Gerry Cramer Course – Profit Engine Review, Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

February 15, 2021

I originally took Gerry Cramer & Rob Jones affiliate marketing course called Rise Academy. Its no longer available now. Which raises questions for me because I’ve got good reasons for walking away from their business model

what they are teaching is affiliate marketing by using Facebook ads traffic

Does it really achieve what Gerry talks about in his youtube channel as Ultimate Freedom? the image is driving around on a moped through Bali

we were taught to promote a weight loss offer on clickbank called Fat Diminisher by Wesley Virgin using Facebook Ads not Instagram

Their training has been quite good but I believe there’s a good reason why they discontinued Rise Academy

No matter how much I tried I just couldn’t see any consistent success with running Facebook ads to affiliate offers

One of the issues is that your Facebook ad account get shut down quickly when running Facebook ads.

I eventually figured out you need cloakers and other advanced things from another super affiliate mentor I hired but I’ll get into that later.

Ultimately what really made me decide that I no longer wanted to pursue promoting these affiliate marketing offers is that I believe when all of these students started promoting the same offer, things got saturated quick and Facebook starting shutting down many of our ad accounts that had to do with weight loss offers, also I just didn’t feel like I was making any difference in anybody’s lives.

At the time I was already established online with my lead generation business (we generate leads for small businesses) so I just chucked this up for some learning experience but boy am I glad to be back to building my online business on free, organic traffic and not relying on Facebook ads.

The Biggest Issue I have with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing vs Lead Generation 

Affiliate Marketing presents a huge opportunity in 2020, as it takes almost no money to get started.

And while you can make some money being an affiliate, local lead generation is better.

Here's  a few reasons why:

1. Control 

Do You Own Your Topline or does your Supplier?

Affiliate: No Control

If you are an affiliate of any product, the producer  can choose not to pay you what they want or choose to stop making that product all together, all without your say.

Lead Generation: Full Control

With lead generation, you own the website (it's your online property), no one can take it away from you. It's just that simple.

2. Entry

How Easy is it to Get into Business?

Affiliate: Too Easy

With YouTube affiliate marketing, anyone can get started simply by making videos, recommending their favorite products and posting their links in the video's description.

Lead Generation: Difficult

With Lead Generation, the barrier of entry is much higher, as you must have the skills to build a website and then move that website to the top of the rankings to start getting calls for local businesses.

3. Need

How Essential are You?

Affiliate: Dime a Dozen

If you are creating video product reviews through which people buy products from amazon or another supplier, at the end of the day, there's a ton of product reviewers out there reviewing similar products

Lead Generation: Needed

With local lead generation, your service is needed by the local business to keep a steady stream of customers heading their way, or else they'd go under. #bankruptcy

I have nothing against Gerry & Cramer, I believe they are teaching some real skills.

My issue is more fundamental to the entire business model of affiliate marketing.

It gets saturated way too fast, its way too volatile, meaning 1 offer that was hot 1 week might not be the next week.

So here’s how most affiliate marketers stories’ go… getting on a super hot streak for a few days, or a month then suddenly everything coming to a screeching halt the next month.

Many factors can go wrong when you’re making money with affiliate offers using Facebook ads.

  • Your Ad account can get shut down anytime
  • Your offer can suddenly become flagged by Facebook or just become non-profitable with paid traffic
  • Your offer can become too saturated fast, because once other affiliate catches on to your winning ad they can come and duplicate your ads, landing pages & offer

Look I’m not saying you can’t make money with what they teach, but I really would like to know when they begin telling stories of students that begin making crazy numbers like $240,000 in one month, that how long are they able to maintain those kinds of incomes.

Its not uncommon for an affiliate to suddenly experience huge dips & lows in their business because of all those different variables that I mentioned above.

The Reason Why I like the Local Lead Generation Business Better

What I realized about affiliate marketing is that, much of your success is all based on some external factors that’s outside your control.

Such as finding the right offer, at the right time & running the right Ad & Landing Page.

People jump onto affiliate marketing because the notion that its a much easier business to run because you don’t have to worry about selling your own product.

Well, It sounds great in concept, but I’ve come to find out that there’s definitely some major drawbacks to that model.

because you’re not actually developing your own skills and making money off of your own service or product.

You have much less control. Much less say in the matter when it comes to how successful you’ll be or how far you can take 1 offer before it crashes and you’re back to square 1 trying to find the next best offer to promote.

You’re always at the whim of what other affiliate marketers are doing, because its all about the “opportunity” that’s making you successful.

