Armin Shafee’s High Ticket Coaching University Review –  6 Major Campuses Inside The Community

March 8, 2024

High Ticket Coaching University (HTCU) is a mentorship community on Skool by Armin Shafee that focuses on teaching various aspects of high-ticket coaching. It emphasizes the importance of setting premium prices for offerings rather than settling for lower prices. Armin is a seasoned coach based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada that boasts over seven years of experience in running his own coaching business and assisting aspiring mentors. He teaches you Hyper Organic System and an exact No-Cost strategy to attract coaching clients. HTCU guides you from mindset development, offer creation, marketing, sales, to scaling. High Ticket Coaching University has 15 courses inside together with the 6 campuses. Additionally, HTCU has over 1,000 members, with a monthly cost of $97 per month.

High Ticket Coaching University receives 3.8 start rating from its two reviews on Trustpilot. They praise the training materials and also the supportive community. Additionally, within the community, there are members who have successfully closed significant deals. Some of their clients closed $7k deal and booked two sales potentials. It shows the effectiveness of Armin's program. 

This High Ticket Coaching University review discusses the different campuses inside the community that are accessible for building your own coaching business. The article presents both the pros and cons, details on the courses offered, and information on pricing. Additionally, it provides insights to help determine if this is the right choice for you and whether it's worth the investment. The review also features the creator and highlights some of his other courses. Finally, we will unveil an alternative business model that has the potential to generate a monthly passive income for you.

High Ticket Coaching University Review: Pros And Cons


Learning Modules: High Ticket Coaching University offers a variety of modules that cover topics such as offer creation, marketing, sales techniques, managing objections, and mindset development.

Community Support: High Ticket Coaching University provides a platform for networking, sharing experiences, and getting answers to your questions.

Access to Experts: High Ticket Coaching University offers opportunities for private calls or VIP days with Armin Shafi that offer personalized guidance.


Limited Reviews: High Ticket Coaching University receives a few reviews outside their website and community

Required Level: Some of the courses at High Ticket Coaching University require a certain level to unlock.


High Ticket Coaching University costs a monthly payment of $97

Refund Policy

High Ticket Coaching University has no refund policy, but you can cancel your subscription anytime.


There is no information about when High Ticket Coaching University Started. However, it likely started when Armin Shafee joined Skool in October 2022. 

Member Size

High Ticket Coaching University has over 1k members.


Armin Shafee is a seasoned coach that conducts 300 coaching sessions and makes $6 millions selling coaching. 

6 Major Campuses Inside The High Ticket Coaching University 

1. Mindset Campus

Mindset Campus helps you set your mindset for success. You'll learn to adopt a mindset geared towards achieving ambitious goals and selling high-value coaching services. This curriculum focuses on overcoming common fears in pricing and teaches you to recognize the value of your work. Through inspiring success stories inside, you'll gain insights into what's achievable and build the confidence and strategies necessary to excel in selling premium coaching services.

2. Offer Campus

Offer Campus focuses on creating compelling offers that have the potential to go viral. You'll learn here the strategies to craft irresistible offers that capture attention and generate widespread interest. It helps you understand your target audience's needs and desires and tailoring your offers to resonate with them effectively. By mastering the art of creating viral offers, you can significantly boost your business' visibility and attract more customers.

3. Marketing Campus

Marketing Campus is about organically growing your customer base. Here, you'll learn strategies to build an audience of buyers without relying on paid advertising. Itt teaches you how to create valuable content and engage with potential customers to establish trust and credibility that ultimately leads to conversions.

4. Sales Campus

Sales Campus focuses on mastering the art of selling high-value coaching services. You'll learn to address challenging customer queries and lead sales teams effectively. The goal in this campus is to equip you with the confidence and skills needed to successfully close significant coaching deals.

5. Ads & Funnels Campus

Ads & Funnels Campus provides you with training on how to expand reach through targeted advertising and effective funnel strategies. It provides practical guidance on reaching more people through advertising campaigns and optimizing funnels to drive conversions. With Ads & Funnels Campus, your coaching business gains the expertise needed to maximize your online presence and attract more customers.

