Dan Harvey’s Passion Expert Growth Review: 5 Proven Steps for Creators to Earn $10K-$50K a Month?

April 4, 2024

Passion.io's Expert Growth is a step-by-step learning program on how to grow your social media audience reach, course membership, and ultimately, your monthly earnings within the Passion.io LMS platform. This course is designed for coaches, course creators, and experts who just recently signed up for Passion.io and have successfully launched their own mobile app.

Before diving into Expert Growth, you’re expected to have already completed the Expert Unleashed Challenge – a 30-day course bundled into Passion.io’s platform membership. As a next-level program, Expert Growth promises to teach you how to step up your expert creator career to earning 10K-50K per month.

Read through this review to learn more about Expert Growth, Passion.io and its other programs. At the end, you will also discover a more lucrative business model than selling high ticket courses.

Passion Expert Growth Review: Pros and Cons


An easy-to-understand course with actionable guide.

Learn from highly credible coaches.


High-ticket course selling is highly competitive.

Strategies rely on Passion.io’s platform.

External reviews don’t support the course’s profit claim.


Passion.io's Expert Growth costs $997, or a three installment of $397.

Refund Policy

Expert Growth provides a 30-day moneyback guarantee.


Passion.io was founded in 2016. The year Expert Growth was launched isn't clear.


Passion.io has a review score of 4.6 from Trustpilot. The Expert Growth program itself doesn't have any external review.

Is Passion.io's Expert Growth's 5-Step Program a Proven Path to $10K - $50K Monthly?

No, Passion.io's Expert Growth’s 5-step program is not a proven path for creators to earn $10K to $50K monthly. While you can find testimonials supporting this claim on Passion.io's website, the results aren't verifiable.

There are many Passion.io reviews on Trustpilot. And, while it boasts a 4.6 review score, most of these reviews talk about how easy the app-builder is to use. Some discuss the helpfulness of the courses' content. No one talks about earning $10K to $50K a month and crediting the Expert Growth program for it. Thus, these results are not yet fully proven.

Passion.io Expert Growth landing page header

What Do You Get from Passion Expert Growth?

Passion.io's Expert Growth is a 10-week program broken down into five steps with two weeks each. The topics include confidence-building, social media marketing, lead generation, closing high-ticket deals, and retention.

Here’s Expert Growth’s 5-step program:

  • Step #1 – Know Who You Are
  • Step #2 – Love at First Blink
  • Step #3 – Serving Up Milkshakes
  • Step #4 – Sealing The Deals
  • Step #5 – Deep Love and Belonging

Learning materials for each step are released in drips. You will spend two weeks for each step before tackling the next one so it's less likely for you to miss anything. There are 3 video missions every week that you will spend about 3-7 hours to study and execute.

Who Is Expert Growth For?

Passion.io's Expert Growth is for coaches, course creators, and experts who have already launched their own mobile app. You can directly buy this course without signing up for Passion.io and going through its introductory program, The Expert Unleashed Challenge. However, much of this course’s strategies and actionable guide rely on Passion.io’s platform, so you most likely need to be a member first to follow through.

Are Passion Expert Growth Members Getting Results?

Yes, Passion.io's Expert Growth members are getting results. But as mentioned, testimonials that specifically credit Expert Growth can only be found publicly on the program’s landing page.

Remember that Expert Growth is an optional, next-level course. Passion.io’s Trustpilot reviews do have some testimonials about the members’ earnings, but not necessarily because of taking Expert Growth.

Here’s an example.

Trustpilot review Passion.io

And here are some testimonials about Passion Expert Growth.

Expert Growth's testimonials

Who Is Passion Dan?

Daniel Harvey -Passion Dan

Daniel Harvey or Passion Dan is a 7-figure entrepreneur, the CRO and co-founder of Passion.io. He was included in Forbes 30 under 30, a list of 30 notable people under 30.

Passion Dan made his first start-up with Be Street Smart, a property management company. While trying to overcome the challenges of managing a start-up, Dan met Matthias Bellman with whom he founded Passion.io.

Before setting out into the business world, Dan himself was also rocking the world with his band, Dog Is Dead. He has always wanted to help people earn money through their passion and that’s exactly what Passion.io had set out to do.

Passion.io FAQs

What is Passion.io?

