Jonathan Montoya’s Freedom Breakthrough Review: Can This Course Help You Create Time and Financial Freedom?

March 24, 2024

Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 is an affiliate marketing course by Jonathan Montoya. The course teaches you how to earn $1000 per day from affiliate commissions while spending 5 hours or less per week managing multiple affiliate income streams. But can this course really teach you how to achieve time and financial freedom?

Affiliate marketing can be a low-risk or high-risk business, depending on your marketing method and strategy. Free marketing methods have no risks, but they are rarely effective. Paid marketing can be very effective but creates high risks. That said, affiliate marketing is a great way to make extra income when used with your current business. Ex: promoting headphones and sound editing software in your music production business.

Local lead generation is a low-risk business that is more sustainable and scalable than affiliate marketing. It costs little to start but can return up to 90% of your investments. It's a type of digital real estate where you rank and rent out your site to local businesses using free methods like SEO. You don't have to promote products for commissions or run marketing campaigns. Check out local lead generation for a passive and sustainable business to create financial freedom.

Can You Create Time and Financial Freedom With Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is good for beginners in online business as it is a low-capital, low-risk endeavor. While it may be unlikely to replace your 9-5, you can make good extra money with the right strategies.

A beginner can typically make as much as 30% commission per sale with affiliate marketing. On average, a new affiliate marketer can earn about $1,000 monthly after about 10–14 months.

You can live off of affiliate marketing alone, but it will take a lot of time, hard work, and money. Just like any business, with a good strategy and work ethic, you can turn your affiliate marketing business into a full-time source of income.

Affiliate marketing takes a lot of time to manage. You need to constantly monitor the market for trends and keep an eye on your competition. The business model is not scalable because of its nature unless you hire other people to delegate parts of the process, which will only create more risks.

Alternatively, you may one to check out Shawn Joshi, who teaches how to drive leads from free methods like Google Business Profile or SEO.

Pros and Cons of Jonathan Montoya's Freedom Breakthrough 2.0


The course teaches multiple ways of promoting your affiliate product.

Group coaching for 8 weeks.

Private Facebook group.

50% affiliate commission for promoting Jonathan's programs as an affiliate. 75% affiliate commission for students.


Affiliate program for the course makes it difficult to tell if the reviews are real.

While the course teaches you where to find affiliate programs, you are encouraged to sell the course as a student for a 75% commission rate.


$1,497 or three payments of $597.

Refund Policy

14-day money-back guarantee.


Hard to tell since the course has an affiliate program.

Who Is Jonathan Montoya's Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 For?

freedom breakthrough review

Jonathan Montoya's Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 course is for anyone who wants to make $1,000 and more from affiliate marketing.

  • Beginners who want to learn how to make money online without selling any of their own products. The course teaches you everything you need to know to start promoting affiliate products.
  • Current affiliate marketers who want to learn other ways of promoting their affiliate products using other platforms and methods The course teaches several free and paid methods of marketing.

What Do You Get With Jonathan Montoya's Freedom Breakthrough 2.0?

With Jonathan Montoya’s Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 course, you get a comprehensive 12 module training course, 3 other useful bonuses, 8 weeks of group coaching, and access to a private Facebook group.

Module 1: The Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem

freedom breakthrough review

Affiliate stacking ecosystem is a method created by Jonathan that allows affiliate marketers to promote multiple products at once. The first module teaches exactly how it works.

  1. How the affiliate stacking ecosystem works
  2. In-depth example of the affiliate stacking ecosystem
  3. How to pick extremely high paying niches
  4. Picking the main core offer
  5. Finding support offers for the affiliate stacking ecosystem

Module 2: The Perfect Affiliate Funnel

Module 2 is all about creating effective sales funnels. Jonathan gives you a series of affiliate funnel templates to use on your own ClickFunnels pages. The module also teaches you how to automate the process.

