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Peter Pru Ecommerce Empire Builders Review: How to Do Dropshipping Successfully?

July 11, 2024

Ecommerce Empire Academy is a dropshipping training platform by Peter Pru. It includes courses that teach you how to dropship using sales funnels instead of traditional techniques. The courses cover how to pick the right niche and the best way to set up click funnel software. There are also masterminds and done-for-you services.

Ecommerce Empire Builders reviews are positive with a 4.9/5 Trustpilot rating. The reviews praise the detailed and comprehensive training. Many students highlight the actionable affective strategies taught by the course. However, there is only 1 verified review out of the over 200 reviews. It complains about the lack of performance for the done-for-you program.

This 5-star review praised the Ecom Empire Builders team for their support. However, the reviewer just started working with team for a done-for-you service. It is too early to tell if they are effective or not.

There are more complaints about the Ecommerce Empire Builders done-for-you program on BBB. They have a 2.5/5 rating on BBB and have over a dozen complaints, almost all of which are answered.

This review on BBB complaints about the lacking performance of the Ecom Empire Builders team. They claimed that the done-for-you service was very ineffective and that they lost $14K. This mirrors most of the complaints on BBB.

This article will show you what Peter's selling and the issues with this method. You will also discover what is inside each offer. I will also show you a success story from one of Peter's students. You will also learn all about Peter and on his claims.

Ecommerce Empire Builders Pros and Cons


An excellent training course for learning the potential of sales funnels.

Many experienced sellers in the group to connect with and the program has been around since 2016

Applying sales funnels can dramatically increase your dropshipping sales.

Peter has an easy-to-understand teaching style.


The course and sales funnels software are expensive. 

'Homework' is required before refunds are issued and they are at Peter's discretion.

Not all topics are explained in enough detail.


Ecommerce Empire Academy costs $1,997 or 5 Payments of $497. Ecommerce Empire Starter Pack costs $49. Ecommerce Empire Insiders costs $9.95 per month.

Refund Policy

Ecommerce Empire Academy has a double your money-back guarantee if you don't see a positive ROI within 30 days.


 Peter began his journey to making money online in his first year at college with a brief stint in affiliate marketing. He switched to Amazon FBA and made $50-$80K/month until he was shut down due to false claims. Peter moved to ecommerce and launched over 50 funnels before landing a winner, and in 2016 started his Ecommerce Empire Builder Program.


Peter has a ton of positive reviews and testimonials on his website with a 5-star reputation on sites like Trust Pilot.

July 16, 2024

Well-organized program


5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

How to Dropship With Ecommerce Empire Builders?

Peter begins with an introduction where he does a great job discussing mindset and the importance of setting your intentions each day. Peter encourages students to develop daily activities for optimum success. Learn techniques to get the most work done even if you have a 9-5 job. Peter also shares tips on buying back your time. And how to grow an ecommerce empire using his 7-figure Ecommerce Empire blueprint.

