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Yen-Gub eCom Incubator Review 2024 (Legit Dropshipping Mentorship?)

January 13, 2023

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Yen-Gub's eCom Incubator course will teach you how to dropship products from China and sell them on Facebook. In addition, you'll learn how to set up a Shopify store and insider tips on customizing your online business. (Keeping it simple is key). The course covers most beginners' topics and questions about the business model and is divided into three simple steps: Systemized Product Testing, High Converting Frameworks, and High-Profit Ads System. 

In this review, we'll show you what's on offer and why drop shipping is still profitable. In addition, we'll take a closer look at why the lead generation business model might be a better option. (If you're serious about making money online in 2024). 


The course creators are 7&8 figure-ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Pictures of revenue from student stores provide proof of concept.

Yen-Gub is quick to comment and answer questions on his YouTube channel and online forums.

The course covers content other dropshippers aren't actively talking about.


A lot of the content in the course is information he also shares for free on his YouTube channel.

His system is based primarily on running Facebook ads.



Refund Policy

30 Day money-back guarantee


9 modules with video training, forms to download, and custom templates for email marketing, contacting suppliers, etc. Discord Channel (ecomstreet), Private Facebook Group, Weekly Livestream, and YouTube Channel.


Yen-Gub began his drop shipping career in 2018 and by the end of 2019, he had achieved nearly $1 million in revenue. In 2021 he closed out the fiscal year with over $10 million in earnings, and the ecom Incubator Course was born.


Reviews about this online course on sites like Trust Pilot are positive. Testimonials on their site show students think Yen-Gub and Jem know what they're talking about. They appear to be the real deal and are taking the dropshipping world by storm.

Who Is Yen-Gub?

photo of yen-gub

Yen-Gub is a multimillion-dollar ecommerce dropshipper by the name of Brandon Nguyen, and he's been dubbed the 'fastest rising ecommerce entrepreneur' by Top Hustler. But this 20-something is no stranger to selling products online. Born to a low-income family, Yen-Gub started selling watches online in 2016. Yen-Gub’s list of business accomplishments is nothing short of impressive. But a few of his top prizes include:

  • Over $15,000,000 in online sales.
  • A Clickfunnels 2-Comma Award.
  • Over $1,000,000 in upsells.
  • Multi-time winner of Shopify's Top Upsell App Zipify Award.

There's no doubt that Yen-Gub has achieved success with drop shipping. But now, he's shifted gears and turned his focus to sharing valuable content. His goal? To educate-build a community and have a real impact on people focused on succeeding with the business model. Yen-Gub has teamed up with a digital marketer and 8-figure entrepreneur by the name of Jem Bourouh. 

Together they have created The Yen-Gub Incubator Ecommerce Course. A dropship blueprint and complete guide on how to start a dropshipping business. Yen-Gub and Jem hold nothing back as they dish out what it takes to start and scale an ecommerce business. What common dropshipping mistakes to avoid. And how to be successful with the business model.

Who Is Jem  Bourouh?

picture of jem

Jem Bourough is a verified 8-figure entrepreneur, best known for the viral TikTok leggings. But he's also been a keynote speaker at GeekOut and is the owner/CEO of Adcubator. (An advertising and marketing service). He's no stranger to the online world of ecommerce. And is on the cover of the Forbes April 2022 edition as a result of his business achievements.

This 23-year-old has been interviewed by the New York Times and USA Features. Hailing from Berlin, Deutschland, he's a bit of an 'ad savant'. But his experience in the industry compliments Yen-Gubs' easy-going teaching style well. And together, they're delivering value with their dropshipping course.

What Does Yen-Gub Teach Inside eCom Incubator Course?

Yen-Gub talks about the levels of drop shipping. Why you need to trust the process and reverse engineer. He encourages students to keep upgrading and sharpening their edge and recommends pushing over your limits to reveal problem errors. When you can identify issues you can fix rather than circumvent them.

