Jeff Clark Trader Review — Is Option Trading The Ticket To Passive Income?

March 15, 2024

Jeff Clark Trader is an option trading program by Jeffrey Clark, an excellent options expert. Jeff teaches you how to profit from options in any market. Every month, you receive a new issue with research, analysis, and stock market recommendations. They also get real-time notifications for trade opportunities and sell alerts. Also, you gain access to trade ideas, bonus reports, an options education program, and The One Stock Retirement Masterclass.

Option trading has the potential for higher returns compared to traditional stock trading. Studies show that options traders have achieved average annual returns of 10%-12% compared to 7%-8% for stock traders. It offers flexibility to profit in both rising and falling markets. But, it's crucial to understand the risks involved. Option trading can be complex, requiring a deep understanding of strategies and market dynamics. Making wrong choices can lead to a complete loss of investment.

Local lead generation through rank and rent can be an alternative to options trading without the associated drawbacks. Local lead generation allows you to avoid complex strategies and market dynamics. Instead, you can focus on creating optimized websites that generate leads for local businesses. This model provides a stable income stream without the risk of losing your entire investment. This business model also doesn't rely on market conditions or competition like options trading does.

Jeff Clark Trade Pros And Cons


Jeff Clark is a successful options trader, making about $200 million dollars.

The course only costs $19 now.

Jeff offers tons of inclusions.

Every course has U.S-based customer services.


There is no cash refund.

Some of Jeff Clark courses are expensive.

It receives bad reviews from Trustpilot and in some YouTube videos.

Option trading is too complicated.


Jeff Clark Trader costs $199 but right now it's $19.

Refund Policy

Jeff Clark does not offer a money-back guarantee, but a 90-day credit guarantee. 


There is no information regarding its origin.


Jeff Clark actively doing option trading and reaching 8-figure or more now.

What Do You Get In Jeff Clark Trader?

With Jeff Clark Trader, you will get one full year of new trade opportunities by Jeff Clark. You will receive updates, special reports, and access to Jeff's Money Multiplier Masterclass.

One Full Year Of Jeff Clark Trader

You’ll receive all the details of Jeff Clark 3-Stock Retirement Blueprint. Then, every fourth Monday of the month, you’ll receive a new trade opportunity.

Frequent Updates

Jeff sends updates on all his trades, including when to sell. He sends it through email and also on the Jeff Clark Trader app.

Special Report: The 3-Stock Retirement Blueprint

This guide shows you exactly how to use Jeff's strategy. You’ll learn why he chose each stock, how to trade them, and how to combine them to generate all the money you need to live out your retirement dreams.

Money Multiplier Masterclass Training Series

This training reveals everything you need to trade options the right way. Jeff claims that others have paid thousands to access this level of education, but for only $19, you’ll get it for no extra cost.

Who Is Jeff Clark?

Jeff Clark is an experienced editor who specializes in options trading. He has been delivering solid stock recommendations and analysis for about 15 years. Jeff ran an independent brokerage house and private money management firm in San Francisco before he started writing newsletters to share his knowledge with everyday people.

His most well-known trading strategies are the Money Multiplier and Single Stock Retirement Plan. He also worked as the head editor for two successful trading letters at Stansberry Research, The Short Report, and Pro Trader. Now, he leads a range of investment subscriptions and is the creator of the popular free newsletter, Market Minute.

Jeff's track record is impressive. Some of his students have achieved triple-digit gains over 50 times and double-digit gains over 160 times since 2005. He lives in Northern California with his family, where he continues to share his expertise and help his students achieve their financial goals by option trading.

What Kind Of Investing Strategy Does Jeff Clark Use For Trading and Investment?

Jeff Clark uses the Bitcoin options technique for his trading and investment strategy. This technique enables him to buy and sell stocks, allowing him to profit even when the stock market experiences a decline.

What Type Of Trader Is Jeff Clark Trader Best For?

Jeff Clark Trader is best for the following traders:

  • Long-term investors who aim to profit from options trading.
  • Beginners without prior experience in options trading who need guidance and support in trading options strategies.
  • Traders who prefer making portfolio changes on a monthly basis rather than daily, providing a more convenient approach to managing investments.

Is Jeff Clark Trader A Solid Choice For Option Trading?

Jeff Clark Trader is not a solid option for option trading, but it can be a good start. It can be a good choice, especially with the current discounted price of $19 (originally $199). It's a great option for beginners starting out in option trading. Jeff Clark has a strong reputation and has made millions of dollars through his trading expertise.

There are some factors that make it less solid in mastering option trading. Jeff Clark offers higher-ticket programs with prices ranging from $3,000 to $125,000, and these courses do not come with a refund policy. Jeff only provides full credit, allowing you to choose another course if you find the one you purchased unsatisfactory. It is advisable to conduct thorough research before enrolling in these programs.

