Abbey Ashley’s Savvy System Review–Is Running a Virtual Assistant Business Lucrative in 2024?

July 7, 2024

The Savvy System by Abby Ashley of The Virtual Savvy is an online course. It teaches you how to start and scale a virtual assistant business. A virtual assistant (VA) is a remote employee. They offer administrative support for businesses. He/She makes money hourly or based on each completed project. The Savvy System guides you through the steps needed to get your business started. It also helps you find job opportunities. It contains multiple modules and lessons. The course has video components, summaries, assignments, resources, and downloadable templates. Also, it includes tools such as Trello boards, workbooks, pace plans, calculators, and spreadsheets to assist VAs in staying organized. 

Positive reviews of the Savvy System said that it is a good virtual assistant course in the market. It is ideal for beginners in the field and has a generous refund policy. There are also negative reviews of the Savvy System. Testimonials online said that it charges a monthly fee to remain in the Facebook group. According to a LinkedIn study, virtual assistants increase business productivity by 13%. This is why there has been an increase in VAs over the last few years. You can make anywhere between $100 and $10,000 monthly as a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistant jobs and businesses face several challenges in 2024. This includes the difficulty in client acquisition and retention. Some VAs report encountering communication issues with employers. A good deal of VAs also struggled to have a work-life balance. VA jobs can range from email management to more complex tasks. Since it encompasses a lot of skills, continuous skill development is necessary. There is also intense competition leading to pricing pressures and inconsistent income. Finding and keeping clients and managing time zone differences can be stressful too.

In this Savvy System review, you'll learn exactly what each module teaches. We will also explore its pros and cons and look at if it's worth the praise it receives. This helps you learn if running a virtual assistant business is still lucrative in 2024. In the end, we will check another business that can help you achieve financial freedom. 

Savvy System Review: Pros and Cons


Abbey Ashley has earned over 6-figures with her successful virtual assistant business.

The Savvy System training details all the steps needed to get started. The Savvy Vault provides you with over 80 courses that teach you how to use many tools and services.

They provide you with many templates you can put to work in your virtual assistant business.

There is comprehensive training for aspiring virtual assistants on how to attract potential clients.


Starting a virtual assistant business doesn't pay you a passive income unless you outsource the work.

To get paid, you must work many hours for someone else to achieve their dreams.

Clients are sometimes very demanding.

There is no job security even if you land a client. They can stop sending you work at any time.

You have to learn many skills like social media management, and email marketing, which are not passive services.


Abbey Ashley's Savvy System Standard package costs $1,297. The Pro package costs $1,797 and the Ultimate package costs $3,397.

Refund Policy

The Savvy System refund policy has a 7-day money-back guarantee.


The Savvy System started in 2016.


Abbey Ashley has a good reputation in the VA world. Se is also well-followed online, with 42K followers on Instagram, 475 on Tiktok, and 61,000 on YouTube. 

July 17, 2024

I purchased the most expensive package but regretted it, missing the money-back guarantee window. I found the course to be suitable for beginners with no office experience. I learned nothing new, and I expected support to help quickly scale to an agency. But were told I need to earn $5k/month first, and joining the Savvy Circle required an additional fee. Also the job opportunities offered were low-paying.

3.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

Is Running a Virtual Assistant Business Lucrative in 2024?

Running a virtual assistant business in 2024 can be lucrative. This is due to the rising demand for remote work. Administrative, technical, and creative support is still needed. Especially for businesses seeking cost-effective and flexible staffing solutions. According to a study by Business Wire, the virtual assistance market will grow by $4.12 billion from 2021 to 2025.

There is plenty of room for someone to make money as a VA. As long as you consistently land paying clients and provide a high-end service. The profitability of a VA business is also high. This is because of its low startup costs and ability to offer a diverse range of services. Successful VAs often train constantly to get in-demand skills and scale their businesses.  

What Can You Learn From the Virtual Savvy System?

