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Mike Dillard Review: Is Richer Everyday Worth Its Hefty Price?

March 24, 2024

Is the Richer Every Day Money-Making Course Worth It?

This is our complete review of Mike Dillard's, Richer Every Day, course.

If you're at your wit's end trying every course that promises profitability, but nothing seems to be working, you may want to read this article.

We spent several hours taking the course and putting his long-term get-rich methods into practice to give it a full review.

Have you experienced this course already? (Tell us about the course in the comments!)

Why You Should Read This Review

  1. 1
    If Richer Every Day is worth your time and money.
  2. 2
    What you can expect from course.
  3. 3
    The method behind the course and how it could be beneficial.
  4. 4
    The pros and cons of the course.
  5. 5
    Why this shouldn't be your only fortune-growing tool.

This course is for people who:

  • Have negative thought patterns around money.
  • Have started and ended a lot of businesses.
  • Are just starting their business but need support.
  • Want to learn how to protect their assets.

Now that we've covered those points, let's get into it.

About the Author

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Who is Mike Dillard?

Mike Dillard is an entrepreneur and best-selling author who draws on his 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and creates helpful courses for individuals who strive for a wealthier lifestyle.

His whole life, he hated that employers always told him what to do. He decided he never wanted people to have that kind of power over him again. So he created new ways to empower entrepreneurs like himself to start their own businesses.

But creating Richer Every Day was an endeavor that didn’t come that easily.

Successful But Purposeless

By 30, he had a $60 million business, bought everything he had ever wanted, accomplished all of his goals, but month after month, revenue declined as he lost interest in his business. 

So he did what anyone would.

He launched another business that made $10 million in the first year. But even then, something still wasn’t clicking. 

It wasn’t until the loss of his identity, millions of dollars, and a divorce that he was able to create Richer Every Day and be of genuine benefit to others.

As a result of these losses, he hit rock bottom, falling into a deep depression that held no end in sight.

Journey to Change

As his physical, mental, and financial health suffered and he lacked a sense of purpose, he went on an 18-month journey to uncover what was holding him back by way of counseling, hypnotherapy, mediations, and countless self-help sessions. 

Dillard says that had he not gone through his crisis, he would not have understood neurochemistry and how what’s happening in our brain chemically influences the decisions we make every day. 

His triumphs, struggles, and transformations are the foundations of this course, and we’ll get to the meat of how he claims to help others become Richer Every Day.

Mike Dillard's Secret on How To Build Million-Dollar Audiences

Mike Dillard's Strategies for Audience Building

  • Focus on Email Lists: Mike highlights the importance of building and owning an optimized email list. It is an asset that your competitors cannot take away from you.
  • Relationship Over List Size: The success of email marketing relies on your relationship with your target audience, not on the size of the audience you built. Having good connection with your audience is key. 
  • Content Value: Deliver value on your communications. Mike suggests that you only send emails that provide real value to your target audience. This helps maintain their trust in you. 
  • Paid Advertising for List Building: Mike highly recommends using paid ads to build an email list. This streamlines the list-building process so you can focus on selling your products and services. 
  • Develop Copywriting Skills: Effective communication at every funnel stage is crucial. Mike emphasized that if you want to build a million-dollar audience, you need to develop your copywriting skill. 
  • Understanding the Audience: Regularly gauge the audience's needs and preferences through polls and direct communication. This ensures you share content that's relevant to their needs. 
  • Market DifferentiationFocus on features that differentiate your products and services. This will help you stand out in the market. 

What's not mentioned in the interview: Mike did not mention how much he spent on paid ads to build an email list. Paid ads streamlines the list-building process, but it's also expensive without guaranteed returns. It may not be the best option for small business owners and entrepreneurs with limited budget. 

What is the Mike Dillard’s Richer Every Day Course?

Mike Dillard Review: Is Richer Everyday Worth Its Hefty Price?
“Entrepreneurs have a higher tolerance for risk.” - Mike Dillard

This course is designed for entrepreneurs who struggle with creating a solid business and have mental roadblocks that prevent them from making smart decisions and having a prosperous future.

Dillard spends this course imparting his knowledge and encouraging entrepreneurs to uncover the subconscious problems that often lead to negative decision-making paradigms that don’t benefit physical, mental, or financial health. 

In this introduction, he asks entrepreneurs several questions:

  • Have you ever built a profitable business but still hit a glass ceiling?
  • Is saving money a challenge for you?
  • Do you struggle to hold onto your money?
  • Do you feel compelled to buy things you don’t need?
  • Do you buy stuff you don’t need when you’re stressed?

