How To Earn Money by Writing Stories (9 Profitable Ways in 2024)

May 22, 2024


How to earn money by writing stories:

  1. Write for a blog.
  2. Post a story on medium.
  3. Publish an e-book.
  4. Sell stories on Amazon KDP.
  5. Ghostwrite a novel.
  6. Use publication writing sites.
  7. Enter a writing competition.
  8. Get published in a magazine or journal.
  9. Become a freelance writer.

You can make money writing short stories by self-publishing, using a writing platform, creating content for others, or getting your write-ups published on popular sites. However, your stories should have the right genre, writing style, plot structure, and story pacing to engage your target audience or produce sellable content. Many Redditors mention how they make money writing stories through commissioned projects, magazine and anthology submissions, Patreon channels, and many more. According to the latest comments from the Creative Writing Forums, the most popular genres for short stories are fantasy, science fiction, mystery, literary fiction, erotica, and romance.

lightfarming - reddit

Reddit comments reveal that writing stories in the 21st century lets you make around $500 to $1,000 monthly if you have a steady publishing schedule and a significant collection of written stories. Most writers start earning around $30 per month and slowly growing it to over $100. Some Redditors also mention that reputable magazine or anthology companies pay around $0.05-$0.10 per word. So if you have a 3,000-word story, you can make around $240 on a single submission.

Nathaniel Tower

Nathaniel Tower, creator of The Juggling Writer blog, mentions how writers can earn a $100 income on a single story, given they know where to sell these stories. He also revealed how he earned $500 yearly on a single story he made. Nathan grew his writing hobby into a collection of 300 short stories. This allowed him to make $5,000 worth of income for all his published short stories.

Story writing is a narrative. They take readers through a sequence of events to a conclusion. The best stories have a theme that ties them together. This drives potential readers to consume more stories on a weekly or monthly basis. According to the Pew Research Center, over 50% of individuals in the U.S. read at least one story or book per month. Accordingly, THGM's book readers survey states that 64% of readers globally plan to consume more books or stories in 2023 than in 2022. This highlights the potential of story writing in 2024 and beyond.

You can make money with your writing skills, but this industry is competitive because of the low barrier to entry. Research states that only 1%-2% of authors get their work published. They don't make money if they can't sell their work.

This article dives into the 9 practical yet profitable ways to earn money by writing stories. We'll also discuss the popular types of stories, how to make profitable write-ups, and the 3 ways to grow your writing revenue. Plus, we'll feature a business model that is less complicated but highly scalable.

How To Earn Money by Writing Stories

1. Write for a Blog.

1 - Write for a Blog

Writing stories for a blog is a way to make money through projects or commissions from someone who maintains a blog or website. Earnings range from $50-$150+ per article, depending on the platform. These content creators hire you to produce stories or short-form content that they can post to their blogs. Data states that 77% of internet users read blogs. That's why blog owners can't keep up with the increasing demand for fresh write-ups. But a blog needs to publish new and engaging content to get attention.

Bloggers that want to stay relevant and get a ton of eyeballs on their site are willing to pay for fresh and creative stories. A few popular writing sites that pay daily or frequently in 2024 include:

  • Carve Magazine & Listverse
  • Funds for Writers & WordCandy
  • A Fine Parent & Money Crashers

The best way to create the best outputs is to read past articles. Understand the vibe of the blog and the type of content they publish. Learn as much as you can about their audience. Then, follow submission guidelines and submit the best story you can.

2. Post a Story on Medium.

2 - Post a Story on Medium

Posting a story on Medium is a great way of earning money through a reputable platform. Top writers earn $5,000-$30,000 per month. However, it may take a few hours to a few days to get your story approved and published on the website. But it's a great way for a content writer to earn with short story writing. With 85-100 million monthly active users, its growth rate has increased by 150%. Posting a story in this platforms entails:

  1. Becoming a member
  2. Joining the Medium Partner Program
  3. Creating fresh content
  4. Learning SEO and promoting your stories everywhere

Share your link on YouTube and your social media accounts. Tell family and friends. The goal is to get a ton of eyeballs and people reading your submissions. Writers get paid for the amount of time their stories are viewed. So you want people to stick around and read what you write. Data from Medium reports that the total read-hour time is nearly 5 million hours per month in 2024.

