when they are driven by emotion.

So capitalize on their psychological needs with things like:

  • Premium Images
  • Detailed Descriptions
  • Quality Content
  • Great Deals

Here is a great article outlining suggestions on how to maximize your earning potential with this ecommerce business idea of 2022.

66. Outdoor Living

Outdoor living continues to be a popular craze that sees significant searches on Google.

This industry is worth over $49 billion and encompasses a broad spectrum of product suggestions.

Look for items with high searchability and low competition (20k people search for outdoor speakers every month BTW).

Including things like: 

  • Ergonomic Furnishings
  • Outdoor Kitchen Accessories
  • Appliances
  • Outdoor Fireplaces
  • Entertainment

Check out wholesalers like outdoorlivingwholesale and

Advertise and offer items not easily found on the sites of the big players like Walmart, Amazon and Wayfair. 

Check out this post with tips for selling outdoor goods online for inspiration.

67. LED Lighting

Becoming more environmentally conscious as a society, Americans are turning to LED lighting for their homes.

Efficient, free of harsh chemicals and 100% recyclable, this market is set to see an annual growth of 13%, reaching a value of $55 billion by 2022. 

Distributors such as suncolighting and offer a wide range of price points and styles with free shipping for orders over a certain value.

The biggest complaint with this sub-niche is its seasonality, but if you market wisely, that should not be an issue.

Check out this publication for tips on selling LED lights.

image of people with devices

68. Smart Home Products

American's love the automation of smart homes.

Let's face it-this is one of the coolest technological advances we have seen in decades.

The world leader in the smart home industry, revenue in the American market, equates to $4.7 billion, with one-third of users being millennials.

Selling 'smart home products' is too broad-brush.

So pick one key element-say Robot-vacuums.

Successfully market that item and applicable accessories before you consider expanding your repertoire of products.

Check out wholesale distributors like petra and for unbeatable pricing and reliability.

This article speaks to the current trends in smart home products forecast for 2022.

69. Cleaning Supplies

Household cleaners in the United States are worth $5983 million with a CARG between 2020-2023 forecast at 0.7%.

Again this is an expansive market that will need to be dissected into minuscule offerings to see significant sales.

Eco-friendly and organic cleaners are trending, but there are numerous products and equipment geared to making our lives easier.

cartoon of cleaning products

This article offers a list of the top trending cleaning products to brainstorm some ideas.

Remember, the average American consumer wants green products that will clean quickly and effectively.

Check out this publication, which encourages the dropshipping method but does offer helpful information on how to generate notable profits.

70. Surveillance Systems

While the United States has seen a decline in crime rates, we still have one of the highest level of corruption in the world.

Business owners are particularly vulnerable to burglaries, shoplifting, and vandalism. 

Many homeowners face similar scenarios, hence the demand for video surveillance and security.

This $52+ billion industry is registering a CAGR of 9.31% between 2020-2025. 

Rapid development in cloud computing and video surveillance software has driven sales and opportunity making this the ideal time to capitalize on market potential.

There are a multitude of brands and price points to examine.

You can connect with wholesale options such as 2mcctv and

Identify your target market, focus on the need, and develop a sales strategy to inflate your profits.

cartoon of a man on a computer

71. Home Audio Equipment

Advancement in technology and a rise in disposable income have served the home audio industry well.

Expected to see an annual growth rate of 12.6% from 2020-2023, online sales will see increased revenue with this ecommerce business idea at least until 2024.

As the market incorporates advanced features to increase compatibility with other electronics, the home audio industry is a hot ticket niche to consider as per this publication.

Think things like:

  • Bluetooth
  • HTiB (Home Theater In-A-Box)
  • A/V Receivers
  • Wireless Speakers
  • Portable Audio Equipment

With numerous products and brands available, determine what you want to sell and connect with distributors like audioamercia and

This article shares noteworthy top sellers in the industry.

72. Drones

Set to quadruple in sales between now and 2026, this $100 billion market is evergreen and ready to blow.

With high price points and a plethora of accessories, you have identified your niche. 

Time to focus on your target market.

