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The Dating Playbook For Men Review (Is Andrew Ferebee’s 7 Step System The Key To Success With Women?)

January 13, 2023

In The Dating Playbook For Men by Andrew Ferebee, you learn Andrew's steps that, according to him, will help men go from being single to being with the woman of their dreams. In this review, we'll discuss the top 7 steps that stand out from Andrew's book, if they actually work, and how prioritizing my local lead generation business helped me reach new heights in the dating game.

Who Is Andrew Ferebee?

Andrew hails all the way from San Diego, California.

He wasn't always the successful entrepreneur and dating coach he is today.

Times were rough when he was younger living in his mom's basement room making $500 per month.

As you read this book, you'll learn that he didn't have success with women.

He was a nervous wreck with low self-esteem who was the, "nice guy".

After a huge breakup with the girl of his dreams, he decided to make a serious change to his dating life.

He committed himself so much to growing, that he eventually turned into the man he needed to become.

A man who would have the relationships and the life he wanted.

His main focus was to live his best life.

He began to buy many books so that he could fill his brain with information on things such as money, success, personal growth, relationships and more.

Andrew even started to assist different personal development events.

All he wanted to do was find love again.

Over time, he began blogging to share what he was learning and also started a podcast.

Still, he wasn't done just yet.

Andrew had so much to share and eventually wrote a few books.

Aside from this one, he also wrote...

He's also created online courses and has clients from all over the world consuming his content.

Now, he has a private coaching program he put together to continue providing value to men from all over the world,

This program is called, "Secrets of the top 1% of Men" and he's the owner of Knowledge for Men.

Back in 2018, John Sonmez from Bulldog Mindset, interviewed Andrew where he went more in depth on what it is he went through.

Check it out here...

Definitely worth the view.

Time for us to get into what you'll learn in this dating playbook that Andrew put together.

What You'll Learn

Andrew shares his 7-step system for you to go from single to eventually being with the woman of your dreams.

What are they?

They're broken down into 7 chapters.

Check them out...

7 Chapters
  • The Grounded Man
  • The Internal Mindset that Will Make You Irresistible to Women
  • Understanding What Women Want
  • How to Meet and Attract High-Quality Women
  • Escalating the Interaction to Create the Most Adventurous Days & Nights of Your Life
  • Entering into a Relationship with the Right Woman
  • The Path to Abundance

In this book, Andrew's goal is to teach you the basics of interacting with women from your approach all the way through to seduction and relationships.

More than just a guide that gives you tips on how you should act, Andrew will go in-depth on core social and psychological things you should keep in mind.

Let's get right into it!

The Dating Playbook For Men Review

The Grounded Man

In this first chapter, Andrew talks about the...

Differences between...

  • Nice Guys
  • Bad Boys
  • Grounded Men

He says that the niceness of nice guys is nothing more than a "socially acceptable manifestation of extreme selfishness and insecurity".

Why is that so?

He goes on to explain that these guys are the way they are because they need to be liked by other people.

It's not really their natural behavior.

Nice guys are the ones who give everything to women like free drinks, gifts and are always overly agreeable.

Exhibit A...

You've most likely met or know guys like this.

It's sad if you ask me.

These guys need validation from others and act this way only because they think it's the only way to fulfill their needs.

The truth is that women aren't truly attracted to these nice guys because they can simply see how easy it is to control him.

Women like alpha men because they take control.

Next, Andrew speaks on the so called, "bad boys".

As opposed to the nice guys, bad boys don't care about other people.

Andrew says that bad boys are the ones who accept their selfish desires.

They only look out for themselves.

He states that although that mindset they have works in the short-term, they won't ever really have a relationship that's fulfilling and deep.

Most bad boys, according to Andrew, will do everything possible to step up their status to appear like they're happy.

On the inside though, they're likely not.

Then comes the grounded man.

This type of guy is full of confidence and doesn't get into any situation looking to gain anything.

The nice guys and the bad boys do.

The grounded man has plenty of self-esteem, respect for himself and loves to provide value to other people's lives.

Notice the difference?

Everything the grounded man feels is genuine.

The other guys, not so much.

They either need validation or are just straight up selfish.

The Grounded Man makes a woman feel safe and secure, which allows her to fall into her feminine, the place where deep attraction and even love can grow

Andrew Ferebee // Author

When you get to the point where you're a grounded man, no one can say that you're needy or that you need validation. 

You don't lack self-reliance.