  1. What is the perfect affiliate funnel
  2. What is a lead magnet and why we need it
  3. How to create the lead magnet
  4. Which landing page software to use
  5. Create the perfect bridge page
  6. Done for you 6-figure funnels and lead magnets
  7. Signing up for ClickFunnels Live
  8. Creating effective opt-in affiliate funnels fast
  9. Creating extremely high converting funnel pages (50% + opt-in)

Module 3: The Online ATM Machine (Emails)

Email marketing is where you will be able to run follow up marketing campaigns. Customers who visited your capture page but did not make the final purchase can still convert if reminded via email marketing.

  1. Intro – how email marketing prints money
  2. Email marketing definitions
  3. Signing up for GetResponse
  4. How to integrate ClickFunnels & GetResponse
  5. Setting up a professional domain email address
  6. Adding your professional email to GetResponse
  7. The secret sauce (6 figure email sequence)
  8. Get your emails written for you
  9. How to automate emails live build & integration
  10. How to send broadcast messages to your list
  11. Staying out of spam and increasing open rates
  12. What now?

Module 4: The King of FREE Traffic – YouTube

Module 4 is about leveraging YouTube as a source of organic traffic. Jonathan gives a list of software and tools and describes methods to create YouTube videos without showing your face. You'll also learn how to do keyword research and optimize it for your YouTube channel.

  1. YouTube setup walkthrough
  2. The YouTube ecosystem
  3. How to guarantee your growth on YouTube (The 3 phases)
  4. Growing on YouTube from 0 
  5. How to optimize the video to rank at the top
  6. Automate the optimization process
  7. Key metrics to grow on YouTube
  8. Watch time and perfect YouTube script
  9. Click through rate & the perfect thumbnail
  10. First 24 hours velocity tricks
  11. YouTube analytics tricks
  12. The YouTube Golden keywords guaranteed to rank
  13. YouTube shorts

Module 5: Free Traffic With TikTok

TikTok is one of the largest social media platforms today. Module 5 teaches you how to leverage the short viral video format of TikTok to create organic traffic.

  1. The big picture
  2. Using TikTok to blow up our business
  3. Downloading & setting up the TikTok app
  4. Optimizing your bio & adding social media handles
  5. Content ideas – how to guarantee growth on TikTok
  6. How much should I post on TikTok
  7. Editing videos & batch filming
  8. TikTok algorithm revealed
  9. How we Will use TikTok to get leads and sales
  10. Create 12 videos in an hour
  11. TikTok live secrets
  12. Stiches, duets, comment replays

Module 6: Free Traffic With Facebook Groups

Module 6 is all about creating organic traffic through Facebook. You'll learn how to drive traffic from Facebook groups to your own personal or business Facebook profile. Jonathan teaches what type of content you should create and how to grow your own Facebook group and audience.

  1. Intro to Facebook groups
  2. How to create the Facebook group
  3. Growing from 0 to 1000 using a Facebook profile
  4. Grow fast using a lead magnet
  5. How to use the algorithm to your advantage
  6. How to write super engaging posts
  7. How to save time not replying back
  8. Use this to get social media posts written for you
  9. Numbers are Key
  10. The big vision

Module 7: Daniel Chou’s High Ticket Sales

Daniel Chou is a super affiliate who is an expert at selling high-ticket offers. Module 7 is instructed by Daniel Chou as you learn his methods and secrets. You'll also learn his "bait and switch" method that helped him close high-ticket sales.

Module 8: Joshua Ong’s Facebook Profile Funnel

Joshua Ong is another super affiliate who makes 6 figures a month just by using organic traffic on his Facebook profile. Module 8 is instructed by Joshua, and you'll learn how to leverage Facebook profiles to generate thousands of leads at no cost.

