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Marketing Agency Program Review – Is Kevin David’s course worth it in 2024?

April 20, 2023

In Kevin David’s Marketing Agency Program, you learn how to find potential clients for your marketing agency, contact them, follow up with them, close them, and how to get setup in the Facebook Business Manager so you can begin running Facebook ads. In this Marketing Agency Program, I'll dive into who Kevin David is, what exactly he teaches, if this course is worth it and how paid traffic with Facebook ads compares to another popular lead generation business model that offers a passive income potential.

Who Is Kevin David?

Hailing from Eugene, Oregon, Kevin David had the entrepreneur spirit in him since he was a young teenager.

He went to Oregon State Honors College graduating Summa Cum Laude and immediately began working as an accountant for a firm in Oregon.

Over time he changed careers and began working for Facebook as a privacy consultant.

Great move.

Especially because of the perks.

Still though, he felt that he needed to do something else instead of working for someone else.

Once he stumbled on Amazon FBA, everything changed.

Is Kevin David a scammer?


He’s currently a 7 Figure CEO & Founder of his company, THATLifestyleNinja, and has created courses to help people looking to get into the following business models:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Amazon FBA
  • Shopify

Kevin is an e-Commerce coach to thousands of students.

His YouTube channel has over 1.2 million subscribers who receive plenty of value from him on a regular basis and his Instagram account has over 337 thousand followers.

He's accomplished all of this with the goal of helping change people’s lives for the better.

Being featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur and is proof that he's no fraud.

You can even listen to Kevin's podcast...

Success leaves clues.

Therefore, it's worth paying attention when someone as successful as Kevin speaks.

What To Expect In This Course

With that out of the way, you’ve most likely come across Kevin’s YouTube ad for this course.

If you’ve clicked on the link in the YouTube ad, you were then sent to his sales page.

To receive full unrestricted access to the Marketing Agency Program, all you have to pay is $37.

Why so low?

This course is still in the test phase and he’s looking for more case studies. 

The more he gets, the more credible he becomes in the eyes of new potential customers.

It’s an Einstein move really.

The following are the chapters included in the 'MAP' course:

  • How To 10X Your Investment For This Course
  • The Exact Script Kevin Uses To Close Customers on $1000+ Contracts As A Complete Beginner
  • How To Get Customers INSTANTLY With One Simple (Follow Up = Profit!)
  • How To Close Your Prospect On Your Free Call (Advanced Sales Tips For Beginners)
  • How To DRASTICALLY INCREASE your conversion rate for signing on new clients
  • The Perfect Contract To Send Your Clients To Close The Deal
  • How To Get Set Up To Run Ads + Who Pays For Ads + How Much To Spend On Ads
  • How To Get Your Clients New Profitable Customers In ADDITION To Re-targeting Their Website Traffic
  • How To Set Up HUGELY Profitable Retargeting Ads For Your Clients

You're going to learn everything you need to know about this course so, don't even bother going to Reddit or Quora.

Time to jump into this review.

Marketing Agency Program Course Review

Chapter 1: How To 10X Your Investment For This Course

Initially, anytime you invest in an online course, you might feel a little skeptical.

Some of the questions that might race through your head are:

  • Is it a scam?
  • Will I learn what I need to learn so that I can make money? 
  • Will this course help me change my life?
  • What if I don't learn enough? 

As you go through the course, the answers to those questions will become clearer.

In this chapter, Kevin gives you the simple way in which you can make a huge return on investment.

There's ZERO difficulty in this chapter so following along should be a breeze.

He starts off on the login screen to

Then, he uses a tool inside of MarketerMagic called ManyLeads.

What’s ManyLeads?

It’s a lead generation tool that his team set up.

This tool will go through the internet and look up the contact information of business owners in the niche you’re looking for.

We’re talking emails, phone numbers, addresses and social media accounts.

You can choose to search through any city and any niche.

what do you do with thAT info?


Go through each of the contacts and, with the help of the Facebook Pixel Helper, see which business owners don’t have the pixel installed on their website.

The Facebook Pixel Helper is a free Google Chrome extension that lets you know if a website has the pixel installed.

Kevin gives an example of how he collects all of the contact info.

When you do it, reach out to those that don’t have the pixel and offer to set it up for them.

You should reach out to these business owners on all of their social media platforms and emails.

