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Misha Wilson’s Super Affiliate Network Review: What Is Direct Response Marketing?

March 10, 2024

super affiliate network review

The Super Affiliate Network is an affiliate marketing company by Misha Wilson. They offer programs on how to create an affiliate marketing business through various marketing strategies with a focus on direct response marketing. Group coaching and 1-on-1 mentorship are also offered. The Super Affiliate Network is currently rebranding to The Mastery Institute. This platform is not to be confused with John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System.

Reviews of Super Affiliate Network are mixed with a 3.67/5 rating on BBB. Positive reviews praise the platform for the wealth of information, the supportive community, and the mindset training and practical application lessons taught by the mentors. Negative reviews complain about the pushy upsells, and the rudeness of the coaches and lack of support when you decline an upsell. Super Affiliate Network has an affiliate program, so beware of the reviews by students promoting their affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing is a highly competitive business that can be time and money consuming. Misha himself said to expect losses in the first 6 months as you spend thousands on marketing. Can Super Affiliate Network give you the knowledge, tools, and support you need to become successful? In this Super Affiliate Network review, you will find out what direct response marketing is, who Super Affiliate Network is for, how you make money with it, what the offers are, if the students are successful, who Misha Wilson is, and if affiliate marketing is worth doing.


Extremely comprehensive affiliate training program (when you include upsells within Super Affiliate Network)

Plenty of support with the community, coaches, and mentorship programs.

Lessons are drip fed in manageable and actionable amounts.


Too many upsells. Even the home study courses are filled with mentorship upsells.

The fact that many students prefer to promote Super Affiliate Network as their high-ticket offer makes it appear that they are running a MLM or pyramid scheme.

The strategies taught focus on paid advertising, which create high starting costs and high risks.


The costs of Super Affiliate Network programs range offers range from $7 to $9,997. There are also various freebies and upsells, including a done-for-you service, that costs up to $40,000.

Refund Policy

Super Affiliate Network courses have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Mentorship programs have a no refund policy.




Mixed reviews from students.

What Is Direct Response Marketing?

Direct response marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on generating immediate results by encouraging the customer to take a specific action. Below are the characteristics of a direct response marketing strategy.

  • Immediate Results - Compared to other affiliate marketing strategies, such as brand marketing, direct response marketing aims for immediate action from the audience. This allows quicker and immediate sales and commission.
  • Measurable Response - Direct response marketing strategy allows you to accurately measure the effectiveness of your ad campaigns. This allows you to better manage your ad budget and cut losses, making this strategy cost effective.
  • Targeted Audience - Direct response marketing is often directed toward specific audience types. The marketing campaigns are created specifically for these types of audiences. This leads to higher marketing ROI and high conversion rates.

Who Is Super Affiliate Network For?

  • People interested in affiliate marketing. If you have zero experience with affiliate marketing, Super Affiliate Network provides complete A-Z training programs.
  • People who work best with direct mentorship. If you’re the type that needs external motivation and guidance, you’ll get plenty of that with the mentorship programs.
  • People who prefer bite-sized learning chunks. The programs are designed to drip feed the lessons to prevent overwhelm and encourage action. Super Affiliate Network offers several specialized training programs.

How Do You Make Money With Super Affiliate Network?

The affiliate marketing process

Source: jtimmerman

Super Affiliate Network teaches you how to earn a commission by promoting affiliate programs. The process works as follows:

  1. Find a merchant with an affiliate program that you can join.
  2. Place your affiliate link on a website, social media page, or email.
  3. Generate clicks and drive free or paid traffic to the merchant’s sales page via your affiliate link.
  4. Receive a commission for every sale made using your affiliate link.

Students of Super Affiliate Network can also make money by promoting the courses and mentorship. The commission rates vary depending on the program.

What Does Super Affiliate Network Offer?

The Super Affiliate Network offers several home study courses to get you started and mentorship packages for full support and guidance. Mentorship also gives you access to the private community, which is useful for networking and getting more support. You can choose the offer based on your specific situation and needs.

The PRO Breakthrough Accelerator

super affiliate network review

The PRO Breakthrough Accelerator is a 12-month virtual implementation coaching program where you get access to the best training curriculum that Super Affiliate Network offers. This program is designed to get you results as quickly as possible through immersive coaching twice a month. You get access to the online mastermind where you can get help from Misha’s million dollar team. The PRO Breakthrough Accelerator costs $9,997.

The 6 Figure Connector Method

super affiliate network review

The 6 Figure Connector Method is listed as a 12-month virtual implementation coaching program similar to the PRO Breakthrough Accelerator. The details on their website show the exact same features, which may have been a mistake on their part. It is unclear how this differs from the Accelerator program, but the price difference is huge. The 6 Figure Connector Method costs $1,997.

The Super Affiliate Inner Circle

super affiliate network review

The Super Affiliate Inner Circle is a 12-month coaching program where you get access to the weekly Inner Circle group coaching and monthly immersion coaching with a Super Affiliate Network team member. You also get access to the Solo Ad Success Formula and Profit Boosting Bootcamp. The Super Affiliate Inner Circle costs $297.

