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Tan Choudhury Review, Is He a Legit Shopify Dropshipping Expert?

March 8, 2024

Tan Choudhury, an expert in e-commerce, offers comprehensive Shopify dropshipping training for beginners through his specialized e-commerce education programs. His course provides detailed, step-by-step instructions on starting, scaling, and automating a Shopify dropshipping business, with a strong emphasis on leveraging Shopify and Facebook ads effectively. The Dropshipping Launchpad is the flagship course by Tan Choudhury, focused on guiding new entrepreneurs in the dropshipping business. Dropshipping is a highly risky business with a failure rate as high as 90%. It also has the lowest profit margin among e-commerce business models.

I couldn't find any reviews on Tan Choudhury outside of the testimonials he endorses. His current Dropshipping Launchpad program has over 3.6K students and some of them have reported making some money in the members' chat although I have found no long-term success stories.

This comprehensive review of Tan Choudhury will cover his background, his initial dropshipping success in 2017, detailed insights into his course, and the progress of his students. I will also talk about if dropshipping is worth it, my personal experience with it, and what my number 1 business is.

Who Is Tan Choudhury?

Tan Choudhury, full name Taneen Choudhury, is a self-made 7-figure Shopify dropshipper from Tucson, Arizona. Tan Choudhury established Konvertify, a program designed to enhance conversion rates for Shopify stores. He is also the creator of the E-Com Mastery Program, which is a Shopify dropshipping course for beginners with special focus on Facebook ads. He has a YouTube channel with over 270K subscribers where he regularly posts dropshipping content.

Tan's parents divorced when he was young, and as a result, he ended up with some bad friends. He was soon arrested for underaged drinking and put on probation for 6 months. Tan fell into a depression because of this. He failed at school and got arrested again in 8th grade. As a result, his parents put him in an online school, which further depressed him. At age 17, he dropped out of high school and began looking for different jobs. At one point, he had 3 different jobs.

One thing that Tan enjoyed doing was glass art work. He started buying and selling glass art work on his Instagram and slowly became profitable. This is where his e-commerce entrepreneurship began. He began exploring other online retail strategies and learned about the dropshipping business model. With his self-taught business skills, Tan made over $6 million in revenue from his stores and helped scale his client's Shopify stores to $7 million in revenue.

Tan Choudhury's First Month of Dropshipping: What He Did

Tan Choudhury's first month of dropshipping was on August 2017. The item he dropshiped was this Uzi Gun pendant necklace which he found while searching for products on AliExpress. He would then promote his listings using social media marketing. With his first store, he would use Instagram to find customers.

The method Tan used in his store to help boost his conversions was to offer the pendant at $0.00. Other advertisers were pricing them at $0.00 and only charging customers for shipping. This technique is called the Free Plus Shipping OfferWhen people see ‘FREE’, they're immediately hooked. Tan would then find Instagram meme pages and ask the owners of those pages what they charged for advertising. Few people are actually paying for ads on these meme pages, which means advertisement rates are cheap. He would then leverage these meme pages by paying the owners to post in comments of ongoing promotions that they are giving away items for free.

The price on the link would show $0.00 but would give a shipping fee on the checkout page. To profit from this strategy, they factor in the product's price with the shipping fee. Tan earned $38,000 in his first month of dropshipping.

What Is Tan Choudhury’s Net Worth?

Tan Choudhury's Net Worth is estimated to be around $1.2 million. He made his money from several sources of income, including dropshipping, course sales, YouTube AdSense, and affiliate marketing. Tan's net worth could be well over this figure, as he may have invested in other ventures.

What Is Tan Choudhury’s Course?

Tan Choudhury's course, The Dropshipping Launchpad, is available for free at Skool. Creating an account is free and you can access the course once you verify. To verify, you only need to sign up for Shopify using Tan's affiliate link. The course is instructed by Angelo De Cicco, who is a 6-figure dropshipper mentored by Tan. The Dropshipping Launchpad has over 3,600 members and joining will give you access to the following:

  • Dropshipping Launchpad Course
  • Get Rich With TikTok Ads course
  • Done-For-You Store (There are conditions)
  • Members Chatroom

What Is Tan Choudhury’s E-Com Mastery Program?

Tan Choudhury’s E-Com Mastery Program was his main course that taught Shopify dropshipping to beginners. The course is no longer available on his official website but can be found on some 3rd party websites. The course focused on viral product research, Facebook ads, and automation. It was priced at $997 with regular discounts offered and a 30-day refund guarantee. It also came with additional resources such as templates, worksheets, and libraries.

Are Students of Tan Choudhury Successful?

It's hard to say just how many students of Tan Choudhury are actually successful. There are only a handful of success stories, and Tan himself heavily promoted these. As there is no way to verify any of these stories, take them with a grain of salt.