Andrew does warn that self-reliance can lead you to be a bad boy though.


Only if taken to the extreme.

This is why Andrew says you need to find your purpose.

It makes all the sense in the world to me.

When you're aware of what your purpose is and act on it, you won't come off as needy or as if you're looking for any kind of approval from anyone.

Also in this chapter, Andrew hits on what the backbone of masculinity is.

If you want to considered a grounded man, you need to take time to think about what's important to you.

He then shares what his values are.

Here are a few...

Andrew's Values

  • Aliveness & Adventure
  • Love
  • Financial Freedom
  • Friendship & Family
  • Health

These values are his "guiding light".

If you're going to date someone, they should share the same values you do.

If your values are conflicting, then you're going to have problems.

That's a given.

Andrew then speaks on what you can do to embrace your masculine energy.

Why is this important?

Well, if you have a strong masculine presence, women are going to sense that and feel so much more attracted to you.

That is a fact.

But, how do you end up with a healthy masculine energy?

Andrew says that it's driven by two things...

  • Freedom
  • Dominance

He states that you'll become truly free when you stop searching for validation and approval outside of yourself.

In other words...

As far as dominance goes, this just means you have power and influence to achieve a goal.

If you have your values in order, you're going to use your power and influence in a positive manner.

Moving on in this chapter, Andres stresses the importance of investing in yourself.

We should all be doing everything in our power to better ourselves each and every day.

The better we can become, the more value we're going to be able to provide everyone around us.

Something to keep in mind is that we're not just getting better to seek other people's approval.

We're genuinely doing it to live a better life.

Other topics Andrew touches on in this chapter are...


  • Chasing money isn't the answer (more on that later)
  • How to amplify your attractiveness and value as a man

This was a really good and profound start to the book.

Let's move on now.

The Internal Mindset that Will Make You Irresistible to Women

So, you want to be irresistible with women, right?

What do you think is the best way to make that happen?

If you think it's pick-up lines, you're wrong.

Andrew says that you need to have the right internal mindset.

If not, expect failure.

Many pick-up artists and dating programs usually teach superficial things that will make you almost manipulate women.

Believe me, that stuff isn't the right way to go.

As Andrew says, "they aren't sustainable in the long run, healthy, or a win-win for the woman.

If you really want to attract the woman of your dreams, you can't manipulate her.

You need to be authentic and add value to her life.

How can you get to that point?

Andrew teaches you to get your mind right first.

The first thing you need to do is, instead of thinking to yourself that you can't do something like have success with women and come off as a quitter by making excuses, you should think to yourself that you will eventually learn what you need to succeed and reach your goal.

You really just need to have a mindset that's positive and proactive.

Sounds easy enough, right?

For many, it's not so easy but you really need to have that growth type of mindset. become proficient at any craft, you must first fail"

- Andrew Ferebee

In our lead generation coaching program, we're always preaching to take imperfect action.

The more you learn how to not do something, the closer you get to learning how to do it.

Remember, it's ok to fail.

If you can get that into your head, you'll take some stress off.

You won't be so worried about being perfect in your interaction with women.

If a women turns you down, so what?

Don't let it affect you so much.

Learn what you did wrong and do better next time.

In this chapter, Andrew also talks about how you can develop core confidence and overcome the "Fake Alpha Syndrome".

What is that?

It's when you have fake confidence and rely on external things like exotic cars and huge houses to feel confident.

Take it all away and you lose all your confidence.

Yes, it's awesome to drive a nice car.

I know.

But, in the long-run, it won't allow you to be with a high quality woman.

Women can sense when a man has core confidence.

That's the real stuff.

Core confidence is part of who we are as men.

That's the confidence that high quality woman are naturally attracted to because they will be able to trust you.

In this day and age, it gets harder and harder to trust anyone.


Andrew Ferebee


A Grounded Man responds to deep adversity with the simple phrase, "I'll handle it"

I really liked the part in this chapter where Andrew says that you need to love yourself BEFORE you love a woman.

I approve of this message 10000000%.

If you NEED a woman's love so that you can prove to yourself that you're valuable, you're not in the right train of thought.

Andrew says that when you love YOU first, you...

  • need nothing
  • are free
  • come off more attractive

I've mentioned this in other articles I've written and it's something that I implemented in my life.

As a result, as you can see on my Instagram, I've been living a laptop lifestyle of freedom and happiness.

Before you can take care of someone else's needs, you've got to take care of you first.

You'll be happy when you do.

