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Misha Wilson Review – Is the Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint a Pyramid Scheme?

June 2, 2023

Misha Wilson is an expert affiliate marketer who launched a brand new business that generated 10k months in half a year. He also launched a second business and turned it into a 200k monthly business in just 4 months. From there, he’s become a top earning affiliate marketer for multiple companies. He’s generated 50,000+ customers and 1,000,000 leads worldwide. And he’s produced $10,000,000+ in online marketing sales by age 27. 

But as impressive as that is, some people accuse Misha Wilson of running a pyramid scheme with his main programs, Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint and Super Affiliate Network. So in this Misha Wilson review, we’ll also cover whether or not he’s running an illegitimate business or not. 

Plus, we'll compare it to another business model that similarly uses traffic generation but is far less competitive and easier to run - Local Lead Generation. You'll also learn:

  • Who is Misha Wilson?
  • What are People Saying About Misha Wilson Online?
  • Is Misha Wilson a Scam or Legit?
  • What is the Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint?
  • What Does the Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint Come With?
  • Who is the Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint For?
  • How Do You Make Money With the Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint?
  • Do Students of the Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint Actually Make Money?
  • What is the Super Affiliate Network?
  • What is the Millionaire Breakthrough?
  • Risks Involved With Affiliate Marketing?
  • Is Affiliate Marketing Still Relevant in 2022?
Misha Wilson on the beach

Pros & Cons of Misha Wilson & the Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint


Extremely comprehensive affiliate training program (when you include upsells within Super Affiliate Network)

Plenty of support in the form of community, teachers, and mentorship

Lessons are drip fed in manageable and actionable amounts


All testimonials are by affiliates so shouldn't be taken too seriously

Having students promote his course is seen as pyramid scheme-like

The affiliate marketing business model is highly competitive and oversaturated.

Is Misha Wilson’s Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint a Pyramid Scheme?

Technically no, Misha Wilson’s Super Affiliate Program is not a pyramid scheme. But that didn’t stop a few online reviewers from comparing Misha’s program to one. The question is “why?”

It has to do with one of the features of the program. Misha encourages students to not only do their own affiliate marketing, but also promote HIS program as well. And it’s this aspect that is relatable to a pyramid scheme. Actively recruiting new people into the program is definitely close to what a pyramid scheme would have you do. But there’s a few reasons that makes this NOT a pyramid scheme.

Why Misha Wilson isn't Running a Pyramid Scheme

First, there’s an actual product being sold. And students have even used it to build their own businesses as well (e.g. Lusundra, who is a student who used the Super Affiliate Network to grow her tax business with affiliate marketing). In a real pyramid scheme, the product or service is often swept under the rug and recruiting is the major focus. But with the Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint, that’s not the case.

In fact, there’s loads of training, instructors that teach, coaching calls about affiliate marketing, and more. If there were tons of reviews mentioning the program being low quality and not worth it, then perhaps the pyramid scheme claim could apply. But that’s not the case. In general, most people are happy with the program and training as a whole.

Additionally, you don’t receive extra compensation for those “down your line.” It’s just a regular affiliate marketing system. And that means you only get a commission from those who sign up directly underneath you - and nobody else. Based on these facts, it’s easy to see why Misha is not in any way running a pyramid scheme. He’s just using affiliate marketing to promote his program (which is also about affiliate marketing).

If anything, it's closer to an MLM rather than a pyramid scheme. Learn why in our Affiliate Marketing vs MLM review.

Who is Misha Wilson?


Misha Wilson

Net Worth

Estimated $5+ Million


Kihei, Hawaii, United States


Attended Haleakala Waldorf School. Also attended Myron B. Thompson Academy. And went to University of Hawaii


CEO of Super Affiliate Network (SAN)

Misha Wilson's face

Misha Wilson was once an aspiring professional tennis player. But due to an accident, he was injured and forced to abandon tennis forever. The accident left Misha in a lot of pain.

Once he was able to move around again, he couldn't play tennis anymore so he jumped from one low-paying job to the next. It was tough because although Misha was a skilled tennis player, he had no degree or other marketable skills. He ended up working in multiple restaurants and high-labor jobs but they never lasted. And sometimes only days after starting a job, he’d quit or be fired.