Not only will you know what's working. But you'll be able to scale because you have the right systems in place. He also teaches students how to mimic successful brands. But make it fit with the drop shipping model. Find related products, target what works, and scale. He repeatedly shares his screen and lets students view live case study examples. There are nine modules in the program, which include the following:

eCom Course Modules:

  • The Dark Psychology Strategies Of Dropshipping

  • Understanding Customer Flow For Aggressive Scaling

  • How To Cloak China Tracking Numbers

  • Apps & My Tactics To Increase Average Order Value, Trust, & Conversion Rate

  • Building My High Converting Product Page Live

  • Custom Creatives, EcomVids, The Process & My Review

  • Product Research Strategy & How I Found The Product

  • Facebook Testing & 'Momentum' Scaling Strategy, Mindset, & Numbers

  • Store Automation & Operations

image of yen-gub
photo of jem

YenGub ecommerce Course Review:

Yen-Gub begins with an overview of the basics and stresses the importance of understanding customer psychology. Why you need to tap into a customer's mind and invoke a response. Learn how to retarget and push customers through your funnel and buy your product. Stay basic, understand the consumer journey, and copy shared case study examples outlined in the training.

Niche Selection:

Learn how to choose and niche and the importance of a strong consumer base. You don't need to overthink this. Instead, focus on broad-audiences and products that fit your arsenal:

  • Who are you going to appeal to?
  • Who is your customer avatar?

The broader your niche, the better the chance of scalability. Yen-Gub shares live examples and a blueprint on how to make results repeatable. The goal? To build trust and create a lifetime value customer (LVC).

Product Research:

Get access to their outline on best practices and product research strategy. Students are taught about the 'must have' characteristics of a winning product that include things like:

  • Broad niche and audience appeal for its scalability.
  • Clear angles for marketing.
  • Can be sold through multiple advertising channels.
  • Good margins.
  • Evergreen product.
  • Can be impulse purchased.

Finding a winning product isn't about testing all kinds of products or spending tons of money. Instead, they teach students how to dial in with a great product and an unbeatable offer. 

image of viral tiktok leggings ad

Optimizing Your Product Page:

You need to optimize your website product page. But Yen-Gub recommends you keep it simple. Use good copy. Short, simple, and straightforward. Design your page with simple colors and make sure it's easy to scan and pull information from-especially the 'buy now' button. 

Creatives & Secrets To Creating A Dropshipping Video Ad That Convert:

You don't have to pay for UGC. Make your own. It takes some innovation and the ability to think outside the box, but there's a formula for great video ads. Use the product in videos you shoot yourself-or with your friends and family. But don't use filler clips or just talk about the features. You want to lure in customers by agitating pain. So you need to talk about the benefits of the benefits. Not up for the challenge? Yen-Gub recommends using a video ads service like Ecomvids to help you get started while you fine-tune your skill set.

Paid Ads:

Stop competing with low conversion rates or using things that don't work anymore. In 2024 you need an excellent ad strategy. (If you have this, you don't need great ads).

Learn their techniques for creating deep content funnel ad strategies. (To warm up your audience). The idea is to make people that weren't interested in buying-interested in buying. So you need to establish a predisposed mindset toward making a purchase.

Follow their methods. And you'll get cheaper ad costs even if you're selling products that are hard to tap into. Yen-Gub teaches how to get consistent results and structure your ads so they call to your target audience. Do it right, and you can do this for $20/day. (If you have a good baseline for testing).

image of yen-gub sales copy


You need to focus on quality. Build your systems before you scale. Get a decent product, and don't over-promise. Yen-Gub also teaches students how to find a reliable supplier with fast shipping

Pro Tip: You might not want your customers to know that their much-anticipated package comes from China. But there are ways to hide the country of origin. ('Cloak' Chinese tracking numbers and still dropship). Students also receive tutelage on:

  1. What payment gateways are the best and how to scale with their omnichannel system.
  2. A backend marketing system including the low effort tactics used to outbid competitors and tap into trends.

Is The Ecom Incubator Course Worth It?

