Christianna Hurt’s Wealthy College Kid Review — Is It Still Profitable To Sell On eBay?

March 15, 2024

Wealthy College Kid is an eCommerce program by Christianna Hurt that teaches how to create a successful eCommerce business online. Christianna claims that they are the number one platform to start an eCommerce business. Wealthy College Kid covers different ways how to sell products online through different platforms. It includes selling on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Shopify.

Wealthy College Kid's best-seller course is Learn To Sell On eBay digital mini course. It provides the skills and knowledge you need to become a successful eBay seller. eBay is the most visited eCommerce platform after Amazon and you can make money online by selling products on this platform. But, it suffers from income loss. eBay reported an annual net loss of $1.2 billion last year, a 109.33% decline from 2021. Also, a decrease of 9.3% in revenue from 2021. Is eBay dropshipping profitable?

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Wealthy College Kid Pros And Cons


It has a 4.2-star rating on Trustpilot.

It offers different courses and tons of worksheets.

Some of its products are cheap.

Christianna Hurt has a good track record in the online business industry.


The program mentions nothing about its refund policy.

It receives some bad reviews online.

It offers limited spots.

Some of its courses cover the basics of selling online from 2017 to 2021.


The cost of each class, worksheets, and eBooks are different.

Refund Policy

Wealthy College Kid does not offer a refund policy.


Wealthy College Kid started in 2018.


It receives a 216 5-star rating on Trustpilot and a 100 Trust score in Scam Adviser.

Wealthy College Kid Different Courses

Learn To Sell On eBay Digital Mini Course

Learn To Sell On eBay Digital mini-course provides everything you need to know to sell on eBay. It covers everything from setting up your account to product research. Also, it teaches you to master listing skills and gives you access to the tools you need to become an eBay seller.

Price: Learn To Sell On eBay Digital Mini Course costs $18.00.
Spots Left: Only 29 spots left in this course.

Dropshipping Mastery

Dropshipping Mastery focuses on finding and selling a winning product across various platforms. It helps you succeed in the eCommerce business. It covers in-depth product research, keyword research, and leveraging SEO. Those skills help you identify profitable niches and understand your target customer. This masterclass teaches the A-Z of eBay dropshipping from setting up your eBay store, to optimization, and product researching on Amazon. It includes listings on different platforms, such as Facebook Marketplace, Letgo, and Offer Up.

Price: Dropshipping Mastery costs $18.00.
Spots Left: Only 3 spots left in this course.

Facebook Dropshipping

Facebook Dropshipping provides everything you need to learn to sell products online successfully on Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Dropshipping covers these different lessons:

  • Product Research
  • Writing Product Copy
  • Product Photography
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Sales Techniques
  • Dropshipping
  • Scam Protection
  • Generating Stable Sales

Price: Facebook Dropshipping costs $18.00.
Spots Left:
Only 455 remaining in stock in this masterclass.

Selling On Shopify Sophomore Class

Selling On Shopify sophomore class is for everyone who wants to learn to build their own Shopify store. It covers the A-Z of opening a Shopify store from setting it up from beginning to end, to importing products and designing your store. Also, it covers how to create collections and add an app that is best for your store. It provides a section that teaches how to process legal documents for your store, process options, and build your own Facebook Business Manager.

Some lessons included in this class are:

  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO Tips
  • Setting up Facebook and Instagram accounts
  • Domains and its importance

Price: Selling On Shopify sophomore class costs $15.00.
Spots Left:
There are only 61 left in stock.

Digital Planner

Wealth College Kid Digital Planner aims to help you achieve your goals, what you need to focus on, and avoid some bad habits.

This digital planner has many tools to track your progress on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. These include:

  • Habit-tracker
  • Decision-making Matrix
  • Priority Planner
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly planner
  • Stickers
  • Note Sections
  • Journal

Price: Wealthy College Kid digital planner costs $9.99.
Spots Left:
Only 64 left in stock with this course.

Shopify Mastery

Shopify Mastery teaches you how to start and run successful dropshipping businesses on Shopify. Christianna covers topics from product research, writing product copies, taking good pictures to sell, pricing strategies, closing sales, and avoiding scams online.

Also, it gives you access to training videos that guide you in setting up your Shopify store and payment provider. It helps you to choose the best niche to start and shows successful dropshipping stores.

Shopify Mastery includes topics such as:

  • Business Manager
  • How To Create a Profitable Audience
  • How to Scale Your Ads
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Manual Bidding
  • Bid Caps
  • Instagram Influencer Research

Price: Shopify Mastery costs only $18.00.
Spots Left:
There are no 80 spots left.

