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Laura Casselman JVZoo Review: How Much Do Affiliate Marketers Make?

July 22, 2024

jvzoo review

The JVZoo Marketplace is an affiliate network. This is where affiliates find products to promote. Sellers can post their products for affiliates to find. JVZoo mostly focuses on digital products. This includes software, digital services, online courses, and more. There are over 200 niches within that category. Currently, it has over 800,000 affiliates and over 18 million products sold. Laura Casselman is the CEO of JVZoo, a role she has held since 2016. JVZoo has achieved significant milestones. It is one of the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America for many years.

JVZoo has a mixed reputation. It earns praise for its extensive marketplace and ease of use. Also, it offers valuable tools for affiliates and vendors. However, criticisms include questionable and "dead" products in its database. Some complained about product quality, customer support, and refund policies. Reviews from Trustpilot, Quora, Reddit, and YouTube reflect these sentiments. It has a rating of only 3.6 out of 5 stars from Trustpilot. 

Affiliate marketing in 2024 is both challenging and full of opportunities. It would help if you considered many things. This includes commission rate, demand, competition, product quality, refund rate, and long-term sustainability. JVZoo has some of the highest affiliate commission rates for low-mid ticket items. Success requires dedication to quality content and niche expertise. You must adapt to evolving market trends and technological advancements.

This Laura Casselman's JVZoo review talks about its pros and cons. Also included are the content and sign-up process. It also covers how to do affiliate marketing using the platform. We will also share reviews and testimonials from clients. We will also determine if affiliate marketing is still worth it. In the end, we will look at a business model where, like affiliate marketing, you drive leads to your clients. The difference is that you receive predictable passive income as monthly rent. 

JVZoo Review: Pros and Cons 


Signing up for JVZoo  account is easy and free. Once users set up their account, they can start promoting products immediately.

Attaining the “Premium Affiliate” status allows you to receive instant commissions. The payout threshold is lower than most affiliate marketplaces.

JVZoo gives insights on which products are likely to sell through top seller rankings and revenue statistics so affiliates can focus more on them. 

Integrating JVZoo with MunchEye for product research is easy. It's widely compatible with other affiliate marketing tools.  


It has many questionable products on their database.

There are still some “dead” products that are kept on the database.

JVZoo may only offer a few products, usually software and digital tools.

Affiliate income with JVZoo might be unstable and would need continuous engagement. 


The JVZoo platform is free. You do not need to pay to sign up. 


JVZoo offers varied training and resources to help users understand how to use the platform effectively and succeed in their marketing efforts. This includes the JVZoo Academy, Help Center, webinars and live training, and more. 


The JVZoo has an official Facebook page called JVZoo - Affiliate Network with 43K followers.

Refund Policy

JVZoo itself does not offer a money-back guarantee on the products sold through its platform. Instead, the money-back guarantee policies are determined by the individual vendors who sell their products on JVZoo.


The creators established JVZoo in 2011. 


JVZoo has a mixed reputation. People praise JVZoo for its extensive marketplace and ease of use for affiliates and vendors, but criticize it for the variable quality of products and occasional issues with customer support and refund policies.

July 22, 2024

I’ve been a JVZoo customer since 2015 and have purchased some excellent software from the platform. However, recently, I’ve noticed an increase in scams. Some of the products I bought have stopped working or weren’t updated despite promises of lifetime access. When I tried to request a refund, the process was slow and difficult.

2.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

How Much Do Affiliate Marketers Make?

Affiliate marketers make around $56,738 a year according to Glassdoor. Analysts estimate that the affiliate marketing industry is at $8.2 billion. Many businesses look for affiliate marketing to sell their products and services. How much you earn as an affiliate marketer depends on a lot of factors. This includes niche, price, commission rate, and affiliate marketing methods.

Shopify found the highest average commission rate was $70.99. The low average was just over $6 per commission. The JVZoo platform allows you to earn $50 to $500 depending on the number of offers sold.  

About 65% of affiliate marketers generate traffic primarily through SEO. Affiliate marketing promises to be a beginner-friendly business. However, new affiliates should at least learn the basics of SEO and digital marketing. They need it to survive this highly competitive market. 