Module 1: Welcome to the Savvy System

This module covers the basic structure of building your virtual assistant business. It introduces the course and aims to inspire those looking for a job from home. Also, it offers a pathway to earning money on flexible terms. It provides a foundational structure for starting a Virtual Assistant business from scratch. Especially using Abbey's "Launch From Scratch Blueprint." The module includes lessons on setting expectations and ways to maximize course benefits. It also covers understanding VA terminologies and accessing templates essential for VA tasks.

Module 2: Discover Your Skillset

Module 2 focuses on identifying your unique abilities in establishing a VA business. It addresses the challenge of recognizing your value. Which leads to believing that clients will pay large hourly rates for your skills. The module guides you through evaluating your experience to uncover marketable skills. It also suggests more skills to develop for greater marketability. Lessons include discussions on various services you can offer immediately. It helps you choose a niche, select your services, and maintain a positive mindset

Module 3: Packages and Pricing

Module 3 teaches effective strategies for packaging and pricing your VA services. It addresses various pricing models, too. This includes hourly rates, project-based fees, and retainers. It helps determine the best approach for your skill set and market competitiveness. The module aims to structure your services to ensure consistent monthly income. Lessons also include understanding the relationship between mindset and money. It also teaches developing premium packages and actionable steps to attract clients.

Module 4: Brand Academy

In this module, you’ll learn to create a strong and recognizable brand. It guides you through choosing a business name, brand colors, and logo. The module helps you develop a brand personality. It suggests using tools like Canva to design branding elements. Lessons include developing branding elements and creating a branding board. This helps unify your brand's visual identity.

Module 5: Processes and Assets

Module 5 emphasizes the importance of developing efficient systems. This streamlines your business operations and enhances professionalism. This module guides you in creating a clear process for client interactions. It includes developing a portfolio and a systematic onboarding procedure. Key lessons cover setting up a Facebook page and creating proposals and portfolios. It also shares strategies for onboarding new clients. This module provides the systems that will give you smooth operation and growth.

Module 6: Payments, Invoices, and Taxes (Oh My!)

This module covers the financial aspects of running a virtual assistant business. It helps you establish an effective bookkeeping system. Also, it determines the best methods for invoicing clients and receiving payments. The module also shares the requirements for paying taxes as an independent contractor. Lessons also cover dealing with unpaid invoices and tracking your business's financial health. The goal is to ensure you handle your business finances well. 

Module 7: Legalities

By using Module 7, you can guarantee legal protection for your business. This module aims to cover all necessary legal aspects. It includes establishing robust contracts and understanding your legal rights. It also addresses the specifics of operating from outside the USA. Other topics covered are choosing the appropriate legal entity and meeting state requirements. 

Module 8: Marketing 101

In this module, Abbey helps you overcome the challenge of landing your first client. Abbey shares strategies and techniques to secure your initial paying client. It covers essential marketing topics. This includes using value-first marketing approaches and handling objections. You also learn how to follow up with prospects and master discovery calls. 

Module 9: The Ultimate Marketing Plan

Module 9 covers advancing your marketing efforts to find quality clients quickly. This module provides a comprehensive guide to various marketing strategies and tools. It includes lessons on personal outreach. It also covers finding jobs on Facebook, core groups, and local networking events. The module also teaches using freelancing websites, LinkedIn, and other job sites. Additional topics cover marketing through conferences and live events. Other lessons cover using Instagram for promotion and targeting high-end clients. The goal is to equip you with diverse and effective methods to expand your client base.

Module 10: Web Development

Module 10 is about creating effective websites without hiring a professional. This module covers various aspects of website development. It includes understanding the core components of a functional site. Also, it guides you in linking your domain and using Squarespace to build your site. The lessons guide you through the entire process. This ensures you can set up and submit a website that serves your business needs efficiently.

Module 11: The Virtual Assistant Lifestyle

This module helps you navigate the lifestyle and professional challenges. It covers topics on dealing with difficult clients and asking for testimonials. Other lessons are on managing your time, maintaining self-care, and work-life balance. The lessons aim to prepare you for the realities of the VA lifestyle. 

