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Spencer Mecham Review: Scam? 10+ Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Facts

April 10, 2024

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Review

In this Spencer Mecham review, we ask:

Is there value in Affiliate Secrets 2.0?

And, is this course worth your time and money?

Here, I provide you with these answers and more;

Along with an in-depth look at Affiliate Secrets 2.0.

And his affiliate marketing strategy.

Why You Should Read this Review


I Review the Course In Detail with Unbiased Eyes


Help You Understand Where You Are in The Affiliate Marketing Journey


Detail Key Takeaways from The Course


I'm Not Affiliated With Spencer Mecham 


Compare Affiliate Secrets 2.0 to Other Relevant Courses and Business Models


Hey, I'm Ippei!

Until 2014, I found myself working in a corporate job from 9 to 5, wasting away in an endless cycle.

Not only was it daunting, but it also didn't allow me the time needed to pursue bigger goals.

This all ended, however, once I discovered a method to rank sites organically, generating free leads for my clients.

Local lead generation

Through trying every affiliate marketing strategy and business model you can imagine;

I learned it had many downfalls.

For example:

  • There's A LOT of competition
  • Low kickbacks

Soon afterwards, I discovered the magic of lead generation and all it could do to help me meet my goals.

So, I created the website you see above for the tree services company in 2015.

And I haven't had to touch or update it since.

Not only that, but It has gained me a passive income of $2000 a month.

That's more than $100,000 for one site, in just 5 years.

But that's the magic of the Lead Generation business;

And it's by far the best model to generate passive income.

If you want to know more, just visit here for more information.

Interested in Lead Generation?

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Summary & Spencer Mecham Review


Spencer Mecham course review
  • Length -  8 Core modules broken down into 15-minute sub-sections with 3 bonus modules
  • Content - video lessons, tutorials, and bonus course content
  • Rating - 3.5/5 - very in-depth course that definitely proves useful. However, it is expensive & naturally outdated.
  • Price - $997+


Who is Spencer Mecham?

Spencer Mecham course review

Spencer Mecham is the first Clickfunnels affiliate to earn $1M.

And today he is the young founder of Buildapreneur.

Hosting a variety of courses with a focus on educating people; 

He finds himself comfortably retired at age 31.

And his success earned him 83,000 YouTube subscribers.

But he continues to generate plenty of interest in his teachings.

And Spencer Mecham is one of the top names in marketing.

He says:

"Anyone can earn this kind of income with the right approach".

And in turn, he now teaches others how to abandon the 9-5 workforce forever. 


What's Included in Affiliate Secrets 2.0?

Spencer Mecham Course Review

So, let's jump into our Spencer Mecham review.

First, it's a comprehensive, step-by-step affiliate marketing course.

And it is aimed at beginning and intermediate affiliate marketers.

Second, it's comprised of detailed video lessons;

And examples of real-world strategies that worked for him. 

Third, like many others; 

It focuses on creating sustainable, long-term passive income. 

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Spencer Mecham

Mecham explains that his course is broken into areas: 

  1. Traffic
  2. Affiliate marketing strategies

And right away;

You'll will notice Mecham's focus on the use of paid ads.

In 11 modules, he explains his method of affiliate promotion.

And provides in-depth instruction on running ads.

Across all the major social media platforms.

So, you'll learn about various business aspects including:

Content creation and outsourcing.

Ultimately, this course is great for those who can afford the cost.

But how much does Affiliate Secrets 2.0 cost?

The answer is a whopping $897.


How Does Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Make Money?

Affiliate Secrets 2.0

Mecham opens with an intro to his affiliate marketing strategy;

And focuses on two major areas:

  1. Sending traffic to offers (Facebook, YouTube, Insta, etc..)
  2. Affiliate marketing strategies that worked for him

First, he opens with some affiliate marketing basics.

Second, he explains his method uses social media channels.

Described as his 'long game empire';

Mecham summarizes steps to create lifelong passive income:

  1. Form a list
  2. Build a following
  3. Create online "real estate" empire

"You MUST do one of the things above to create credibility with your audience."

Spencer uses mindset concepts so you get the most of the course;

And ultimately, gain the confidence to execute.

