Michael Soltis’ Ecom Project Zero Review — 6 Fast-Track Steps How To Sell Products On Amazon

March 15, 2024

The Ecom Project Zero is an Amazon FBA course by Michael Soltis that teaches students how to create their own private label brand and establish an online business through Amazon. It provides comprehensive training in private label strategies, including sourcing products, optimizing product listings, and managing inventory and shipping through Amazon FBA.

Michael Soltis offers Fast-Track Framework, a mini Amazon FBA private label course that teaches aspiring sellers the essential steps to launching a successful product on Amazon. The course covers crucial aspects of the process, such as identifying a profitable product, sourcing from reliable suppliers, optimizing product listings, and building a strong brand presence.

While the private label on Amazon presents a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs, it's important to note the drawbacks of this business model. Startup costs can be significant, ranging from $4,000 to $12,000 according to Seller Metrics, making it an enormous investment for beginners. Additionally, logistics and product research require constant work and attention, meaning it's not a passive income source. Making a single sale can take months or even be impossible, and even profitable private-label sellers often have profit margins of 20% or less. Can Michael Soltis really help you outsmart these drawbacks? 

Another business model is local lead generation, where you create websites that rank highly in search engines for local keywords and then rent out the resulting leads to local businesses. Unlike private labels, there are no significant startup costs (only $500 for each website) or logistics to manage, making it a much lower-risk investment. Additionally, the passive income potential is much greater, as the lead generation websites can continue to generate revenue long-term without ongoing work or maintenance.

Ecom Project Zero Pros And Cons


The Ecom Project Zero course is expensive at almost $3,000. 

 Full A-Z course on Amazon FBA Private Label with weekly live group coaching.

Michael offers a mini-course which is way cheaper for lifetime access, it's only $4 today.

Michael already features on Yahoo! Finance. 


 You can't enroll until the next batch is open. 

Ecom Project Zero is expensive, which is risky for beginners. 

You can’t get enough pieces of information about the full program on his website. 


Ecom Project Zero costs $2,997.

Refund Policy

Michael Soltis offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if less than 40% of the total course material has been viewed. 


Ecom Project Zero starts in 2020.


Michael Soltis has already helped 300+ students start their own E-commerce businesses. 

Ecom Project Zero's 6 Fast-Track Steps How To Sell Products On Amazon

1. Product Research

90% of the battle in private labels is finding your first winning product, but most sellers underestimate this step in the whole success path. Michael Soltis teaches the Backpack Method of product research to help you find a profitable product that fits specific criteria, such as being small, light, and simple. This method reduces the risk of investing a lot into your first product and lowers your manufacturing and shipping costs. Additionally, you'll learn how to analyze the competition and demand to further refine your product selection. Michael also provides access to his favorite product research tool at a discounted price to save you time and effort.

2. Brand Your Winning Product

After finding your winning product, you need to brand and differentiate it. To avoid the mistake of copying generic images and using poor-quality packaging which leads to zero sales, you need to create an amazing brand and differentiate your product. You can easily find someone online to do it for a cheap price, even if you're not a graphic designer. Nike's swoosh logo? Cost them less than $50. And it's in front of a multi-billion dollar empire. Keep in mind that branding is the key to standing out among the sea of generic products online and is crucial for making your product a success. Michael will teach you the details of how to execute this step in his program.

3. Find A World-Class Supplier

You need to avoid common mistakes such as not reaching out to enough suppliers or asking the wrong questions. Michael teaches the Supercharged Supplier Contact Method, which helps you communicate quickly and effectively with reputable suppliers. You'll discover how to identify "trust factors" that separate good suppliers from bad ones, and how to contact 20+ suppliers per inquiry to save time. You'll also learn how to negotiate for better prices, get free samples, and build a long-lasting relationship with your supplier. When searching for a supplier, prioritize a good price, at least 2 years of experience, and strong communication. Alibaba is a useful resource for finding critical information about potential suppliers, such as production capabilities, certification, and ratings.