What is JVZoo? 

JVZoo is an affiliate marketing platform founded in 2011 in Oviedo, Florida. It was by Bryan Zimmerman and Chad Casselman. The platform helps sellers create instant affiliate programs for their products. It can be on blogs, websites, and online forums. JVZoo connects product owners with affiliate marketers to boost online sales.

With over 800,000 affiliates and over 18 million products sold, JVZoo was one of the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America in 2016, 2017, and 2020. The platform provides a comprehensive tracking system. This includes affiliate referrals, commissions, and payouts. The JVZoo dashboard allows you to manage all of this.

How Do You Become a JVZoo Affiliate?

To become a JVZoo affiliate, you need to sign up for the JVZoo affiliate network. Just create an account with your email address. Get the approval email within minutes. The next step will be to set up your preferred payment method.

Most JVZoo affiliates choose PayPal. This is because the commissions are instant (with “Premium Affiliate” status). Affiliates can meet Premium Affiliate status by reaching a specific sales target. Usually in a designated affiliate program while keeping a low refund rate.

How Does the JVZoo Affiliate Program Work?

The JVZoo affiliate program works by connecting product owners with affiliate marketers. JVZoo simplifies the process of affiliate marketing. It provides the tools for tracking, reporting, and managing affiliate programs effectively. Here’s how it operates:

  1. Product Listing: Product owners list their products in the JVZoo marketplace. They set up an affiliate program, specifying commission rates and promotional materials.

  2. Affiliate Recruitment: Affiliates browse the JVZoo marketplace to find products to promote. They can join affiliate programs that match their audience and promotional strategies.

  3. Promotion: Affiliates promote the products using unique affiliate links provided by JVZoo. They can use various channels. This includes blogs, websites, social media, and email marketing.

  4. Tracking and Reporting: JVZoo tracks all affiliate referrals, clicks, and sales. This is through unique links. Affiliates and product owners can track performance and sales data in real-time.

  5. Sales and Commissions: JVZoo processes the sale and calculates the commission. Then, it credits the affiliate's account with the commissions.

  6. Payouts: Affiliates receive their commissions through the JVZoo payout system. Affiliates can set up the payouts. They can choose it to occur automatically or manually. 

What Products Can You Promote As an Affiliate?

As an affiliate, you can promote digital products from JVZoo. This ranges from e-learning courses to computer software and mobile applications. The categories range from business and finance to writing and speaking. You won't promote big-known brands like Microsoft or Apple. With JVZoo, you’ll be selecting from unfamiliar products.

What Affiliate Programs Does JVZoo Offer?

JVZoo offers pay-per-sale affiliate programs. Some products, especially software, are subscription-based. Most mobile app products are pay-per-install. Many of the affiliate programs require some experience. This includes a minimum number of sales and a low refund rate.

How To Select the Best Products on JVZoo?

  • Research the market: Choose products that fit within your niche. Also, consider the interests of your audience. This increases the chances of successful promotions. Look for products that are currently in high demand or trending in your niche. You can also use websites where you can do more product research before making your decision. Examples are MunchEye and JVNotifyPro.

You can filter your search through dozens of categories. For a quick start, you can jump straight into their current best-selling products list.

jvzoo review

You can also sort the columns on the product search page. This way you can select a good product by finding a balance between high sale numbers and low refund rates.

jvzoo review

If it's a brand-new product, wait a month for other affiliates’ reviews and experiences. This will give you an actual idea about whether a product is worth it. You can also purchase these products yourself to test out their quality.

  • Check product ratings and reviews: Read reviews and ratings from others. Especially from affiliates and customers. You should not rely on reviews written on the same day the product is released. You'll likely encounter scattered marketing information on the web. Usually, this promotional content fills itself with hype and buzzwords, rather than facts.
  • Evaluate the vendor: Check the vendor's reputation and history on JVZoo. Vendors with a track record of successful products are more reliable. Ensure the vendor provides good support and promotional materials for affiliates. This can include banners, email swipes, and product demos.

  • Analyze sales metrics: High conversion rates show that the sales page is effective. This means the product appeals to buyers. This metric shows the average earnings per click generated by affiliates. Higher EPCs mean more profitable products.

