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Kindle Publishing Income Review (2024): 4 Disadvantages of Publishing on Amazon

June 4, 2024

Kindle Publishing Income is a course that teaches you how to make money online. Their strategy uses self publishing without writing a single book. They share the 3 secrets Sophie Howard used to make $20,000-$30,000 per month working passively. In this article, we will discuss if Kindle Direct Publishing really is the best platform and if Sophie’s strategy can help you as a self-publisher. 

Self-Publishing on Amazon KDP is a business model that allows you to make money online without a physical product. This takes away the need for storage, suppliers, and many added fees. Online businesses like affiliate marketing and local lead generation also don’t require physical products while still generating passive income. 

Kindle Publishing Income 3 secrets

4 Disadvantages of Publishing on Amazon KDP

1. Over-Crowded Market 

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is the biggest book retailer in the world, according to Tagari. There are over millions of kindle books available. This makes it hard to stand out from the rest of the competition. If you’re a new self publisher without an established audience, you may get close to no sales. One way of going about this is finding niches and genres with low competition but high demand.

2. Exclusivity with Amazon KDP Select 

You can publish your ebook on Amazon Kindle. However, there is a limited amount of readers that you can reach. Applying for Amazon KDP Select opens your Kindle book to a wider audience. However, there is a catch. Your ebook would have to be exclusive to Amazon for 90-days. This makes Amazon your only distributor, taking away some of your earning potential if you distribute your ebook on a variety of platforms. 

3. No Control Over Formatting 

With Kindle Direct Publishing, you have the option of uploading a word document or using Kindle Create to format your ebooks. However, once you’ve chosen a format that’s fixed and you can’t fix anything if there are customer complaints about the layout or incompatibility to their device.

4. Amazon KDP Handles Customer Relationships 

Like with Amazon FBA, Kindle Direct Publishing fulfills orders for you. That also means that if a customer has a concern with your Kindle ebook, Amazon handles that for you. This takes away your relationship with your readers. Such as if they are unable to access ebooks because of the file type, you can’t simply send them a copy with a compatible format. Amazon KDP mostly waits until they request a refund which can cause customer dissatisfaction and drive down your book sales. 

issues with amazon KDP

What Is Kindle Publishing Income? 

Kindle Publishing income

Kindle Publishing Income is an online course created by Sophie Howard. It teaches students how to become a self-publisher on Amazon Kindle Direct, without actually writing a book. It uncovers the 3 secrets that Sophie used to generate $20,000-$30,000 of passive income monthly. They provide video training materials and various bonuses designed to help you get started and publish your first ever kindle ebook.

Pros and Cons of Kindle Publishing Income


They offer 1 year of elite guidance. 

There are additional features to the actual course. 

Sophie Howard has a successful reputation 

You can build passive income.

They provide a lot of information in their free webinar. 


The course is expensive

There are conditions attached to their refunds. 

It requires start up capital besides the course cost. 


$2,485 paid in 5 monthly payments of $497

Refund Policy

They offer 180 day money-back guarantee with conditions. 




They have mixed reviews. Some find that the information is useful, while others think you can just find it on your own through Google. 

June 14, 2024

I’ve been having trouble connecting with consultants and joining Zoom meetings. Last night, I waited for 10 minutes after the scheduled start time, but the host didn’t join, so I left the meeting.

When I tried to rejoin, I encountered more issues.

I’ve rescheduled the Zoom meeting for tomorrow at noon. Later, I received a voicemail from Skyler at Prime Corporate Services asking about my absence and requesting a callback, but it was already very late by then.

Lisa Gonzalez
June 11, 2024

The videos are too long and off-topic, and there are over 400 of them. The first coaching call tries to sell you an expensive program that might not be worth it. It’s best to avoid this.

Elizabeth Scott
June 6, 2024

It is indeed a scam, albeit a legal one as using AI to create your “written” work is not yet called plagiarism. However, try selling an AI book, go ahead. Let’s see you become rich doing it. Have you read any of these offerings? In a creative writing class, 99% of them would not get a passing grade.

June 4, 2024

The course materials are four years old and feel outdated. Customer support is helpful but only available via email; a phone number for direct calls would be better. The webinars are useful but too crowded. Also, you must publish a book to get a full refund if the business fails. More support for Canadian users is needed.

Elizabeth Scott
1.8 out of 5 stars (based on 4 reviews)

Who is Sophie Howard? 

