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Taylor Welch Inbound Closer Review | Make Six Figures by Working 1-2 Hours a Day

March 17, 2024

Taylor Welch's Inbound Closer program is a high ticket sales training program led by his brother, Payton Welch. The course is a subsidiary of The Sales Mentor, which is under the B2B digital marketing company Traffic and Funnels. Inbound Closer is a high ticket affiliate marketing scheme for traffic and funnels as there are various upsells throughout the program.

The basic Inbound Closer training program claims you can learn all there is to become a highly skilled remote closer in just 21 days. Is it easy to find clients to close for without any closing experience? Can this part-time job replace your 9-5 and bring you financial independence? Read along to find out how you can make six figures by working 1-2 hours a day.

Inbound closing is a job and not a business model. This means you will have to constantly put in time and effort, as well as depend on your employer. If you’re looking for a low-risk business model that requires very little capital and time to set up, I suggest you check out Local Lead Generation. This business model allows you to earn passive income and create financial freedom.

What Do Inbound Closers Do?

Inbound closing, or remote closing, is a job that you can do online from home or anywhere in the world. Your work involves taking in calls from interested leads for your client in order to close the sale.

What Are Examples of Inbound Leads?

Inbound marketing is the strategy of driving traffic towards your offer instead of using traditional outward advertising to reach your audience. Inbound leads typically come from people who are searching for an answer to their question.

A business may use inbound marketing to build a list of high-quality motivated leads who are proven to have an interest in the product. It is easier to sell an offer to these motivated leads as compared to outbound cold calling. There are several ways to get inbond leads:

  • Blogs - HubSpot research has found that brands who publish at least 16 blog post a month generate3.5x more website traffic and 4.5x more leads. 
  • Infographics - Like blogs but aimed at those who don't have time to read thousands of words. Infographics have proven just as effective as blogs.
  • eBook - By giving out useful information on a free eBook for their contact information, you'll be able to build a list of interested leads. 
  • Webinar - YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. By posting webinars on YouTube, you'll be able to reach a wider audience and create more interested leads.
  • Podcast - Like webinars, the great thing about podcasts is that you can attach a personality to it. This is great for creating trust between the brand and customers.

How Much Money Do Inbound Closers Make?

On average, inbound closers with 1-3 years experience make $47K-$65K a year. Closers with 4-6 years of experience make around $77K-$150K. Typically, a remote closer earns through commission.

To become an inbound closer, you need to find a client willing to have you close for them. It is hard to find clients that will hire inexperienced inbound closers, as this may mean low sales conversion. Clients are spending on generating leads, so having a closer that cannot close leads is risky.

Is Inbound Closing a High Demand Skill?

Inbound closing is harder than what this program claims. You won’t be able to get a client if you have no connection or skills. Unless you are a naturally talented sales person, it’ll take a lot of time and experience to become a high converting closer.

To be good at inbound calls, you need a lot of practice and experience in dealing with leads over the phone. You can take coaching programs like Inbound Closers, Elite Closers, NEPQ Training, and or find sources where you can learn online for free. If you are planning to create your own business and offer, check out the free Offer Creation course by Alex Hormozi.

Pros and Cons of Inbound Closer


Full money-back guarantee available.

Access to the Inbound Closer Mastermind Group, which is a Facebook group with 18K members, where you can practice your closing skills.

You can learn valuable sales skills even without prior experience.

Skills you learn from the Inbound Closer training translate well to any type of sales job.


Full of bold promises that can mislead. Sales pitch makes it sound like a get-rich-quick scheme.

Placement after training is not guaranteed. You need to purchase the upsell to access the list of business owners who hire closers. Otherwise, create your own sales funnel to find employers.

Inbound Closer cost can vary depending on when you purchase their programs.


$97 for the basic Accelerator course. Various upsells are available. Private Coaching program available for $8,800-$9,800.

Refund Policy

100% money-back guarantee upon request.


Founded in 2016 as a subsidiary of The Sales Mentor.


Mixed reviews mostly because of the get-rich quick sales videos.

Who Is Taylor Welch?

taylor welch

Taylor Welch is a high ticket closer mentor in Franklin, Tennessee. Along with Chris Evan, he is the co-founder of the successful B2B digital marketing company Traffic and Funnels. Taylor studied marketing at Missouri State University and previously worked as a copywriter.

Who Is Payton Welch?

payton welch

The younger brother of Taylor Welch, Payton, is the lead advisor of Inbound Closer. He is often mistaken as the head of the program as he is the one people see in the ads. Before that, he worked in a local department store in a shop called Von Maren before he approached his brother for work. His brother then mentored him and he became an inbound closer for The Sales Mentor.

What Do You Get With Inbound Closer?

The skills you will learn from Inbound Closer are how to confidently take calls from leads and convince them to make the purchase. You will actually learn the ins and outs of remote closing after joining the training program. There’s a lesson on how to find high ticket clients, although it is unlikely anyone will hire an inexperienced closer. The upsells connect you with clients that are hiring graduates of the program.