  • Assess commission structure: Look for products with competitive commission rates. Make sure it offers a good return for your promotional efforts. Products with effective upsell and cross-sell funnels can increase your earnings per sale.

  • Review the sales page: The sales page should be well-designed, professional, and persuasive. Communicate the benefits and features of the product.

  • Test the Product: If possible, try the product yourself. Understanding the product firsthand allows you to promote it more effectively.

Do You Need a Website for JVZoo?

You do not need your website to apply for JVZoo affiliate programs. After the seller approves your application, they will send you an affiliate link. This link directs to their sales page. All you need to do is to promote this link using various means.

It would certainly help to have a website such as a blog or YouTube channel that focuses on your chosen niche. Writing a blog, for example, is a great way to promote your affiliate products. It can help convince the visitors to make the purchase.

How Do You Make Money on JVZoo?

You can make money on JVZoo through commission rates ranging from 50% up to 75% of the purchase price. Commissions for items over $35 are higher. When the customer pays, subscription-based products offer recurring commissions.

The most common conversion types on JVZoo are pay-per-sale and pay-per-install. The seller usually determines a withholding period. They usually withhold your commission to account for refunds. Achieving the “premium affiliate” status will allow you to get paid by JVZoo. This means your commissions are almost instantly.

How Do Affiliates Get Paid on JVZoo?

Affiliates get paid on JVZoo by the conversion type of the affiliate program. You accumulate your affiliate commission on your JVZoo profile. You need to reach the set payment threshold. Then, JVZoo forwards the money to your preferred payment option. The lowest minimum payment threshold is $50. You can edit this threshold to a higher amount.

There are currently 3 payment channels under JVZoo pay that you can select from as an affiliate.

  1. Trolley - Receive payments directly to your bank account or PayPal account.
  2. Payoneer - Choose the payment method that best suits you. It could be Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard or direct bank transfers.
  3. Wise - Receive payments directly to your checking or savings account. This includes real exchange rates with no hidden fees.

You can also select a manual payout method using 2 different channels. JVZoo will not be involved and will not be responsible for any issues if you decide to use these channels.

  1. PayPal - Makes it easy for others to pay your affiliate commission.
  2. Home address - For sellers who pay affiliates by check.

Usually, there is a 14-day to 1-month holding period depending on the seller. With “premium affiliate status”, you get paid instantly. You can cash out only after your income has passed the threshold.

What is the JVZoo Academy?

The JVZoo Academy is an educational platform provided by JVZoo. It helps users learn about affiliate marketing and using the JVZoo platform. It offers a range of courses and resources. These are for both beginners and experienced marketers.

For $67 monthly, you get access to the JVZoo Academy masterclass and page builder. Besides the main training course, you will also receive the following:

  • JVZoo Academy Page Builder - an automated page creation software. Lifetime premium hosting for all your Academy web pages.

  • 20+ “Strategy” interviews with JVZoo’s TOP EARNING marketers

  • Monthly Q&A webinars

  • Access to private forums and Facebook group

  • 24/7 priority JVZoo support

What are People Saying About JVZoo?

JVZoo Reviews From Trustpilot

JVZoo reviews from Trustpilot are a mix of positive and negative opinions. It has a rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars from 70 total ratings. Users praised JVZoo for its efficient platform. Earl Jackson commended its effective features. Cristian Ungureanu and William appreciate the responsive management. Others emphasize the swift issue resolution. For instance, Mrs O Hanson said that she got a refund after providing proof of communication.

Several users have criticized JVZoo for allowing deceptive sales tactics. They also cited poor customer support and unresponsive vendors. Complaints include bait-and-switch practices, misleading offers, and difficulty getting refunds. Some users reported non-functional products and dead links, with little assistance from JVZoo. Others mentioned issues with commissions and unrealistic product listing demands. For example, Andi Ruswanto bought at least 5 SAAS digital, but all of the services stopped under 2 years. He also complained about the lack of support from JVZoo. 