Sophie Howard is known as the “Amazon selling queen”. She is a bestselling author, 7-figure digital entrepreneur, and online business coach. Her journey began when she was working a government job and realized she was losing time working instead of spending it with her kids.

This was when she looked into ways of making passive money online. She started off in Amazon FBA, selling tea. Her brand sky-rocketed, and she could quit her 9-6 job. Setting up over 1,000 potential income streams on Amazon, she sold her business for 1 million dollars and achieved financial security.. Since then, she has shared the secrets to her Amazon FBA success with her online course, Blue Sky Amazon

Who Is Kindle Publishing Income For? 

Kindle Publishing Income is for anyone who is interested in creating passive income or wants to earn money writing stories. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced in online businesses, they provide all the information you would need to get started. Their business model does not require any special skills or physical products. All you need is capital to pay for the course and to create your book. 

Who is Kindle Publishing Income for?

How Much Does Kindle Publishing Income Cost?

Sophie Howard says that the course’s total market value is $8,185. They sell it for $4,997, if you purchase it on their website. However, for a “limited-time”, you can buy the course for $2,485, which you can pay in increments of $497 for 5 months. 

Kindle Publishing income's Cost

What Is In Kindle Publishing Income? 

The Kindle Publishing Income Course comprises 6 different modules. It containing different training videos created step-by-step process on publishing your first book. They also provide different tools, materials, and guides to help you reach your passive income goals faster. 

Module 1 – Laying The Foundation

You will learn the basics to using Kindle Direct Publishing. This module is designed to prepare you with what to expect in publishing your first Kindle ebook.

Module 2 – The Secret to Building a Successful Business

Sophie teaches you the mindset you need to be in so that you can be successful with your online business. 

Module 3 – Book Ideas

You will learn how to come up with book ideas that have low competition and high demand. Sophie will show you her process in coming up with book ideas. 

Module 4 – Best Seller

This is the implementation stage. Sophie will teach you how you can develop a high-content book through overseas workers. 

Module 5 – Make it Sell

Sophie will teach you techniques and tactics that she's learned over the years to help your book get more sales. 

Module 6 – Sales Boom

This module is all about advertising your kindle book on Amazon to boost your rankings. Sophie shows you the benefits to Amazon ads. 


  • Expert VIP Concierge Team - You get 1 Year of support from experts. 
  • Sophie's List of Contacts - You get access to a whole list of overseas workers to save you time and money on hiring and rehiring. 
  • Weekly Group Coaching - Access to a live class with other students where you can ask questions and receive help from Sophie and her team of experts. 
  • Three 1-on-1 Check Ins - These meetings are designed to see how you're progressing within the course and to tackle any problems you may have. 
  • Niche Finder Software - A software designed to help you figure out which niches are profitable and how much your book sales can be.
  • Public Domain Masterclass - A class dedicated to publishing Public domain Books so you don't have to spend a dime on ghostwriters. 
  • Low Content Masterclass - A class for creating low content books with minimal writing on your part and no need for ghostwriters.
  • Paperback and Audible Profit Multiplier - A guide to increasing your profit by releasing paperback and audiobook versions on your Kindle ebook.
  •  International Profit Multiplier - A guide for translating your ebooks and widening your audience to people all around the globe.
  • Fast Launch Facebook Group - Access to a Facebook group for students where you can market your book to boost your rankings. 

How Can You Publish A Book Without Being A Writer? 

Like other self-publishing courses, Sophie Howard recommends you outsource writing your kindle ebook, including creating your kindle book cover. This is so that you can produce high content readers would want to purchase. But if you're looking for an alternative, Punchy Books Accelerator is an option. 

ghostwriter cost and earnings

2 Free Methods To Start Publishing Without Being A Writer

Public Domain Books

Public Domain Books are content written by deceased authors. The copyrights to these kinds of books are for public use and are free to replicate and produce. Publishing public domain books means you can create passive money online without having to write or even hire a ghostwriter. 

Low Content Books

Low content books are ebooks where the consumer fills in most of the content. These are activity books, planners, and journals. You wouldn't have to hire a ghostwriter. All you would need to do is come up with your own unique format. 

Does Kindle Publishing Income Offer Refunds? 