Many people don’t like to do cold calls, but if you’re contacting them in every way possible, there is a very high chance someone will say yes.

As a result, you can help them get a great ROI and help grow their business.

Return on Investment, or ROI, is a term that you should get familiar with hearing and using if you’re new to business.

You want to get a positive ROI as often as you can.

When you’re selling this business plan, part of your pitch is that with your Facebook skills, you’ll be able to get these business owners a great ROI.

A great tip is to stick to ONE niche.

That will help you big time.

Why one?

Let’s say you successfully run ads for a chiropractor or a dentist and you’re generating plenty of leads.

Wouldn’t it make so much more sense to just use the winning formula you already know works to go land another chiropractor?

It’s an easier sell if you already have results and you’ll come off as the expert.

The more clients you can get results for, the more prospects will feel inclined to work with you.

Pay attention to this video and do what Kevin recommends.

Remember, you have to believe in the process, in yourself and take action.

Chapter 2: The EXACT Script Kevin Uses To Close Customers On $1,000+ Contracts As A Complete Beginner

This second module is where Kevin shares a script you can use to close prospects.

Here, Kevin is already providing value by sharing this.. 

If you’re new to business, especially this business model, you’re going to be steps ahead of many others who go at it all alone.

When reaching out to business owners, you need to know what to say to them.

You need to explain to them why you’re reaching out and how you can help them without boring them to death.

Kevin’s script does just that.

His script has you:

  • Greeting the business owner
  • Introducing yourself
  • Letting them know what you do and where
  • Informing them they don't have the FB pixel installed
  • Explaining the effects of not having it installed
  • Include your personal contact info

This script is great because it tells business owners something that's for their best interest.

The solution is simple and you’re offering it for FREE.

This way lowers the friction that already exists between business owners and digital marketers.

The barrier to entry is lowered almost automatically and makes it easier to get your foot in the door.

Once you actually do get the foot in the door and develop a relationship with the business owner, it becomes so much easier to then offer all of the other services you have.

That's called upselling. 

If you do a great job, the chances of them referring you other businesses goes up.

The point is to always provide value upfront.

It’s like dating.

When you first get to know someone, you can’t immediately say you want to get married and start a family with them.

You have to take the time and get to know them.

Give small complements.

Eventually, give thoughtful gifts.

Over time, they’ll feel much more comfortable with you and a long-term relationship could grow from it.

When you explain the importance of the Facebook pixel, then offer to install if for free, you’re offering up something very enticing and there will be business owners who will beg you for your services.

Don’t get it twisted though.

You need to constantly reach out to business owners on a daily basis.

Kevin also recommends you to make a personalized Loom video where you can record your screen and explain exactly what you’re can do for them.

You can install this as an extension to Google Chrome.

In my opinion, I’ve been able to have massive success by doing these kinds of videos.

Another screen recording option is a screencast.

Either way, the video doesn’t need to be that long, but enough where you can explain what you do.

There’s something about hearing from you and seeing your own computer screen that attracts business owners.

99% of business owners watch it and really appreciate it.

It gets them thinking because you really look like a true professional.

Stay the course and you will land a client.

Chapter 3: How To Get More Customers INSTANTLY With One Simple Trick (Follow Up=Profit!)

Business owners have busy lives.

With that in mind, how much importance do you give to the follow-up then?

Yea, I’m talking about reaching back out to your potential clients.

You should.


The truth is that many prospects will reply to an email after the 3rd or maybe even the 5th attempt.

Kevin shares 3 follow-up email templates in this 3rd chapter.

This is great because he has a detailed way to do follow-ups.

You won’t be doing this all day.

It’s all calculated.

For example, your follow-up on day 3 will be slightly different than your follow-up on day 5 or day 7 or beyond.

This requires patience.

Kevin shares the exact email template scripts that you can send to your clients so they can see that you're doing just that.

You’ll notice how Kevin words his emails in a sort of conversational tone.

He also shows you how to export the leads you were able to gather on ManyLeads to a CSV file (Microsoft Excel).

That’s where you’ll keep track of the times you reach out to the leads.

When your clients see that you follow up, they will be much more inclined to take you seriously and take action with you.

That's what it's all about.

Being consistently visible.

A couple of other ways that you might consider following-up are through:

  • Text Messages
  • Social Media

These methods are less formal but, they sure do work.

Trust me.

When you send a text message, more likely than not, the text is read.