With a variety of entry-level products providing the opportunity to up-sell will not only create customer retention but an increase in profit margins.

Drones are a top Google Trends item, and wholesalers like verydrone, dronenerds, and offer a wide array of products and prices. 

Check out this article on how to earn in this market. 

73. Home Entertainment

image of people doing AR

Gone are the days when home entertainment in America equated to a TV and radio.

With revenue projected to see a CAGR of 8.6% between now and 2024, this industry will see a market volume of nearly $5 million.

Advancement in technology and rapid introduction of smart home products means the home entertainment niche is making significant changes.

And is broadening their repertoire products they sell to the American consumer.

Consider TVs, projectors, play bars, remote controls, and other options outlined in this article.

Price points are extensive, and brand options limitless.

The best course of action for your ecommerce site is to hone in on a specific niche-let's say TVs.

By selling those and applicable accessories, you can broaden your offerings as your site gains traction within your online market.

There are many wholesale options including vivitekusa, and offering competitive pricing and reasonable shipping rates.

74. Directory of Local Contractors

Owning a home does not come without its share of expenses.

Whether it is a full renovation or minor repairs, connecting with reputable local contractors can be a real chore for many Americans.

Consider building an ecommerce site where potential clients can view contractors' portfolios, websites, and contact them directly for quotes.

Similar to Angie's List but personalized to your community or state.

With the average American spending nearly $10,000/year on home improvements, this is a lucrative market with a ton of potential.

Spending is forecast to increase by 17% in 2022, suggesting that now is an ideal time to get in on the action.

image of people in hardhats

Generate earnings by charging business owners a user or subscription fee, customers a surcharge, and even a percentage on landed deals via your site.

You can even add a direct booking portal to simplify the process.

This will take some networking and legwork to be successful.

But if executed correctly, it will be an invaluable resource for business owners, consumers, and your pocketbook.

75. Rental Business

Consider designing a rental business platform.

Everyone has heard of Airbnb and VRBO, but there are more than just houses to rent, and people are looking for any number of options.

Think sporting equipment, baby items, power tools, etc.

Equipment rentals in the United States is a $58 billion industry and is projected to see a compound annual growth of 6.1%.

And that's just equipment rentals.

Decide on your niche, do some research, and ascertain what area of the market has not been saturated.

Set up your site with a few key features like:

  • Allow people to post rental options 
  • Agree to let potential customers connect directly with the vendor
  • Add a booking portal
  • Charge a user fee
  • Skim a percentage off rental bookings

Offer a rewards program.

This site is Canadian, but it gives you an idea and template of design and the potential opportunity for this ecommerce business idea.

76. Auto Parts & Accessories

Americans love their vehicles and take pleasure kitting them out with the newest gadgets and accessories.

With over 280 million registered vehicles across the country, the average American family owns at least one. 

Called the 'Automotive Aftermath' the sales of car parts and accessories are scheduled to be worth $433 billion by 2022.

cartoon of a car on a mechanic lift

Advancement in technology, hybrid cars, electric options.

Never mind that most consumers want to own the newest and coolest and you've got a wide open a host of opportunities for selling products in this market.

This article lists the coolest car gadgets of 2022 for inspiration.

But check out Google Trends and do some research around obscure product ideas.

Purchase wholesale from distributors such as deluxe and

Chapter 10


The beauty industry is one market that can weather an economic storm and this phenomenon is fondly referred to as the 'Lipstick Effect.'

This $90 billion market is expected to see an annual growth of 2.6% from 2020-2023.

Americans are loyal when it comes to their beauty products.

However, studies indicate that if a product is clean, natural, or can be procured conveniently for a phenomenal price point that loyalty may fall to the wayside.

Here's a list of sub-niche suggestions in this market that are sure to generate a profit and prove to be profitable ecommerce business ideas of 2022.

77. Bath & Body 

Bath and body products not only generate high-profit margins but offer a multitude of choices on what you opt to sell.

From bath bombs to accessories, this nearly $9 million industry is expected to grow annually by 2.2% from 2020-2023.