  1. Introduction to Joshua Ong
  2. Intro
  3. Psychology & mindset of success with Facebook
  4. Success cycle
  5. The power of momentum
  6. Branding you Inc – profile setting & funnel set up
  7. Deleting inactive friends or not target audience
  8. Adding your ideal client
  9. Daily method of operation
  10. Limitless content strategy
  11. Content strategy
  12. The value framework
  13. Engagements algorithm
  14. Facebook posting strategy
  15. The power of Facebook stories
  16. High intention, low attachment
  17. Lead generation with Facebook groups
  18. Outbound strategy
  19. Follow up strategy
  20. 5 pillars to close high ticket sales on FB messenger

Module 9: Creating The Affiliate Website Asset

Dedicated webpages and blogs can be very important marketing tools. In Module 9, Jonathan teaches you how to make a website from scratch and how to optimize it for affiliate marketing.

  1. Website asset intro
  2. Find your domain
  3. Start your website and lockdown your domain
  4. Backend tour of your website
  5. Deleting slow plugins
  6. Installing essential plugins
  7. Installing WordPress theme
  8. Creating a blog post
  9. Creating a category
  10. Adding legal pages
  11. Adding menus
  12. Creating the about Page
  13. What are widgets
  14. Creating email forms & popup forms
  15. Website is done, now what?

Module 10: Google SEO Mastery With Nathan Lucas

Google SEO is a very effective way to promote your affiliate product. By writing blogs, optimizing it to rank on Google, you can generate thousands of organic leads.

  1. Intro to Nathan
  2. Why blogging? Stats
  3. Understanding search results
  4. Search traffic buyer intent
  5. Search traffic informative intent
  6. Find the best keywords & siphon traffic from your competitors
  7. Generate endless topic ideas
  8. Crafting the perfect blog post
  9. SEO keywords to include LSI
  10. Generate leads from your blog
  11. Automate & outsource your blog
  12. On-Page SEO

Module 11: Paid Traffic With Google

Google is the number 1 search engine. Running paid Google Ads will ensure your offer gets some visibility on Google Search.

  1. Intro to Google ads
  2. Installing the Google Ads Pixel
  3. Keyword research
  4. How to run a search campaign ad
  5. How to run retargeting ads on Google
  6. How to run YouTube ads
  7. YouTube ad custom placements
  8. Creating custom Audience to retarget
  9. Analysing the data in Google ads
  10. Scaling your Google ads
  11. Copy my exact ads safe landing Page

Module 12: Launch Jacking

Module 12 is all about finding new affiliate products that are soon to be trending and making content about them before they're released to the public. Pre launch marketing is a way to lower the risks by making sure enough people are interested and aware of the offer you are about to promote.

  1. Launch jacking intro
  2. How it works & how much you can make
  3. Common questions & concerns I get
  4. How to get an article on your website
  5. Getting articles written for you
  6. How to force Google to show your site
  7. Advanced – creating bonuses
  8. Launch jacking with YouTube


  • 3 Day White Label Course - Teaches you how to make your own course similar to Jonathan's 3-day challenge to sell on ClickFunnels for 100% profit.
  • YouTube Ads Breakthrough - An 8 module course on how to run profitable YouTube ads and how to promote your affiliate offer with YouTube ads.
  • As a student of the course, you get 75% commission on any of Jonathan's programs that you sell, compared to 50% for non-student affiliates.

Are Students of Jonathan Montoya's Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Successful?

It's hard to tell which of the reviews and testimonials are legit because the course itself has an affiliate program, so take the reviews with a grain of salt. Here are some reviews posted on the Instagram page that include screenshots of actual results.

Pros and Cons of Jonathan Montoya's 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge


The step-by-step presentation is helpful

The challenge is a cheap way to learn the basics of affiliate marketing.

You can earn up to 75% affiliate commissions from Jonathan's courses if you sign up for the 3-day challenge. 


Unrealistic claims of creating a earning business in 3 days.

The challenge upsells the main course.

The affiliate program you will promote is his course. You basically pay to learn how to promote his program.



Refund Policy



Hard to tell since the course has an affiliate program.

What Do You Get With Jonathan Montoya's 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge?

freedom breakthrough review

With Jonathan Montoya's 3-Day Business Breakthrough Challenge, you get the 3-step process to launch your business in just 3 days. 