Wealthy College Kid Different Worksheets

Top 100 Wealthiest Zip Codes

It provides perfect zip codes for you to target in listing your products on popular platforms such as Let Go, Offer Up, Facebook Marketplace, and Facebook Ads.

Price: This worksheet costs only $2.00.
Spots Left: There are 428 spots left.

Social Media Advertising Niches

It helps you level up your marketing strategy. It is a 2-page guide that contains information about the top industries to target in your social media advertising campaigns.

Price: Social Media Advertising Niches costs $9.97.
Spots Left: Only 61 in stock in this worksheet.

Before My First Sale Worksheet

This worksheet helps you to make your first sale on your eCommerce store. It helps you avoid common mistakes so you can generate faster sales.

Price: This worksheet costs $9.97.
Spots Left: Before My First Sale Worksheet only has 28 left in stock.

After My First Sale Worksheet

This is for beginners who already made their first sale. It provides a step-by-step guide on how to manage your business after achieving your first sale.

Price: After My First Sale Worksheet costs $9.97.
Spots Left: Only 46 slots in this worksheet.

Selecting Stop Scrolling Products

This worksheet stops you from guessing whether a product will sell online. It provides a checklist of every quality of a profitable product.

Price: Selecting Stop Scrolling Products costs $9.97.
Spots Left: Only 62 stocks in this worksheet.

Top 50 Craigslist Cities

This worksheet saves you time in finding cities to boost your sales on Craigslist. It has the top 50 cities to target on your Craigslist; it results from Christianna's extensive research.

Price: Top 50 Craigslist Cities costs $9.97.
Spots Left: Only 110 left in stock.

20 Part Ecommerce/SMMA Workbook

It is a comprehensive guide that helps you to make money by skyrocketing your social media marketing plan. This workbook has strategies that help you boost engagement and amplify your client's brand.

Price: 20 Part Ecommerce/SMMA Workbook costs $97.00.
Spots Left: Only 19 left in stock for this worksheet.

Amazon Checklist

This worksheet provides everything you need to know to sell on Amazon. That includes instructions, tips, and strategies.

Price: Amazon Checklist costs $5.00.
Spots Left: There are only 13 stocks left.

Monthly Product List

This is a list of products that you can sell online and includes places where to find these products. You can list these products on eBay, Shopify, Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, and on any selling platform.

Price: Monthly Product List costs $30.00.
Spots Lefts: It has 102 left in stock.

Ecommerce Dictionary

It contains 102 ecommerce terms that help you have a better understanding of what you're doing in your eCommerce business. It's a list of terms with definitions and examples.

Price: Ecommerce Dictionary costs $8.00.
Spots Left: Only 78 stocks left for this worksheet.

Best Home Decor Suppliers

It provides a list of home decor suppliers for you to sell on Amazon, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Shopify. It helps you succeed if your ecommerce business niche is home decor.

Price: Best Home Decor Suppliers costs only $4.00.
Spots Left: Only 88 left in stock for this.

Best Ecommerce Suppliers For eBay

It guides you on how to succeed in eBay selling and 2PL dropshipping. This worksheet has US-based suppliers and strategies to succeed in the eBay marketplace.

Price: Best Ecommerce Suppliers For eBay costs $5.00.
Spots Left: There are only 82 left in stock.

How To Ship an Order On eBay Checklist

This worksheet provides instructions on how to ship your orders, making no mistakes. It includes tips and strategies to save money on shipping costs.

Price: How To Ship an Order On eBay Checklist costs $6.00.
Spots Left: Only 84 left in stock.

How To Write An eBay Description

This offer is for anyone who struggles to write effective product descriptions for their eBay listings. It helps your product listing stand out from the competition.

Price: How To Write An eBay Description costs $7.00.
Spots Left: There are only 96 left in stock.

Wealthy College Kid Different Ebooks

CPL Blueprint

This e-book helps you learn how to make money with cost per lead. It summarizes the cost-per-lead business model and includes instructions, tips, and tricks for success.

Price: CPL Blueprint costs $15.00.
Spots Left: It only has 31 left in stock.

How To Sell Ebook Online

This is the ultimate guide to start and grow your own online business. It covers online businesses to try, branding, launching your store, and growing your business.

Price: How To Sell Ebooks Online costs $10.00.
Spots Left: It has a low spot with only 9 left remaining.

The Ultimate Guide To Best E-commerce Platform

It helps you to choose the right eCommerce platform to start your business.

Price: The Ultimate Guide To Best E-commerce Platform costs $5.00.
Spots Left: Only 58 left in stock.

Who Is The Owner Of A Wealthy College Kid?