The Solo Ad Success Formula

super affiliate network review

The Solo Ad Success Formula is an 11-module step-by-step home study course that teaches you how to do solo ads marketing. You will learn how to generate converting leads by using the 3-step process for writing ad copy. The course also teaches you how to vet solo ad vendors to find which ones can provide quality leads. The Solo Ad Success Formula costs $297.

The Profit Boosting Bootcamp

super affiliate network review

The Profit Boosting Bootcamp is a 15-module step-by-step course that teaches you the best digital marketing strategies and tactics you will need to create an affiliate marketing business. You will learn how to generate traffic, convert leads into sales, and scale your business using advanced systems. The Profit Boosting Bootcamp costs $7.

The IM Profit Formula

super affiliate network review

The IM Profit Formula is a book bundle that includes a physical copy of the book and several bonuses. The book outlines the formula that Misha used to make $10 million in 5 years of affiliate marketing. Included with the bundle are 3 consultation calls with a business enrollment advisor, the first 6 modules of Super Affiliate Profit Boosting Bootcamp, access to the Accelerate To Profit webinar, and 3 done-for-you traffic sources to help get you started. The IM Profit Formula is free plus the cost of shipping.

The Millionaire Breakthrough

Millionaire Breakthough PDF logo

The Millionaire Breakthrough is a free ebook by Misha Wilson that you get when you join the email list. It’s a 26 page PDF that promotes affiliate marketing as a way to make money online. Essentially, it’s the first step for Misha Wilson’s students to read this PDF as it’s a front-end offer you can get for free. It’s Misha's way to build up the value of affiliate marketing and interest you in the programs of Super Affiliate Network.

Are Students of Super Affiliate Network Successful?

Aside from the testimonials used by Super Affiliate Network for promotion, there seems to be a lack of student reviews that give real-world success stories such as how much they made using what they learned from Super Affiliate Network. The lack of proof, aside from what is promoted by their sales pages, means you have to be careful about deciding if their programs might be for you.

What Are the Super Affiliate Network Reviews?

Super Affiliate Network has a BBB (Better Business Bureau) 3.67/5 rating with over 30 reviews. Super Affiliate Network does not have a Trustpilot profile, but there is one for The Mastery Institute, which is basically the same company and programs, that has a 4.2/5 rating with over 60 reviews. Trustpilot has flagged this profile as possibly using “unsupported invitation methods” so take the reviews with a grain of salt.

super affiliate network review

Dick Rogers wrote on Trustpilot how he found the free and low-cost offers to be very informational. He mentioned the lessons he learned and about the community where he could chat with other students of the course.

super affiliate network review

In stark contrast to Dick's review, Tina explained that there was barely any information given in the low-cost course and instead was full of upsells. This mirrors the many complaints given by students of the home study courses who expected to learn more.

super affiliate network review

This review left by Carol on BBB confirms Tina's complaints about the upsells and lack of information. It appears that home study courses are meant to push you to join the mentorship.

Super Affiliate Network Complaints

Super Affiliate Network is a BBB accredited company with an A+ accreditation score. This means they are active in addressing complaints filed in BBB, although so far only 8 out of the 21 complaints have been resolved.

super affiliate network review

In this interesting complaint, the customer claimed that she bought into the done-for-you upsell but was unsatisfied with the limited 1-on-1 coaching, had monthly fees for the sales funnels and tools, and had not even received the done-for-you website. Misha himself replied to this complaint, stating that they agreed to half refund even though the customer herself received the website and barely joined the group coaching and used the other resources. The issue remains unresolved. The other complaints are about wanting a refund because of the hard selling tactics of the coaches and lack of information in the lower-cost courses.

Conclusion: Is Super Affiliate Network Worth It?

Super Affiliate Network is worth it if you will spend the high price on mentorship. Based on the experiences from students who were only expecting to buy the home study courses, I would not recommend the low-cost courses. If you are looking for self-paced affiliate marketing training facebookcourses without the mentorship, I would suggest checking out other programs.

Who Is Misha Wilson?

super affiliate network review

Misha Wilson is a top affiliate marketer and creator of Super Affiliate Network from Kihei, Hawaii. He started affiliate marketing at 22 and hit 6-figures by the time he was 24. By 25, he scaled his company into a multimillion dollar business. Misha has generated 50,000+ customers and over 1 million leads for his clients. He currently has made $40 million from affiliate commission and Super Affiliate Network sales.

Misha Wilson was once an aspiring professional tennis player but was forced to quit because of injuries. He had no degree or any marketable skills, so he ended up working in low-paying jobs. Misha ended up working in security, which required him to stand 8-12 hours. He started taking pain medication to manage the pain from his injury, but eventually got addicted and was fired. After being $10,000 in debt and kicked out of two homes, Misha learned about affiliate marketing and with the help of mentors, became great at it. Misha attended Haleakala Waldorf School and Myron B. Thompson Academy in Hawaii.

What Are the 4 Main Skill Sets For $40 Million in Sales?