Here’s why I like the lead generation business model better.

Your success is actually dependent on real skills & real value you’re able to bring to these small businesses.

Not some “opportunity”

But rather high in-demand, scarce skill that once you learn, nobody can take away from you, and its a skill that’s very lucrative today.

What we do?

We know how to rank simple lead generation websites like these.

Generate the leads upfront to a local business, help them get more customers so that in return they pay you by the lead or what I like to do is get paid 10% of the business they close from my leads.

Its a win-win.

I help my clients make more money (with more leads) and I get paid proportionately to how much I’m able to increase their revenues each & every month.

Because there’s so many niches & so many cities out there, we don’t face the same issues of over-saturation like you do with affiliate marketing.

I actually like working more intimately with my clients and helping them take their business to the next level is fun & rewarding for me because you actually get to see major life-changing benefits with the service you provide.

Maybe your small business owner can go on more vacation, maybe they can hire more people and get nicer equipment, maybe they’re now a lot more comfortable knowing that their entire online marketing has been taken care of by me.

I don’t know about you, but I like the personal touch I get with the lead generation business, I like that its very easy to explain to people

“I help small businesses get more customers using the internet”

Its something that I can totally get behind and feel good about what I’m doing and I’m able to proudly tell other what I’m doing for a living.

Whereas with affiliate marketing, no matter how much money I made, I still felt a lil’ scuzzy promoting products that I myself didn’t fully believe in or care about.

Like to be honest with you, I’ve made at least $10,000 in couple months promoting weight loss offers (before my ad account got shut down), it was pretty cool but I just felt like I sold bunch of snake oil to make that money and it wasn’t consistent either.


If you’re allergic to the idea working small business owners and getting paid for providing a (meaningful) service.

And you’d rather hedge for a business that ensures you never have to talk to anyone ever then your best bet is probably something like affiliate marketing, drop shipping or Amazon FBA.

I think when it comes to affiliate marketing Gerry Cramer is definitely someone you wanna pay attention to.

I went through their entire online training before but I believe there’s also a good reason they discontinued their program for public and now its all about just coaching small groups of people at Gerry’s villa in bali.

If the affiliate marketing using Facebook ads model was working so well, then I don’t see any rhyme or reason why they discontinued Rise Academy.

My guess is that affiliate marketing is so volatile that when hundreds of people copycat your business and begin promoting the same offer in the same exact way, then there comes a point where Facebook can take some big actions to shut down those kind of huge scale operations.

When going into business for yourself.

Easy is overrated.

Easy means the barrier of entry is really low, meaning many people will jump on it, & then it just becomes saturated. Internet Marketers ruin everything in due time.

I just think local lead generation is a much smarter model because most internet techy guys are introverted therefore they’re allergic to this notion that you have to actually talk to real people, real business owners, give them value & then ask for some money in return.

Look I get it, on paper it seems like a lot more work then turning on Facebook ads and getting paid commission without dealing with anyone.

I should know because I’ve spent thousands of dollars on Facebook ads trying to make this affiliate marketing model work.

I made some money but keep in mind, at that time I already had a $18,000 per month lead generation business taught by this coaching program (the goat btw)

so for me, having to spend couple hours per day, maybe 3-4 hours to maintain and manage all the ads I was running, and at the end of the  month only making $3000 to $5000 was the last straw that broke the camel’s back for me for this business.

I realized just focusing on building more digital properties out there, ranking them & banking on them (sell the leads to a local business), yea there are some initial work involved but once the site is set up and ranked, it hasn’t required any maintenance work on my end to maintain high level results for my clients day in and day out, every month for years now (since 2014)

Like I mentioned above, I’ve got lead generation sites paying me $750 to $2000 per month since 2015-2016

$750 per month, is $9000 in 1 year. With 6 to 10 hours worth of work that I put in 4 years ago. I’ve yet to touch these sites in several years.

Now I've got over 80 assets pushing monthly mailbox money to me:

The returns are so much higher than affiliate marketing its not even funny when you look at the long-term.

I’ll be preaching this till the day I die, or until someone can prove me otherwise.

Building an online business with free, organic traffic gives you the most control and the most ROI.

I’ve yet to find an another business with this good of a ROI in both time & money spent.

Lead generation business is my top recommendation as far as the online business that actually gives you the stable, consistent income to be able to walk away from your 9 to 5 job forever and live a completely different life of freedom.

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  1. Be very careful with Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones Their course "Profit Engine" does not work. There are dozens of people losing a lot of money.
    They do not care. Hopefully they will face the consequents one day!

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