It’s so much easier to stay on your prospects mind. 

Keep in mind though, you don’t want to send message after message and annoy your prospect.

Don’t write a sentence, then press send...

Write another sentence, press send...

And yet ANOTHER sentence that you send.

As you can see, that was annoying to read.

Let alone having to receive those.

When following-up, don't come off as desperate.

Your follow-up through phone, email, text or social media needs to be clear, direct and not take up too much time.

You want your prospect to know of your presence and what you offer, but not irritate them.

Sometimes, it’s just not the right time for your prospect to take action and you need to understand that.

They might have the intention to work with you, but the timing is off.

The most important thing is to set this process up and not get desperate.

Stay consistent.

The money is in the follow-up.

- kevin David

Chapter 4: How To Close Your Prospect On A Free Call (Advanced Sales Tips For Beginners)

So, you have a list of prospects.

That’s great.

That means that you’ve taken time out each day to pinpoint who your ideal clients are.

The next step is to contact them, be a big boy/girl and close the deal.

In this module, Kevin shares another script specifically for cold calling.

This script will help you feel more comfortable with getting on the phone with your prospects and closing them.

It’s a script that Kevin has used to generate millions of dollars.

Again, if you’re new to business and sales, this will be of value to you because it will help you to speak to business owners.

It’s important to note that when making a cold call, you should be in a quiet place with a strong phone connection and you should be ready to take notes.

If you really do hate cold calling and aren't going to do it, you can still use this script when messaging a business owner on social media.

Kevin also teaches you how you can even skip the phone call in its entirety with help of some of his other strategies.

Being able to sell is so important.

At every point in our life, we're practically selling something.

When you try to convince your family to get Chinese take-out instead of ordering pizza, you’re selling.

That’s easy though.

When you’re trying to get a prospect to sign a contract or move forward with you, you’re asking for money.

Not so easy but still very possible.

Here are the main things you need to focus on doing:

  • Be confident
  • Investigate why the business owner wanted to schedule this call
  • Ask who their ideal customer is
  • Find out if they're doing any other kind of digital marketing
  • Ask why they don't have the pixel installed
  • Offer a direct solution to their pain
  • Show your expertise
  • Don't talk about the price until they ask for it
  • Make an offer they can't refuse (Ex. "I normally charge $5000, but if you sign on today, I'll take $4000 off)
  • Smile

The first and last ones are mine.

All in all, you need to also prepare your mindset.

What do I mean?

When you go into your meeting, don’t go in focusing on the money.

Your intention should be to help this business owner.

If this is your true intention, the business owner will be able to tell and that alone could make them move forward with you.

Kevin’s sales script is definitely a big help to be able to close your dream clients and generate a really great income.

As a bonus in this module, Kevin gives you a few objection rebuttals for you to keep in mind.

Chapter 5: How To Drastically Increase Your Conversion Rate For Signing On New Clients

In this module, Kevin shows you how you to send out mass emails to hundreds and thousands of people.

He accomplishes this with the help of Sendgrid.

I have to admit, this is a pretty sweet system to use if you want to send mass emails because you can send thousands during your free trial.

Kevin’s recommendation is to compose personalized messages.

I agree 100%.

You want to make an instant connection with your potential clients.

Personalizing your email makes a world of a difference.

You know what goes even beyond that?

Personalized videos.

Yea, grab your phone, record a video explaining to your prospects that they don’t have the Facebook pixel.

Even record a Loom video.

Might I remind you...

It’s 2021.

You need to do things that will really prove you're a legit digital marketing agency.

Mass emails that have the same content and aren’t personalized will have less of an effect on your prospects.

Following what Kevin recommends in this module will allow you to increase the amount of clients you acquire.

Chapter 6: The Perfect Contract To Send Your Clients To Close The Deal

At this point, you’ve been able to convince a prospect to do business with you, now you need to get things in writing.

You obviously want to ensure that you get paid on a monthly basis, right?

Most business owners will want things in writing.

When you do, everyone just feels more comfortable.

Try to get this done before the payment.

You don’t need to complicate your life though.

Simply include what services you’ve agreed on and at what price.

If you’re going to process payments on a monthly basis, make sure that's clear in the contract.

Kevin shares a sample contract proposal you can use to formalize the monthly retainer which ensures that you get paid monthly to deliver results.