But if you are an experienced affiliate marketer;

Don't be surprised at it's lack of new info.

So, in summary of this part of the Spencer Mecham review;

It makes money through affiliate marketing;

But through ads on popular social media platforms.


How Does The Business Model Work?

Spencer Mecham review

Mecham says choosing the right niche and audience is the start.

Because then you can relax and enjoy a stress-free flow of traffic.

And, with high-value lead magnets;

You'll grow your subscribers' list with ease.

It's all about choosing the right direction;

And following the steps of the business model, including:

  1.  Find a niche that is likely to buy
  2. Build your website (funnel)
  3. Drive traffic
  4. Earn recurring income
Spencer Mecham course review

In this part of our Spencer Mecham review, we learn:

Success here begins with the right niche and sub-niche specificity;

So, for example: location.

  • Affiliate Marketing Tips in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Dating Advice for California Singles

But how long does it take to make money with Affiliate Secrets 2.0?

The answer to that depends entirely on how much effort you put forth.

But it is likely to take some time before you are earning 100% passive income.

How To Make A $150/Day Affiliate Marketing Blog As A Beginner According To Spencer Mecham

  • Specific Not General Topics: Choose a specific niche to focus on, not just general topics. If you're going for a sports blog, choose which sport you like to focus more on and write around it. 
  • Keyword Search: Use tools like WordStream or UberSuggest to find keywords with significant search volume but low competition.
  • Create a Homepage: Set your homepage to display the latest posts and customize it using WordPress settings.
  • Create the Content: Pick categories that match your main topic. Plan your posts carefully by researching and outlining them first. Write your drafts using AI tools like Anyword, then finish the blog by combining ideads, facts, and concepts you found through research to complete your blog. 
  • Use Free/Stock Photos: Improve the post's visual appeal using free photos from Pixabay or Unsplash. 
  • Leverage Backlinks: Increase your search rank through backlinks. The more high-quality backlinks the post has, the more Google trusts it.
  • Monetize and Scale: As your blog gains traffic, monetize it  effectively and scale by exploring more niches that you can blog about. 

What's not mentioned in the video: Spencer makes it sound so easy, but he did not mention how long it took him to monetize the blog he created. According to the latest industry statistics, it will take around 20 months to monetize a blog. 38% of bloggers make a decent income from their blog sites only after two years of hard work. 


Why Does The Business Model Work?

Spencer Mecham review

You can generate all the traffic in the world.

But, if you're not getting them to convert..

Then what's the point?

Often times, this is due to a lack of value.

But is there real value here?

And if so, why does the business model work?

Spencer Mecham

It works because you're marketing highly demanded products/services.

And to those who specifically need them.

But it's not just that;

Furthermore, it's a win-win for everybody.

And the value is proven with one simple fact;

Companies are always in need of leads.

Furthermore, you're earning recurring commissions using free OR paid sources.


Is The Company Transparent?

Affiliate Secrets 2.0

It's quite easy to see that Spencer Mecham walks the walk.

And by all accounts he seems legit.

But can he prove he's found repeatable success through his model? 

The answer is undeniably yes.

When you consider he's Clickfunnels' top affiliate marketer;

Then his success with affiliate marketing and his model in particular becomes apparent. 

Spencer Mecham

Furthermore, there is an easily accessible community available.

And once you complete the course;

There's support as needed from experienced affiliate marketers.

And you can access it via Facebook and on Buildapreneur.

So, if you're wondering whether there's an active support community;

Then the answer is yes.

And you while you can also receive mentorship directly from Mecham;

A one-hour call is almost $500...


Does Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Contain Quality Content?

Spencer Mecham

Before dropping 1K on this course;

Our Spencer Mecham review will reveal if the content is worth it.

Furthermore, is it updated regularly?

And how is the quality?

A huge benefit of Mecham's content is that it's relatable.

And by that I mean, he's a relatable guy so it's easy to watch his content.

Furthermore, his videos are light and easy to follow.

But overall, the quality is good.

And while the content is NOT updated regularly;

There are additional courses available like Affiliate Secrets 3.0.

Which will naturally cost more.


Is There a Refund Policy?