Also, there are many negative reviews available online. Trustpilot shows 84% negative reviews claiming that Jeff Clark is a scam and a waste of time. Moreover, Jeff Clark's claim of "fast-money" in this business method is misleading, as option trading is too complicated.

Yet, it's important to note that there are also positive reviews, as evidenced by Birdeye, which displays 61 reviews with a 5-star rating. These reviews highlight Jeff Clark's ability to bring success to your option trading journey.

Jeff Clark Trader Other Offers And Programs

Market Minute

Jeff Clark's Market Minute is a free e-letter that offers unique insights from expert trader Jeff Clark. Through analyzing market trends, Jeff helps traders expect profitable moves. The Market Minute empowers traders to profit from stocks regardless of their direction. It's a valuable and free resource for readers seeking Jeff's expertise.

Price: Jeff Clark’s Market Minute is free.
Refund Policy: It's free.

Delta Report

The Delta Report offers readers additional option trading opportunities on a weekly basis. It provides a range of training materials and unique niche options strategies. The Delta Report is sent every week by Jeff. It includes updates on current positions through weekly dispatches or as required.

Price: Delta Report costs $5,000 for a one-year subscription.
Refund Policy: There is no refund policy. Just a full credit refund.

One full year of the Delta Report

These alerts provide options that have the potential to double or triple their investments. Each alert includes detailed instructions on how to execute the trades for largest profit potential. You will receive it every Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. ET.

  • Spotting the Perfect Trade: How to Make $1,000s A Week With Options
  • Periodic email updates
  • My 8-video Tutorial Series
  • Bonus: Delta Direct

The Forever Portfolio

The Forever Portfolio guides you to navigate through unpredictable markets in the long term. It comprises twelve stocks that are resistant to economic downturns, offering substantial returns. You can enter the portfolio by either purchasing the stocks directly or using Jeff's "no money down" options strategy. Once established, the portfolio requires minimal monitoring, allowing you to set it and forget it.

Price: The Forever Portfolio costs $3,500.
Refund Policy: Jeff Clark only offers full credit refunds.

Access to the 24/7 website with full access to The Forever Portfolio’s resources

This is where Jeff makes recommendations, offers analysis, and gives updates on his strategy and how to play stock picks.

  • Bonus Report 1: The Forever Portfolio: 12 Stocks That Could Show You “Option-Like” Gains
  • Bonus Report 2: The Forever Option Strategy Primer
  • Bonus Report 3: Closed-End Funds - 3 Deep-Discounted Bonus Picks
  • Jeff Clark Trader mobile app

Earnings Trader

Jeff Clark’s Earnings Trader is a simple strategy that helps you make money with options during earnings season. Each week, you'll get a new recommendation with clear instructions on when to buy, along with an analysis of our target for each stock. Earnings Trader is available weekly and provides updates on current positions as needed. As a member, you can expect at least one trade recommendation per week, giving you the chance to double your investment or more in a few days.

Price: Jeff Clark's Earnings Trader costs $4,000.
Refund Policy: There is no cash refund, just a full credit refund.

A full year of Jeff Clark’s Earnings Trader

You can expect at least one new recommendation every week with the potential to double your money in a matter of days and maybe even an hour.

  • Buy and Sell Alerts
  • The Earnings Trader Manifesto Video
  • The Earnings Trader Starting Guide
  • Jeff’s Proprietary Calendar
  • Jeff’s 8-part Options Masterclass
  • Jeff Clark Trader mobile app
  • Exclusive members-only website
  • U.S. Based Customer Support

Currency Trader

Currency Trader aims to generate high returns by tracking currency exchange rate fluctuations. You'll receive clear trade recommendations with entry and exit instructions. 

Price: Currency Trader costs $4,000 for a one-year subscription.
Refund Policy: Jeff Clark only offers 90-Day Subscription Refund Credit.

A full year of Currency Trader

You can expect an average of about two trades per month, with the potential for more depending on market conditions. Imre focuses on identifying the best trading opportunities. You receive regular updates and issues that provide details on existing positions, market status, and the overall performance of the system.

  • Buy and Sell Alerts
  • Special Report: The Imre Gams Forex Starter Guide
  • Bonus Report: How to Open and Close a Forex Trade
  • “The Imre Gams Method” Video Series
  • Access to the 24/7 Website with full access to Currency Trader’s resources
  • Currency Trader Mobile App
  • U.S. Based Customer Support

Jeff Clark Alliance

Jeff's "Protégé Program" is an all-in-one resource for accessing Jeff's trading research and guidance. It provides valuable information on option trading, technical analysis, and risk management. Each week, you'll receive actionable trading guidance with multiple profit opportunities. It's everything you need to enhance your trading skills and maximize your potential profits.

Price: Jeff Clark Alliance costs $12,500 for unlimited access.
Refund Policy: Jeff Clark does not offer any money-back guarantee.