Module 12: Raising Your Prices

Module 12 prepares you to grow your VA business. It is by increasing your rates and offering high-end services. It focuses on maintaining accountability and support as you transition to higher-value offerings. Lessons cover identifying and marketing high-end services. This module aims to help you continue growing your business beyond the course.

Module 13: Building a Team

Module 13 is about scaling your successful VA business by making your first hire. This module covers the essentials of outsourcing. Starting with subcontracting and hiring the ideal team member. It also involves utilizing project management platforms and establishing workflows and SOPs. Also, it addresses parting ways with a subcontractor if necessary.

Module 14: What's Next

Module 14 guides you through various strategies for expanding your business. Lessons include scaling to an Online Business Manager (OBM) role. It also covers enhancing high-end services and list building. The goal is to provide you with the tools and strategies for long-term success.

What are the Savvy System Packages? 

1. Savvy System Standard

Savvy System Standard includes only the 14-module course. It will help you launch, grow, and scale your virtual assistant business. Along with the course, they provide you with many templates you can use in your business. This includes contract templates, email templates, and more.

2. Savvy System Pro

Savvy System Pro provides you with everything that is in the Standard version. It is along with access to the swipe file library that includes worksheets and other tools you need. There is training on how to create your website on WordPress and Squarespace. You also get access to the following.

  • Masterclass in marketing for introverts
  • Demo for a discovery call
  • Tax training
  • Proposal training
  • Live training every week in the private Facebook group
  • Unlimited proposal reviews
  • Job opportunities

3. Savvy System Ultimate

Savvy System Ultimate includes everything in the Standard and Pro packages. They also provide you with lifetime access to Savvy Vault. Abbey's tech team is also at your disposal if you need any further help.

What Bonuses Will You Get With the Savvy System Standard Package? 

  • The VA Toolbox and Mock  Portfolio Template: Contains all the documents you need to start your business right away. 
  • The VA Template Vault: It has all of the scripts and templates needed to pitch and work with clients. 
  • Drag and Drop Portfolio: It contains a professionally designed, customizable template
  • Course Companion Workbook: It is a 50-page workbook. It helps you organize your notes, track your progress, and keep motivated.
  • Pace Plans to Launch on Your Schedule: It has four pace plans with all steps mapped out for launching.
  • Free Merch When You Hit Your Milestone: This includes t-shirts, mugs, bags, and more!

What Bonuses Will You Get With Savvy System Pro or Ultimate Package?

  • Everything from the Savvy System Standard
  • Proposals That Win: It is a masterclass that teaches you how to create proposals that win over your clients.
  • Marketing for Introverts: It encourages you to embrace your quiet power and fully book your VA business in less than three months.
  • Skyrocket Your Business Using LinkedIn: It is free training on how LinkedIn can be an invaluable resource for growing your business.
  • Savvy Your Site: This provides a guide to getting your website up and running.
  • Discovery Call Demo:  It features a live demonstration by Abbey Ashley. It shows how to conduct a discovery call.
  • The Savvy Support Squad: It has group coaching, live training sessions, and portfolio reviews.  
  • Weekly live calls and a monthly accountability call
  • Discovery Call Guide workbook and video training
  • Proposal Reviews
  • Lifetime access to the exclusive Savvy System mastermind community

Is the Virtual Savvy System Legit?

The Virtual Savvy System is legit. This is because Abbey reveals all the intricacies of becoming a virtual assistant. It has 14 comprehensive modules outlining her course. One benefit of using the Savvy System is the access to the Savvy Vault library. This is where anyone can learn the basics of over 80 services and tools.

This helps you do your job seamlessly while commanding a high price for the high value you provide. The Savvy System private Facebook group is also a great resource for students. It gives easy access to coaching and support. 

What is the Savvy Vault?