The Ecom Incubator Course will be worth it if you're willing to put in the work and not expect this to be a get rich quick. Although dropshipping seems simple, all the steps require constant testing & tweaking. Finding the winning product or ad doesn't happen overnight. Yen-Gub is transparent in his comment: 'there is nothing revolutionary' in his dropshipping course. But what they do offer is training that covers the step-by-step process Yen-Gub took to build his ecommerce empire.

He shows you the exact products he's sold online. In this course, students also learn things like:

  • How to build a drop shipping store.
  • What makes a good product?
  • What makes a good offer?
  • How to run ads.
  • His launch and scale sequence.

Reviews and testimonials are all pretty impressive. With lots of 5-star and positive feedback from students. Yen-Gub presents as genuinely committed to helping people increase their dropshipping success rate. And shares a lot of value, both free and with his paid mentorship options.

image of course review

Issues With The Dropshipping Business Model:

The main issues with dropshipping is that you will always be only a middleman, operating on thin margins and less control. This means you don't own a real brand that you can sell later down the line. Your primary focus is to find new trending products and capitalize on it temporarily. But trending products change often, and so does the Facebook ad's algorithm. So this business model requires constant tweaking to keep it a float. 

For the customer, if you don't have a great supplier, they can wait for weeks for your product. Also, since you don't have the inventory, there's no quality control. If the manufacturer sends a defective item, you're on the hook. 

Lastly, e-commerce as a whole is getting increasingly competitive. Obviously there's Amazon that's only increasing in market share, but today there's overseas manufacturers selling on e-commerce on their own. And they're able to undercut everyone's prices because they're cutting out the middleman.

When you don't own any of your own assets. And you're simply selling other people's products and using other people's traffic sources (Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, etc). You have a business model that's easier to get into, but not as protected for the future. You're also operating on the thinnest margins. When you dropship, the biggest winners in that equation is the manufacturer and the advertisement platform.

Is Dropshipping Still Profitable?

Is dropshipping still profitable in 2022? Yes. But you have to become better at every facet of the business than the average drop shipper. Otherwise, your conversion rates will suffer and you will not be profitable. Mainly your ability to create great ads, persuasive copywriting, and creating high-quality Shopify stores with great pictures & layout that matches the feel of your brand & product. As more people get into the dropshipping space, the standard for all these elements has gone up. To be a great drop shipper, you need to constantly tweak and innovate new & better ways to enhance your brand perception. Today many dropshipping stores are looking like actual companies that innovated the product themselves.  

Know what the competition's doing. (Use third-party tools like AdSpy or PiPiAds). Be prepared to hustle and get a jump on trends before they become saturated. 


Only 10%-20% of people who start a drop shipping business are successful. Either they don't understand the basics. Or pick the wrong niche. An unreliable product, supplier, etc. Others don't treat their online store like a real business-or quit before they even get started. They didn't put enough effort in fine-tuning their marketing & branding.

Yen-Gub and Jem offer a cost-effective drop shipping program. An a-z training course that takes you from ground zero to scalability with new ways to beat out the competition. For $197, you can learn concepts that will increase your odds of success with drop shipping.

The Alternative To Dropshipping I’m Involved With Now:

Is it too late to start dropshipping in 2024? Nope-not even close. This mentality is for people that never take action. There is no perfect time. With the ecommerce market headed for a valuation of $5.5 trillion by the end of the year. Drop shipping is a legitimate business model offering massive opportunity in all kinds of untapped markets. As long as you become dedicated in the cutting edge marketing strategies, there will always be a place for someone to sell unique, interesting product with an ad.

But as much as I love drop shipping. It's not my first choice anymore. With shipping delays and supply chain issues getting worse-and how easy it is for another dropshipper to steal your product, creatives, etc., and kick you out of the market. For me, the aggravation just isn't worth the compensation.

grand rapids tree service website

Now my first choice is the lead generation business model. It's a steady stream of passive income, and I have websites like the one above that I created in 2015 still making me $500-$2000/month.

If you like the sound of this or want more info check out this local lead gen program.

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