Passion.io is a Learning Management System (LMS) platform offering a drag-and-drop mobile app builder and hosting for course creators, coaches, and experts.

What are the other Passion.io courses?

The Expert Unleashed Challenge

The Expert Unleashed Challenge is an introductory course bundled with Passion.io membership. This course will teach you how to create your own app and how to launch it in major stores (Apple App Store and Google Play Store). You will also get scripts and various templates to kickstart your sales efforts and win your first clients within 30 days.

The Creator MBA

The Creator MBA is a coaching program where you can get personalized feedback and advice from a team of experts from Passion.io – this includes a social media expert, an accountability coach, a pricing & offer expert, and a professional copywriter. It’s basically Expert Growth but with weekly audit calls, one-on-one coaching, and copywriting feedback sessions.

The price of joining the Creator MBA is not posted on Passion.io’s website and you need to fill out a separate form to apply.

Who is the CEO of Passion.io?

Matthias Bellman is the CEO and co-founder of Passion.io.

Is Passion App real or fake?

Passion app is real. When people say "Passion App," they are more likely talking about the apps created on Passion.io and not its primary app, PassionFighters. These apps are real, and they passed the Google Play Store and Apple App Store's verifications.

Is Passion.io legit?

Yes, Passion.io is a legitimate mobile app builder and learning management system (LMS) service for course creators. Passion.io has successfully launched more than 10 thousand apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. These approved apps have over 1.1 million users.

What is Passion.io's pricing?

Passion.io’s Pro plan is $97/month and the Ultimate plan is $239/month. The Pro plan has all of the important features except for community push notifications, drip content, and the removal of the Passion.io branding. Choosing the Ultimate plan allows for unlimited subscribers, videos, and push notifications.

Passion Plus is Passion.io’s highest-tier plan. It offers done-for-you app creation and hands-on guidance in every step of your content migration, app launch, and marketing. The price for Passion Plus isn’t publicly available and you have to apply for admission.

Can you migrate your users from Passion.io to your own software?

No, you cannot migrate your students/users from Passion.io to your own software. Also, they will most likely not give you the code if you decide to build your own app, so you have to rebuild the design from scratch. However, you can request to export your account data to a CSV file within five days after canceling your account.

Does Passion.io have a live-streaming feature?

Yes, Passion.io has a live-streaming feature, but it is not native to the platform. You still need to embed Zoom or YouTube Live into your app to be able to stream.

Do I need to write code for Passion.io?

No, there’s no need for you to write code for Passion.io as it is a no-code solution. There’s absolutely no need for you to learn any programming language to build your mobile app through this platform. It’s a total drag-and-drop builder.

Who Is Georgia Rickard?

Georgia Rickard

Georgia Rickard is an Australian journalist, magazine editor, author, and is one of the coaches for Passion.io's Expert Growth, along with Passion Dan. She worked with various national title magazines including Healthy Food Guide, and The Australian Traveller.

In line with her expertise and interest as a travel journalist, she helped set up The Travel Bootcamp, along with top Instagrammers Lauren Bath, and Liz Carlson. 

Rickard also contributed to many other titles, such as The Sunday Telegraph, GQ, Prevention, Women’s Health, CLEO, and Cosmopolitan. She is currently the editor for Virgin Airlines.

She holds a Degree in Communications and a diploma in International Marketing from the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia.

Dan Harvey's Claim

The overall claim of Daniel Harvey’s Expert Growth is that the course will allow creators to earn $10K to $50K per month by following its 5-step program for ten weeks.

Let’s clarify this claim first: there is no actual deadline of 10 weeks for achieving $10K to $50K earnings per month. The landing page's website copy does say this, but it's safer to view this claim as the maximum possible gain. There's also a "disclaimer" on the landing page's FAQs.

You can find case studies of short-term and long-term success stories on Expert Growth’s landing page, but there's no consolidated statistical data on the members’ earnings within a certain period.

In their own stats, 79% of Expert Growth participants see a significant boost in their social media engagements and +34% growth in their following. And 100% of participants reported achieving more “clarity and confidence” in growing their business. Nothing about the participants' revenue.

Dan Harvey's Claim DEBUNKED

Achieving $10K to $50K earnings per month by selling courses is possible, and it has also been proven in other LMS platforms like Kajabi, Thinkific, and Teachable. But like many other business models, selling courses online has a “winner takes all” effect where top creators earn most of the revenue while the rest earn little to nothing.