Andrew also encourages you to always have fun and turn your life into an adventure.

You should always be looking to make each day better than the previous one for yourself.

If you can create a life where you're always having fun no matter who you're around, that's going to attract women.

They'll see that you don't need them to be happy.

They'll sense that you won't be a needy nice guy beta male.

Take it upon yourself to entertain you.

Andrew Ferebee

The more alive a man is, the more attractive he is to the world and the women around him

Straight facts!

Andrew also teaches you how you can end the approval-seeking behavior from attractive women.

As Andrew says, too many men put women on pedestals and allow them to have power and control over their own lives only because they are beautiful.

This type of action is unacceptable!

Ok, so you saw a beautiful woman...

Big deal!

Do you realize how many beautiful women there are in the world?

Believe me, she isn't the only one.

Just because you see one doesn't mean that she's THE one.

You should ask yourself what her values are and if they aline with yours.

Andrew tells you to "stay grounded".

Take time to look deep and see who she is.

Regardless of what you find, you shouldn't put her on a pedestal.

Women aren't asking to be on the pedestal so, don't do it.

To end this chapter, he tells you what you need to do to radiate high-status energy.

What is it?

It's when you're an overall positive person and excited about life.

You're not toxic and because of that, everyone wants to be around you.

Especially high-quality women.

Real talk.

Be the type of guy who doesn't complain and who isn't always talking negative about other people or situations.

All of that is just unnecessary really.

A high-value woman will definitely walk away from you if you're a negative person.

If you can be a grounded man that's full of high-energy, you'll no doubt become irresistible to the women of your dreams.

Understanding What Women Want

For many guys, it might seem like a complicated algebra problem.

Before Andrew helps you understand what they want, he shares 3 pieces of the worst dating advice.

They are...


  • Just Be Yourself & The Right Woman Will Come Along
  • Just Be a "Nice Guy" and Women Will Love You
  • Women Want a Man Who Will Commit Quickly

That first point is wrong because guys who have this mentality think they basically don't need to work on themselves at all.

Be yourself?


We should always be looking to better ourselves each and every day.

I know I am. 

Women are going to be attracted to you if you're the type of guy that's going to always try to better himself.

Men should always be aware of their faults and then take action to fix it.

The second point is wrong because women don't want a guy that's weak and easy to be controlled by her.

Women want a man that's strong both physically and mentally.

You need to be strong and bold, but also respectful and caring.

Just not a pushover.

Makes sense, right?

The third point is crazy because what women really want is commitment from the guy they are actively pursuing.

They want the guy that can be with any other woman but who chooses to be with her.

Unfortunately, that dating advice is stuff that can mess with your head.

Andrew did a really good job going in-depth and debunking those points.

The question is...

  • What does it take to understand what women want?
  • Do you have to be super fit and rich?

Truth be told, money and looks aren't everything but, they do matter.


Andrew Ferebee


Money is a strong indicator of diligence, persistence and intelligence

Still though, Andrew states that money alone isn't good enough to attract the high quality women most guys want.

High quality women, the ones that you want to have a long term relationship with, are more attracted to your qualities.

If you're a happy guy who has a vibrant personality, you're going to have many women coming around you more.

It's the truth.

Answer me this...

Should you make money only because you think it will make you happy and in turn attract women?


Make money for you.

Be happy for you.

Focus on you first and the rest will come.

I remember when I made that change in my life.

I was able to fully understand my purpose and learned how to rely on me for happiness.

Andrew then mentions that the #1 way to kill attraction with beautiful women is to be too easy.

Women like to feel like they have to chase a high value guy.

They want to earn it.

Andrew says that if you let a woman in your life without any kind of challenge, she isn't going to value you at all.

If you make her earn it, she's going to definitely keep trying to qualify to be in your life.

Attraction level to the moooon!

He then gets deep and talks about how as a grounded man, you need to love women and their feminine essence.

Too many guys are focused only on the outside beauty.

When you can see a high value woman for who she is and make her feel safe, she will be all over you.

Woman will want to connect with you on another level.

If you can appreciate all aspects of a woman, her good and her bad, she'll feel that.

Andrew says to let her feminine arouse you.

Another important topic touched on in this chapter is how you can be dominant in a healthy way.

Women won't want to be with you if you don't have a sense of self-worth and confidence.

Ask yourself if you're confident.

If not, expect women to friendzone you.

You've got to be able to stand up for yourself in any situation, especially if a woman ever disrespects you.

