Saravanan Ganesh’s The Local SEO Accelerator Rank and Rent Review: What Lead Generation Strategies Do They Teach?

March 28, 2024

The Local SEO Accelerator is a learning platform owned by Saravanan Ganesh. The site offers Rank and Rent courses, specifically about local SEO and lead generation. Currently, this site offers the Rank and Rent full course, the mini-course, 10X SEO, the Master Class Replay, and the Mastermind SEO.

Lead generation has always been part of any business endeavor. The latest data from the US Small Business Administration shows there are 33.3 million businesses in the country, 99.9 of which are classified as small enterprises. All of these businesses engage in some form of generating leads, and local lead generation is one of the most efficient ones – the same method The Local SEO Accelerator supports.

In this review, you will learn about The Local SEO Accelerator’s lead generation and SEO strategy, what its Rank and Rent courses consist of, the course creator Saravanan Ganesh, and if his programs are worth more than the top Rank and Rent courses available in the market.

The Local SEO Accelerator–Rank and Rent Review: Pros and Cons


Comprehensive SEO training covering various SEO aspects, including keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and more.

Beginner-friendly. Suitable for those new to SEO, requiring no prior experience.

Step-by-step guidance: provides a clear blueprint for creating and ranking websites in local SEO niches.


Has a no refund policy.

Pirate course sellers outrank SEO Accelerator's official website in its own keywords, which raises concerns about its credibility.


Saravanan Ganesh's SEO Accelerator - Rank and Rent full course costs $997, and the mini-course costs $37.

Refund Policy

The SEO Accelerator - Rank and Rent full course has a “No Refund Policy.”


The SEO Accelerator - Rank and Rent course was created by Saravanan Ganesh. The exact date of its creation is not specified, but it has been available for purchase and enrollment for several years.

What Lead Generation Strategies Does The Local SEO Accelerator Teach?

SEO Accelerator teaches students how to use keyword research, Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google Search Console, and Google Trends for lead generation. They also include insights on PBN setup, client acquisition, and map rankings. When done right, students may be able to rank websites using these tools and strategies to rank websites high in search results - and then rent them out.

Three Major Components of Local SEO by SEO Accelerator

SEO Accelerator’s ranking strategy can be outlined into three steps (or modules), namely: (1) Aiming for relevance by hitting the target keywords on the website names, content, and GMBs; (2) Establishing trust through citations, social media handles, press releases, etc.; and (3) Building power through PBNs to raise domain authority (DA).

Saravanan Ganesh also stresses in his courses the importance of finding “low-hanging fruits” as a beginner with limited capital. These “low-hanging fruits” are the locale-based low-competition keywords that are easier to rank with.

To sum up, the Local SEO Accelerator’s courses teach local SEO ranking techniques. The local SEO ranking is the ranked search engine results for a specific locality. In search engines like Google, the local SEO ranking results can be based on the searcher’s location information. Another way of getting local SEO ranking results is by adding the locality’s name to the search keywords (for example, best hotels in Detroit or Detroit hotels).

What Do You Get With The Local SEO Accelerator Rank and Rent Course?

With SEO Accelerator Rank and Rent's full course, you get:

  • List of instructions to tools used by Saravanan Ganesh.
  • Video modules.
  • Access to Ganesh's private community.
  • Downloadable templates.

The modules cover topics such as how to get started, building your team, SEO basics, keyword research, competition analysis, website planning, on-page and off-page SEO, Google My Business (GMB), Google Maps ranking strategies, Private Blog Networks (PBNs), and client acquisition.

The Local SEO Accelerator’s Other Courses

  • Mastermind SEO ($2,997): This course is a comprehensive SEO training program designed to help you master advanced SEO strategies. It covers keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and more.
  • 10X SEO ($157): 10X SEO is a more affordable option that teaches you how to increase your website's traffic and rankings using proven SEO techniques.
  • Rank and Rent mini-course ($37): A shorter version of SEO Accelerator’s full course, aiming to teach students how to earn their first $1000 through basic local SEO strategies.
  • Master Class Replay (Free): This is a free resource where you can watch replays of past master classes conducted by Saravanan Ganesh. You can access this page by providing your name and email address.

Who are the Local SEO Accelerator Rank and Rent Courses for?