The answers you produce will get you thinking about where you stand in your thought process and how you think about money at the present moment, which then leads to what this course will be about.

What can you expect from this course?

You’re not alone in your patterns of business and prosperity failures. This is normal for entrepreneurs, or so Mike Dillard says.

Reading Dave Ramsey’s books isn’t going to magically fix your financial situation. There is more to your financial struggles, your daily business, and the money-making puzzle.

According to Dillard, two things need to be considered when building a profitable business that pays you well long term.

Two things to consider:

  1. 1
    Neurotransmitters and how they affect your emotions
  2. 2
    Subconscious programs and stories that take those emotions and turn them into decisions

Unless you address these problems, you’ll continue through life with the same patterns. But we’ll get to those later.

Mike Dillard talks about the mental roadblocks that are keeping you from a successful and financially stable lifestyle.

When things are stressful, or things fail, we repeat those patterns and end up where we started.

“All of these challenges are the result of subconscious patterns and stories that are completely messing up your life. And they are going to continue messing up your life until they are uncovered or undressed.” - Mike Dillard

Dillard promises to give you a long-term solution to your entrepreneurial efforts by rewiring your brain to think differently about your successes, emotions, and finances so you can change your life and become more prosperous.

Overall, there are four goals of the Richer Every Day course:

  • To create true financial freedom. 
  • Stop buying things and start buying income. 
  • Protect your wealth. 
  • Learn how to pass your wealth down and teach your children these principles as well.

Dillard’s easy three-phase course hopes that you’ll get through the dark tunnel of business failures and financial stress and emerge into the daylight with a new and healthy financial mindset.

So let’s dig into the phases.

Phase 1: Awareness

In this first phase, you cover six modules.

  1. 1
    Why You Need More Than A Strategy
  2. 2
    Becoming Aware of Your Money Patterns
  3. 3
    Meeting the Chemicals That Control Your Mind
  4. 4
    Uncovering Subconscious Programs
  5. 5
    Reprogramming Your Body and Mind
  6. 6
    “The Model” With Brooke Castillo

Now, I’m not going to cover each module or many details and stories that come with them. However, I will instead stick to the main points and goals for the phase.

Becoming Aware of Your Money Patterns

You can’t change something until you’re aware of it. 

Learning to be aware of your downfalls in the business world is the first step in achieving financial success.

According to Dillard, you do this by observing the stories and actions of others, learning from them, and recognizing any of their same patterns within yourself.

Dillard challenges us to understand our addictions to adrenaline and cortisol by first understanding what those are and how they influence us.

Bottom line, our brains love a good rush, even if that rush feels good but isn’t good for us.

But more often than not, most decisions we make to feel that rush of adrenaline are done out of the desire to prove that we’re:

  • Good enough
  • Smart enough
  • Worthy enough

Ultimately, everyone is full of stories from their youth that hold their minds hostage while also harboring hidden beliefs about whether or not they are good, smart, or worthy.

We are on a continuous journey of acceptance.

So the Primary Lesson of Phase 1 is that you are not alone in this.

Everyone has negative patterns that dominate their lives. 

In regards to money and entrepreneurs, these struggles are related to taking unnecessary business risks that are affecting you and causing more stress and less prosperity.

Everyone has a negative pattern. Dillard’s going to help you uncover yours.

Understanding The Chemicals Controlling Your Mind

In this long-winded module of Phase 1, Dillard goes into great detail about the chemicals in our brain that act as the culprits for our risk-taking habits and decision-making. 

To Dillard, every thought process happens in the background and can benefit us in both the best and the worst ways when we understand how these chemicals affect our brain.

In his opinion, people’s brains and bodies are not designed for the modern world, and the various addictions created to give us that dopamine hit we all know and love.

While those addictions make us feel great, those chemical reactions that come with them don’t always benefit us in healthy ways.

The 4 happy chemicals that largely influence our decision-making: 

  • Dopamine - the primary feel-good hormone we feel when we buy something, have sex, get money, etc.
  • Serotonin - the hormone that helps us produce pride, confidence, & respect.
  • Oxytocin - the hormone that produces safety, trust, belonging, and love.
  • Endorphins - the hormone that masks pain and creates feelings of euphoria (you’re body’s natural morphine)

On the flip side, cortisol is the fight or flight chemical that steers us away from these happy chemicals. 