Let’s take Kajabi as an example. Since 2010, Kajabi has helped 100 thousand course creators to serve 75 million students and made over $6 billion in sales. Extrapolating this data, the result is an average of $60K per creator in cumulative earnings for over 13 years. That’s around $5K per year. Again, with the “winner takes all” effect, we know that this average is still too good to be true.

It’s true that Passion.io is different from Kajabi, but even in Passion Dan's platform, the claim is not statistically proven.

What Are Passion.io's Reddit Reviews?

Reddit posts for Passion.io are mostly inquiries from coaches who are looking for a platform to host their courses. Responses are generally positive, though the lack of certain features is the primary reason why some Redditors would recommend a different brand.

Here’s an example of a mixed review of Passion.io from the r/personaltraining Subreddit.

Passion.io Reddit review

The following posts and responses from the r/nocode Subreddit follow this same line of thought: Passion.io and other no-code solutions are good for starting up or launching Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), but you will eventually have to switch to a low-code provider or build your own app from scratch for better customizations.

Reddit post on Passion.io
Reddit response about passion.io

Unfortunately, it’s still not clear if Passion.io will give out codes if someone requests them. Migrating users is another issue.

It’s obvious that a lot of Redditors from the r/nocode Subreddit are “anti-no-codes.” So, they usually treat Passion.io at the same level as the other no-code LMS solutions.

Reddit post on Passion.io
Reddit response on Passion.io and other no code LMS

Kajabi vs Passion.io




Pricing (basic plan)



Number of subscribers (basic plan)



Number of products/contents allowed (basic plan)

3 products

100 videos

Website builder/hosting



Mobile app builder



Built in email marketing system



In-platform live chat



AI course content creator



Drip content (basic plan)



Kajabi Pros and Cons


Advanced built-in marketing tools.

AI-powered course content generation.

Powerful website builder.

More in-depth analytics.

Free landing pages.


Basic plan offers fewer products.

Fewer integrations.

Expensive basic plan.

No branded mobile app.

Passion.io Pros and Cons


Offers branded mobile app and builder.

Can create courses directly on mobile app.

Multiple Zapier integrations.

A done-for-you plan.


Transaction fees through Passion Payments.

Price limit on landing pages.

Doesn’t have built in marketing tools.

Limited subscribers on the starter plan.

No equivalent website builder.

Is Selling High Ticket Courses Through an App a Great Way to Make Money Online?

No, selling high-ticket courses through an app is not a great way to make money online. There’s just too much competition to even manage to achieve the average earnings. And high-ticket courses are harder to sell even with a mobile app.

From Passion.io’s perspective, allowing its users to build an app should be a game changer and an edge over its competitors (and your competitors too, if you’re planning to make an app through their platform). In the end, a great course and useful features are all that matter.

Remember that most of Passion.io’s competitors also allow course consumption through an app. So, Passion.io is not really offering anything new aside from providing an app with your own brand.

Is Passion Expert Growth Worth It in 2024?

Yes, Passion Expert Growth is still worth it in 2024. If you’re passionate about your work but you suddenly hit a block, Passion Expert Growth’s roadmap should give you insights to move forward. The participants of this course are getting results and improvements; you just need to manage your expectations.

Why Becoming an Expert in Local Lead Generation is a More Lucrative Option Than High Ticket Course Selling

In Passion Dan’s words, the problem you’re solving with your course should be “very specific” so that you can give actual value. However, your solution to this problem should also be very “unique” for you to stand out. And this unique solution doesn’t always come every day, so it’s more likely for you to enter the same fierce competition as everyone else.

local lead generation

Unlike high-ticket course selling, local lead generation doesn’t suffer the same level of competition. You are free to choose your target market with over 50 niches, thousands of cities, and around 30 million small businesses.

The best thing about this business model is you own your own platform. You own the website that you’re ranking on search engines for local keywords, so you can deal with it on your own terms. The leads generated through your ranked website are always valuable and unique, so it’s easier to sell them to your prospective clients.

Also, you can earn a consistent $500-$3000 a month by renting out your website. Earning money through your passion is a wonderful thing. Still, it’s also great to be open to more lucrative options for earning passive income.

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