Americans are looking for:

  • Cruelty-Free
  • Clean & Natural
  • No Toxic Ingredients
  • Eco-Friendly

Whether you opt to make and sell your own products or utilize wholesale distributors like madenatural and

Or even design a site where vendors can advertise their products, there is potential to secure significant capital with this venture. 

Sales, user fees, subscriptions, and rewards programs will elevate earnings and offer value.

Check out this post offering an a-z breakdown on how to build and sell successfully with ecommerce.

cartoon of a woman surrounded by skincare products

78. Skincare

The face of skincare is transforming.

American consumers are leaning towards plant-based, cruelty-free, CBD, and byproduct based skin care as they become more environmentally conscious and look for greener solutions to add to their daily regime. 

This article offers a few of the top skincare trends for 2022.

This $19+ million industry is projected to see a growth rate of 3.5% from now through 2023, indicating that now is an ideal time to consider launching a skincare ecommerce business.

Products are small, ship efficiently and can be purchased wholesale from distributors like cosmeticindex and

With high-profit margins, skincare products are an excellent way to earn a substantial ROI with ecommerce.

Add in affiliate links, social media advertising, and subscription options to further capitalize on this proposal.

cartoon of women beside giant make up products

79. Make-Up

America is the world leader in the beauty industry, owning 20% in sales of this $18 million global market.

Expected to see a CAGR of 3.5% from 2020-2023, there are a multitude of sub-niches to consider. 

Profit margins are typically around 1%-16%, but complete a competitive analysis to determine what area you want to hone in on.

Google Trends reports that cruelty-free is a top contender for 2022.

But there are alternate suggestions, including vegan, workout-proof, hypoallergenic, and products specifically designed for elderly consumers. 

This article outlines some great ideas on how to sell makeup online worth reading.

Once you have determined your target market and specific niche, there are several options to sell including:

  • Dropshipping
  • Building a platform for local vendors to utilize
  • Selling wholesale products from retailers

Ones like: cosmetixclub and

80. Hair Products

Hair. It is a massive conglomerate ranging from products and accessories to specialized items such as wigs, weaves, and tools.

This $47 billion market is expected to be valued at $87 billion by 2023.

The average American consumer on a quest to purchase eco-friendly, natural, and made without animal testing.

Making the landscape of this massive industry ready to see significant changes.

One reason why this niche is one of the most profitable ecommerce business ideas in 2022.

Determine your target market and decide how and what products you want to showcase on your platform.

cartoon of hair products

Connect with affiliates, offer promos, and utilize social media to leverage your rankings and carve out digital domination.

Hair care has one of the highest profit margins in the beauty industry.

Connect with wholesale options such as itradebeauty and

Check out this article for inspiration on how to achieve financial independence selling hair care.

81. Cellulite Removal


No one talks about it, but 90% of American women and 10% of the guys have it-even if they won't admit it.

Makes sense then that the cellulite treatment market accounts for over $1 million and is reported to reach $1,520.50 by 2026. 

Seeing an annual growth rate of 12.8% between now and 2026, this evergreen e-commerce industry holds pockets of opportunity. 

With new advancements to technology, there are now a host of DIY treatment options available in addition to the age-old creams and lotions.

Currently, trending is the anti-cellulite vacuum/massager that could be incorporated as an upsell with product purchases or vice versa.

There is a demand in this market.

But how you market and how well you leverage digital platforms will be paramount to your success.

Check out wholesale options like spaandequipment, and

If you are interested in manufacturing your own line of creams/treatments, take a look at the choices offered by

Whether you choose to service the industrial sector or focus on home-based solutions, cellulite removal is a lucrative market worthy of serious consideration.

cartoon of a subscription box falling from the sky

82. Subscription Boxes for Men

The subscription e-commerce market is valued at around $10 billion, excluding the top dog Amazon Prime.

Projected to see a growth of up to 200% subscription boxes are here to stay. 

Of these sales, 70% are made by Americans who love the convenience and replenishment options of subscription boxes. 