Your should publish two stories a week to earn money on Medium. The higher your output, the more people will see and read your stories.

3. Publish an E-Book.

3 - Publish an E-Book

Publishing an e-book means creating digital copies of your stories and posting them on reading platforms. You can also sell them on sites that pay you for every download. Some popular platforms include Apple Books, Kobo Writing, Nook Press, Google Play Books, and Lulu Press. According to Sandra Di, e-book writers can earn around $200 daily, while Simon Høiberg makes $7,500 weekly. It can go as high as $30K monthly, as mentioned by Chad Bartlett.

To make money with an e-book, write about a topic people want to read. Develop a unique angle (something different from what's already published). Then, market your e-book on every channel you can. Data confirms that e-books sold a whopping 526 million units in 2022 and made a revenue of $2.04 billion.

The key is to promote it everywhere. You can post about it on social media platforms like Facebook, X, Instagram, and Pinterest. Some writers even promote their e-books using YouTube vlogs or personal websites that rank on search engines. The more you market, the more money you can make. E-books are a low-cost way to publish your stories.

4. Sell Stories on Amazon KDP.


Selling stories on Amazon KDP is a profitable yet passive way of making money from stories or books on Amazon. According to Mercedes Lackey's Quora post, writers can earn around $0-$300 yearly. This can increase to $10K-19K yearly, as mentioned by Arianna Campbell and Written Word Media.

According to Dimitrije Curcic's article on WordsRated, Amazon is still the biggest and most popular seller of books and e-books in the U.S. and internationally. Data shows that 31% of Amazon's e-book sales comes from self-published books. In fact, Amazon has a 67% market share in the U.S alone for e-book sales and hit more than $28 billion in revenue for printed books, driven chiefly by Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and Kindle Unlimited.

Amazon KDP's royalty rates are as follows:

  • E-books - 35% or 70%
  • Hardcover - fixed 60%
  • Paperback - fixed 60% or 40% for expanded distribution channels

To make money selling stories on Amazon KDP:

  • Pick the kind of book you want to publish (a few top choices in 2024 include novels, kids' books, and cookbooks).
  • Create an Amazon KDP account.
  • Research keywords and popular categories.
  • Adhere to the platform formatting guidelines.
  • Choose your book style (hardcover, e-book, or paperback).
  • Pre-launch on social media and YouTube.
  • Market your book and choose your royalty option.

Stories sell on Amazon, but it's difficult to maintain a profitable streak if you don't publish regularly. You also need to produce books that are interesting and new. To make money writing stories for Amazon, you need to research. Check out sites like Google Trends and read reviews on the site. Learn as much as you can about your audience and the topics they want to read.

Remember, there's no limit to how many stories you can publish on Amazon. You can also cater to different audience segments to increase your income potential.

5. Ghostwrite a Novel.


Ghostwriting a novel entails writing for another author for a specified payment and number of words. You can find clients looking for ghostwriters on sites like Writers Helping Writers, Ask a Book Editor, and Ghostwriting For Profit. If you're good, you can earn $5,000 per book (or $30-$200 per hour, depending on the scope of the project). According to Redditors, professional ghostwriters make around $1,000 for 10K words (around $5K-$10K for a full-length book).

Other story writers also search for potential clients on Facebook groups and LinkedIn forums. Most of these authors are either busy working on another book or need help to fast-track their book writing journey. People are willing to pay good money for high-quality content. The secret is to showcase your work and be active on the right channels. Data suggest that more than 50% of non-fiction books are written with the help of a ghostwriter.