Payton explains that online business models require you to put in thousands of dollars and 60–70 hours per week as an investment, and that it will take a year or two to get your business on track. Payton sells you the dream that you could learn in 21 days how to make 6 figures while working 1-2 hours a day.

Inbound Closer Accelerator

The Inbound Closer Accelerator is the 21-day course broken down into 3-week programs. The training is a compilation of videos and PDFs that center on Taylor’s refined and perfected inbound closing techniques. The accelerator costs $97 and there will be upsells during and after this program.

Here’s the breakdown of the accelerator course:

Week 0 - Introduction

This introduction week is to get you into the right mindset and show you what to do as an inbound closer. It comes with 2 PDFs that serve as a roadmap and to motivate you and 7 videos that teach you the math of an inbound closer and the most important parts of being a successful inbound closer. Payton answers the FAQ and shares success stories, one of which is Taylor’s.

Week 1 - Reflex Selling System

You will go through 8 videos, 5 PDFs, and 3 word documents in week 1. You start by learning how to use the 7-figure sales script. There’s also homework given to practice the script and get used to it. You will also learn about their reflex selling system, which will help you when communicating with potential buyers.

Week 2 - Mindset and Tactics

Week 2 comes with 7 videos, 3 PDFs, and 2 word documents. It begins with a lesson on the most common objections faced by closers and how to deal with them. You will then move to the 2nd part of their reflex selling system. They provide a post call recording for you to observe and learn from. The week ends with a lesson on philosophies and tactics, after which you are given another assignment.

Week 3 - Advanced Reflex Selling System

The start of the 3rd week features two recorded coaching calls from Taylor Welch and Eli Wilde (a mentor in the course), expanding on reflex selling. You will have access to the Daily Commission Check Blueprint, which will help you in your search for clients. The 3rd week materials come with 9 videos, 7 PDFs, 1 audio recording file, and a spreadsheet to track your progress for assessment.

At the end of your training, they will upsell you the Inbound Closer Certification Program. You will also have access to a Facebook support group where you can roleplay a sales call, practice, and strategize.

Inbound Closer Certification Program

The Inbound Closer Certification Program is an upsell where you will have access to over 757 pre-vetted business owners whom you can apply to. You’ll also have access to the private Closers and Owners network. This program's price varies from $500-$997.

Module 0: Becoming The Person Who Deserves Success

The introduction module comes with 4 videos and 7 PDFs that will help you gain the confidence to beat fear and insecurity. The lessons are to get you to maintain mental clarity and focus on your goals. You will also see an overview of the rest of the program.

Module 1: Closer’s Mindset

The modules come with 11 videos that focus on improving your mindset. Here are the 5 theories and lessons plus 4 bonuses that will make you a better closer:

  1. The 3 Beliefs That Leads To Sales Gold
  2. Laws Of Wealth and How To Make More Money
  3. How To Remove The Ceiling Of Your Earning Potential
  4. Mastering Energy - 10 Points Of Personal Optimization
  5. Habits of Control
  6. Finding Great Partners With Eli & Taylor
  7. If People Aren’t Criticizing You, You Are Playing Small
  8. Money Mindset
  9. Promoted To Chaos - How To Advance Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Module 2: Self Empowerment

This module comes in 6 videos and 1 PDF focuses on mastering your mindset. You will learn how to build self-awareness to know your strengths and weaknesses in order to develop your skills.

Eli Wilde primarily teaches the lessons. He stresses that the best closer takes the role of a guardian for the high ticket client. By being an expert, you gain the client’s trust and guide them into making a smart purchase. 3 bonus lessons included are:

  1. Risk Versus Safety
  2. What Is ROI – Changing Your Perceptions On Types Of ROI
  3. What To Do When You Have Lost Your Drive 

Module 3: Introduction To Closing

The module, taught by Eli Wilde, explains what sets you apart from other salespeople when closing a high-ticket sale. You will learn about the buyer's insights, how they think and make purchase decisions.

Eli will teach you several challenging questions to ask the potential buyer that can help convince them to make the purchase. You will learn about human behavior and how to leverage emotions, such as empathy, to build trust with the client. The module ends with a recorded roleplay with Taylor Welch.

Module 4: Closing With Confidence

With 5 videos, 2 PDFs, and 2 audio recordings, you will learn how to approach the sale in module 4. Eli will teach you the difference between aggression and confidence, and that confidence is key in closing deals. You will learn how to properly engage with your client and not scare them off by being aggressive towards the sale.

Module 5: Mastering Objections

In 3 videos and 1 PDF, you will learn from Eli how to handle the prospect’s objections. He stresses that this is the most important part that can determine if you close high ticket deals.

You will learn strategies employed by the top closers, including how to handle objections during the conversation, how crucial it is to recognize an objection quickly, and why it's best to ask questions rather than provide answers.