Recent reports advise that men encompass 42% of the market and are reported to have between two and three subscriptions as per this post

Your target market is males between the ages of 22-44 who earn an average annual income of $50,000-$100,000.

That's still way too broad, so narrow it down and identify exactly who your sales demographic will be and market accordingly.

You can opt to sell anything from: 

Influencers are your number one bet for generating a buzz around your products.

Leverage social media platforms via paid advertising and monetize your ecommerce business.

You need to provide things like:

  • Convenience
  • Value
  • Accessibility
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Items not easily obtainable by the big kids like Amazon Prime, Dollar Shave Club, or  Bespoke Post

Interested? This article provides basic information on how to build and successfully sell subscription boxes.

picture of bottles of perfume

83. Fragrances

Fragrances are another extensive niche that offers a host of possibilities and profit.

Revenue in the fragrance industry is over $3 million, with a projected annual growth rate of 1.7% through 2023.

North American accounts for 33.9% of the global share and is the world leader in sales, mergers, and new product launches.

These statistics set the stage for an incredible opportunity with ecommerce if you can hone in on a specific area of the market and strategize accordingly. 

This article offers further insight into how to maximize sales and create an online presence diverse from the competition.

How you describe your products and market your brand will make or break you.

Consider adding an open forum platform on your site allowing customers to post reviews of your products and personal recommendations.

By creating a community feel and keeping customers informed, you will generate excitement regarding your site.

Especially with millennials who love to be in the know to the coolest and newest crazes.

image of various hair products

84. Hair Removal

Unwanted hair is kinda like cellulite.

Everybody has it, and no one is talking. Believe me when I tell you that the market for global hair removal is forecast to rise to about $1.35 billion by 2022

With endless options, this niche has a wide selection of sub-categories to explore and examine.

After identifying your target market, determine what products would be best suited to their needs. 

The spectrum is extensive and includes everything from depilatory creams to DIY laser hair removal.

This post offers the top hair removal trends for 2022 to give you some ideas.

Profit margins are high, and wholesale options include marlobeauty, sdaccs, and

85. Eyelash Extensions

The beauty industry may be turning toward more natural looks and eco-friendly trends in 2022.

But the love for voluminous, and protracted eyelash remains firmly ingrained for the average American.

The false eyelash industry is expected to reach $1.6 billion by 2025, with a registered 5.4% CAGR.

The bonus here is it is not just about falsies-magnetic or tape, synthetic or minx.

There are a host of accessories and complementary products associated with the process and after-care including:

  • Primer
  • Cleaner
  • Curling wands
  • Holders & cotton swabs

Decide if you plan to cater to professionals or DIY home options and narrow down exactly what you plan to sell your identified target market.

A niche that will profit tremendously through social media, affiliate links, and paid advertising, market your brand to ensure the best possible ROI. 

Dropshipping options are available.

Connect with distributors selling wholesale items such as, aliexpress, and to maximize profit margins.

picture of numerous eyebrows

86. Everything Eyebrow

The world is eyebrow obsessed.

Instagram selfies are the primary culprit fueling this billion-dollar industry as the quest for the perfect brow shows no sign of slowing down.

With new trends like eyebrow lamination seeing a growth rate of 2500% in six months-you read that right (read this).

Profitability is sky high and opportunities endless.

Consider your target market and cater to their specific needs.

Drag queens are after a different style and applicable accessories than say a middle-aged woman.

To build a sense of community and improve client retention consider adding things like:

  • Paid Tutorials
  • YouTube Classes
  • Product Info-Guides  
  • Interactive Component (think AR/VR)

Social media, influencers and brand awareness are the only way to go with this market.

Trends are fast and furious, and you need to stay one step ahead to outshine the competition and set your site apart from the rest. 

Connect with wholesale options like aliexpress and and make some money with this profitable ecommerce business idea.

87. Oral Care

The oral care and oral hygiene market are geared to hit $53 billion by 2025.

With an annual growth rate of 3% from now until then, there remains ample time to jump in on the action.

More than just toothpaste, mouthwash, and toothbrushes-although bamboo toothbrushes are on Google Trend's top product list.