6. Use Publication Writing Sites.


Publication writing sites is best for getting online exposure and taking advantage of an existing audience. This method lets you earn $50 to $750 for a single article. This way, you don't need to work as hard to build a solid fan base or following. To decide what site is the right fit for your writing style, consider your interests, niche market, monetization potential, publishing cost, and viewability. Remember that publication writing sites have different platform rules, rates, and writing guidelines.

Wattpad is a popular option. However, lots of Redditors talk about how secretive the earning process is. Some comments reveal that writers earn depending on their readers' ad views. Wattpad writers get paid around $666 per book/story per year, according to a sales report by Wattpad on April 2021 (assuming all 750 books and 550 authors received the same amount of views). But other sites like SEMRush, Yudo, Article Alley, Inkitt, Writers Weekly, Penpee, Dreame, and Strange Horizon are top contenders.

There are 5.18 billion internet users globally. In 2024, digital exposure is the best way to get a ton of eyeballs on your stories. That's why it's important to choose a publication writing site that pays well and has reasonable regulations.

7. Enter a Writing Competition.

7 - Enter a Writing Competition

Entering writing competitions and contests are a great way to market yourself while making money with your writing skill. These events sometimes have big cash prizes because most joiners are experienced. But if you want to win, understand and follow the guidelines and submission rules. Stay true to any identified theme and create a mesmerizing main character. Including surprise endings with plot twists and drama lets you craft an emotional story that capture your readers' interest.

There's a ton of competition, so what you submit needs to stand out. But only the best one wins. That's why you should write unique, fresh, and engaging stories. Use words and phrases that grab your reader's attention.

You can apply to as many writing contests as you want. But a few popular options in 2024 include:

  • Eunice Williams Nonfiction Prize: A place for women-identifying and nonbinary to tell their nonfiction stories. No theme, just great content writing. The top prize is $400.
  • Elegant Literature's Contest for New Writers: Literature for new and unpublished writers with a top prize of $3,000.
  • Narrative Prize: Hosted by Narrative Magazine, the contest offers open submissions for short stories, novels, poems, or literary nonfiction all year. The top prize is $4,000.

There's no shortcut to getting the first prize. So, submit to as many contests and writing competitions as you can. Get a feel for what kind of writing works best for you and what outline and narration style are the right fit. Then, practice writing and keep applying.

8. Get Published in a Magazine or Journal.

8 - Get Published in a Magazine or Journal

Getting published in a magazine or journal requires you to create a story or content that offers value to the organization's readers as a whole. You must know the latest trends and news, so you can produce informative and attention-grabbing write-ups. If your article is published, you can earn between $1 to $2+ per word. Writers can submit stories to trending magazines or journals. A few top choices include:

  • Sun Magazine & Reader's Digest
  • Vestal Review & Atlas Obscura's
  • AFAR & National Geographic

The key point to take note is to have a stellar idea and convert it into an interesting and valuable read. Write a well-researched article. Make sure it meshes with the vibe of the publication. If the editor likes your piece, then your byline will be in print and get a ton of exposure. However, not all magazine or journal submissions are published, especially for well-known companies. Some of these publications hire a freelance journalist to write for them. Submissions can go as high as 15,000 to 20,000 yearly, according to BuzzFeed. So, it's crucial to get enough exposure for these companies to choose you.

9. Become a Freelance Writer.


Becoming a freelance writer means making money with any platform and choosing what projects to accept. It offers time freedom because you get to choose your schedule. Reddit comments mention how their freelance writing income can range from $30K-$50K yearly. It can go as high as $150,000 for those with a stable flow of projects or clients. Some freelance writers even earn $0.08-$0.40 per word.

Freelance writers work for themselves. They use websites, social media accounts, and writing platform profiles to gain attention online. Most freelance writers are employed by agencies. But you can find writing gigs on sites like Upwork, Freelancer, and FlexJobs.

