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Erika Kullberg Review – (Are Her 12 Income Streams Legit?)

January 13, 2023

In this review, I'm going to talk about Erika Kullberg, what her 12 streams of income are and if they're legit.

I know all about having multiple streams of income, which is why I love talking about it so much. Let's get into who Erika Kullberg is and if any of her income streams are better than the popular local lead generation business model that offers a passive income. 

Who Is Erika Kullberg?

Erika Kullberg was born to a Japanese mother and American father.

She admits that in her 20s, she studied law at Georgetown and graduated from Notre Dame simply to please her parents since they had sacrificed so much for her in her earlier years.

Still though, she was unhappy.

Erika had a passion for personal finance and she was adamant about following this path and being her own boss.

After having represented Fortune 500 companies as a corporate lawyer, she founded her own company called, Plug and Law.

The purpose of this company was to make it easier for online entrepreneurs & business owners to have access to legal documents and agreements.

Personal finance is what Erika's content is all about on her Youtube channel which has over 175,000 subscribers.

It's worth mentioning that Erika was also able to pay off her student debt of $225K dollars in only 2 years!

Can you believe it?

There's no doubt that Erika's crushing it in business and definitely isn't showing any signs of slowing down.

In one of her videos, she broke down what her 12 income streams are.

That's right.

Erika Kullberg's age is 30 and she already has 12 income streams

Let's get right into what those are and later, what my top choice for income streams is.

Erika's 12 Income Streams

1. Youtube Ad Revenue

How can you make money with Youtube ad revenue?

It's actually really simple.

You create your channel and upload videos.

Next, you're able to monetize the channel only after you've gotten to a point where you have 1000 subscribers and over 4000 hours of watch time.

Advertisers pay Youtube to show ads on your channel and Youtube pays you 55% of that money.

Can you believe it?

If not, then get with the program.

No wonder why so many people have become Youtubers.

Erika makes at least $1000 per day as shown below.

2. Affiliate Marketing

This all has to do with promoting another product or service by means of sharing links.

This can be done on your Youtube channel or on a blog that you rank on Google using search engine optimization.

By sharing a link, you'll be getting paid a commission every time someone signs up for the product or service you share through a customized link.

Erika has promoted the investing app called Webull on many of her videos and as a result, gets paid commission for it.

If you want to get started with affiliate marketing, find a company you like, see if they have an affiliate program and get started making money by promoting them.

3. Sponsorships

Erika is also involved with sponsorships.

This is where a company pays her a certain amount to talk about their company in her Youtube videos.

This only takes up 30-45 seconds of the video.

You've probably noticed how your favorite Youtuber or influencer starts or interrupts their video to talk about a product or service.

Erika stresses the importance of only aligning yourself with companies that have a good reputation.

She gets a couple of offers a week and only works with companies she trusts and believes in.

Your reputation "takes decades to build, but only a few seconds to destroy"

- Erika Kullberg

That's never been any more true especially in this digital age.

Advertisers on financial channels usually pay more than most.

Her first sponsored video paid her between $5-$10K which is a nice chunk of change no doubt.

4. Digital Product - Plug & Law

Erika likes digital products because although it takes time to create them, after they're created, it doesn't require much maintenance and is pretty passive.

Erika's digital product is called, Plug & Law.

What is it?

It's part of her legal tech company that was put in place to easily help small business owners who can't afford an expensive lawyer.

This digital product offers legal documents that business owners need to protect themselves and comply with laws if they have a website.

The benefit of creating a digital product is that you can automate everything.

This is what contributes to you earning a passive income.

I'm all about digital products because my lead generation business is all about digital properties.

More on that later.

5. Productized Service

This is where you offer a service over and over again.

Erika has what's called the Trademark Bundle.

Her company does this to make it easy for her customers to register their trademark.

Lawyers these days charge thousands of dollars to get this done.

As a result, Erika was able to set this system up to make all of the legal things more accessible at a better price for entrepreneurs.

The best part is that she's put a team together that allows her to step away from the business and earn a passive income while the business runs itself.