Consider all of the at-home whitening agents, aligners, and accessories.

Oral care is an expansive niche, so determine the who-what-why and where of how to market your products to align with your identified target market.

With profit margins between 19%-50% where you locate your products and how successful your suggested mark-up price sells will dictate monetary gains.

Check out sites like dentalwholesaledirect, nadental, and

Chapter 11


There are over 245 million internet users in the United States.

And over 2 trillion Google searches per day worldwide.

Establishing an online presence is not only lucrative but will ultimately be the best way to be successful in business. 

Of course, there will always be brick and mortar businesses.

But at some level, they too will need to devise a digital platform if they hope to stay afloat in an increasingly competitive market. 

Here are a few of the most profitable ecommerce business ideas of 2022 embracing  digital.

image of social media icons

88. Social Media Consultant

Social media is the linchpin in building your brand, connecting with customers, and increasing sales.

But what platform? What type of campaign?

For many business owners, the world of social media is like living in a foreign country where you don't speak the language. 

With more than 3 billion people utilizing social media globally.

Why not consider an ecommerce platform connecting business owners to social media consultants to assist them in launching their campaigns?

You are providing a solution to a problem and invaluable service and expertise.

Charge a user fee for clients and a surcharge for consultants who list on your site. 

Create a platform where potential clients can connect with consultants directly and book services as needed.

This post outlines tips on how to sell professional services online.

89. Online Marketing

Online marketing is a multi-million dollar industry.

Global spending on digital marketing equates to over $100 billion and has seen annual growth rates as high as 44% in the last two years.

The premise behind online marketing is to spread the word about a particular business or product via the internet.

Online marketers provide solutions to befuddled business owners, so why not create a site outsourcing this skill?

You can opt for a gateway style system where online markets pay to list their services and bid on gigs generated from your site.

Skim a percentage off confirmed bookings or charge a user fee to generate an income.

Check out this publication explaining online marketing and its benefits. 

90. DIY Online Store Builder

There is no denying that setting up and building your e-commerce store requires time and effort.

For the less tech-savvy folks, it can be nothing less than a nightmare. 

By offering a DIY online store builder, you design a platform where you guide other up and coming entrepreneurs to create their online platforms.

Offer things like:

  • Videos
  • PDF Downloads
  • Live Tutorials

Add in software application options as an up sell or consider the premier package of doing the work for them-for a hefty price tag of course.

Google 'how to build an ecommerce website' to see the level of competition-or lack thereof-on step by step instruction and do better. 

91. Web Design & Development

cartoon of a man with a magnifying glass checking web sites

With so many website building platforms, why not consider creating a site where web developers and designers can offer their expertise to potential clients?


  • Portfolios
  • Pricing
  • A Communication Platform (allowing customers to contact potential service providers directly for quotes)

This industry is valued at over $38 billion and has seen growth rates of 6% in the last two years.

Add graphic designers into the mix and you can be the one-stop-shop for business owners in need of a website build or complete overhaul on their existing design.

You can start small-even just you at the beginning-and expand as necessary.

Leverage social media platforms and gain a steady stream of online traffic by optimizing your site.

Here is an example of a site offering ecommerce builds to refer to, but you can design in any area of this expansive niche you choose. 

92. Customer Engagement Solutions

Sometimes even the best campaigns and herculean efforts do not result in the desired outcome. 

By offering customer engagement solutions and services to companies interested in establishing better customer engagement, you are providing an invaluable solution to a significant problem.

This industry is valued at $15.52 billion and is forecast to see a CAGR of 12.5% between 2020-2025.

These statistics confirm this is an ecommerce business idea in 2022 riddled with profit potential. 

Check out this article offering customer engagement examples you can implement on your site.

Either via live streams, application software, or outsourcing options to maximize your earning potential.

93. Online Customer Service

Customer service is a $350 billion industry and is about to undergo a dramatic transformation.

Currently, the preferred method of customer service is via email and telephone.

Unfortunately, if not executed property these strategies result in actually costing business owners money.