Guys who aren't dominant in a healthy way are prone to get physically abusive, which is never ok.

To end this chapter, Mr. Ferebee gives you some pretty good tips to help you reclaim your power.

Question For Self-Examination...

  • What type of woman do you want?
  • What are the traits you want in her?
  • What are the deal breakers that you will not allow?
  • Is she the career-oriented type or is she the stay at home with passionate hobbies type?

As with anything in life, it's best that you take time and think about what you want.

Once you know what you want, it'll be easier to find it.

Andrew stresses how important it is to get out of your head and into the real world.

How To Meet & Attract High-Quality Women

You've probably been wondering at what point Andrew was going to talk about what you can do to attract high quality women.

This entire chapter is focused on that alone.

The nitty gritty.

No, you won't be successful by simply memorizing pickup lines from different books.

That's never a good idea.

It all comes down to having a game plan by putting yourself in situations and circles where the high quality women you're attracted to are.

Andrew Shares Some Ideas...

  • Day to day activities
  • Leverage your social circles
  • Go to more social events
  • Online dating and social Apps
  • Referrals

Andrew then gives you...

5 Golden Rules of Approaching Women

  • Shift your anxiety into excitement
  • There is no perfect thing to say except what you want to say
  • Embrace your masculine desires
  • Imagine she's an old friend
  • Make her feel alive and beautiful

He also gives you different ways in which you can open a conversation with the woman you'd like to chat with.

Nothing is perfect of course so you may fail on your initial approaches.

Still, that's no excuse to give up.

He even helps you understand what things you can do so that you can hook her interest and make her chase you.

In my experience, if you can get to that point with her, you're in a position of power and you won't feel so much stress.

Treating women like normal human beings and taking them off a pedestal indicates that you are a high-value man who has had success with women of her caliber before

- Andrew Ferebee

Now, women will test you to see how you react.

It's annoying but it happens.

Not to worry, Andrew explains how you can handle those tests without failing and how you can switch the roles by testing her.

Here are some examples of ways you can test her...

  • Saying, "beauty isn't enough for me"
  • The tease and challenge
  • The "values test"
  • Ask her "Why?" whenever she shares something with you
  • Don't be afraid to respectfully disagree with her

Something else that stood out to me in this chapter is when Andrew said that when talking with a woman, your goal shouldn't be to just have a surface-layer conversation.

Dig deeper.

Pick her brain.

If you're a grounded man, you should be able to sustain a mature, in-depth convo.

Andrew teaches you how you can do that.

Also, don't talk so much.

Let her do most of the talking but stay engaged and listen to what she says.

At the end of the day, if you're genuine, you're going to have a much better chance at success with women over other guys.

Andrew was definitely spittin' some straight fire here.

He even shares some things you can do to keep your interaction fun.

Lastly, there's no need to be afraid of rejection.

Look at it as a learning lesson.

Learn from it and do better next time.

In our coaching program, we're always talking about taking imperfect action because it works not only in business but, in life in general.

Escalating the Interaction to Create the Most Adventurous Days & Nights of Your Life

Most guys that go out have the goal of scoring with women.

The problem is, they just don't know how to escalate the interaction.

We're talking sex.

Andrew gets into the good stuff now.

When should you get physical with a female?


He says that if you don't touch her lightly and playfully early on in your interaction with her, you're going to end up in the friend zone.

She's going to think that you just ain't into her.

Andrew was helpful by pointing out 5 common signals that show a woman wants you to escalate things...

5 Common Signals

  • You've developed a man to woman vibe; the tension is increasing
  • Strong eye contact
  • Talking to you & sharing herself beyond normal convo
  • Smiling, flirting, laughing
  • Body language indicates arousal. Ex. Hips turned towards you, playing with hair, licking lips, close to you

As a grounded man, you've got to be able to pay attention to these signals.

Women aren't really going to tell you to touch them.

Pay attention to these signals and also show her that you're sexually attracted to her.

If she's feeling you and can sense you want her, things will go great for the both of you.

Attraction is an emotional response, not a logical one - Andrew Ferebee

You've got to be playful and light while not taking things to serious or coming off desperate.

That will be the end of your interaction if she senses your impatience.

If all of this is done correctly, you'll have females saying things like...

  • "You're crazy!"
  • "You're so funny!"
  • "OMG you're trouble!"

If you're hearing these things, a nightcap with her might be imminent.

Andrew says that your moves should be eliciting positive emotions and fun.

Something to keep in mind is to not escalate too quickly.