Once he started working in security, which required upwards of 8-12 hours of standing up, he started taking prescription pain medication to manage the pain from his sports injury. But soon after, he was also fired from this job and became addicted to pain pills as well.

At this point, Misha Wilson gave up on life and stopped working and or even paying bills. Soon after, he was $10,000 in debt and was kicked out of two different homes - one of which was by his best friend. He couldn’t afford to pay the relatively low rent of $380 per month. 

However, Misha Wilson pressed on and got into internet marketing, which led to affiliate marketing. And with the help of mentors guiding his way, he started multiple businesses that generate over six figures every month. He became a top affiliate earner for several other businesses. And he became a multi-millionaire before the age of 30 as well.

What are People Saying About Misha Wilson Online?

Most people are saying Misha Wilson is a legitimate affiliate marketer and businessman. For example, on the Better Business Bureau website, he’s got an above-average ranking with 37 reviews in total:

BBB rating for Misha Wilson

Most reviews there applauded the support and training provided by Misha and his team. His community also seemed to play a role in making the experience a positive one as well. Below are a few reviews that clarify the positive aspect of the Super Affiliate Commision Blueprint program:

Tom's review for Misha Wilson

“Tom P. loved the comprehensive learning material, the supportive community, and helpful instructors.”

CJH's review for Misha Wilson

“C.J.H. starting making money the first month they started. They greatly value the personalized feedback Misha himself provides and look forward to staying in the program.”

Keysha Wilson results with Misha Wilson

“Keysha Bass tried multiple online business models with little luck. But only a month into the Super Affiliate Network program, she made $1,000.”

Overall, most of the reviews for Misha Wilson are positive. But I will note that basically every positive review on the BBB website never mentions any hard numbers. That’s a bit strange considering how many reviews there are (37 as of this writing) and that many get into affiliate marketing to make money. 

There are some mentions of earnings on Misha Wilson’s personal website. However, there’s a pattern of only sharing short term results. For example, one person was happy about getting 5 quick sales, which is short term gains. Another person said they gained $1,000 in a month, so only 30 days worth of results.

However, another person (Lusundra) said they earned $20,000 in 3 months. But that was after a YEAR in the program. They also said they earned $13,000 in a month but no time line was shared. Basically, the hard proof is lacking when it comes to long term results.

As for negative reviews, there were a few of them. They mostly revolve around difficulty getting refunds.

Gail's Misha Wilson review

“Gail M. had issues getting refunded despite leaving multiple messages.”

Lawanda's Misha Wilson review

“Lawanda also struggled to get a refund with no luck.”

Joseph's Misha Wilson review

“Josef was unsatisfied with the overall service of the program. He claimed to have issues getting his refund back but Misha’s team responded to the message and said he actually got his refund on 3/4/21 (3 days before the review was posted).”

As a whole, the negative reviews focused on difficulty getting refunds. But the majority of them had personal responses to each complaint stating how they were resolved. Only a few of the more recent complaints had no response from Misha's team at all.

Is Misha Wilson a Scam or Legit?

No, Misha Wilson is not a scam. Although there are some loose relationships to pyramid schemes in his business model, it’s a fact that he has a real product that is reasonably well-produced. Despite the fact that students are encouraged to serve as affiliates for Misha’s program, nobody’s being swindled and not receiving anything in return. You get a complete program that teaches you how to make money and become a wealthy affiliate marketer. In fact, you can see his students promoting his program simply as extra training to be an affiliate marketer. 

Consider the fact that you can be an affiliate for Amazon. If Amazon encouraged you to recommend others to join their affiliate program, would you call them a pyramid scheme? Probably not. So from this perspective, it’s simple to see that Misha Wilson is simply using students to market his business, which is pretty normal for course creators.

What is the Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint?

Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint logo

The Super Affiliate Commision Blueprint is a comprehensive affiliate marketing training program. It’s designed to take a complete newbie with no experience and help them create a profitable affiliate marketing business. It serves as a solid foundation to get any person started as an affiliate marketer. Misha Wilson also has multiple upsell training programs that pair well with this program.