4. Create Your Optimized Product Listing

In order to succeed with private labeling on Amazon, you need to create an optimized product listing that converts visitors to paying customers. This means crafting a fully optimized product detail page with amazing images and a keyword-optimized title and bullet points. And it's not just about repeating the main keyword repeatedly but creating an interesting listing that both the algorithm and real customers will love. In the Fast-Track Framework, you will learn how to create a beautifully optimized product detail page that maximizes sales and ranks well for keywords. The goal of this step is to optimize for keywords while getting the maximum amount of sales.

5. Ship Your Winning Product To Amazon

Many new sellers find this step daunting, but you'll learn a simple 3-step process to get your product shipped to Amazon quickly and at the best possible rates. First, you'll create a shipping plan with Amazon, which involves selecting the right warehouse location and getting the barcodes. Then, you'll send the shipping details to your supplier, who will handle the rest. You won't need to hire expensive freight forwarders or worry about complicated logistics. Air shipping is faster but more expensive within 7-10 days to arrive. Use this method for your first orders. While sea shipping is cheaper but slower with 30 days to arrive. Use it for all of your other orders. This streamlined shipping method will save you time and money and ensure your product arrives at the Amazon warehouse on time.

6. Launching Your Winning Product

The last step is to launch your winning product. Beginners struggle with marketing and selling their products, but Michael teaches certain formulas where you'll learn three simple steps to generate a massive influx of profits. You won't have to rely on Facebook or Instagram ads, giveaways, or sketchy review-for-review product launches. Instead, you'll learn how to advertise your product effectively to aim for a $5 return for every $1 spent on ads. By following the P.C.L. product launch method, you'll have a clear roadmap for gaining momentum and increasing profits. With this method, you can confidently launch your product and start seeing sales as soon as it goes live.

What Do I Get In Ecom Project Zero?

With Ecom Project Zero, you will get lifetime access to complete step-by-step video lessons, weekly live group coaching sessions, a tested blueprint downloadable PDF with the Ecom Project Zero Playbook, and access to previous live workshops and webinars. You'll also receive lifetime updates on the course.

Ecom Project Zero Amazon FBA Private Label Course 

  • Module 1 - Introduction to Amazon FBA
  • Module 2 - Product Research Masterclass
  • Module 3 - Finding A World-Class Supplier
  • Module 4 - How to Create a Beautiful Fully Optimized Product Listing
  • Module 5 - Shipping Your Product To Amazon
  • Module 6 - How to Launch Your Products Like a Pro
  • Module 7 - Amazon PPC Mastery
  • Module 8 - Critical Details to Help You Manage and Grow Your Business
  • Module 9 - Foundations for Creating a Legendary Brand
  • Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions 

    Michael Soltis hosts weekly live group coaching sessions every Monday at 6:00 PM EST via Zoom. You get an hour of valuable insights into product research methods, sourcing tutorials, and Q&A time to get personalized advice.

    Tested Blueprint Downloadable PDF Templates

    Ecom Project Zero gives you access to cheat sheets, checklists, and copy & paste scripts for communicating with suppliers. These swipe files help simplify your private label Amazon FBA business processes.

    Ecom Project Zero Playbook In PDF Format 

    This bonus provides a condensed guide to the course, including bullet points of major topics, additional resources, and checklists to stay organized.

    Previous Live Workshops And Webinars 

    Michael partnered with software companies to provide private training sessions. These webinars offer valuable insights and additional resources to help you succeed in your private-label Amazon FBA business.

    Lifetime Access Including Future Updates

    Ecom Project Zero provides lifetime unlimited access to the entire training bundle, including monthly updates to the material, allowing you to learn at your own pace and stay up-to-date with the latest strategies for your Amazon FBA private label business.

    Who Is The Owner Of Ecom Project Zero?

    Michael Soltis is the owner of Ecom Project Zero, an Amazon FBA course that teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to start and grow an Amazon FBA private label business. Michael has over six years of experience in private label, having started his own Amazon FBA business in December 2017 while he was working part-time as a head lifeguard in the Town of Leesburg, Virginia, and a biology major at his local community college. 