Consider a more effective approach such as the email to chat experience with built-in intelligent self-service components such as a chatbot.

There is no denying that customer service is directly linked to higher growth revenue and lower costs.

cartoon of a chat bot

But how do business owners achieve this delicate balance?

Enter your ecommerce platform specifically designed to assist business owners by offering them outsourcing solutions.

Either you're:

  • Creating & Implementing Chatbots
  • Running Email Campaigns
  • Or Both

You can enlist other professional service providers to freelance on your site for a fee.

Charge business owners a flat rate per campaign, or pocket a percentage of sales resulting from your intervention.

Customer service is an integral part of a business's success and a very lucrative industry, as demonstrated in this article.

image of a man and woman on computers

94. Resume & Cover Letter Writing

Getting a job in today's economy is hard.

You have under twenty seconds to impress a potential boss with your resume before it ends up in the circular file.

This kind of pressure to influence the reader demands resumes be written as professionally and clearly as possible.

Writing resumes and cover letters is a skill that eludes the better portion of the population.

So why not consider offering this service on your ecommerce website?

Whether you are proficient enough to do it yourself or outsource to numerous professionals.

You can design your platform in a way that allows people to connect with writers, supply necessary documentation and information, and pay directly.

This article lists the field's top contenders and allows you to view the concept. 

95. Stock Photos

Stock photos are used for everything, from marketing and advertising to social media and interactive products.

Slated to reach a value of over $4 billion by 2023, this market is seeing an annual growth rate of 5%.

Consider adding in sellable items like:

  • Camera Accessories 
  • Tutorials

Enlist freelance photographers and allow them to publish their portfolio and booking information for a flat fee or percentage of sales.

picture of adobe stock website

You can charge a user fee, pay by the picture or monthly surcharge as a way to generate sales.

Think about the leading players like Shuttershock and Adobe Stock and model your site accordingly.

This industry is cut-throat, so you need to offer something not easily obtainable elsewhere or set your price points lower than the competition.

Here is a fabulous article providing a host of additional information regarding the specifics of this industry and how to best capitalize on this suggestion.

96. Copywriting & Content

Copywriting is without question one of the most fundamental components of mastering an online presence.

Let's face it, for the majority of American business owners, writing engaging, optimized, and interesting content is nothing short of stress provoking.

By designing a gateway connecting copywriters with potential customers, you are providing a service to both parties.

Think freelancer and textbroker

Those sites are crazy successful and generate a ton of traffic.

Meaning significant coin in the pockets of both the platform and the professionals listing their services.

Here is an article explaining the importance of quality copywriting.

97. Editing & Proofreading

People get so excited when their website is first published. It is reminiscent of having a child for most business owners.

Look at them with an online presence, all ready to generate more sales.

Happily, they go about their business, never realizing that there is an undeniable spelling mistake front and center on the home page.

Spelling and grammatical errors are not taken kindly by the average American, which makes editing and proofreading such an invaluable service.

Whether for websites, blog posts, or social media platforms, someone should be checking over work prior to publication to save a business from potential embarrassment.

Why not solve the problem and build an ecommerce business dedicated to this service?

Here is an example of a 'one-woman show' who has managed to get herself ranked in the number three spot organically and on the first page of Google.

There is a ton of income-generating potential with this model, so do your competitive analysis and take the time to rank your site.

98. Translation

By building a website that works as an interface between translation experts and potential customers, you are entering into the world of online translation services.

The United States is single-handedly the largest market in this $40 billion industry, which is expected to reach a value of $56 billion by 2022. 

With growth rates projected to increase by 4%, globalization is promoting expansion market-wide.

Advancements to technology and other computer-assisted translation software are spurring a higher, more efficient level of translation. 

The result is transcreation, which is becoming the preferred style of translation services.

picture of a keyboard with different languages for keys

Transcreation is a process involving local dialects and artistry transforming content so that it appears as though it originated in the identified language.

This style assists business owners with their overseas target market and opens a sub-niche for your e-commerce site.

This article outlines translation trends for 2022 and may give you some other ideas on how to maximize profit potential.

99. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing and ecommerce go together like peas and carrots. 

By building this style website, you can sell products and/or services on behalf of other sites such as Amazon and Rakuten

This business model allows you to earn attractive commissions and offers unlimited potential.

Check out this post I published breaking down the steps required to start an affiliate marketing company.

This is a great resource to get you started in this $6 billion industry. 

Affiliate marketing has consistently seen a 10% increase in spending over the last four years, with 81% of brands and 84% of publishers utilizing the power of this model to increase sales.

Not only does affiliate marketing offer outrageously high-profit margins.

But it is scalable and offers flexibility in terms of what you can sell and how much you can earn making this one of the most profitable ecommerce business ideas of 20212. 

100. SEO

You will be hard-pressed to find a business that wouldn't benefit from SEO.

This $80 billion industry offers a multitude of opportunities to provide a variety of both on and off-site optimization strategies.

In theory, SEO is not that difficult, but the rules changing as often as people change their socks, and business owners armed with knowledge and the best intentions get frazzled very quickly.

By offering an ecommerce platform selling SEO, you are meeting an increasing need and demand for a vital service in the digital world.

cartoon of a computer with a graph on the screen and a magnifying glass

Determine your target market and work backward from there. 

  • Will you do the work yourself and hire a team to help you?
  • Will you allow SEO freelancers to offer their services on your platform for a finders fee or percentage of secured deals?

No matter which way you cut it, there is the potential to make a significant profit with this idea.

Think sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

Someone somewhere is making a shitload of cash from those platforms.

Check out this article outlining strategies and suggestions on how to enlist clients. 

101. Voice-Overs

Globally, the voice-over industry is valued at over $5 billion.

The majority of the growth and activity are concentrated in North America.

Surprisingly, radio is only 1% of total jobs, with the entertainment industry accounting for 58% of the work.

Animation and short videos are the name of the game in this market and should be strongly considered as your target market.

Again-dial way down and identify a specific facet of this industry.

By creating an online voice-over artist business-either with your own talents or those of others.

You can charge recruits to list on your site, service charges, and a percentage from booked deals.

This article offers insight and suggestions on how to start and monetize this ecommerce suggestion.

infographic of a contract

102. Recruitment Agency

The recruitment agency industry is predicted to be worth $158 billion by the end of 2020.

$10.3 billion of that money is earned by online recruitment sites in the United States, which is expected to see market growth of 8.6% in 2022..

Business owners hire recruitment agencies to find and secure job candidates through screening and stringent vetting processes.

You earn a percentage of the allocated salary for your efforts and assist both business owners and potential employees in seamlessly entering the work field.

By creating an online recruitment agency platform allowing business owners to list the position and required qualifications your site provides hopeful individuals the ability to access and apply for said employment.

Check out this publication that does a great job of breaking down the process and identifying crucial considerations.

103. GIGs & Micro Jobs

The 'gig economy.' 

Named for specific jobs of typically short duration, this market is booming.

An estimated 57 million Americans are now actively participating in this work-life balance trend. 

Reports suggest by 2023, 52% of the US workforce will be involved in this market to at least to some degree.

Independent contractors and online platforms-that's you-contract a variety of workers for any number of tasks.

Sites like TaskRabbit, Fiverr, and Airtasker are great examples of the profit probability of building an online platform connecting potential 'taskers' with job opportunities. 

This post does an excellent job providing explanations and actionable strategies to create and monetize your site.

cartoon of a woman with a headset at a computer

104. Virtual Assistants & Freelancers

With nearly 40% of Americans working remotely, this is no fad.

The demand for virtual assistants and freelancers is a rapidly growing industry offering a variety of services to business owners. 

Touted as more cost-effective than actual employees, the key is to ascertain which services and skills are in high demand and build your site accordingly.

Again, if we refer back to sites like Upwork and Fiveer, you can see the impressive number of potential candidates looking for any number of online jobs.

Create a gateway for business owners to connect with potential freelancers or virtual assistants and you provide value, address a need, and collect a handsome payout.

Liking the sound of this profitable ecommerce business idea of 2022?