Some freelance writers network on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook because there are lots of groups and forums that search for capable writers. The latest statistics state that the global freelance market is worth almost $1.5 trillion and increasing at a CAGR of 15%. But to make money as a freelance writer, know how to market yourself. Leverage channels like YouTube and social media. Create a website and start a blog to get traffic and engagement on your work. This will help you build a reputation for delivering quality content. Then, you can land higher-paying clients.

Why Sell Stories for Money?

You should sell stories for money because it's a chance to turn your hobby or writing skill into a source of income. It's a great way to build your reputation as a writer and build a solid following or client base. And it can create new opportunities to earn even more money with your talent. Other reasons to sell stories for money include:

  • It's way to replace your 9-5 with something you enjoy doing.
  • It lets you grow a loyal reader base that you can monetize with affiliate marketing, sponsorships, etc.
  • It allows you to attract big names in the publishing industry and land higher-paying writing gigs.

How To Sell Short Stories

  • Compose an engaging story. Decide on your genre. What kind of copywriting do you enjoy? What writing style matches your skill set? Study authors in your genre. What language do they use? How do they draw in their reader? Then, write a captivating story. One that excites the reader and encourages them to see what happens next.
  • Pick a writing platform. Research a few sites. Read each one's guidelines around submissions. Is this the best platform for your particular genre? Will your writing mesh with the overall feel of the publication? Determine if they're the best choice for your story and what payouts they offer.
  • Submit your story. Understand exactly what the publisher wants. Then, create a story that will embody the publication site's vibe and attract their target readers. If you get it wrong, you risk your story not being reviewed or considered for publication.
  • Market your story. The most important part of earning money writing stories is knowing how to be the best marketer. Promote your story on social media, leverage email marketing, and share snippets on X, Threads, or Facebook. Consider creating a website to showcase some of your work. Then, network with the right people. You can also share hyper-targeted content and offer value on forums like LinkedIn and Reddit. Tell people what you're doing. Start conversations and focus on how you can help them. This way, you get attention from a ton of eyeballs. Then, you can build your reputation as a writer while making passive income.

What are the Popular Types of Stories?

The popular types of stories are romance, horror, literary fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, and erotica, according to MasterClass and Quora posts. These genres are gaining high viewer rates from different online platforms, reading apps, publishing sites, magazines, and other publications. Famous and engaging stories include:

  1. An original, unique, and memorable plot
  2. Characters that share in-depth nuances about their journey, overcome obstacles, and learn something at the end
  3. Good use of creative writing and story pacing to captivate the readers

Of course, there are other popular types of stories in 2024, like:

  • Contemporary & realistic fiction
  • Paranormal & thriller
  • Crime & suspense
  • History
  • Young adult

The secret is to do research. Read about authors in your niche and study other writers' work or related articles in your genre. Learn everything you can about the market and its audience. Then, be the best story writer. It also helps to determine what a publisher looking for, which kind of writing will sell well, and what type of story are people reading. Research shows that less than 5% of manuscripts are of high quality. But most are still impossible to publish because they don't fit the publisher's wants.

How To Write Profitable Stories

  • Decide on your narration. There are different narration styles you can use for your stories. According to JakalDX and other Redditors, the most common ones are first person, third person limited, and third person omniscient. Most writers stay away from second person narration. This makes or breaks the entire feel of your story.
  • Grab your reader's attention at the beginning. A good story has the right balance between authoritative content and approachability. These factors need to be present at the start of your story to entice your readers. For a story to be good, the reader should feel like they're in it. The key is to create enough questions and elements of mystery in their minds that they keep reading.
  • Introduce the characters as fast as you can. Another way to get your readers interested in the story is by creating characters that are memorable. They can be scary, funny, mysterious, or peculiar. But don't limit them to only the physical attributes and unique behaviors. Quora user Christian Mihai mentions how you can include their dreams, fears, secrets, insecurities, obsessions, and many more. These aspects are what can make your stories sellable.
  • Start in the middle of a crisis. Sometimes stories can start in the middle of a complicated or confusing situation. This lets your readers read on to discover the reason behind that specific scenario. However, be careful when starting with a unique scene because readers might get super confused and not continue reading.
  • Develop an ending that ties it all together or finishes with a twist. Plot twists are great ways to keep your readers coming for more of your stories or the next part of your story. This helps with marketing since they'll be talking about the plot twists on social media or mentioning them to their friends and family. Reddit user BannedGannon reveals that readers like plot twists than emotionally fulfilling endings. However, other Redditors disagree, stating that some endings should be entertaining and should have a good closure. This all depends on your target audience and the impact you want to leave at the end of the story.