Cortisol usually creates higher levels of stress we feel are necessary for survival and protection.

We try to make cortisol go away by looking for a happy chemical hit. Hence why we make poor, sometimes quick-fix decisions and money-making solutions when we are under stressful circumstances. 

To Dillard, these chemicals don’t always help us think or act rationally.

This is because we want to escape the build-up of cortisol and feel better, even if that feeling is temporary.

As these chemicals are stimulated repeatedly and over time, we get into unhealthy decision-making habits that will constantly create patterns that don’t serve us in healthy decision-making.

Ultimately, Dillard challenges you in this module to identify areas in your life where you make decisions that make you feel good to combat stress and anxiety.

Before moving onto phases 2 and 3, he sends you on a journey to identify and solve your internal struggles before you can start making smarter moves with your money-making journey.

“You can’t solve internal problems with external solutions.” - Mike Dillard

Uncovering Subconscious Programming with Elliott Roe

In this module, Dillard joins hypnotherapist Elliot Roe in uncovering the subconscious programming about money, which we usually learned in our youth, whatever that programming may be.

Dillard compares the human mind to that of a computer’s desktop.

Some of the programs and apps we have open are ones we can see, but there may be numerous others in the background running without us even remembering it.

This is the example of our subconscious mind working, maybe even against us, when it comes to how we manage our finances. 

And although our subconscious mind creates what we think identifies us, Elliot Roe suggests that we are not always what our subconscious mind makes us believe we are.

But how can you change something you can’t see? That’s Dillard’s big question. 

To help uncover these subconscious patterns, Dillard takes you through a simple exercise to give you a glimpse into what you presently believe about money.

Reprogramming Your Body and Mind

In the third module of this phase, the aspiring entrepreneur has done the work and identified the roadblocks they’re facing which cause poor decision-making and risky business habits. 

From there, Dillard delves into how to change these patterns so you can move forward.

Dillard challenges the following 3 things: 

  1. 1
    Interrupting patterns that prevent you from achieving financial goals.
  2. 2
    Creating chemical associations that support the actions we take and decisions we make that brings us closer to accomplishment.
  3. 3
    Create our personal story that makes us feel worthy and aligned with the goals.

Without proper awareness of our downfalls in financial wellness and decision-making, we won’t be able to move forward and accomplish our entrepreneurial goals.

“The Model” with Brooke Castillo

World-renowned life coach professional Brooke Castillo comes in to speak on a framework known as “The Model.”

Castillo is passionate about helping people acquire insane riches and stands by the belief that if you’re not chasing the dopamine hit but making intelligent decisions about your wealth, you will be successful in your financial endeavors.

“Most of us figure out how to earn money and spend it.” - Brooke Castillo

According to Castillo, we are great at earning and spending money but not having the money. 

She believes knowing your own identity and the value of what you offer can largely influence your prosperity.

The 5 Elements of “The Model”

1. Circumstance

the situation you are in, whether that’s a goal or a constraint.

2. Thought

What your mind is conjuring up in response to circumstance, whether positive or negative.

3. Feeling

Vibrations in our body caused by our thoughts.

4. Action

How you react based on what you’re feeling.

5. Result

Outcomes of what you are constantly thinking (whether good or bad).

Castillo asserts that understanding and approaching these elements will help you shift from your old mindset to a new one. It’s all just a matter of your attitude when approaching it.

The goal is to take more conscious action rather than functioning from our subconscious programming.

It’s all about what you are willing to believe about your circumstance.

Phase 2: Systems

Richer Every Day Values and Beliefs

After working through the muck of your subconscious, Dillard moves on to give you a list of commandments that you should spend time internalizing. 

Read them, value them, believe them, and you’re on your way to long-term financial happiness.

Mike Dillard's 10 Commandments of Money

  • Make money so we can buy income
  • Getting rich for sure is better than trying to get rich quickInvest in our future selves
  • You can still live the good life
  • What gets measured gets managed and what gets managed grows
  • The fastest way to make money is by cutting expenses
  • Money is infinitely abundant
  • Money goes where it’s appreciated
  • Emotions and investing do not mix
  • Always protect your downside

To learn more about these, you’ll have to watch the course. However, these are Dillard’s core values, which won’t necessarily mean they need to be yours.

Richer Every Day System

95% of entrepreneurs are self-made but never received the training they needed to sustain their business and money-making model.

While budgeting is the common solution for people when managing their money, Dillard believes it’s not all that beneficial to an entrepreneur. 