18 Years Old Jonatan From Italy Made $2,500,000 in a Year

Jonatan's Background and Story

Jonatan is an 18-year-old entrepreneur who've had much success with his online business. He started two years ago and just last year, his business made $2.5 million. From this, he kept around 24-26% as profit (approximately $600k). It took him six months to find his first successful products and used social media ads on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook to grow his business. 

How Jonatan’s Business is Doing Today

Jonatan's dropshipping business is currently doing well. He focuses on making and improving products for his business, not just finding existing ones. He uses ads that educate and add value for customers, not just sell products. According to him, creating good video ads has been an integral part of the process. 

Lessons Jonatan Learned on the Biggest Challenges He Faced

Market Saturation Myth: Jonatan believes market saturation is a myth and emphasizes the importance of offering better solutions in existing markets.

Learning and Improving: He stresses the importance of improving sales skills, studying successful advertisements, and understanding customer needs.

Creating Value: Jonatan focuses on creating value and educating customers through ads, which he sees as a long-term strategy.

Fulfillment and Scaling: He discusses the significance of having a reliable fulfillment process. He recommends developing strong relationships with agents and having backups for order fulfillment.

What's not mentioned in the interview: Tan Choudhury and Jonatan make Shopify dropshipping sound so easy when, in reality, this business is far more complicated. In fact, dropshipping has a very low success rate. Only 10% to 20% of new dropshippers become successful. 

Is Shopify Dropshipping Worth It?

Shopify dropshipping is worth it if you want to start an ecommerce store with little capital and gain experience before moving on to different business models. Do not expect to earn a lot or even make a profit, for that matter. Dropshipping is a highly risky and unsustainable business model with a very low success rate. Compared to other ecommerce business models, it has the lowest profit margin of as low as 10% to 15%. More often, this is not enough to even cover the cost of ads. Paid ads, such as Facebook ads, are expensive and getting even more expensive as more and more competition flood the market. Dropshipping takes too much work and time and has too many risks to be a long-term business.

My First Experience Dropshipping: Shark Onesies

I started dropshipping in 2017 when it was all the rage. I jumped in the hype to see if I could make money with it. The first thing I did was to determine what kind of store I was going to build.

The 3 store options were:

  • General Store
  • Niche Store
  • Super Niche Store

Since this was my first rodeo, I figured I'd keep it simple and go with a general store that sold any kind of products. After hearing that "baby shark" song, I thought to myself that I could monetize this. After 20 minutes of searching on AliExpress for products, I came across what I believed was the winner.

This was a shark onesie. AliExpress tells you how many times the item sold and I could see it had plenty of good reviews. I immediately added it to my store and used the pictures that were on AliExpress, since they were of good quality. The next thing I did was get setup in Facebook with a page promoting the onesies. Next, I got my ad created in the Business Manager section on Facebook. I also made sure to install the Facebook pixel on my Shopify store.

The Facebook pixel helps you keep track of important data. Let's say the visitors on your site are only adding the item to their cart but never checkout. The pixel will provide you with this info. You'll then be able to make adjustments to your site by maybe adding some calls to action or coming up with a promotional offer. That way, you encite your visitors to complete the purchase. If you're running ads on Facebook, you should always have the pixel on your site. One thing I also made sure to do was create my custom audience.

Custom audiences are the reason Facebook is the best of the ad platforms for dropshipping. You can hyper target the people who are most likely to purchase your products. Once everything was done, it was time to go live with my site. I made $5 off of the first sale. Because of it, I increased my budget so that I could keep making money at that rate. I made more ad sets while testing different targeting metrics.

I made a little over $4300 in sales out of 102 orders with a conversion rate of 1.56%. This was far below the Facebook average of 9.21%. How much did I actually profit off of that $4300? I only profited a couple hundred dollars after factoring in product cost and ad spend. So I went back to ad testing and one video did well.

This video of my friend being goofy and dancing in the shark onesie made my conversion rate go up 3%-5%. There was more engagement in the ad because of how goofy it was. Eventually, ad fatigue happened. You can try to make all the adjustments to the copy or the image you want. There comes a time when no one wants to see the ad anymore. 

In the end, this is what my total month Shopify sales looked like. Almost $49K in sales with over 1000 orders with only $3000 in profit. It just wasn't worth the time and energy.

Create Sustainable Passive Income With Local Lead Generation 

Local lead generation is a digital real estate business model that creates sustainable passive income. Using free SEO tactics to rank your site on Google, you can rent it out to local businesses for $500 to $2,500 a month. It only costs an initial investment of little as $500 to start and $30 a month to maintain. Compared to dropshipping, you don't have to sell any product, run ads, or worry about customer service. Once your site is ranked and rented, you basically earn hands-free.

Competition is also not a big issue with local lead generation. Compared to dropshipping, where you have to compete with hundreds of other sellers globally, you only need to outrank a handful of sites in the local Google search results. Scaling this business is also as simple as repeating the process of rank and rent. There is no limit to how many sites you can have. This makes local lead generation the best sustainable passive income business model to create time and financial freedom.

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