Super Affiliate Commision Blueprint


A series of trainings, community support, and mentorships about creating and growing an affiliate marketing business. Plus, basic membership into the Super Affiliate Network program which you can upgrade


$1 to get started. But Super Affiliate Network upsells will lead to $12,497+ in costs

Refund Policy

30-day refund policy


Due to the program being an affiliate marketing program, it’s hard to objectively say what its reputation is. However, the general consensus is that the training and support is solid but overall extremely expensive.

What Does the Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint Come With?

  • The Complete A-Z Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint
  • Basic membership into the Super Affiliate Network (can upgrade from basic membership to next tier)
  • Bonus #1: A Personal ONE ON ONE Success & Super Affiliate Mentor
  • Bonus #2: Instant Access To The Super Affiliate Nation Facebook Group
  • Bonus #3: Full Access To the Inner Circle LIVE Coaching Call With Top Earning Super Affiliate All Stars
  • Bonus #4: A “Quickstart To Profit” 2 Part Webinar Training Series
  • 30 Day 'Better Than Money Back' Guarantee (Get a full refund plus $500 if unsatisfied)

Who is the Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint For?

  • People interested in affiliate marketing. If you have zero experience with affiliate marketing and want a complete A-Z training program, this might be a good fit for you.
  • People who work best with direct mentorship. If you’re the type that needs external motivation and guidance, you’ll get plenty of that in this program.
  • People who prefer bite-sized learning chunks. The program is designed to drip feed the lessons to prevent overwhelm and encourage action. The entire Super Affiliate Network program also includes upsells which round out the entire course itself.

If you want an alternative, Fast Start Side Hustle is an option. 

How Do You Make Money With the Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint?

The affiliate marketing process

Source: jtimmerman

The Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint teaches you how to earn profits from affiliate marketing sales. The basic affiliate marketing process is as follows:

  • Find a merchant with an affiliate product or service to sell
  • Place their affiliate link on a website, social media page, or email
  • Generate clicks and drive free or paid traffic to the merchant’s sales page
  • Receive a commission for every sale your traffic generated
This program teaches you all these details and more if you purchase the upsells within the extended Super Affiliate Network course. You can learn more about the whole process in our affiliate marketing review as well.

Do Students of the Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint Actually Make Money?

Yes, the students of Misha’s Super Affiliate program do make money. But keep in mind that the program (including the Super Affiliate Network upsells) is also an affiliate program. So there might be some bias involved with any reviews. Another thing to note is most of the testimonial results found online are short term results. So while these success stories may share hard numbers, they aren’t necessarily indicative of long term results. Let’s go ahead and take a look:

Lusundra's testimonial

“Lusundra Everett earned $5,000 after one year. Then she earned $20,000 after one year and 3 months. And after applying affiliate marketing principles to her tax business, she started generating $13,000 months. 

Scott's testimonial

“Scott V. earned one annual sale and 2 monthly recurring sales in only 4 days in the program.”

Ace and Rich's testimonial

“Ace and Rich earned 5 sales in 3 weeks using the Super Affiliate Network methods.”

What is the Super Affiliate Network?

The Super Affiliate Network is the major course and brand Misha Wilson represents. The Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint is basically the foundational program of the affiliate marketing training Misha provides. As you work your way through it, you’ll eventually be introduced (through upsells) to these other programs as well:

  • The Profit Boosting Bootcamp. 15 modules that go in-depth about the latest internet marketing strategies for maximum affiliate marketing profitability.
  • The Solo Ad Success Formula. 11 modules designed to help you create high-converting solo ad copy. Plus, how to track your solo ad copy and “amplify” them for more profits.
  • The IM Profit Formula. A powerful formula for starting your first online business.
  • The Super Affiliate Inner Circle. Get 12 months access to the Profit Boosting Bootcamp, a personal advisor, plus weekly and monthly coaching.
  • The Affiliate Mastery Accelerator. Get access to an exclusive affiliate marketing curriculum, 2 monthly “immersion” coaching sessions, and invitation to a million-dollar mastermind team
  • The Ignition Accelerator. Similar to the Affiliate Mastery Accelerator, you’ll also get hidden access to an exclusive internet marketing curriculum, as well as personal coaching sessions and mastermind access.