    Today, he owns a brand of 20+ Amazon products that generate six figures per year. Michael's currently earning 7 figures in sales in total. With Ecom Project Zero, Michael shares his strategies and tactics to help others achieve the same success he has had. He is dedicated to helping others pursue full-time entrepreneurship and achieve financial freedom through Amazon FBA.

    Who Is Ecom Project Zero For?

    Ecom Project Zero is for individuals who are motivated and passionate about the private label on Amazon FBA, particularly beginners who want to learn the A-Z of private label. The course is not for those who are not willing to invest a significant amount of time and money in the program and their business. To enroll in the course, you need to invest almost $3,000, and you need to have a few thousand dollars to get started in this business model. The course does not sugarcoat everything and reveals that it can take months of investment and hard work before making a single sale. Michael himself took 90 days before making his first sale, so the course emphasizes the risk involved in this business model.

    Is Ecom Project Zero Course Worth It?

    Ecom Project Zero course can be worth it because it teaches the exact strategy that Michael Soltis used to achieve seven-figure sales in total. Additionally, there is positive feedback from actual students who have successfully applied course input to their own brand. The course includes weekly mentorship with Michael himself, which can be invaluable as a private label can be a complex business model that requires hands-on guidance.

    However, it's important to note that the course comes with a significant price tag, and the private label business model itself requires an enormous investment ranging from $4,000 - $12,000, which can be risky for beginners. Also, some online entrepreneur says that Amazon private label is dead. If you want to explore different course options, check out my article on the top 11 Amazon private label courses for 2024

    If this course doesn't sound right to you, Amazon Ultimate is another option.

    Michael Soltis' Fast-Track Framework Mini Amazon FBA Course

    The Fast-Track Framework mini Amazon FBA course is a step-by-step program designed to help you build a successful Amazon FBA business without overcomplicating things. It covers everything from finding a winning product to building a brand and provides bite-sized information with no fluff.


    It costs $4.00 today, but the original price is $37.

    Refund Policy

    No money-back guarantee. 

    What Do I Get In Fast-Track Framework?

    With Fast-Track Framework, you will get lifetime access to the course video series, discounted product research software, and three bonuses. 

    On-Demand Fast-Track Framework Video Series

    It is a 6-step success path that helped Michael build his 6-figure Amazon FBA businesses and quit his job as a lifeguard. In this video series, Michael walks you through each step, providing actionable and doable baby steps to help you get on the right track quickly and realistically. 

    Discounted Product Research Software

    Michael offers discounted access to the #1 product research software tool, which helps you find winning products faster by quickly accessing a product's potential.

    Bonus 1: Product Research Masterclass

    The Product Research Masterclass is a bonus offered by Ecom Project Zero that teaches Michael's reliable method for finding winning products to sell on Amazon, refined down to an exact science.

    Bonus 2: Over-The Shoulder Product Sourcing Tutorial

    This tutorial is where Michael shares his exact steps to find a good manufacturer using a real-life product example.

    Bonus 3: A Good Product Example Case Study

    Michael breaks down an authentic example of a winning product to show you his exact thought process for finding profitable products.

    Who Is Fast-Track Framework For?

    The Fast-Track Framework mini Amazon FBA course is for new and experienced E-commerce sellers, busy students and professionals, and anyone seeking a powerful source of passive income through Amazon FBA. It offers valuable insights and strategies to help you succeed in your private label Amazon FBA business, regardless of your experience level, and helps you build a lasting online business.

    Why Local Lead Generation Is Better Than Private Label?

    Local lead generation is better than private label because of its lower startup cost and the potential for consistent income without the risk of being affected by the saturation of Amazon. Private label requires a significant investment of time and money, with no guarantee of success, and requires continuous effort to maintain sales. With this model, you create a website and rank it on search engines, then rent out the leads to local businesses. This approach is passive since you only need to maintain the website's ranking, and the rental income generates automatically with no constant attention. This makes it an attractive option for those seeking a low-maintenance, passive income stream. So if you’re a beginner, I suggest you start with local lead generation. 

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