Are Writing Sites a Good Option for Story Writers?

Yes, writing sites are a good option for story writers because of its massive client base, upskilling opportunities, and numerous writing projects. Most writing sites have an established presence. So, finding clients is super easy. Some platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Writers Work, and Smart Blogger offer writing training while providing freelance writing projects. Another factor to consider is the site's features and capabilities. This includes project and payment trackers, content calendars, third-party integrations, and many more. Some of the best writing sites for story writers include Contently, Writer Access, Verblio, OneSpace, and Constant Content.

TremontRemy - reddit
RealNCThomas - reddit

Reddit users have mixed opinions on what writing sites are the best. TremontRemy mentioned Wattpad as a good platform for fan fiction writers. RealNCThomas revealed that RoyalRoad is best for fantasy or sci-fi stories. On the other hand, JoaquinRoibalWriter suggests Substack for its unique subscription-based content sharing and email marketing feature.

JoaquinRoibalWriter - reddit

3 Ways To Grow Your Writing Revenue 

  • Write a story that takes your reader on an emotional journey. Your short story should take a reader on an emotional journey. The key to a great story is to slow down. Share all the minute details—the twisting journey of your story. Intrigue the reader and make them feel like they're in the story. Have a near-constant element of mystery to keep the reader's attention. Answer the question. Then, raise another question to draw in your audience.
  • Add obstacles to your story to engage a reader. The main character in your short story submissions should be trying to get somewhere or do something. Issues change their direction or create problems, but everything is going to be a choice. Never let your reader reach a place of compliance or boredom. The more plot twists and unexpected events, the more engaged your reader will be.
  • Write a story with a lesson at the end. Before you start writing your story, know your objective. What is it that the audience is supposed to take away from your story? Tell people why they went on this journey with you. Be clear with your purpose. Share a valuable lesson or an alternate perspective on a controversial topic.

How Does Local Lead Generation Compare To Writing Stories?

You can earn money writing stories. But it's all about output. You need to write a story that people want to buy. As a writer, you'll get a ton of rejection before you publish a winning piece. Of course, the goal is to land a best seller. But it's a competitive market that requires a lot of talent.

In contrast, the local lead generation business model is a learned skill set. It's not a get-rich-quick scheme. But because the barrier to entry is higher, there's less competition. There are 41,705 unique zip codes in the USA alone. Each one of them represents an untapped market. You can secure passive income by building and ranking websites for each local service niche you own. The concept is easy. Get your sites to the top of search engines like Google. Then, they'll start producing leads that you can sell to a local business owner.

Now you own valuable digital real estate in front of people actively looking for your service. Once your sites start making money, they're pretty hands-off. You don't need to write every day or keep trying to sell your leads.


In 2023, 29% of small businesses still don't have a website. Studies conclude that 56% of consumers don't trust a business without one. With local lead generation, you own digital real estate that has value because people trust it. You can get your websites to the top of the SERPs in as little as 6 weeks to 6 months and make up to $10,000 monthly for every site you build.

Earn 85%-95% profit margins without the hassle of churning out high-quality content on a weekly basis. Learn the local lead gen biz model and enjoy unlimited monthly passive income.

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