Why? Because budgeting spikes your cortisol levels and creates stress, which sends you back to those patterns you’re trying to escape.

Dillard helps you set up a 5-minute system you utilize daily to start managing your money. The goal is to help you make a little money each day while retraining your brain to think about money differently. 

What Mike recommends:

Set up multiple bank accounts that you disperse money into


To start making money-saving a healthy habit.

This everyday practice is designed to create new habits and new neural pathways.

Before you know it, you’re,

  • Feeling richer
  • Feeling safety and security
  • Feeling gratitude
  • Feeling joy and excitement

This could take up to 60 days to become a healthy habit.

Phase 3: Strategy

Now that you have made these changes and you’re accumulating money, what are you doing with that money?

Dillard wants you to choose three numbers, or financial goals, that you would like to achieve:

  1. 1
    The Victory Number
  2. 2
    The Freedom Number
  3. 3
    The Dream Number

Each one should be achieved in tiers, the dream number being the ultimate goal to achieve.

But since we’re talking more about passive income here, we will talk about the Freedom Number.

Determine Your Freedom Number

What is a freedom number?

The freedom number is the amount of passive income you need to generate each month to cover monthly expenses. The idea is to have enough that you have financial freedom and wouldn’t have to work again.

For example, your freedom number could be $10,000 a month and would cover only personal expenses like:

  • Mortgage payments
  • Car payments
  • Groceries
  • Fun money
  • School for kids
  • Insurances

He tells you how to come up with this number in the course, so the ultimate number is decided by you and your current financial situation.

After this, he tells you how to determine the amount of money to invest to reach those numbers.

Asset Protection and Insurance

Asset Protection - Mike Dillard
In this final module of the course, Dillard discusses the importance of asset protection and insurance. 

He brings in Asset Protection Council Founder Douglass Lodmell, who has educated thousands of people on protecting their assets.

Asset protection, according to Lodmell, is anything that would protect an asset of a client from a creditor.

Having asset protection is essential for an obvious reason, to protect all the money you’d be making with this Richer Every Day system and strategy.

This module ends up being a very detailed lecture on protecting yourself from others who might be interested in the money you are not generating for yourself and being smart with your money overall, which may not be the worst of practices.

Is the Mike Dillard Course Expensive?

The Richer Every Day course itself is about $997 in total, so a relatively small investment but still doable for entrepreneurs trying to get off the ground.

How Much Does Micke Dillard's Richer Every Day Course Cost?

This is an affordable solution compared to other get-rich courses, like Sam Ovens, who charges thousands for a course.

Pros and Cons of Richer Every Day

Overall, this course can be beneficial to certain types of entrepreneurs depending on where they are in their life. But it may not be for everyone.

Here are some of the pros and cons:


  • Gets to the emotional root of money-making issues
  • Provides reasonable exercises to assess your circumstance and remove barriers that are keeping you from success
  • Helps you create a system and strategy for cultivating prosperity


  • Isn’t a course or model for starting a business in a specific industry
  • Speaks more to managing money and your beliefs about money rather than starting a business
  • Speaks of passive income in a money-saving manner and not exactly in a business-building manner

Is Richer Every Day worth the cost?

Understanding the emotional components and our subconscious programming is something you can find everywhere and for free. 

However, I doubt you would find it all in one place, and you may not even know what you’re looking for.

I believe it’s important to remove the negative aspects of our mind that prevent us from financial success and feel including that component will be beneficial to entrepreneurs who have poor habits when making business decisions.

But as I said, you can find that kind of knowledge anywhere. So that being said, this course can be beneficial to many.

Final Thoughts

Some reviewers have called this a “missing piece” to building a business.

Mike Dillard’s course “Richer Every Day” is a much deeper delve into an individual’s deepest motivators for making money. It is a helpful course for removing the mental constraints that are holding us back from true prosperity.

Dillard’s component on emotional understanding is the backbone of changing your circumstance and achieving ultimate financial success. And since emotions are such powerful motivators, it makes sense that it was addressed in the first phase of this course.

This course could easily be intermingled with other courses like Lead Generation to support aspiring entrepreneurs in their business-building journey.

For individuals who are already aware of their struggles and are diligently working through them and still want to start a profitable business, Richer Every Day may not be the best for you.

Why My Lead Generation Course works better for you.

Mike Dillard Review: Is Richer Everyday Worth Its Hefty Price?
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Why Ippei's Lead Generation Course is Great

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    Recession Proof
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