Steven Mayer’s eCom Genie Review — 3 Telling Reviews From Hackers Academy and Valiant Consultants

March 15, 2024

eCom Genie is an eCommerce automation service provider by Steven Mayer that offers partnerships with you in their successful eCommerce stores. You provide the capital; they buy stock, sell them to Amazon, then split the profits. Steven’s main course focuses on Amazon FBA wholesale.‌ They buy bulk products at wholesale costs in discounted stores and they resell them on Amazon at retail price.

eCom Genie offers Amazon and Walmart automation. eCommerce automation can be profitable in 2023 given that adopting automation in sales and marketing can increase lead quantity by 80%. Also, it improves efficiency and marketing that helps reach ROI by 45%. But, it requires technical skills that will require you to conduct some training. It can add to your expenses, given that building an eCommerce store is not cheap. In eCom Genie, you must have a minimum investment of $5,000.

If you’re looking for a cheaper business model and have the potential to generate passive income, check local lead generation. You need a minimum of $500 to create a website. Then you rank it in search engines. Once it gets to the top, you rent it out to 68% of local business owners that need help with local lead generation. You can generate $500-$2,000 monthly passive income with little to no maintenance. And you can scale as many websites as you want.

Finance Simple Pros and Cons


One of their services is 100% done-for-you.

Steven Mayer is a renowned entrepreneur in the eCommerce industry.

Their website is neat and straightforward.

eCom Genie offers Store Buyback Protection for their Amazon full-package. Also, 100K monthly protection for the Amazon and Walmart hybrid dropshipping model.


eCom Genie has outdated testimonials. 

The starting capital can be expensive.

Some of their services are not completely done-for-you.

eCom Genie has limited slots.


eCom Genie starting cost differs for each program.

  • Amazon Full-Service: You can start with a minimum of 10K as working capital.
  • Amazon & Walmart Hybrid Dropshipping: You can start with a minimum of 5K as working capital per store.
  • Amazon Wholesale FBA: You can start with a minimum of 15K as working capital.

Refund Policy

Steven Mayer mentions nothing about the refund policy.


eCom Geni started in 2022.


Steven Mayer claims to have over 600 clients and $1B in total sales for their clients.

eCom Genie Different Services

Amazon Full-Service

Amazon full-service is by far the most popular eCom Genie package of all. It is a 100% done-for-you service that offers 100% passive income. This package works like a fund. You provide the capital together with other partners, then Steven's team purchases products in bulk. After that, they sell the stocks on Amazon and the profits are split with all the partners monthly. 

Traditional Amazon

You may need to get an LLC, EIN number, and registered seller account on Amazon.

You may need to invest huge upfront and be stuck with inventory and end up with no sale.

You may need to invest huge upfront and be stuck with inventory and end up with no sale.

Most beginners get suspended from Amazon in their first few months.

There are sales velocity checks so you can't scale in the first 3-4 months.

You receive average margins because you are selling the same products as others.

Amazon Full-Package

You don't need to set-up anything. You only need to fill out once, then make an investment and pay a partnership fee. Then eCom Genie handles everything.

Your capital will go over different products, so you are never stuck with no sales.

Results usually happen in less than a month.

The store provided has a five-year long history of sales and results. So, suspensions are almost impossible.

There are no velocity checks, so eCom Genie can scale as fast as you want.

They have access to exclusive deals and bulk discounts. They can control ROI.


Start as low as $10K as your working capital, plus the partnership fee.

Refund Policy

Amazon Full-Service offers Store Buyback Protection. If you cannot recoup your starting investment within 18 months, this protection allows you to sell the store back to eCom Genie.

Amazon and Walmart Hybrid Dropshipping

Amazon and Walmart hybrid dropshipping claims to generate faster sales with lower working capital needed. eCom Genie provides a secure and compliant alternative method. It involves purchasing 5-10 high-demand and profitable dropshipping products. When they get the products, they ship them for you in their third-party warehouses where they do the repackaging and relabelling. These services guarantee that the products follow the terms of Amazon and Walmart. The products they have are already bestsellers with thousands of monthly sales.

These services are not fully done-for-you. There are a few tasks they require you to do. They will send a PDF guide that covers how to set up an Amazon and Walmart store. Most of their clients in this service spend 1-2 hours monthly to manage this business.

After that, you have two more tasks:

  1. You pay a monthly invoice, this is the % share of the profits.
  2. Pay your personal taxes yearly with your accountant.


Start as low as $5K as your working capital, plus the partnership fee.

Refund Policy

Amazon and Walmart Hybrid Dropshipping offer $100K monthly protection. It guarantees a minimum of $100,000 in monthly sales within 10 months. If eCom Genie cannot do that, they will work for free, taking no splits.


They offer another model, which is the Amazon Wholesale FBA. But, they do not provide any information on how they do that and how it works if you choose to partner with eCom Genie.


Start as low as $15K as your working capital, plus the partnership fee

Refund Policy

Steven mentions nothing about guarantees for Amazon FBA Wholesale service.

Who Is The Founder Of eCom Genie?

Steven Mayer is the founder of eCom Genie. He is a renowned eCommerce expert with over a decade of experience. Steven started as an Amazon FBA seller in 2012 and generated significant success. That led him to share his knowledge and success with others who want to start ventures in the ecommerce industry. Today, he creates free ecommerce business tutorials on YouTube. Steven, and some famous publications, claim that his channel gained 20,000 followers. Also, they said he has a community with over 6,000 members, but those are no longer available online. In 2023, the YouTube channel only had 567 subscribers.