3-Day Challenge

  • Day 1 - In the first day, you'll learn Jonathan's blueprint on how to make 6 and 7 Figure commissions as a beginner. The blueprint is based on how he was able to achieve 6 figures in just 9 months.
  • Day 2 - On day 2, Jonathan gives a step-by-step demonstration on how to create your business from scratch in just 40 minutes.
  • Day 3 - On the 3rd and final day, Jonathan teaches you his method for how to get thousands of visitors for your offer on autopilot without using paid ads.

You get 3 bonuses along with the challenge:

  1. 6 Figure Affiliate Funnel - A complete done-for-you sales funnel for your new business.
  2. Viral Video Scripts - Jonathan's proven video scripts that made his videos go viral.
  3. Jonathan's eBook Lead-magnet - You get Jonathan's ebook to use in your own sales funnel.

Is It Worth Taking Jonathan Montoya's Programs?

Jonathan Montoya’s 3-day challenge cannot really help you get success with affiliate marketing. The crash course is too short to teach you everything you need to know to be a successful affiliate marketer. The challenge is part of his sales funnel for selling his Freedom Breakthrough Course.

This sales funnel method Jonathan uses to sell his courses is the same method you'll learn to use in your affiliate marketing business. The price you pay for the Freedom Breakthrough course only matches the value that you get from it. If you milk as much knowledge as you can from what comes with the program, the price might just be justified.

In conclusion: Jonathan Montoya's Freedom Breakthrough will not help you to achieve the financial freedom and the time freedom you are looking for. It will take years and a lot of experience to find what works for you and to stay updated in an ever changing market. You may also explore other affiliate marketing courses like Brian Brewer's Affiliate Escape Plan and Mark Ling's Pathway to Passive.

Who Is Jonathan Montoya?

jonathan montoya review

Jonathan Montoya is an affiliate marketer and affiliate marketing educator from Rio Rancho, New Mexico. He made his first affiliate commission in 2011, but did not pursue it full time.

Jonathan worked as an electrical engineer for Robocasting Enterprises LLC and made $80,000 a year before getting a breakthrough with affiliate marketing in 2019. Since then, he has established his digital marketing company, Passive Income Lifestyles LLC.

Jonathan has a bachelor of science in electrical and electronics engineering from the University of New Mexico. Worked as a sales consultant at Best Buy during his studies for almost 2 years.

There is no available public record of Jonathan Montoya’s net worth. He is reported to make $100,000 a month from multiple streams of income, such as affiliate commissions, course sales, YouTube, etc. Jonathan is a ClickFunnels 2 Comma Award recipient, meaning he made $1M in ClickFunnels sales alone.

His YouTube Channel, Passive Income Lifestyle, has 56.6K subscribers and regularly posts education material on affiliate marketing.

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It in 2024?

As we've discussed earlier, affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn extra income, especially if your affiliate products supplement your business. If you are looking for affiliate marketing to replace your 9-5 income, understand the reasons most affiliate marketers fail.

95% of people quit affiliate marketing without finding any success. Here are some of the reasons why someone would fail at affiliate marketing:

  • Wrong expectations - Many newbies think affiliate marketing is a get-rich-quick scheme. They expect to make a lot of money without investing time, effort, and money into the business. This is the top reason most beginners quit early. As soon as they realize it takes more than they expect, they simply give up and move on to the next idea.
  • Ill-prepared - A lot of beginners start affiliate marketing while being unprepared for the challenges they will face. You need to do your research and learn the skills necessary to increase your chance of success.
  • Over-saturated market - Beginner affiliate marketers who enter a saturated market expecting to make quick and easy sales are often greeted with disappointment. Often, these newbies do not know how to narrow down their target audiences.

Taking a good affiliate marketing course or getting a mentor can definitely save you some time and money by preventing you from making costly mistakes. You can also earn by reselling the product itself through wholesaling or dropshipping.

Affiliate Marketing FAQs

Is It Free to Join an Affiliate Program?

It is free to join affiliate programs. However, you may need to spend on marketing to promote your affiliate product. Running paid ads increases the risks of negative income.