Here is an article outlining how to build an ecommerce site dedicated to this model.

105. Transcription

Transcription in the United States is a $19.8 billion industry with a projected growth rate of 6.1% by 2027.

With several sub-niches including general, medical, or legal, the growing demand for professional transcription is staggering.

Studies advise that human transcription is 99% accurate compared to the 88% of computer-generated software.

The key here is to hone in on your target market and offer not only superior accuracy and turn-around time but competitive pricing.

Take a look at some of the prominent industry leaders like transcribeme and

By devising a portal where transcriptionists can list things like:

  1. Services
  2. Specialties
  3. Prices

Potential clients can interact and book with them directly and you earn cash through user or subscription fees or a percentage on booked jobs.

Technological advances are swift as per this post, confirming that the industry will see positive changes in growth potential and profitability.

And making this one of the profitable ecommerce business ideas of 2022 to investigate further.

cartoon of people sitting around a computer

106. Application Development

The publishing and application software industry is valued at over $200 billion and includes custom design and development programs for end-users. 

Consider developing an interface connecting tech gurus with business or homeowners to assist them in setting up and/or maintaining their existing software.

Take a closer look at the set-up Best Buy offers its customers through their 'Geek Squad' service.

24/7 online support, telephone or chatbot service, and a host of security add-ons to protect the average consumer.

The majority of American's don't understand much less know how to set up their device or maximize existing application software components.

By determining your target audience and enlisting freelance IT people, you can profit from user fees, subscription or reward programs, percentage of sales, and direct sales of software.

Wholesale distributors like netsuite and would allow you to have up sell options to further capitalize on this profitable ecommerce business idea of 2022.

107. Business Consulting

Business coaching is a $15.5 billion industry expected to see an increase of 3.7% in 2022.

With this growth comes new online opportunities as the rise of the automated coach gains traction.

It's a highly competitive niche, and coaches wishing to differentiate from the competition, are turning to micro-lessons and gamification.

Giving clients more than just first-hand knowledge and experience.

image of consulting solutions

This market expansion is the perfect opportunity to build a platform connecting business coaches with potential clients.

Coaches can list their credentials, services, price structure, and area of expertise.

Allow people to connect and book directly with the coach of their choosing.

Think of sites such as Noomii, and as templates and model your ecommerce business site to coincide with your identified target market.

Check out this article providing additional advice on how to launch an online business coaching enterprise.

Chapter 12

Lead Generation

I have listed lead generation as a 'bonus' ecommerce business idea, which is ironic.

From where I sit, this strategy is without  doubt the top contender. 

I've personally tried my hand at a number of these ideas but not one comes close lead generation.

Generating a semi-passive income stream of over $50,000+/month I have been able to secure with this business model.

Let me break it down for you.

With over 400 niches to choose from, pick one.

Build a website and rank it in Google searches until it is generating consistent leads.

Don't worry, we show you how to do this.

You'll learn everything you need to know to achieve success with lead generation in this course.

Once that site starts bringing in leads, connect with a reputable and local business owner hungry for more business.

You sell him the leads and take a sliver of the profit. 

Sound too good to be true? I promise you it's the real deal.

Take a look at this tree site I published in 2014.

This site is not only ranking but paying me a monthly check of $2000/month for the last six years.

And I'll let you in on a little secret. This is only one of over 80 sites I own and rent every month.

There are other rank and rent models out there. I told you success, and high profitability creates competition. 

But there's no better program to provide you with the knowledge, ongoing support, and opportunity to create financial freedom online.

Interested in achieving financial freedom?

Looking for the best online business opportunity around?

Click the link below and jump on a call with me or one of my colleagues today.

There you have it.

107 of the most profitable ecommerce business ideas of 2022.

Some will excite and inspire. Others not so much. 

The bottom line is that there is a host of opportunities in ecommerce.

Niche way down.

Remember the critical principles of a good product or service. And be sure to run a competitive analysis.

This is definitely not a comprehensive guide.

If you have a brilliant idea you would like to share, please feel free to leave it in the comments below. 

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