JVZoo Reviews From Quora

JVZoo reviews from Quora are mostly positive. In one thread if there's money with JVZoo affiliate marketing, Roshni Dhal said yes. She has been doing digital marketing for 2.5 years and affiliate marketing for 1.5 years on JVZoo. Roshni also reported making money from JVShare and other platforms. Ijlal Ahmed said that JVZoo is legit, and he makes around $100 per day on average. 

JVZoo Reviews From Reddit

JVZoo reviews from Reddit are a mix of both good and bad. For instance, Dana-999 on Reddit warns against buying programs or software from JVZoo. She calls them deceptive and filled with junk. Dana recounts an unpleasant experience with a misleading software purchase. She added that there's a difficult refund process.

After she requested a refund for a second faulty product, the company denied them. Citing prior exchange agreement as the reason. But she received it after highlighting the seller’s suspicious details. Dana criticizes the platforms for shady practices. She also said there is non-existent support and relentless email promotions. 

However, PivotalMarketing answered that there have been several quality products on JVZoo. They have become best-in-class products. He added that JVZoo is just a marketplace and its quality is mixed. Also, he highlights the need to do your research before purchasing any product. 

JVZoo Reviews From YouTube

aaron chen

Aaron Chen's video affirms that JVZoo is a solid network. Particularly for those interested in promoting software products. However, the platform does not provide marketing training for free. So affiliates need to learn effective marketing strategies on their own to succeed. Despite this, JVZoo supports affiliates worldwide. This makes it accessible to users in different regions.

Super Affiliate highlights the ease of account setup with no tax forms in his reviews. The creator shares their earnings. It ranges from $50 to $500 daily, influenced by promotions and website traffic. He also recommends using to find upcoming product launches. This is for better promotional opportunities and provides instructions on obtaining affiliate links. 

John Crestani reviews the JVZoo affiliate marketplace. He highlighted its global accessibility and automatic acceptance without an application process. This makes it ideal for anyone looking to earn money online, regardless of location or age. To get started with JVZoo, users simply sign up on the website with no need for approval. John emphasizes that affiliate marketing is competitive and requires consistent effort. 

Where Does the Claim That JVZoo is a Scam Come From?

The claim that JVZoo is a scam arises from several sources. Mostly because of user experiences and misunderstandings about the platform. JVZoo has a vast product database. Users can find new products added to the platform daily. But it lacks strict control over the quality. This results in many fraudulent products appearing on the platform. JVZoo does not actively remove these scams.

Users must carefully assess products themselves. Be cautious of offers that seem too good to be true. Even some "top sellers" can be misleading, as JVZoo prioritizes revenue over quality. Therefore, thorough product research is crucial. Vendors can also abruptly discontinue their products without warning. This makes it impossible to seek support afterward.

Most negative reviews of JVZoo come from customers who receive faulty products. They blame the platform for it. While there are poor-quality products on JVZoo, there are also valuable ones. However, finding them requires careful searching and evaluation.

Who are the Founders of JVZoo?

Laura Casselman

Laura Casselman has been the current CEO of JVZoo since 2016. She worked in sales and marketing management before becoming JVZoo’s COO in 2014. She has helped to lead the company's strategic direction, growth, and operations. Under her leadership, JVZoo has achieved significant milestones. This includes being recognized as one of the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America in many years.  Laura is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. In 2020, she co-founded VidaStreet. It is a lead generation agency that provides B2C marketing services.

Bryan Zimmerman

Bryan Zimmerman is a co-founder of JVZoo and was its CEO for the first 5 years before becoming its COO after 2016. A former professional golfer, he started marketing products and services online in 2008. Bryan is a graduate of Christopher Newport University in Virginia. He also authored the best-selling book "This is What Success Looks Like." In 2011, Bryan created BBC Systems Inc. It is a tech company that provides software solutions and integrations. Usually aimed at small and mid-sized businesses. BBC Systems would be the parent company of JVZoo.

Chad Casselman

He was an IT director, department manager, and software consultant. Chad Casselman is a co-founder and the current CIO of JVZoo. Chad has an MBA from Webster University in Missouri. He also got a Master of Computer Science from North Carolina State University. Chad also has a Bachelor of Science degree from Coastal Carolina University.