Module 6: Becoming A Professional Inbound Closer

After unlocking this module, you will have Eli’s last lessons on closing deals. The final module comes with 5 videos and 4 PDFs. You need to go through the videos before you can pass the "certification" and get the instructions on how to access the Closers and Owners network.

In the "exclusive interview" video with Payton, he will explain to you the challenges you'll face and the hard work that is necessary in order to achieve outstanding success in this line of work. In addition, you will have access to a template in order to make a good inbound closer bio.

Client Connection Mastermind

The Client Connection Mastermind is an Inbound Closer upsell that will connect you with a small group of committed closers for an additional $997. These are closers who earn at least 6-figures. You will also have a connection to pre-vetted business owners who meet the following criteria:

  1. They charge at least $5,800 for their high ticket offer.
  2. They attract a minimum of 7-10 inbound leads per day.
  3. They’re actively hiring closers.

These businesses invest a minimum of $18,000 to get access to this connection service. This is how Inbound Closer pairs its students up with businesses.

How Do You Make Money With the Inbound Closer Program?

To make money with the Inbound Closer program, you need to find clients to close high ticket sales for. Companies that hire inbound closers are usually online businesses that spend on advertising to bring in leads. The 3 steps for an online business to sell their high ticket products go like this:

  • Step 1: The online business will advertise their products and services on their websites or on social media. They usually offer freebies, which can either be a free sample, a free book, a digital product, etc. A potential high ticket client who opts-in for these freebies will give away their contact information.
  • Step 2: Customers will receive offers for low or medium-ticket goods or services once they are on the business's email list and platform. We consider this a basic marketing step that online businesses use.
  • Step 3: The last step is to offer the customer a high-end or premium package. Most online business owners generate their biggest profits by selling these high ticket programs, products or services.

The 3rd and last step is where the business needs an inbound closer. Purchasing products or services that cost a lot may require motivation. This is where you come in as a closer. It takes a certain skill in order to convince the client via a phone call to go forward and to make the high ticket sale.

How Successful Are Students of Inbound Closer?

Inbound Closer reviews are mixed with some calling it a scam. Some are calling it a scam for the lack of successful students that come out of the course. Positive reviews with details that help make it look legit are hard to find outside the company’s primary sites. Take these reviews with a grain of salt. You may also check here the red flags gurus don't want you to know about remote appointment setting and closing.

Reviews on Official Site

The reviews on the official website are a combination of screenshots, video testimonials, and student interviews.

External Reviews

External reviews of the course are quite concerning, with many calling Inbound Closer a scam. They are quite long, and to save your time, here's the general summary. The people who took the course say the training package in the first and two major programs is quite good. The downsides come from several things:

  1. The lack of transparency regarding the time and effort needed to succeed in this line of work. They sold the course as a get-rich-quick scheme.
  2. The course does not provide you with access to a list of partnered businesses unless you purchase the upsells. Even after that, you still need to apply for these, and you often get turned down as they look for those with experience.
  3. The overpriced high ticket Private Coaching program under delivers.

The big upside is that the lifetime money-back guarantee is legit for the main courses. If you have the time and money to spare, you could try this course out and apply for a refund if it's not for you.

Jaydaniel Castro Makes $10,000/ Month as an Inbound Closer 

Jaydaniel's Background and Story

Jaydaniel started documenting his journey from scratch to success on April 24th, 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic. He left his sales and restaurant jobs to focus on his business and made a $10,000 income within just 90 days. 

How Jaydaniel’s Business Is Doing Today

Jaydaniel's business currently makes $10k monthly. He plans to transition from a traditional job to becoming a full-time inbound closer. 

What's not mentioned in the interview: Doyen Digital reports that inbound closing has a 14.6% close rate. Although there is income potential here, it's not necessarily the easiest business for beginners. 

Inbound Closing in 2024

E-commerce is on an unstoppable rise, and more and more businesses are needing closers to sell their high ticket programs, products, and services. Keep in mind that this IS a job. You will be an employee taking sales calls to close high ticket deals. This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. You will need to put in time and effort every day in order to earn a living.

Payton argues that this is better than setting up your own online business, as that takes a lot of time and money. What he did not consider was the ability of a business to scale. As a business owner, you can scale and automate your business to a point where it essentially becomes a hands-off money maker.

If you want an online business that can create passive income, you can outsource work to automate a faceless YouTube channel, a dropshipping ecommerce store, or even generate leads using affiliate marketing. Every business model has its own strengths and weaknesses that you need to know to find the one that suits your situation and preferences.

Best Passive Income Business in 2024

You need to have your own business, whether it’s in products, services, or investments, in order to eventually achieve financial freedom. Most business models take a lot of time and effort to set up and scale. I have tried many online business models, from dropshipping, Amazon FBA, affiliate marketing, etc. What worked out best for me in the end was local lead generation.

Local lead generation is a low-risk business model where you build and rank websites you rent out to local businesses. This business model requires very little capital and can run itself for years before needing you to do anything. It’s also an easily scalable business model. As a local lead generation business owner, you’ll be able to create time and financial freedom.

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