Kindle Publishing Income offers a 180-day money-back guarantee. However, for your request to get approved, you must show proof that you tried out the course and it didn't work for you. This means that you viewed all the videos and have published at least one book on Amazon Kindle Direct. 

Kindle Publishing Income Money back guarantee

How Much Does it Cost To Publish On Amazon KDP?

It costs nothing to start publishing ebooks on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. You can create your account for free and publish your Kindle ebook for free. Once you sell your books, Amazon gets a cut for every book sale, depending on the royalty contract you choose. If you decide to print, the minimum cost is $0.85.

How Much Can You Make Following Kindle Publishing Income? 

Sophie Howard makes $20,000 - $30,000 per month following the same online business model that she teaches. How much you make completely depends on how many books you publish, how many readers purchase it, and how much you price your kindle book for. Amazon Kindle gets a 35 to 75% share on each book sale. Publishing multiple books is a good way to increase your passive income. This is the same thing that is taught in the AI Publishing Academy by the Mikkelsen Twins.

Kindle Publishing Income disclaimer

How Long Does It Take To Publish A Book On Kindle? 

Publishing a book on Amazon Kindle takes up to 72 hours to get it on the Amazon store. If you plan on publishing a low content book, it can take up to 10 days to be reviewed. 

Kindle Publishing Income Review and Testimonials 

Kindle Publishing Income has mixed reviews. There are lots of positive testimonials on YouTube about people finding success with Sophie's teachings. They posted these on Kindle Publishing Income's YouTube channel. However, many people also claim that we can easily search for the information she provides on Google. There are some who requested a refund but got denied. They followed all the requirements by viewing all the material and publishing their own book, but could not do so within the 180-day mark.

Kindle Publishing Income review

Shamsa Khan's Story- How She Found Her Life's Purpose with KDP 

Shamsa's Background and Story

About ten years ago, Shamsa Khan from the UK began exploring her inner self to overcome personal challenges. She was facing difficulties in her Amazon FBA business and realized her negative, subconscious beliefs were holding her back. This realization happened when she was learning about Emotional Frequency Tapping (EFT) from a book. She underwent counseling and hypnotherapy, which enlightened her about the 'inner child' concept. Inspired by her journey, she wrote a book to share the inner child concept with others who might need it. This was the start of her KDP journey. 

How Shamsa's Business is Doing Today

Shamsa's KDP business is doing well. She diversified her products and has now added workbooks, coloring books, and journals. Shamsa highlights the role of Amazon ads in her business success and aims to keep improving in this area. She plans to outsource some part of her usual business operation and hopes to expand it more in the future. 

Lessons Shamsa Learned on the Biggest Challenges She Faced

Commitment and Resilience: Shamsa faced financial challenges in the beginning. She overcame these by staying committed to the process. 

Importance of one-on-one coaching: One-on-one coaching helped her develop effective business strategies like leveraging Amazon ads and diversifying her product offers. 

What's not mentioned in the interview: It's unspecified from this interview how much Shamsa currently makes from Amazon KDP. She also didn't mention Amazon's royalty rates, which could reach up to 70% for every book sold. The royalty depends on various factors like price, location, and the KDP package availed by the seller.

Verdict: Is Kindle Publishing Income A Scam? 

It is definitely not a scam. Kindle Publishing Income provides legitimate products that can help you become a self-publisher on Amazon KDP. However, it is also quite expensive. The money-back-guarantee they provide is impossible to get qualified for. I haven't heard of anyone who could meet their requirements within the 180-day time frame. Kindle Publishing Income provides a lot of useful information if you're looking to get started with self-publishing. They also give out lots of tools and support that can boost your results if you follow them to the T. 

If you're someone interested in becoming a self-publisher with a fair amount of capital. This may be the course for you. Sophie Howard's strategy works best if you publish multiple books with high-level content by ghostwriters. This can cost you from $800-$1200 per book. Besides that, you'll also need to hire someone to design your book cover and advertise your books. 

Self-publishing is a lucrative business for passive income. It requires less capital compared to other business models. However, to receive a fair profit, you would need to publish multiple books and replicate the process. Your success would rely on advertising and how many sales you can produce. If you're interested in a business model that doesn't rely on selling products. Check out Local lead generation. It is a simpler business model that doesn't require creating multiple digital assets with no assurance that they would sell. You would just need to build a website that can generate free traffic and sell the leads it attracts to hungry business owners. This takes away the need to spend money on advertising. 

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