Again, if you’ve never written a contract, this is as good as gold.

You’ll be able to modify the contract example Kevin shows you and implement it as well.

Make it your own really.

Kevin's example proposal is a great place to start.

All in all, regardless of what you have in your contract, it’s always best to just make sure everything is in writing.

In the words of my sweet momma,

momma says...'ll save your behind

Chapter 7: How To Get Set Up To Run Ad + Who Pay For Ads + How Much To Spend On Ads

By this module, you’ll once again see how excited Kevin is to teach you.

The lesson here?

How to get set up in the Facebook Business Manager account.

Kevin mentions that your client will need a Business Manager account so that you can run ads for them.

When you set that up, you’ll be able to then have them add you to their account.

They’ll need to give you permission.

You can do what Kevin says,


You can run ads from your own Business Manager account.

All you have to do is create an ad account for your client.

You’d have to request permission which they can approve right from their Business Page.

This is so easy, your grandaddy can do it.

Kevin recommends that you get this done over the phone or send them instructions that you can find on Facebook.

You can even do a Zoom call where you can share your screen and show them that way.

I don’t know what’s easier...


Or counting to 20.

Now, many people ask the question:

"who pays for the Facebook ads?"

The answer?

Your client does.

It doesn’t matter if you run ads from your Business Manager or theirs.

When the time comes to enter payment info, Facebook doesn’t care whose credit card is on file.

How much should you spend on Facebook ads when retargeting?

As much as possible.

Make it rain on retargeting campaigns.

Why not, right?

Remember, you’re going to be showing these ads to people who are already interested in your product or service because of the targeting capabilities.

The more you spend, the more people will see your ad.

Chapter 8: How To Get Your Clients New Profitable Customers In Addition to Re-targeting Their Website Traffic

First things first.

Let your client know that things take time.

Once the pixel is installed, you need to give it time so that the pixel can capture data.

In the meantime, run cold traffic campaigns so that your client can gain new customers.

Kevin shows you how to get this all done.

He takes you into the Ads Manager on Facebook and creates a cold traffic campaign for a real estate agent.

In the demographics section, he shows you which age range is best to target.

He even goes after certain interests.

If you’re looking for suggestions, you can go to the Audience Insights section of Facebook.

Don’t forget to target your ideal location.

If you can narrow down which location you want to target, do so.

Don’t show your ad to the entire United States if your clients aren’t everywhere.

Kevin shows you examples of ads that you could create.

He emphasizes the fact that your client should want to spend as much as possible for retargeting ads.

For a cold traffic campaign, ideally you should spend between $10-$20 per day.

Cold traffic campaigns where you spend $300-$600 a month is a good place to start.

Remind your client that ad spend on Facebook is much cheaper than other means of advertising such as TV, radio, billboards on the side of a highway and are much more efficient.

Run the numbers for them if you have to.

As long as you’re clear and upfront with a business owner about this, they’ll come around and be ready to move forward.

If not, then they’re probably not the best clients.

I liked that Kevin shared this tip on how to get new customers for your clients because when you explain to your client a game plan like this, it really makes you look like you know what you’re doing.

Even if you’re new to this, by them hearing your in-depth plan of attack, they'll be convinced.

Chapter 9: How To Set Up HUGELY Profitable Retargeting Ads For Your Clients

Now Kevin gets into showing you how to set up the retargeting ads for your clients.

If you’ve already installed your clients pixel then, by now, you should have enough data on what actions people are taking on your website.

You’re able to now create a custom audience.

Retargeting ads will help you get more leads and maximize the profit per visitor to their site.

Since your pixel has all of this data, you can then go to the Audiences section of your Business Manager to create a custom audience.

Once you finish up in the customs audience section, it’s time to create your retargeting ad which he walks you through.

Since your custom audience was created, you need to make sure to select that audience in the Ad Set level so that they're the only ones that will be shown your ad.

Kevin simply creates a ‘Single Image’ ad.

He shows you the different parts of creating an ad which include:

  • Copy
  • Headline
  • Ad description
  • Include website
  • Call to action

Now, anytime someone visits your client’s website, they’ll see your retargeting ad.

You could even make different types of ads depending on the different actions they take.

Facebook is definitely the best platform for retargeting especially in niches such as car dealerships and real estate.

Really, any niche that sells products is going to benefit big time from retargeting ads.