Andrew also has you thinking about the logistics of things.

What does that mean?

If you're already in a position that you've got interest from a woman and things are escalating, you need to think of where you're going to end the night.

You'll have a better idea by finding out information from her throughout the night...

FIgure out...

  • Is she here for a few nights, or is this her last night in town?
  • Does she live nearby?

Knowing all of these things will help you better understand what to do next.

Whatever it is, make it happen.

Now, one thing that can get in the way are her friends she is with.

All of us have had to find ways to deal with them.

Andrew gives you 3 great ideas on how to do so...

These 3 things will help put her friends at ease when they see you both being flirtatious with each other.

This book really goes in depth.

Every guy should know how to build sexual intimacy so that both and your girl are winning.

Too many guys are just worried about "getting theirs".

If you're a grounded man, you'll do what you have to do to make her feel safe, comfortable and sexy.

Andrew even tells you to tease her.

One thing that he points out is that most guys didn't really learn about sex.

Because of that, he tells you a few things that men should know and really breaks each one down.

They are...

  • Great sex begins outside of the bedroom
  • Let go of your ego and end anxiety
  • Focus on foreplay and get inside her mind
  • Be dominant and fully present

I've got to be honest, I didn't expect to read info on dating that was this in depth.

In conclusion to this chapter, Andrew gives you some good advice on how you can date many women until you actually find one that you want to be with. 

Entering Into a Relationship With The Right Woman

Ok so let's say that you did everything Andrew has shared in this book.

You mustered up the courage to approach beautiful women, you survived some awkward situations, hooked up with a woman and somehow you're wondering... 

"how does this female still want to spend time with me?"

You're probably thinking about getting into a relationship with her.

Well, the sixth chapter of this Dating Playbook for Men is all about that.

First of all, Andrew says that settling for a relationship is the worst thing you can do.

Many guys think to themselves that it's too much work to try and find the right one or they're too focused on their work.

It is exhausting to be in a relationship that you aren't 100% feeling so, why do it?

When you're settling, you're stealing from your future self to pay for today's comfort

- Andrew Ferebee

Andrew also explains why most relationships fail and what you can do to avoid it.

Now, there are two beliefs about women and dating that are just wrong.

He says they are...

  • "There is a "perfect" woman out there"
  • "Falling in love after a month"

There are 8 billion people on planet earth!

To say that only ONE woman is the only one for you is ludacris.

The truth is that you can be a good match with so many women.

It's all about finding the right woman at the right time.

Now, if you do find her, don't rush it.

Lust and love get mixed up all the time.

If you do want to get into a relationship, you need to know your values and see if hers a-line with yours.

Have you ever wondered how you can spot a high-quality woman?

Andrew has the secret.

His 5 "Greenlights" of a high quality woman are...

Traits of A High Quality Woman...

  • High Self-Esteem
  • Happy & Positive
  • Sexual Compatibility
  • Healthy & Fit
  • Growth Mindset & Self-Awareness

It's pretty simple but you have to pay attention for these.

Andrew then shares some red flags you should pay attention to...

Red Flags...

  • Rude to those beneath her social status
  • Low quality friends
  • Has no passions or visions for the future
  • Overly nosey and jealous
  • Has mental health issues with NO help
  • Bad at communicating & not working on it
  • Self-absorbed

Learn to pick up on these red flags and stay away from these women if you want to be happy.

I know I'm always picking up on them.

I don't have time for those issues especially with my lead generation business growing.

You need to pay attention to everything Andrew points out in this chapter because you need to be able to determine who is a high quality woman over a female that just isn't worthy wife material.

He also speaks on how you can determine where a woman fits in your life.

Maybe she isn't wife material.

If not, friends with benefits is probably a better situation.

No attachment, no commitment, just fun.

Now, I'm sure you know of guys who get into a relationship and just forget about their boys.

Don't be that guy.

Andrew takes the time to speak on that.

If you're in a healthy relationship, your woman should want you to go chill with your boys a couple of times a week.

He recommends that you don't let a week go by where you don't.

There needs to be healthy boundaries and if so, you'll have a happy & loving relationship.

The Path To Abundance

In this final chapter...

andrew helps you...

...break down your growth with manageable phases so that you know where you are, where you want to be and how to break through anything that stands between you and the romantic life you want

His goal?

One word...


This by far was my favorite chapter because I'm always preaching that we all need to have an abundance mindset.

To achieve the highest level of abundance, he gives you 5 simple rules you should follow to maximize your success...