Any Better Alternatives to JVZoo

There are some better alternatives to JVZoo. Many users of JVZoo also recommend ClickBank. ClickBank is a popular marketplace among beginner affiliate marketers. They have an expansive list of products. It also comes with good commission rates and various conversion methods.

If you're not looking for digital products, you’ll have to find other marketplaces. There are dozens of good affiliate platforms where you can find products to promote for free. For example, Shopify has its affiliate platform. 

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It in 2024?

Affiliate marketing is worth it in 2024 under specific conditions. This includes having a large audience. You need to enjoy content creation and be an expert in your niche. It helps if you are already selling a complementary product. It is not suitable for those expecting quick success. Or those who are hesitant to test products before promoting them.

Affiliate marketing is a viable monetization strategy for large audiences. For instance, Smart Blogger, a blog by Jon Morrow, earns over $100,000 annually. He promotes affiliate products to its 4 million readers. However, in 2024, it is becoming more difficult. This is because of the increase in AI-generated content. Also, the competitive nature of platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

If you have an e-commerce brand, adding affiliate marketing can boost profits. You can see this with Far & Away. They sell tableware and promote affiliate products in the home and kitchen niche. However, it takes years to earn a stable income from affiliate marketing. For example, a Redditor mentioned not earning any money after 11 months.

To succeed in 2024, you need to use and review products firsthand. Generic content is less effective because of AI saturation. Google’s Reviews System Update rewards high-quality, insightful reviews by experts. If affiliate marketing isn't appealing, consider local lead generation. It is a less competitive alternative that can generate $500 to $3,000 per month within 6 weeks to 6 months.

Can You Be Sued for Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, you can be sued for affiliate marketing. This is if you engage in practices that violate laws or regulations. You can absolve yourself from fault if the product proves to be less than legitimate. But you are required by law to disclose that you are an affiliate. You must follow the guidelines set by the Federal Trade Commission(FTC). Or risk getting into legal trouble. 

Making false claims about a product or service, or misrepresenting its benefits, can cause a lawsuit. This is for false advertising or misrepresentation. Using copyrighted materials, trademarks, or logos without permission can lead to lawsuits. This includes using images, videos, or text that you do not have the right to use.

Using fake testimonials or creating fake reviews can lead to legal action. This is under consumer protection laws. Some affiliate marketing activities involve collecting and using consumer data. You must comply with privacy laws for this. Violations of these laws can cause lawsuits.

To minimize the risk of being sued, ensure that you:

  • Provide clear and accurate information about the products or services you promote.

  • Disclose your affiliate relationships prominently.

  • Respect intellectual property rights.

  • Avoid deceptive practices.

  • Comply with relevant privacy laws.

Consulting with a legal professional can also help. Especially in navigating the complexities of affiliate marketing. 

Why Local Lead Generation is Better Than Affiliate Marketing?

Local lead generation is better than affiliate marketing, especially from platforms like JVZoo. This is because it is a more stable income source since you have full control over the business. Ranked digital assets generate predictable monthly income and businesses stay with you long-term. It's also less saturated since you're targeting a localized market in a specific niche. You're not just selling random stuff here. You're offering essential services that regular people need. This includes things like plumbing, landscaping, and tree care. 

Affiliate marketing is only a passive source of income if you invest in paid ads. Or if you have a running business, a channel with an audience, or a social media presence with a large following. It is a high-risk method or a time-consuming process. Local lead generation offers more advantages with less investment in time and effort. It’s all about ranking your websites on Google and generating leads for a local business. Once your website ranks high, leads start flowing in automatically.

After ranking your website, there is no need to continue investing time in it. It can stay ranked for years before you even need to update it. As leads automatically come in, so does your commission for each lead. You don’t need to run ads or worry about competition. You have more control over the quality of leads you generate and the businesses you partner with. This control helps maintain your reputation. It ensures that you are providing real value to your clients. You rely on the quality of products from various vendors, which can be inconsistent. Poor quality products can harm your reputation and lead to dissatisfied customers.

To scale your business, simply repeat the process. You can do this as many times as you want. These qualities make local lead generation the number 1 passive income model that can create time and financial freedom for you.

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