  • Choosing a Profitable Niche
    Ecommerce Empire Builders highlights that a winning niche has evergreen products, minimal brand loyalty, and both physical and digital product options. Researching the target audience's needs and pain points is crucial. The key takeaway is to focus on selling to people, not just pushing products.
  • Picking Winning Products
    The approach emphasizes finding high-demand, low-brand-loyalty items that sell well online. Peter suggests using Amazon for popular products and AliExpress for sourcing at lower prices. For faster shipping, reliable US dropshipping suppliers are recommended. For branding, Alibaba is advised for creating an ecommerce store.
  • Creating The Perfect Offer
    Creating a perfect offer involves turning customer pain points into solutions, offering a mix of physical and digital products like PDFs and video tutorials. Bundling these products helps create a unique, competitive offer. The goal is to differentiate your offer and maximize profits through strategic pricing and bundling.
  • Sales Funnel Strategies
    Sales funnels allow selling multiple products simultaneously and guide customers through a structured process, leading to higher conversion rates. They capture email leads, create upsell sequences, and offer subscription boxes to retain customers. Templates and tips are included to boost sales conversions and maximize revenue.
  • Email Marketing & Automation
    You will learn to grow an email list and generate revenue through effective email marketing. Techniques include crafting compelling sales emails and creating conversion-driving campaigns. Recommendations for funnel builders and automation tools help streamline business operations.
  • Organic Traffic & Influencer Marketing
    Peter emphasizes influencer marketing to find winning products and boost sales. Building relationships with influencers, including personal brands and generic pages, drives organic traffic and builds customer trust. Consistent content creation and video ads on platforms like YouTube and TikTok are key for converting organic traffic.
  • Facebook Advertising
    Strategies for using Facebook ads to achieve fast sales include starting with a $500-$1000 budget. Tips for designing profitable ads that maximize conversions are provided. Insights cover crafting the perfect ad and running effective campaigns for consistent sales growth.
  • Scaling & Branding
    Ecommerce Empire Builders teaches using order bumps, upsells, and quantity break discounts, aiming for a 30-45% conversion rate. Emphasis is placed on outsourcing, team building, and branding winning products. A list of suppliers, contacts, and fulfillment centers is provided to streamline the business.

What Does Ecommerce Empire Builders Offer?

Ecommerce Empire Builders is Peter's company that sells courses on how to build a profitable ecommerce dropshipping business. Peter's Ecommerce Builders is a 'laser-focused niche' that offers numerous training and full-service options, including:

  • Ecommerce Empire Academy Course
  • Ecommerce Empire Book
  • Add On Programs Like:
  • The Ecommerce Empire Starter Pack
  • Ecommerce Empire Insiders
  • An affiliate program offering a 30% commission on recurring sales
photo of peter and his team

The Ecommerce Empire Builders team includes Peter Pru, Jordan Strauss, and Aliakbar Gulshan. The team also offers a done-for-you service to help students build and scale their business.

Empire Builders Done For Your Ecommerce Services:

  • Business In A Box

  • Ecom Cheetah & EMPIRE PLR

  • Advertising Management & Complete Copywriting Package

  • Facebook Ad Image Creation & Social Media Management

  • Information Product Creation & Offer Stack Design

  • Email Sequences & Market Research

What’s Included In The Ecommerce Empire Academy Course?

The Ecommerce Empire Academy course is Peter’s flagship training program that teaches people how to be succeed with ecommerce dropshipping using sales funnels. The program includes a seven-week masterclass to help students get their businesses up and running in 30 days or less. The course consists of 15 hours and 23 minutes of video lessons and tutorials. 

Peter Pru also offers weekly Q&A and recordings that include reviews of businesses and funnels. Peter does real-time case study buildouts for students to observe his processes from a-z and shares his strategies. Peter also collaborates with students in his Elite Mastermind group. (A place where students congregate to ask questions and support one another).

The Ecommerce Empire Academy course offers plug & play templates and funnels to save you time and money and comes with bonus materials like:

  • A 30 Day Empire Business Calendar
  • $10,00/Month Product Picker Tool
  • A 1-hour private 1-On-1 strategy call

Dive into seven modules that cover the following topics:

Ecommerce Empire Academy Course Modules:

  • Module 1: The Mindset Shift – Reprogramming your mind for success.

  • Module 2: Markets and Offers – Picking your profitable niche and products.

  • Module 3: Funnels and Continuity – Building a non-stop sales machine.

  • Module 4: Email Marketing – Automating your business for 24/7 sales.

  • Module 5: Influencer and Organic Marketing – Getting initial sales with low-cost traffic.

  • Module 6: Facebook Advertising – Automating continuous sales with Facebook.

  • Module 7: Scaling and Sales Channels – Growing your business past 6-figures.

What’s Included In The Ecommerce Empire Starter Pack?