5 Simple Rules...

  • Always be learning
  • Progress is everything; failure is irrelevant
  • Small shifts equal huge results
  • Trust the process
  • Play the game and laugh often

Andrew does warn that massive discomfort is coming for you.


You need time to get comfortable with this entire process!

If getting with high quality women was easy, he wouldn't have written this book.

But he did and even updated the original version.

It's a process and along the way failure might happen.

It is what it is.

That's how it is in business too.

When I got started in my lead generation business, I went through it.

So what?

Accept it.

Embrace it.

But more importantly...

Overcome it.

Andrew's final comments are... will live this life so fully and fearlessly that you can die without regret, knowing you gave it your all and left everything above ground

Andrew Ferebee ‧ Author

Final Verdict

You may have been searching online for dating book for men such as Single, Dating, Engaged, Married by Ben Stuart.

Truth is, this book by Andrew was really good.

Each chapter started with a story from his personal life to set the tone for the rest of the chapter.

You can tell that Andrew went through some things.

Many failures and learning lessons.

I recommend you read this book and take your time with it.

If you're a young guy looking for love, you've got to focus on more important things first.

Know yourself.

Know what it is you want in life and then learn from the experiences you go through.

I tell everyone, male or female, to get their money right before even trying to find love.

Your life will be so much better because of it.

Let me tell you a bit about what I went through and how I was able be successful with women.

How I Found Success With Women

As Andrew mentioned in his book, so many other dating coaches and courses teach surface level crap.

It's all pick-up lines and none of it is genuine.

You waste time and money going out every day to bars and clubs trying to score with females.

Years ago I thought the only way to live a great life with tons of women was to frequent those places...

Spend money buying them drinks...

Spitting pick-up lines that just sounded mechanical, but...

None of it worked.

Everything changed when one day I took a call from my mentor and friend, Dan.

He called to get me into his lead generation coaching program.

I joined because I wanted to have a real purpose in life.

Once I joined, I grinded and eventually got my business to $50K+ of recurring, passive, monthly income.

It was then where I realized that to have success with women, you need to know what your purpose in life is.

When you have a purpose in life and are passionate about what you do, women can sense that you aren't going to be clingy or needy.

Our focus as men should be to FIRST generate multiple streams of income and make a true impact on society.

If you're like all these other guys going out all the time, you're going to end up broke and heartbroken with nothing to show for it.

There were weekends where I'd stay home to work on my business and still do on occasion.

I'm so glad I did.

Of course, it requires discipline but it's not impossible.

These days, I don't feel like a desperate beta male that needs to change up his life and lose sight of his core values just to score with women.

The confidence I feel when every month $50K hits my bank account is incomparable.

No woman, other than my mother, is more important to me than my business.

Women sense that confidence and, believe me, it drives them crazy.

Don't believe that?

Try it for yourself.

But, don't do it just because you want women.

Build multiple streams of income for yourself because you want to live your best life.

You get the money first...

Then the women will follow because of your newfound confidence.

What also helped me a lot was being around the right group of people.

The other entrepreneurs in the lead gen coaching program are also focused on their businesses.

That's so motivating and encouraging.

Today, I can say that I live a life of abundance in all areas of life and am the happiest I've ever been.

You can live this type of life too.

But prioritize your money over women.

Trust me.

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This is all accomplished by ranking simple websites on Google like the site below.

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Do the math on that.

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What happens at that point?

I just send the leads exclusively to a local business owner looking to take on more work and grow their business.

Most biz owners don't have time to do anything with their website, let alone rank it.

That's where we come in.

They're more than happy to pay me every month for the leads I send them.

The whole lead gen process is as follows...

It's easy to scale too.

All you really need to do is keep building more sites and ranking them.

Creating these digital properties is the best way to have multiple streams of income.

The more streams of income you have, the more confidence you'll have.

You'll then have that feeling of abundance that Andrew speaks about in his book.

I'm living the laptop lifestyle already.

Check out my Instagram to see for yourself.

Local lead generation is the way to prioritize doing so before ever trying to have success with women.

Use your time wisely because it's something we don't get back ever.

Here are all the reasons why local lead gen is my #1 online business model.

I hope to see you on the inside after you setup a call with us.

See ya!

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Ippei Kanehara

$52K per month providing lead generation services to small businesses is for digital hustlers, industry leaders and online business owners.

His #1 online business recommendation in 2024, is to build your own lead generation business.
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