Misha Wilson shares that there are 4 main skill sets that he perfected to generate over $40 million in sales revenue. He learned many skills from years of affiliate marketing, such as email marketing, running Facebook ads and YouTube ads, creating offers and sales funnels, selling webinars, and even psychological techniques such as neuro-linguistic programming. He organized all the skills into 4 main parts so his students can learn them more efficiently.

  • 1. Sales Funnel Creation and Optimization - Creating and optimizing your sales funnel is a crucial skill in affiliate marketing as this directly affects how much money you can make by converting leads to sales. An optimized sales funnel, which includes the sequence of pages and the copywriting, will increase your conversion rate.
  • 2. Traffic Generation - Driving traffic to your sales funnels is equally important as converting them. The more traffic you can drive to your funnels for the least amount of money, the higher your profits. Misha stresses the importance of mastering one form of paid traffic before trying other methods based on his experiences.
  • 3. Offer Creation - In order to stand out in a highly competitive business, you need to create compelling offers that are distinct from your competition. Misha encourages adding incentives and guarantees in order to make your offers more attractive.
  • 4. Selling Through Webinars - Misha stresses the importance of promoting services and products through both automated and live webinars. By creating engaging and persuasive presentations, you have a higher chance of converting the audience. This works especially well with high-ticket offers.

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It in 2024?

Affiliate marketing is worth it in 2024 as a supplement to your existing business. It is a great way to earn extra income by promoting offers that are related to your business. This way, you don’t have to spend more money on marketing just to earn commission, as you already have a customer base. As a full-time business, it will be very difficult to be a successful affiliate marketer and will cost you a lot of time and money.

According to Glassdoor, affiliate marketers earn an average of $59,060 a year, which is close to the US yearly average wage, which according to Forbes is $59,428. Affiliate marketing can replace your 9-5 assuming you can succeed. According to Dynu In Media, 95% of affiliate marketers fail. There are many reasons affiliate marketers fail, such as rising cost of ads, expected recession, market saturation, and more. Be sure you are aware of the risks before starting an affiliate marketing business.

What Are the 5 Major Risks Involved With Affiliate Marketing?

Even though affiliate marketing is a popular business model, there are many risks involved. Below are the 5 major risks but are not limited to.

  • 1. Lack of Control - You depend on the affiliate program that you joined. If the affiliate stops or changes their business focus, it could significantly affect your business. You also have no control over the quality of the product or service, which can damage your own brand and image.
  • 2. Compliance Issues - You must follow the legal standards and regulations, such as disclosure requirements, of being an affiliate. Non-compliance by affiliates can lead to legal issues.
  • 3. Market Saturation - Affiliate marketing is a popular business model and the best niches are often saturated. You need to invest heavily in marketing and optimization if you want to stand out against the competition.
  • 4. Payment Issues - It is common for affiliates to often face delays in payments, or sometimes non-payments, especially when working with less reputable programs. There are plenty of dubious companies that would sell low-quality products and then suddenly disappear without paying their affiliates.
  • 5. Unpredictable Income - As you rely on making sales, your income is unpredictable. If a trend dies or a product becomes unpopular, your income can drop significantly. Changes in commission schemes will also affect your income.

Create Sustainable Passive Income With Local Lead Generation

Compared to unpredictable income of affiliate marketing, local lead generation creates predictable passive income. As type of digital real estate, you create a site, rank it on Google, and rent it out to local businesses. This creates a sustainable passive income flow. It costs as low as $500 to get started and $30 a month to maintain. With affiliate marketing, you need to invest a lot of your capital on paid ads without the guarantee of making money. A local lead generation site can stay ranked on Google for years before needing an update while you need to constantly create, test, and run ads in affiliate marketing. You don't even need to pay for any ads with local lead generation. 

You don’t have to worry about competition in local lead generation as you will only be competing against a handful of other websites as compared to competing globally in affiliate marketing. Scaling an affiliate marketing business means investing more money on hiring a team and on automation tools. Scaling a local lead generation business is as easy as repeating the rank and rent process with a new site. You can make as much as $2,000 a month with one site and there is no limit on how many you can have. This is why local lead generation is my number 1 business to create time and financial freedom.

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  1. I am quickly becoming Leary of Misha Wilson’s intentions he tell you how to sale pitch but at that same time he is actually setting you up for his next big sales pitch with The Mastery Institute. Literally you pay for something expecting to get these done for you funnels then bam another’s sales pitch for the same program you just paid for but this time it’s done with you program. So why did I just invest $1000’s of dollars and now your offering the same program but this time with help. Umm sounds like double dipping to me. Who knows what the next offer will be all done for you program at even a higher cost. He is selling the same program but you have to pay twice if you want to get the mentoring.

    Digital Leasing I love this I am learning this but as with everything I am finding this market is quickly becoming saturated too. It’s hard to find a business that will listen because every other post on Facebook groups is another Digital Marketer selling SEO or sites to lease. So I believe if you can get lucky and find a few business it can be profitable. I will keep working on this one and taking what I learn in Misha Class that I already invested in and use some of that knowledge to leverage my business.

  2. Stay clear. The Mastery Institute is a shameful scam, taking advantage of those most vulnerable and inexperienced with simple clickbank and affiliate marketing schemes. Your hard earned money is best spent elsewhere.

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