Then, Steven created a done-for-you service. His first company grew to over 1500 clients in less than three years. It generates over $1 billion in sales and is growing. But, Steven Mayer experienced a major incident that caused his company huge setbacks. His company’s account manager stole millions of investment capital. It was a devastating blow for Steven that caused clients to leave and a bad reputation in his company.

Who Is eCom Genie For?

eCom Genie is for busy people who do not have enough time to run their own eCommerce store. Their services are fit for people who can’t leave their 9-5 job. However, eCom Genie requires a high amount of capital to fill your inventory. This amount is in the $5K -$15K. Also, this is not for you if you want to learn how to start an ecommerce business. eCom Genie is a done-for-you service, it is not a coaching program.

Is eCom Genie Worth It?

eCom Genie can not be worth it for several reasons. It includes huge initial investment, involvement in shady incidents, and outdated testimonials on its website.

  • High Capital Investment: You need at least a minimum of $5K as capital, plus the partnership fee. Also, Steven claims that the more you invest in them, the more profits will be generated for you. And he doesn’t guarantee success. Rather, the company provides different safeguards that somehow will guarantee that their model is legit.
  • Involvement in Shady Incidents: Steven’s involvement in his past issues makes it riskier to invest in eCom Genie. His previous clients created a lawsuit against Steven and his program, Valiant Consultants.
  • Outdated Testimonials: eCom Genie’s website has tons of reviews and screenshots of successful sales. The problem is those clients are from his previous program and received terrible feedback.

How Much Money Can You Really Make With eCom Genie?

You can make between $1,000 - $20,000 per month with eCom Genie. But, these are the average earnings of its clients and that figure depends on different factors. It includes the amount of working capital you invest, the age of your provided account, and which model you choose to go with.

How Fast Can You See Profits and ROI on Your Investment With eCom Genie?

You can see the profits you’re looking for with at least 12 months of investing in their store. Your ROI typically takes around 12-14 months from the time you provide all documents. Steven says results can vary based on different factors. That includes your monthly investment, market changes, and business practices.

Internet Review About Steven Before eCom Genie

Steven Mayer FBA Freedom Hackers Academy

Before eCom Genie, Steven had a coaching business that became a one-on-ten coaching program. That’s why he launched FBA Freedom Hackers Academy. It helps people to sell on Amazon. It receives good reviews from the internet because of its effectiveness. This program costs less than $3K and provides success to hundreds of students to reach the 6-figure mark.

Steven Mayer Valiant Consultants

Steven joined the group of entrepreneurs who use Amazon automation back in 2019. Steven received tons of complaints, bad feedback, and damage from its clients. But, Valiant Consultant is one of the top Amazon automation services. These incidents lie with what Steven mentions about the betrayal of his account manager.

Valiants Consultant is BBB Accredited but immediately vanished while its clients are complaining and looking for him. The customer reviews are only 2.09 and BBB gives that program an F.

There are a lot of terrible reviews online about Steven Mayer. A certain thread in a blog spot site compiled negative feedback from previous students of Steven Mayer. And all of them enrolled in Valiant Consultant and experienced total loss. Their investment ranges from $15,000 to $50,000 and receives $0 profit.

On Reddit, you can find another set of students claiming that Steven Mayer is a big scam. Some of them formed a class action lawsuit against Steven Mayer. There are over 150 clients financially broke because of his action.


Steven didn’t give up and worked hard to gain back the loyalty of his clients. After redeeming over 500, Steven hired a new company account manager and provides refunds very often. Two years after working with their clients’ store, he launched eCom Genie.

What is eCommerce Automation?

eCommerce Automation is an advanced method that allows you to eliminate some of the eCommerce store tasks. It is a process that helps you to streamline repetitive tasks, such as inventory, marketing needs, consolidating data, and communication with your customers. The goal of eCommerce Automation is to help entrepreneurs to improve efficiency, reduce errors and speed up business processes.

eCom Genie Alternatives

  • Apical Ecommerce - Apical Ecommerce is an ecommerce company by Kodi King that provides Amazon automation. Kodi claims that his company is the #1 Amazon Automation company that can sell you a fully automated online store. You only need to pay for your fees, and taxes, and then receive cash monthly.
  • EarnFlo - EarnFlo is a done-for-you service by Jonathan Maxim that creates a brand-new automated ecommerce store on Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. The starting cost is not stated, but you need huge working capital to work with them.
  • Enopoly Automation - Enopoly Automation is an eCommerce automation company by Vladyslav Korsunsky. It is also a done-for-you service that creates a brand-new ecommerce store for you. The minimum starting investment is $30,000 with a 50-50 split between you and the company.

Conclusion: Is eCom Genie a Scam?

eCom Genie is not a scam. It is a legit company that provides done-for-you eCommerce automation for you to generate income by doing nothing. It can be a good start, but there are top eCommerce automation companies in 2024 that can be another option for you. Also, the ecommerce industry has about 12 million to 24 million eCommerce sites operating this day.

But, local lead generation offers a passive income stream without the need to compete with millions of eCommerce stores. This business model competes only with 20-30 companies in your area, which makes it easier to stand out. You rank your site on Google using SEO and then rent it out to local businesses. Your website will generate leads for them and you will generate predictable passive income in return.

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  1. Steven is a known scam artist who took millions from people then ran and hid. This program is him attempting to do this again. If you believe any of his nonsense you are either a part of his scam or just plain stupid. Either way you should reconsider reflecting him in a positive light especially in lieu of the pending class action lawsuits. Do some research if you doubt ANY of what I’m telling you.

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