The Savvy Vault is a library of over 80 courses. It teaches you the basics of the most popular freelance services and tech tools.  By learning the basics of each, you'll become a high-level virtual assistant. Many high-level companies and business owners will want to hire your team at a higher price. New courses are added to this VA toolbox every month. The Savvy Vault costs $47 per month.  Some courses found in the Savvy Vault are Active Campaign, Canva, Chatbots, and many more. 

Savvy System Reviews

Savvy System Reviews From Reddit

The reviews from Reddit about the SavvySystem course present a mixed picture. One user expressed regret after purchasing the most expensive package. She felt that the content was too basic for someone with admin experience. The lack of support disappointed them. Others criticized the outdated course materials and inadequate feedback from the support group. The participants also viewed the job opportunities offered through the course as low-paying. The consensus is that you could learn the same skills through self-directed study. Without incurring the high cost of the SavvySystem course.

Savvy System Reviews From Quora

Melanie Fountain, a single mom, shared a positive experience with the former course. She joined in January 2019 and was cautious about the $1,000 investment, opting for a payment plan. Within the first 30 days, she secured a client to cover the fees. She recouped the course cost within 90 days and quit her full-time job by May. By the end of the year, she had doubled her previous income. Melanie said that starting a business is challenging. However, the course provided the tools and community support to succeed. She attributes her success to the resources provided by Abbey and the SavvySystem.

Savvy System Reviews From YouTube

Project Untethered said that one of the standout features of the Savvy System is the lifetime access to an active community. He appreciates the comprehensive and well-organized content and flexible pacing plans. The course also receives regular updates with new training. He also shared his interest in the gamified milestones and rewards. Also, he added that the course has a generous refund policy. 

However, there are some drawbacks, including the higher cost compared to other VA courses. He added that they offer advanced tech skills training separately. Also, there is difficulty in viewing some screen shares on smaller screens. He also felt the overwhelming organization of bonuses. Project Untethered also said that it may not be for those with limited English skills. Or for individuals expecting instant success without effort. He recommends trying Abby’s free VA workshop first to get a feel for her teaching style. 

Carrie Lubing said that the comprehensive templates provided are invaluable. She also mentioned that the course offers extensive content. Making it an excellent value for its cost. Carrie appreciates the guidance of identifying services and pricing strategies. This helped her narrow down her offerings and set effective rates. The standout feature of the Savvy System is the supportive private Facebook group. This is where members can ask questions, receive encouragement, and find job opportunities. Additionally, the Savvy System organizes monthly events and workshops. Carrie said that they regularly update the course content. 

Are the Savvy System Students Successful?

Yes, the  Savvy System Students are successful. Some quit their full-time jobs and doubled their income within a year. However, others have found the course lacking in advanced content and support.

Sadie joined the Virtual Savvy in August 2018. By November of the same year, she quit her full-time job and now runs a VA agency that helps female entrepreneurs. She loves that she could step away from the business for maternity leave. This is because she had a team in place to continue getting the work done for clients. 

Lynette said she quit her career job after 15 years because of what she learned from Abbey. Since starting her VA business, Lynette has kept herself fully booked. She also expanded her services. Lynette said that joining the Virtual Savvy course was the best decision she made. She gives credit to Abbey for this training and her success.

Other success stories from Abbey’s platform mirror similar success. Stephanie Blake said she signed an ongoing client for $1000/month. She achieved this 6 weeks after starting her business. Brandi Watts Mowles said that she signed her 5th retainer client and made back what the course cost.

Who is Abbey Ashley?

Abbey Ashley is an experienced virtual assistant from Springfield, Missouri. She attended the American Public University. She got her Master's degree in management and organizational leadership. Abbey also got a bachelor's in marketing. From 2009 to 2013, she worked as Academic Advisor at the same university but she grew tired of the 9-5 job.

In 2013, she began her career as a virtual assistant. She helped local small business owners with their administrative projects. After growing her income to over 6 figures, she founded The Virtual Savvy in 2016. Her goal is to help others grow their VA business. In 2021, she created Hello Savvy. Hello Savvy is a marketplace that pairs business owners with virtual assistants. Today, her focus is on coaching her Savvy System course. Her net worth is based on the thousands of students who've taken her course and those she has coached.