6. Elite Campus

Elite Campus offers focused training and resources to help you achieve 7-figure success. It covers strategic planning, company vision development, CEO workflow optimization, sales setup, on-demand coaching models, member area setup, coaching call management, and client success strategies. It also tackles scaling operations, building sales teams, and streamlining fulfillment processes.

How Much Does It Cost To Join High Ticket Coaching University?

High Ticket Coaching University costs a monthly payment of $97. Moreover, HTCU provides a 20% discount for those opting for a one-year membership, priced at $997. Upon enrollment, you gain immediate access to the six campuses and 15 courses that are made to assist you in your coaching business.

What Other Training Materials You Can Get From High Ticket Coaching University?

24 Hour Sale

The 24 Hour Sale is a program that teaches you how to make your first high-ticket sale within a day. It's part of the curriculum to provide immediate, actionable strategies for new members to quickly succeed in the high-ticket coaching market.

High Ticket Coaching Bootcamp

The High Ticket Coaching Bootcamp equips you with the skills to sell high-value coaching services effectively. Through this bootcamp, you can learn to adopt the mindset of a successful coach who sells premium services and master the art of communication to persuade potential customers. Additionally, it provides guidance on time management and team building to facilitate business growth.

Book Calls In Bulk System

The Book Calls In Bulk System helps you to schedule a large number of sales calls or coaching sessions. This system focuses on teaching effective strategies for booking appointments in bulk, which is essential for scaling a high ticket coaching business.

Think And Grow Rich Vault

The Think And Grow Rich Vault is a collection of Armin's Greatest Hits On Personal Success. It's a curated compilation of valuable insights and strategies from Armin's experiences and teachings on achieving personal success.

Master Of Influence

The Master of Influence focuses on speaking and influencing from the stage. It aims to enhance your communication and persuasion skills necessary for success in high ticket coaching and sales. You will learn how to communicate your value proposition, influence potential clients, and confidently handle interactions to close high ticket sales. Some key elements of the training include public speaking, persuasive writing, and building rapport.

High Ticket Challenge System

The High Ticket Challenge System allows you to initiate a movement with your own challenge. This feature becomes available once you reach Level 7.

Private Call 1-On-1 call With Armin

The Private Call 1-On-1 with Armin feature allows members to have a personal conversation with Armin Shafee. During this call, you can receive personalized guidance, advice, and coaching tailored to your specific challenges, strategies, and goals in high ticket coaching. This opportunity becomes available upon reaching Level 8.

VIP Day With Armin

The VIP Day with Armin offers an exclusive and intensive coaching experience with Armin Shafee. It is a day-long session where you receive personalized coaching about your specific needs and interests. This opportunity allows you and Armin to dive into areas such as high ticket coaching strategies, business development, marketing, sales techniques, and mindset shifts. While clients typically pay $45k for this experience, members of HTC University have the chance to win a complimentary one-day VIP coaching session with Armin.

Who Is High Ticket Coaching University For?

High Ticket Coaching University is for:

  • Aspiring Coaches: High Ticket Coaching University is for individuals who are new to coaching and want to build a profitable coaching business from scratch. HTCU provides the foundational steps and strategies necessary for launching a successful coaching career from creation to scaling phase.
  • Established Coaches Seeking Expansion: High Ticket Coaching University is for coaches who already have a coaching practice but are looking to increase their client base and revenue. HTCU offers advanced techniques for scaling, including creating and selling high-ticket coaching packages.
  • Coaches Seeking Community and Mentorship: High Ticket Coaching University is for those looking for guidance from experienced coaches and a community of peers. HTCU provides mentorship from Armin Shafee and his team, as well as networking opportunities with other like-minded professionals.