What is the Millionaire Breakthrough?

Millionaire Breakthough PDF logo

The Millionaire Breakthrough is a free ebook offered by Misha Wilson. You get it for signing up and joining Misha Wilson’s email list. It’s a 26 page PDF that promotes affiliate marketing as a way to make money online. Essentially, it’s the first step for Misha Wilson’s students to read this PDF as it’s a front-end offer you can get for free. It’s Misha's way to build up the value of affiliate marketing and interest you in your first paid offer from Misha - The Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint.

Risks Involved With Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing has a few risks with it, despite being a legit online business model. One major problem is you don’t control the offer. So if you’re making great commissions off a product or service and your merchant takes it off the market, you’ve suddenly lost a crucial source of income. This can make your profits unpredictable and unreliable. This will be an obstacle to becoming a wealthy affiliate marketer.

Additionally, affiliate marketing is a highly competitive field. Since it’s a low-barrier online business model, anybody can go online, learn a bit about affiliate marketing, and then start competing with you. And more competitors means you’ll need to work harder to stay ahead of the pack. This means you’ll need to create more content, write better ads, and do everything you can to attract leads your competitors are also fighting for. 

Finally, no ad lasts forever. You’ll always need to rewrite ads and kill off low performers. It'll get monotonous no matter if you’re doing good or bad. If you’re the type that thrives with repetitive work, this may not be a big deal. But for everybody else, it can kill your motivation and happiness.

Is Affiliate Marketing Still Relevant in 2022?

Yes, affiliate marketing is still relevant and worth pursuing. In fact, with ecommerce growing every year, it’ll likely become a 7.4 trillion dollar industry in 2025. Even a fraction of 7.4 trillion dollars is a huge amount of money. So there’s more than enough cash for anybody who wants to become a wealthy affiliate marketer.

However, just keep in mind that you're against thousands of competitors, there can be policy changes that kill your ads, and merchants can take away your best paying offers. If you can deal with that, affiliate marketing may work for you.

And if you’re curious about something other than the Super Affiliate Network and Blueprint program, see our review of 11 different affiliate marketing programs you can also take.

Conclusion for Misha Wilson Review

If you’re interested in a comprehensive affiliate marketing course that has lots of training material, community support, and even mentorship, you’ll likely do well with Misha Wilson’s Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint (and his entire Super Affiliate Program in general). There’s weeks of video training, upsells that can further improve your knowledge, and lots of expert guidance to ensure the smoothest process possible. 

However, this course is notorious for its expensive upsells. Although the base program is decent, the entire Super Affiliate Network upsells really complete the program. Once you finish the video training, you’ll immediately get one upsell. Then another. Then another. The final upsell is a full weekend of personal training in Hawaii with Misha himself. This will run you roughly 5 figures by itself. Practically speaking, you could see it as a reasonable method of drip feeding you the program so as not to overload you. But in another sense, it could also be seen as a devious cash grab which could've just been packaged together.

Why Lead Generation is Easier Than Affiliate Marketing

Although affiliate marketing has a growing industry, its extreme competitiveness is only suitable for people who don’t mind unpredictability in profits and workload. Anything can change with an affiliate marketing business, such as merchant’s dropping your highest-converting offers, or policies changing and killing your paid ads. Plus, you’re never building your OWN business - it’s all about helping others get sales while you get the leftovers. It’s a highly dependent online business model that requires luck in addition to hard work.

But I’ve never been the type to rely on luck or others if I can help it. It’s one reason I got into Local Lead Generation. You don’t need to be at the mercy of big websites like Facebook or Youtube to attract leads. No merchants can take away your highest-converting offer and kill your profits. And you don’t even need to be a tech specialist that knows how to run complicated sales funnels, either. All you need to be able to do is create a basic website (which I promise is more simple than you’d think) and then find small-businesses who could use it.

It might sound easy, but I make over $52,000 each month by managing a series of these basic websites. And if you’re interested in how it works, you can learn more about Local Lead Generation today.

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