Can I Lose Money With Affiliate Marketing?

You can lose money with affiliate marketing if the commission you earn does not cover your marketing investment. Negative marketing ROI will lead to negative cash flow.

Are Affiliate Programs Legal?

Affiliate programs are legal as long as they sell a legitimate product. In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires affiliate marketers to disclose that they are affiliates and will receive a commission from sales whenever they promote a product.

There is a growing trend of scammers defrauding affiliate marketers. A Forbes article explains how they operate and how you can prevent such fraudulent activities from damaging your affiliate marketing business.

There are many legit affiliate programs that you can join for free. Amazon Associates, founded in 1996, was the first affiliate program in the world. Since then, many companies have created their own affiliate programs, such as AWeber, Bluehost, AliExpress, and more.

You do not need a license for affiliate marketing, but it does have benefits in the long run. In the long run, you can enjoy the benefits of having a business license for your affiliate marketing company, such as tax write-offs.

What Is the Disadvantage of Affiliate Marketing?

  • No branding - You do the hard work of finding innovative and effective ways of promoting other people’s brands, but all the credit goes to them. The customer's loyalty is with the brand, not you. You also have no control over the decisions made regarding the brand; if they make changes that lower your sales, there isn’t anything you can do about it.
  • No power over affiliate programs - Affiliate programs call the shots regarding product pricing and commission rates. Changes in affiliate networks can also affect your income. Finally, there are less-than-legitimate affiliate programs that don’t deliver quality products or participate in unethical business practices.
  • Income is not instant - It takes anywhere from 3-6 months before you’ll actually receive your commission. New affiliates are usually put on a probation period to make sure that you are selling the product legitimately. Payout is held out in case there are any refunds from your sales.
  • Unsustainable - Affiliate marketing eats up a lot of your time and money if you use paid marketing methods. You need to constantly monitor the market to find profitable products to promote. If you are promoting a best-selling product, expect the competition to rise quickly, so you need to keep looking for new programs.

The hardest part of affiliate marketing for beginners is the beginning. If you have no experience with affiliate marketing, you may find it difficult to get traffic, make sales, or even find a profitable affiliate program. It takes a lot of trial and error to find out what works best for you. Getting some training or a mentor will save you from wasting a lot of time and money on costly mistakes.

What Should You Avoid in Affiliate Marketing?

In affiliate marketing, you should avoid prioritizing selling over helping. The key to effective marketing is to focus on creating quality content that helps audiences understand how and why the product would benefit them instead of just laying down the features.

Which Company Is Best for Affiliate Marketing?

The company that is best for you in terms of affiliate marketing depends on your strategy and goals. You have to select an affiliate program depending on what type of product and niche you want to promote. Here are some of the overall top companies offering affiliate programs:

  • Amazon Associates.
  • ClickBank.
  • eBay Partner Network.
  • HubSpot
  • AWeber
  • Rakuten Affiliate

My Recommended Business to Create Time and Financial Freedom in 2024

Local lead generation is my number 1 recommendation for creating time and financial freedom in 2024. There are 5 reasons that make this my top recommendation:

  1. Low risk - It costs as little as $500 initially to create and rank a site on Google. You don't have to pay for paid advertisements, reducing costs and reducing overall risks.
  2. High ROI - A single rented site can make you anywhere between $500 and $2,000 a month. In the long run, you can make as much as 90% ROI from your sites.
  3. Low competition - There are thousands of local areas and hundreds of niches to choose from. This means demand is high with this business model, while competition is low.
  4. Sustainable - Once your website is ranked on local Google searches using SEO, it can stay ranked for years. This means you don't have to spend too much time on updating and maintenance. It also costs very little to keep your website online, which is another reason for its high ROI.
  5. Highly scalable - To scale your local lead generation business, you simply have to repeat the process. You can create and rank as many sites as you want. The virtually limitless market means you can scale indefinitely.

These qualities make local lead generation the best choice for creating a highly scalable passive income business to create time and financial freedom with.

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