Unlimited Access to Jeff Clark Alliance

It gives you all the research and recommendations of Jeff in his research services. Every 3 days, you’ll get a new trade recommendation. Around once a week, you’ll get a bonus trade recommendation.

  • Access to our members-only website
  • Trade Alert Report
  • Regular Q&As
  • Monthly options service: Jeff Clark Trader
  • Jeff’s weekly options service: Delta Report
  • Jeff’s Earnings Trader
  • Jeff’s “set & forget” Forever Portfolio
  • Currency Trader
  • Jeff’s daily market training and updates (and bonus recommendations) via Delta Direct
  • Future trading research services
  • Jeff’s Timeless Trading Wisdom Video Series
  • U.S. Based Customer Support

Is Option Trading Profitable?

Yes, option trading can be profitable. It involves buying and selling options contracts, which give you the right to buy or sell an underlying asset at a predetermined price within a specific timeframe. With careful analysis and effective strategies, traders can take advantage of market movements and generate profits. Also, it is one of the best passive income ideas for teachers. However, option trading also carries risks, and not all trades will be profitable. Successful option trading requires knowledge of the market, an understanding of option pricing, and the ability to manage risk effectively. You should conduct thorough research, develop a well-defined trading plan, and continuously monitor your trades to maximize their chances of profitability. It also carries the risk of losing your entire investment. If you want alternatives, you may check out my top most profitable online businesses in 2024.

What Is Option Trading?

Option trading is a financial strategy where you can choose to buy or sell specific assets at a set price within a certain time. It lets you make money from price changes in things like stocks or commodities, even if you don't actually own them. When you buy an option, you get the right, but not the obligation, to make the trade later on. This means you can take advantage of market movements and try to predict if the asset's price will go up or down.

What Is The Most Consistent Options Trading Strategy?

The Bull Call Spread is a consistent options trading strategy. It involves buying a call option at a lower strike price and selling a call option at a higher strike price, both with the same expiration date. This strategy allows traders to profit from upward price movements in the underlying asset while limiting their risk. For those looking for investing assistance, AI tools can potentially help in automating investment decisions to generate passive income

What Is The Safest Option Trading Strategy?

The safest option trading strategy is the "covered call" strategy. It involves owning the underlying asset and selling call options on it. This strategy provides income from option premiums and offers some downside protection. Remember that no strategy is risk-free, so traders should consider their risk tolerance and market conditions before using any options trading strategy.

Jeff Clark Trader Alternatives

  • Monetari Fund - Monetari Fund is a group of trading experts who give daily trading recommendations through a Discord group and signal alerts on your phone. They provide entry prices and stop-loss levels for the day. They specialize in option trading, which involves buying contracts to assets at specific prices. Option Trading is more volatile than stock trading, but it can lead to larger profits or losses.
  • True Trader - True Trader is a community led by Dan Parker, where you can watch him trade live every morning when the markets open. You get to see him and another professional trader trade in real-time through screen share. Their trading approach only runs 1 hour each day.
  • Day Trading Academy - Day Trading Academy teaches you how to adapt and succeed in day trading. Marcello Arrambide, a day trading veteran with over 8 years of experience, teaches the academy. Unlike other courses that rely on software automation, Day Trading Academy takes a different approach. This course focuses on teaching you the logic behind day trading, rather than relying on bots or automated systems. You can also check out Maurice Kenny's VIP Trading program
  •  Prosper Trading Academy - Trading learning platform offers courses and programs for new and experienced traders. World-class coaches like Charlie Moon and Mike Shorr teach the courses headed by trading veteran and Prosper Trading Academy CEO Scott Bauer.
  • Advanced 11 Hour Options - This options trading course is created by Dave Aquino, one of Base Camp Trading's seasoned trader. He will teach you how his exact framework to help you earn weekly paycheck through options trading. 
  • Todd Rampe’s Wealth Builders Institute is an online trading course that helps students identify market reversals to get the best deals in online trading. This course includes a 6-week course, weekly workshops, coach interactions. 
  • The Swag Academy - Forex trading program features courses for novice traders. Big Brother Star Swaggy C teaches with easy-to-digest short videos. He also has a popular YouTube channel about trading.

Is Option Trading The Ticket To Passive Income?

Option trading is not the ticket to passive income, but can be a way to make money. It involves risks and requires active management. Success depends on market conditions, timing, and accurate predictions. You may need to monitor the market always and decide to maximize gains and cut losses. It's not a completely passive income stream.


Local lead generation provides a ticket to passive income. It involves generating leads for local businesses and earning commissions. With lead generation websites, you can create a system that consistently generates leads without constant involvement. Once it is ranked, you can rent it out to generate income on autopilot, providing a reliable and passive revenue source. It's scalable, allowing you to expand and increase earnings over time. Compared to the unpredictable nature of the option trading, local lead generation offers a more stable and passive income opportunity.

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