  • $10,000/Month Product & Supplier List
    A list of 147 products that have generated $10,000 in sales, including links to suppliers. This saves time on product research by providing proven winners.
  • $50,000/Month Product & Supplier List
    A curated list of 47 high-performing products with supplier links, aimed at eCommerce owners ready to scale their businesses significantly.
  • 7-Figure Micro-Niches + Masterclass Training
    Training on identifying highly profitable, less competitive niches, ensuring you find untapped market opportunities.
  • 8-Figure Facebook Ads Cheatsheet
    A cheatsheet featuring 47 examples of successful Facebook ads, focusing on effective copy and creative elements rather than just targeting and technical aspects.
  • Funnel Built By Pete
    A fully optimized ready-to-use sales funnel template created by Peter Pru.
  • Micro-Product Masterclass
    A masterclass on finding unique, unsaturated micro-products to dominate niche markets.
  • Million Dollar Ad Hacks
    Training sessions where the team dissects successful video ads with millions of views. They explain why they work and how to replicate their success.
  • Facebook Ads 2023 Masterclass
    A one-hour class detailing the critical factors for successful Facebook ads, providing insights into making profitable ad campaigns.

What’s Included In The Ecommerce Empire Insiders?

  • Weekly Deep Dive Training
    Weekly sessions that break down the strategies of 7, 8, and 9-figure eCommerce businesses. Learn and replicate the "secret sauce" of successful eCommerce brands.
  • "6 Figures Sunday" Sessions
    Weekly sessions focused on the essential mindset for success, combined with insights into what's currently working in the eCommerce space.
  • First Funnel Blueprint Class
    Comprehensive step-by-step class to plan, build, and launch your first sales funnel.
  • 8-Figure Funnel Templates
    Downloadable and customizable funnel templates from three renowned 8-figure online businesses. These funnels come ready-to-launch.

Ecommerce Empire Builders Success Stories

Ecommerce Empire Builders has many successful students with many earning 6-figures and more. Peter has posted interviews with his most successful students on his YouTube channel and website.

image of peter pru reviews

Peter Pru has given out awards for his students that reach a certain income goal. Awards were given out for students who hit $10,000, $50,000, and 7-figures using sales funnels. There have been several dozen who have received the esteemed Seven-Figure Club Award. Hundreds more have received Peter's 10k and 50k Club Award.

How Quang Went From $0 to $40,000+With Ecommerce Empire Builders

Quang began dropshipping using various online strategies. He initially faced failures with ineffective Facebook ads, poor copywriting, and unprofitable sales. His breakthrough came after discovering Clickfunnels and Ecommerce Empire Builders Academy. He joined in late 2020 and completed the course twice in 30 days. Quang also enrolled in their Business in a Box service, gaining a custom sales funnel and extensive support.

Quang's thorough niche and competitor research paid off when he launched his first product, seeing immediate sales. By testing and scaling ads, he was making $2,000 daily profits within three months. Adjusting his ad strategy, he maintained a steady income of $500-$1,000 daily and expanded to new products.

Quang's journey underscores the value of effective strategies and tools. With support from Ecommerce Empire Builders, he overcame early setbacks and built a robust ecommerce foundation. He continues to refine his approach, exploring additional strategies like upselling digital products to further expand his business.

Who Is Peter Pru?

image of peter pru

Peter Pru is an entrepreneur known for his expertise in dropshipping and sales funnels. He is the owner of multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses. Peter founded Ecommerce Empire Builders in 2016 to teach others how to start a dropshipping business. He also created the all-natural performance enhancer brand, Untapped Focus, in 2018.

Peter Pru is the founder of StoreFunnels, which is an all-in-one platform that builds stores and funnels and automates email marketing campaigns. In 2022, Peter created Ecommerce Empire Ventures. This company buys and sells profitable ecommerce stores and companies.