High Ticket Coaching University Review On Trustpilot

High Ticket Coaching University receives 3.8 ratings on Trustpilot from its 2 reviews. Ethan Hale emphasizes the exceptional value of the High Ticket Coaching University. He believes that the benefits far outweigh the investment cost. He praises the quality of learning and interaction with Armin and community members. Ethan considers HTCU one of the top three training programs he has ever attended.

Enter your text here...Suad Mohamud describes joining the HTCU as a game-changer. She credits Armin's passion and high-value courses for boosting her work performance by 115%. Suad also appreciates the supportive community within HTCU.

Are The Community Members Of High Ticket Coaching University Successful?

Yes, some of the community members of High Ticket Coaching University are successful, as evidenced by the WINS! Tab inside the community. Sameer Mukhtar assists experts, coaches, freelancers, and affiliate marketers in rapidly reaching $8k. High Ticket Coaching University aided him in closing a $7K deal. He mentions that he focuses on implementing all the lessons he learns from the campuses. 

Chiranjivee Rathore helps coaches attract clients organically using highly converting content. He successfully closed two clients using the same Organic Funnel from Armin’s course. It appears that the lessons he learned from High Ticket Coaching University are applying to manage his own coaching business. He is also a member of The 7-Figure Entrepreneur, Instagram Shoutout Blueprint, and 9D Free Community.

Juan Carlos is from Minks, Belarus. He successfully booked two sales calls. He plans to continue training in the Sales Campus to achieve his goal of closing at least one of those calls. These testimonials showcase that joining HTCU is effective in enhancing your coaching business. HTCU teaches essential skills, from setting your mindset to scaling your own coaching business.

Is High Ticket Coaching University Worth It?

Yes, High Ticket Coaching University is worth it because of Armin Shafee's extensive experience and achievements in the coaching industry. He is an award-winning international speaker that presents in 40 different stages, conducted over 300 successful coaching sessions, and contributed to the success of over 400 businesses. Learning from Armin's wealth of experience can benefit your journey. HTCU also provides comprehensive guidance, from setting your mindset and creating your offering, to marketing, sales, and scaling your coaching business. Additionally, there is the potential to win one-on-one mentorship directly from Armin Shafee.

High Ticket Coaching University teaches you how to establish your own high-ticket coaching business that enables you to earn more with fewer clients. This approach can be financially efficient, as it reduces the need for extensive client acquisition efforts. However, the high cost of services may limit the potential market, as not everyone can afford high-ticket coaching. This narrows down the pool of your potential clients. Additionally, selling high-ticket coaching typically involves a more complex and longer sales process that often requires the building of significant trust and showing high value upfront. So, HTCU is worth it, but you need to assess the business model they are teaching if it fits with your interest and resources.


  • Freelance Prodigies - Freelance Prodigies by Perrin Joseph is a community on Skool where you can learn online about web development. It's especially good if you want to start your own business. 

Who Is Armin Shafee?

Armin Shafee is an accomplished international speaker and online coach mentor from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. He founded High Ticket Coaching University and served as the Vice President of the Think And Grow Rich Institute for over 5 years. Armin also established Elite Speakers Academy & The REBORN Experience, specializing in public speaking training. With extensive experience, he has spoken in 40 stages, conducted over 300 coaching sessions, and worked with 2,634 individuals.  He started his coaching business from scratch in 2017. Armin achieved remarkable success and generates over $6 million in sales by 2023.

Armin has assisted over 400 individuals in starting, growing, and scaling their businesses across various high ticket coaching niches niches. He contributes to $20 million in sales for clients and guiding one business to reach $1 million per month. Armin has a decent following online. He has 1,407 followers on LinkedIn, 108K on Instagram, 1.3k on Skool, and 3.81K subscribers on YouTube. 

What Is School Of Influence By Armin Shafee On Skool?

The School of Influence by Armin Shafee on Skool is an exclusive membership program priced at $999 per month. It caters to individuals aiming to enhance their sales and influence skills. With a membership guarantee, you can opt for a full refund within 14 days if you don't witness improvements in your skills. The membership plan comprises three monthly payments of $999 initially, followed by a reduced fee of $97 per month.