SEO Accelerator’s Rank and Rent full course is for beginners with basic or zero knowledge of local SEO. The mini-course and the 10X SEO are basically shorter versions of the full course, with the latter focusing on ranking techniques. Mastermind SEO is Saravanan Ganesh's high-ticket offer, which is best for students already engaged in an SEO business.

Are the Local SEO Accelerator Rank and Rent Students Getting Results?

Yes, the Local SEO Accelerator Rank and Rent courses students are getting results, but you can only find testimonials about these successes from the platform’s website. At the time of writing, there were no existing student reviews about SEO Accelerator’s courses on popular review sites.

Here are some of these student testimonials found on SEO Accelerator’s website.

Here’s another testimonial from an SEO beginner among Saravanan’s students.

Who is Saravanan Ganesh?

Saravanan Ganesh is a digital marketing expert, author, and coach known for his expertise in SEO. He is based in Detroit and holds an MS degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan. He worked in IT for 12 years, mainly as a senior business analyst for General Motors.

Saravanan is passionate about helping people build asset-based income and has authored several SEO and digital marketing books. He also founded RightKey Solutions, a marketing and advertising company specializing in SEO and lead generation.

Saravanan Ganesh’s Claims

Saravanan Ganesh is extremely careful about making profit claims. The closest to a profit claim that you can find on his website is the $1000 earnings in 45 days by practicing the lessons from his mini-course, which is certainly doable in the right conditions.

Instead, Saravanan Ganesh focuses on determining his students' “Freedom Number,” or the amount they need to earn from lead generation to cover their monthly expenses. Ganesh and his students will then calculate how many websites they need to rank and rent out to earn this amount. The results outline the students’ plan for achieving financial freedom.

It’s also hard not to notice the strange position of The Local SEO Accelerator’s official website in Google search results. At the time of writing, The Local SEO Accelerator’s official site was outranked by pirate course sellers in its own keywords. This may be a temporary thing, but it also raises questions about the platform’s credibility.

We tried all the variations of Saravanan’s site keywords (local SEO accelerator rank and rent course, the local SEO accelerator rank and rent course, SEO accelerator rank and rent course, Saravanan Ganesh rank and rent course), but the official website was still nowhere to be found. However, the platform’s free Facebook group of 7 thousand members was doing great for being in the top 1 or 2 on some of these variations.

Is Rank and Rent the Best Way To Make Money Online?

Yes, Rank and Rent can be one of the best ways to make money online. The good thing about this business model is that you are not forced to compete with bigger brands because you have the freedom to choose a market.

Also, earning a passive income of $500-$3000 is a real possibility if you rank a website and secure a client. Since you own the website as a digital asset, you can deal with it on your own terms. Only a few business models online have all these advantages.

Can Top Rank and Rent Courses Help You Succeed?

Yes, top Rank and Rent courses can help you succeed in the lead generation business model. Top courses usually have the most credibility and the most number of proven success stories. Their courses have usually been well-developed over the years and are the most up-to-date, increasing your chances of success in adapting to the ever-changing Google algorithm.

Why Dan Klein's Rank & Rent Program Is Better Than Saravanan Ganesh?

Dan Klein's Rank and Rent program is better than Saravanan Ganeshs because of its extensive business experience, superior SEO training, a robust community of over 7,400 students, and a comprehensive support system with specialized coaches in SEO, sales, on-boarding, accountability for the first 90 days, and weekly live training. Dan Klein is known as the OG expert in lead generation. Dan has an impressive net worth of $30 million.

He started coaching in this field in 2014 and has been a keen entrepreneur since he was six years old. With over 15 years in business, Dan has a diverse background that includes running a window tinting business, a coupon company, a Dutch Bros Coffee Franchise, and engaging in real estate. He notably made $30 million from selling PPE masks and gowns during the pandemic. Dan is not only a skilled coach who combines seriousness with fun, but he's also known for his motivational style and ability to make learning both insightful and entertaining.

I was one of the first students in our program and quickly became one of the best. I started working closely with him 3 years ago. Today, I work with Dan to teach others how to leave their regular jobs. We show them how to get more customers for local small businesses by using online methods that attract free traffic and generate a passive monthly income of $500 -$3,000. 

If you want to learn directly from the OG rank and rent coach, look no further than Dan's Rank & Rent program

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