One of his notable successes includes a fishing lure product that sold over 100,000 units, generating around $130,000 in just one week. Peter Pru's net worth is estimated to be over $4 million from course sales and ecommerce profits. Peter is the recipient of multiple Click Funnels 2-Comma Club awards for earning over one million in sales using a funnel.

picture of peter pru with his award
image of peter with his awards

Peter has been featured in many publications, including Forbes, BuzzFeed, and Yahoo Finance. He has also worked with mega influencers, including Tai Lopez. He has a large social media following with over 88.4K subscribers on his YouTube channel. Peter released his Ecommerce Empire Book in January 2022.

What Is Peter Pru’s Claim?

Peter Pru claims that using sales funnels in dropshipping is essential for maximizing sales and improving conversion rates. He emphasizes that not using funnels will make you miss out on opportunities to increase customer lifetime value. Funnels guide customers through a structured purchasing process. This includes upsells, cross-sells, and order bumps, which boost the overall revenue per customer. Additionally, funnels enhance customer experience and keep potential buyers engaged and reduce cart abandonment. By integrating automated email marketing, funnels also help in maintaining customer engagement and increase repeat business.

Issues With Sales Funnels

Funnels aren't the only way (and not always the best way) to increase sales. Unfortunately, the ROI for dropshipping is very low (profit margins are between 5% and 20%) and establishing a successful dropshipping business takes a lot of time and money - even using funnels. Funnel building tools also cost a substantial fee, which can be heavy on new dropshippers.

Poorly designed funnels can lead to customer frustration. Aggressive upselling and cross-selling can lead to a loss of customer trust. Continuous optimization and testing are also required in order to ensure effectiveness. Sales funnels are still heavily dependent on your traffic generation. Generating consistent leads through paid ads or organic methods requires a solid marketing strategy.

Is It Too Late To Start Dropshipping?

It is not too late to start dropshipping as there is the opportunity for large profits. eMarketer found that U.S. retail e-commerce sales are expected to grow by 13.7% in 2024. This is an indicates increasing opportunities. As the world continues to shift online, the market is continuously expanding. According to Shopify, 52% of online shoppers prefer to shop on marketplaces because of the convenience and variety. That said, dropshipping remains highly risky. You will need to find and use effective techniques and minimize risks if you want to find success.

Disadvantages and Risks of Dropshipping

Dropshipping comes with plenty of disadvantages and risks. One major downside is that you have less control over inventory and shipping. Since the products come directly from a supplier, you can't always guarantee stock availability or shipping times. According to a survey by Oberlo, 34% of dropshippers reported issues with stock availability as a significant challenge. This might upset customers if their orders are delayed or cancelled.

Another risk involves quality control because you don't handle the products yourself. As you can't ensure each item meets a high standard, it can lead to customer complaints and returns. A report from eCommerceFuel found that 23% of dropshippers faced frequent quality control issues, leading to higher return rates.

Additionally, dropshipping is highly competitive. This can make it tough to stand out and can drive down profit margins. A study by SaleHoo revealed that 41% of dropshippers struggle with maintaining competitive pricing because of the saturated market. Lastly, you rely heavily on your suppliers. If they have problems, it will directly affect your business and reputation. In fact, 29% of dropshippers in a survey by Spocket mentioned that supplier reliability was a major concern.

My Recommended Low-Risk Sustainable Business Model

Local lead generation is my recommended low-risk sustainable business model. By creating a site that generates organic leads that local businesses will benefit from, you can rent them out to earn passive income. It is a type of digital real estate business where you are the landlord. Compared to dropshipping, it cost as little as $500 to start. You don't have to sell any products and your income is stable. You can passively earn $500 to $3,000 a month from rent.

Success with dropshipping requires you to do a lot of marketing which can be very expensive. With local lead generation, you only have to make sure your site ranks high on search engine results. This means your expenses can be as low as $30 a month.


You only have to outrank a handful of sites on the local search results. With dropshipping, you have to compete with hundreds or thousands of other sellers. Scaling a dropshipping business means increasing ad spend and outsourcing most of the day-to-day tasks. To scale a local lead generation business, you just need to repeat the rank and rent process. You can scale as much as you want making your potential to earn virtually limitless. This is why local lead generation is my recommended business to create financial freedom.

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