Affiliate Secrets 2.0

When you go to inquire about a refund, you'll notice one thing;

They state that refunds are done AT THEIR DESCRETION.

But what does that mean?

First you have to complete at least 50% of the course.

And if you still feel as though the course is not satisfactory;

Then you can request a refund.

But how is their customer service?

If you have an issue, they provide an email and promise a response in 1-2 days. 


Are There Flaws in The Business Model?

Spencer Mecham review

Getting to the end of our Spencer Mecham review;

Let's review whether there are flaws in Affiliate Secrets 2.0 and it's business model.

First, you should note the course is lacking some vital core info.

And that could be problematic for those just starting out.

Because affiliate marketing can be quite tricky to get the hang of.

Let alone make a profit.

And because he markets his course to everyone, I feel it's misleading.


Because it is far from a complete guide on affiliate marketing.

And if you're a newcomer, you'll need more than this to become profitable.

But is the course worth it?

It is if you already have a business and can afford the price.


What are Customers Saying About it Online?

Spencer Mecham review

In creating this Spencer Mecham review, I noticed something interesting.

While the course itself is lacking in some areas;

Many claim this to be the best affiliate marketing course they've taken.

And much like I stated before;

Customers say it's great for advanced marketers, action takers, and those with enough money.

Not so much for anyone who is inexperienced.


Why is Lead Gen The Best Model for 2021?

lead generation

Simply put, lead generation is the perfect business model.


Because it is made for EVERYONE.

Whether you have a business degree or you're new to affiliate marketing... 

6,900 people have successfully joined and completed this lead generation course in their spare time.

And they continue to create successful businesses that generate passive income.

Passive Income

What are The Benefits of Lead Generation?

  • Convenient way to create life-long passive income
  • The freedom to choose your niche
  • It's recession proof
  • Thorough instructions detail how to become successful in affiliate marketing from beginning to end
  • When your client profits, you profit

Take a look at this local lead gen site.

I created for tree services in Grand Rapids, MI.

And since 2015, it's been bringing in steady passive income.

grand rapids tree service

2K a month to be exact from this one site...

Think about the possibilities when you have multiple affiliates.

I can safely say the value in lead generation is more than proven.


How Does Lead Gen Create Passive Income?

passive income

Lead generation works to creating passive income much like it does in the real estate industry.

Using the build, rank, rent model;

Where you build and nurture a lead generation monster;

Resulting in a steady flow of passive income.

Here's how it works in terms of real estate:

  • Investing in property (Build)
  • Nurture and improve property (Rank)
  • Lease property for monthly fee (Rent)
Rank and rent

As you can see, lead generation is really no different.

And you're forwarding them to companies that can provide a solution for a monthly price.

Check these 6 steps for creating a lead generation business:

Lead generation model

With little competition and local ranking;

You stay ranking at a locatable position that easily attracts your target audience.

And this gives you the time you need to duplicate the process;

Ultimately setting up multiple lead generation businesses.

And making optimal monthly earnings.

Comparing Local Lead Generation with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing promotes products and services for other companies in exchange for a commission. It's a growing industry that's already worth $17 billion this year. However, this opportunity also comes with limitations. Affiliate marketing competes at a global-level so it would be hard to standout and establish your online presence if you're just starting. 

The local lead generation business model is similar to owning properties in prime locations, but only in a virtual setting.  I like local lead gen over affiliate marketing because income is more consistent and predictable, it's more hands off, and it's an evergreen industry.

Local businesses will always need leads to keep their competitive advantage. Your role is to supply them with hot leads by creating simple websites for them and ranking it high up on the search engine for that specific area. 

Income with affiliate marketing is onetime, so you always need to engage with your audience to maintain a steady cash flow from your affiliate commissions. Local lead gen income is passive. You don't have to constantly create new content to gain traffic and earn. 

Local lead gen sites generate leads on autopilot. Once the sites are ranked on Google, they'll likely stay ranked for a while. And, since the businesses is localized, there's less competition and higher chance of profit. This biz is more sustainable than affiliate marketing. Whether you're looking for a side hustle or completely transitioning from your 9-to-5, local lead gen is the way to go. 

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