At this point in the training, Kevin doesn’t want you to keep moving forward until you land your first client.

With the help of MarketerMagic, you have the skills to make moves prospecting, closing clients and providing results.

You need to believe in yourself.

So, get to it!

Should You Buy The Marketing Agency Program?

Truth be told, this is a decent course and it's very easy to follow, but as of 2020, I'm not messin' with Facebook ads.


As time passes, the cost of running ads on Facebook is increasing and that's because there's so much competition now.

More marketers and business owners are running ads on this platform which forces you to have to constantly monitor you ad cost as well as the conversions and try to keep optimizing your ads as best as possible.

Let's say you have an ad that doesn't convert or bring in any leads immediately.

You have to start testing different things such as:

  • Ad Copy 
  • Headline 
  • Image
  • Call to action
  • Button

Believe me, all of that is a hassle.

I hate a hassle.

If you're seriously into trying to run ads on Facebook, you need to be ready to go through an expensive learning curve.

Since you have to test so many parts in this ad platform, don't be surprised when you see you've spent hundreds of dollars in a couple of days with nothing to show for it.

Your clients are going to demand their money back.

That's a bad spot to be in.

Also, all of that testing is really just so time consuming!

No thanks!


The MAP course is not an in-depth Facebook Ads guide.

Kevin touches on certain things you can do with Facebook to land clients but you don't really learn how to advertise from the ground up.

If you were successful in getting clients, you need to learn how to run the ads.

Kevin's Facebook Ads Ninja course just gives you a slight introduction to the HOW.

You're only going to come away from this course with an easy way to look for clients in any location with the help of the tool, ManyLeads.

Which isn't a bad thing.

It helps that Kevin shares his scripts so you can approach these business owners with confidence.

Yea, you can send mass emails, but there's personalized Loom videos/screencasts and even selfie videos you can create.

Personalization matters.

Kevin's course opens your mind and gets those juices flowing especially if you're new to this digital space.

At $37, this course is a steal for what you get.

honestly... can go to and get access to his course for free

If you're looking for a FB guide, check out my article called, How To Advertise on Facebook: The Free Step by Step Guide.

All in all, Kevin David's Marketing Agency Program (MAP) is a good way to get your feet wet and pull in some clients quickly so you can run Facebook ads but still, I'm not messing with this platform in 2020.

You can check out other specialized agency courses like Joe Dickinson's Learn It Earn It which focuses on web design.

How In 2020, I’m Earning A Truly Passive Income Through Local Lead Generation 

When it comes to prospecting, I have a completely different approach.

An approach that makes it more likely to close prospects with my local lead generation business model and spend my money much more efficiently.


I can provide value BEFORE contacting a business owner or during a meeting with them.

Leads in advance has me looking like a straight up BOSS any time I tell a prospect what I can do for them.

What business owner is going to say no to free leads/money?

Exactly, none.

For me, ranking sites in Google and generating leads with FREE traffic is the way to go.

Check it out.

Is local lead gen legit?


There's no daily monitoring of cost and conversions like a maniac.

No market saturation.

No client telling me they have to pay me less because ad spend is rising.

Also, no client can fire me because I own the lead gen sites.

With Facebook ads, you can spend $500 in a weekend and have nothing to show for it.

I'd rather take that same $500 and put it into this local lead gen model.

Here's what the entire lead gen process looks like.

Ok, it takes a bit longer to rank and produce leads, but there's so much more ROI in the long-term.

I'm all for that long-term, residual money.

Here's an example of one of my sites that has been making me money for years and I rarely look at it.

I'm tellin' you...

I was working at an auto parts counter back in Detroit.

Jumped on a call with my mentor and now friend Dan, joined the program, put my head down and worked my tail off.

Now I make over $50,000 per month, passively, because of local lead gen.

I would call that legit.

I'm also part of the most amazing group of focused people who are goal oriented and are always pushing me to reach my maximum potential.

Every week we have 2 coaching calls that have you feeling like you can take on the world.

The amount of help and respect that's in this group is second to none. We really do feel like family.

We're all here to work hard and make money.

Who you have around you matters big time, no matter what you're doing in life.

This coaching program and business model has changed my life.

I'm living proof that anyone can be successful.

If you're really ready to change your life, are coachable and understand that hard work is involved, then you're welcome to jump on a call with us and see if you're a good fit.

Take the leap and watch your life change.


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