Christianna Hurt is the owner of Wealthy College Kid. Christianna is a successful entrepreneur from Florida. She made herself a millionaire by running her own eCommerce business, which is Just Kidding Kids, and her educational program. In her 1-2 years of making money online, he created Wealthy College Kid, which aims to help beginners to learn skill sets to sell online.

Wealthy College Kid really builds a solid reputation on the internet. Some reviews on Trustpilot praised how straightforward and informative it is. Also, students point out that Christianna is a great mentor.

Who Is Christiana Hurt?

Christianna Hurt is a 7-figure entrepreneur who started her online journey in 2016 after she lost her multiple jobs. Christianna struggles to find work to make money for herself, but her friend helps her to start online and network marketing. In her first 6 months, she generated over $250,000in revenue by selling on Shopify. After that success, she expanded her business with different business models. She tried cost-per-action performance marketing, high-ticket eBay dropshipping, and automation. In 2018, she created Wealthy College Kid, which already produced six-figure earners. Christianna Hurt is 28 years old and born in Orlando, Florida, USA.

What Does Christianna Hurt Do?

Christianna Hurt is still doing ecommerce business and selling her course, Wealthy College Kid. Also, she created Just Kidding Kids as her healing process to deal with the loss of her pregnancy back in 2018.

Christianna Hurt Net Worth

Christianna Hurt's net worth in 2023 ranges from $1 million - $5 million. Her income is from different sources, such as YouTube channel, eCommerce brands, and Wealthy College Kid.


Christianna Hurt has a vast social media audience. She has over 102K followers on Facebook, 120K followers on Instagram, and 1,057 followers on LinkedIn. Also, 29K subscribers on her YouTube channel where shares some testimonials and lessons in selling on different platforms.

Who Is A Wealthy College Kid For?

Wealthy College Kid is for someone who wants to sell online on different platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, and Shopify. This is for beginners who are looking for a cheap course to make money online.

Is Wealthy College Kid Worth It?

Wealthy College Kid can be worth it for anyone who wants to create their own eCommerce store to sell online. Christianna's best-selling course costs only $18.00, which is cheap for a course that has a good reputation online. It receives a 4.2-star rating in Trustpilot and a 100/100 trust score in Scam Adviser. It shows how good her courses are. Also, Wealthy College Kid already helped thousands of entrepreneurs to hit the 6-figure mark for their business.

Christianna herself made a 7-figure income by selling products on popular platforms online. And she really teaches her students to have their own successful stores. But, it receives some bad reviews online and mentions nothing about the refund policy. Some negative reviews claim that the program is unprofessional. Another feedback says that he lost 27K with the Wealthy College Kid.

Final Verdict: Is Wealthy College Kid A Scam?

No, the Wealthy College Kid is not a scam. It is a legit eCommerce program that helps beginners to create their own eCommerce store and start selling in various popular marketplaces. Some publications claim that the program helps thousands of students to sell online. Yet, there are few testimonials on its website or on her YouTube channel. There are some, but not too much, to prove the claims.

Wealthy College Kid Alternatives

  • Dropshipping Titans - Dropshipping Titans by Paul Joseph teaches how to source, sell branded items and dropship them on eBay. This course covers retail arbitrage and Paul shows how to create a dropshipping business from start to end.
  • eCom Genie - eCom Genie is an eCommerce automation company by Steven Mayer. It offers partnerships with you to provide capital for their successful eCommerce stores.
  • Advanced eCommerce Academy - The Advanced eCommerce Academy is an online course‌ by Seth Smith that covers setting up a Shopify dropshipping store. Seth teaches how to use Facebook and Instagram ads to drive traffic to attract customers.

Conclusion: Is It Still Profitable To Sell On eBay?

Yes, it is still profitable to sell on eBay, given that it generated $9.7 billion in revenue in 2022. Also, there are 142 million eBay users worldwide, making it possible to make a profit by selling on eBay. Yet, that latest revenue is 9.3% down in the past year. Also, the competition is fierce, with over 1.7 billion listings on eBay last year. These are 12 times the number of buyers on this platform. Some entrepreneurs say that eBay dropshipping is dead. You can still make a profit by selling on eBay, but not easy as it seems.

If you're looking for an alternative that only competes with 20-30 companies in your local area, check local lead generation. With a little upfront, you can start creating your own business that can generate 80%-90% profit. You need to create a website and rank it in Google through organic tactics such as SEO. After that, local businesses rent out your site to generate leads for them and pay you monthly. The best feature of it, you can scale and generate passive income with little to zero maintenance. Your website can stay ranked on Google for years before it requires you to update.

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