Smart young lady!

6. Online Course

Her next income stream is a course she put together which teaches you how you can master being successful on Youtube.

Creating an online course is a great income stream because after you take the time to put the course together, the income is pretty much passive.

All you need to worry about is getting more traffic to your course so you can sell it as much as possible.

Before you create the course, see if there is any demand

- Erika Kullberg

7. Lawyer

Erika is a lawyer!

She invested over $200K for law school so she clearly couldn't just act like that didn't happen.

She has an hourly rate for her legal practice and is only hyper focused on the clients she wants to work with.

Erika's smart because she represents a few Youtubers with a huge following and helps them negotiate sponsorship deals.

Yes, this is an active type of income but each client she acquires translates to more money.

8. Dividend Income

Dividends are when a company distributes some of its earnings to its shareholders.

You really don't have to do much after you've invested in a company that offers dividends.

Just sit back and slowly get paid.

Not all companies offer this so, you need to do your homework on which companies do and if it's worth the investment for you.

9. White Labeling

White labeling is when a company removes its branding and logo and uses branding requested by the purchaser.

You've definitely seen this in many stores.

For example, if you've been to Walmart or CVS, you might have seen a certain product like toothpaste or even food that has the Walmart or CVS branding.

That's whitelabeling.

Erika created a product where purchasers buy it from her, but put their logo on it.

She makes a percentage of each sale as a result.

10. Rental Income

Erika has been earning rental income since before January of 2020.

This does take some time for you to be able to setup but if you stick with it, you can really earn a good amount of recurring income.

Graham Stephan's channel is all about personal finance and making money in real estate.

I went through his channel and had 10 different valuable takeaways from it.

11. Speaking Engagements

A company or conference will invite and pay Erika to speak on certain topics such as personal finance, Youtube or entrepreneurship.

Erika admits that she has stage fright but, she's been working on it.

Since she gets paid for it, she works through the stage fright.

Erika likes that when she speaks, she's providing value and helping other people.

Yet again, another great stream of income that Erika has.

12. Angel Investing

Angel investing is where you give money to a startup in exchange for equity in that company.

As the company grows, you'll eventually get your money back and hopefully much more.

At least that's the idea.

Erika has gotten into investing in companies she believes in and is hoping that some of the companies will be able to pay her out in the near future.

It's a high risk type of income for sure.

She also does equity deals.

This is where she helps companies out monetarily in exchange for equity.

There's no doubt that there are so many ways to make money online.

It all comes down to taking your time and doing your due diligence to see what you'd like to get into.

This is a very insightful video where Erika shows you what's possible in this day and age.

Let me now show you what my #1 choice for multiple income streams is.

Local Lead Generation Is My #1 Choice For Multiple Income Streams

What is lead generation?

It's my business model where I rank simple websites on Google and rent out the leads to local business owners.

Take this limo site below as an example

I built this site out offering limo rental services in Lansing, MI around 7 years ago.

After building it out, I ranked it on Google for the keywords relevant to what people search on Google when looking to rent a limousine.

The result of me building and ranking this site was that people started to call the phone number on my site.

What did I do at that point?

Exclusively send the leads to a local limo company that was more than happy to take on more calls each month.

All I did at this point was collect my monthly commission.

Here's what the entire lead generation process looks like.

I have over 50 sites that are ranked and making me over $50K on autopilot each month.

Each site is a stream of income for me.

Erika Kullberg is financially free because she has a variety of income streams.

I'm financially free because my largest portion of income streams come from my lead generation efforts.

Over the years, I've also made 6-figures in other business models but none has earned me an income anywhere near as passive as local lead gen does.

The beauty in these digital assets is that you do all of the work upfront.

Once you've built and ranked them, you're going to start making money once you come to an agreement with a local business owner.

I recommend that everyone gets themselves multiple streams of income by means of local lead gen.

Here are all the reasons why...

Click the link below and setup a no obligation call with us to see if this is a good fit for you.

Your path to financial freedom starts here.

Are you ready to take action?

See you on the inside if you are...

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