School of Influence allows you to access exclusive course material on the "Think And Grow Rich" philosophy by the President of TGR and Armin Shafee himself. Additionally, you can use an 8-figure sales training portal that covers topics such as productivity enhancement, the psychology of selling, mastering sales scripts, and effective appointment setting systems. Moreover, you can benefit from live weekly workshops, including mentorship sessions with Armin, TGR classes with Satish Verma, and comprehensive sales and persuasion classes. 

What Is Scale & Get Clients By Armin Shafee?

Scale & Get Clients by Armin Shafee is a $29 program for coaches aiming to expand their business and attract more clients. There are four key components in Scale & Get Clients.. Scale & Get Clients begin by outlining strategies to develop high-priced coaching plans ranging from $5,000 to $25,000. The program also introduces the Hyper Organic Marketing' method. It is a specialized approach that leverages online content and social media to increase audience engagement. Additionally, the program provides insights on enhancing sales techniques, improving financial management, and reducing reliance on payment plans. Finally, it emphasizes the importance of implementing automation to facilitate smooth business growth.

Is High Ticket Coaching Worth It?

Yes, high ticket coaching is worth it if you already have a significant presence in the coaching industry. The key to success in this field is having a well-established name and a solid customer base. This credibility attracts clients willing to pay premium prices for your coaching services. Additionally, Jessica Yarbrough highlights the lucrative potential of high ticket coaching and consulting. She outlines that each client in this sector might bring in substantial income that varies from $25,000 to as high as $150,000. The business coaching industry in the US is substantial, with 77,118 businesses and 114,078 employees as of 2023, according to IBISWorld. This indicates a thriving market with plenty of opportunities for growth.

However, it also shows intense competition and the need for constant engagement and improvement. Entering the high-ticket coaching market requires a considerable investment, typically between $5,000 to $15,000. This investment covers critical areas such as certification, business setup, branding, marketing, and coaching tools. These costs can vary depending on your specific needs and preferences. Moreover, maintaining a high level of service for client's demands ongoing work, including updating skills, keeping up with industry trends, and dedicating time to personalize your coaching plans. 

Conclusion: Why Local Lead Gen Biz Is A Smart Option To High Ticket Coaching Biz?

Local lead gen biz is a smart option to high ticket coaching biz because of low startup investment, minimal competition and high return potential. This business model operates similarly to digital real estate. You can create digital assets with an investment as low as $500. Once created, you employ SEO strategies to achieve higher rankings in search engines. When your digital assets reach top positions and generate leads, you can lease them to local businesses in need of leads. In contrast, launching a high-ticket coaching business typically requires a substantial investment ranging from $5,000 to $15,000. This covers certification, business setup, branding, marketing, coaching tools, office space, and insurance. The exact costs depend on your specific requirements and choices.

Another key drawback of high-ticket coaching is the necessity of being an expert in a specialized area. This is often unfeasible for individuals engaged in regular 9 to 5 jobs who may not have the time or resources to develop such deep expertise. High-ticket coaching also demands a significant dedication to coaching itself, involving intensive, one-on-one interactions with clients. This can quickly accumulate into a heavy workload, reducing your own time for personal activities or leisure. In contrast, running a local lead generation business typically requires less ongoing, individualized work that allows for greater personal time flexibility.

Moreover, local lead generation has the upper hand over high-ticket coaching in terms of competition. According to IBISWorld, as of 2023, there are 77,118 business coaching firms and 114,078 individuals employed in this sector in the United States. In local lead generation, the competition is significantly lower because you are ranking locally. It usually involves only 10 to 15 local companies.

Local lead generation is highly profitable, with margins between 80%-95%, as it doesn't involve physical products. You can rent each of your websites for $500-$3,000 per month with minimal ongoing maintenance. In contrast, running a coaching business demands active involvement in client acquisition, session management, continuous learning, marketing, administrative tasks, and networking. While high-ticket coaching is a viable business model, local lead generation offers a way to bypass high investment requirements, active involvement and intense competition.

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