What Does Abbey Ashley Claim?

Abbey Ashley claims that starting a virtual assistant business is the best way to work from home. She said it can transform your career and lifestyle. It provides the flexibility to work from anywhere and achieve financial success. Abbey said you need dedication and the right training to launch a profitable VA business. Even if they start with no prior experience.

Is Being a VA a Profitable Service Based Business?

Being a VA is one of the most profitable service-based business.  It is one of the easier ways to start working from home. But, there are better ways to earn, including local lead generation. With a virtual assistant business, you have to keep working like an employee. You need to be attentive if you want to get paid and keep clients. Starting a virtual assistant (VA) business may offer flexibility and potential. However, several drawbacks can make it challenging. This includes the following:

  1. Building a client base can be difficult. This is especially true for those just starting. Marketing yourself and competing with other VAs can be tough. Maintaining long-term relationships with clients requires quality service and effective communication.
  2. The income can be unpredictable: VAs may experience fluctuating workloads and payments. Some job opportunities offer low hourly rates. This may not provide a sustainable income after taxes and business expenses.
  3. Working from home can blur the lines between personal and professional life. It's challenging to set boundaries and avoid overworking.
  4. Remote work can lead to feelings of isolation and lack of social interaction. This might affect your mental health.
  5. You rely too much on technology. Any technical issues can disrupt work and productivity. This includes internet outages or computer malfunctions.
  6. VAs must handle their bookkeeping, invoicing, and tax preparations. This can be time-consuming and complex in the long run.
  7. It requires continuous skill development to stay competitive. The VA industry is dynamic and competitive. This includes learning new software and tools as demanded by clients.
  8. Comprehensive training programs, like the Savvy System, can be expensive. This might be a barrier for those just starting with no cash to spare. Most information is available on YouTube, but it lacks organization and structure.
  9. Clients may have vague or unrealistic expectations about the services provided. This leads to misunderstandings and dissatisfaction.
  10. Managing more tasks beyond the agreed-upon scope is unavoidable. This is usually without proper compensation.

What are Savvy System Alternatives?

  • Laptop Lifestyle Master Program - This course is by Marget van Wijk. It teaches you how to start making money online as a high-ticket digital marketing freelancer.
  • Side Hustle Nation - Nick Loper offers his community as a resource to anyone who is looking to generate extra income. You learn about different side hustles you can get into. They offer strategy sessions, private mentorship, and a paid traffic course.
  • Freelancer Freedom Blueprint - Laura offers a coaching program. It shows you how to monetize your skills and attract clients. It also covers how to automate your freelance business to scale in revenue.

Why is Local Lead Generation More Passive than a Virtual Assistant Business?

Local lead generation is more passive than a virtual assistant business because of its flexibility. A VA business is the furthest thing from a passive online business model. Instead, you work too many hours like an employee. You follow instructions from a true business owner/your boss. Unless you outsource each project, you have to do all the work. Outsourcing also requires quality checks and training from your end. If you don't work, you don't make money. You also own nothing and you end up being your clients' employees. They might also want to check the hours you work to see if they are getting taken advantage of or not. You are their employee and have to do things the way your clients want them.


Local lead generation solves those problems. This is because you own your digital properties that pay you every month. You don't need to do things the way your clients want them. You dictate what niche to get into, your ranking strategy, and how much you get paid each month. When you get paid is also a decision you get to make. The best part is that once you position your sites atop the SERPS, you don't need to do much else. You don't need to sit down and work 8-10 hours per day. Your sites generate leads every day, every month and you get paid on autopilot. Local businesses will pay you $500-$3000 per month for the leads you can bring to the table.

This is a far more passive business model that will offer time and financial freedom. You can invest more in your other businesses or endeavors. As a business owner, those two freedoms are everything. You can start down the path of financial freedom. Create your digital properties that pay you monthly instead of working for someone else. To get started, dive into the local lead generation training program.

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