YoungMin You’s The Elite Musician Review (5 Secrets To Achieve Millionaire Mindset)

March 26, 2024

The Elite Musician by YoungMin You, offers a 90-day program designed to coach musicians in creating a stable online music business. Focused on maximizing their passion for music, the program guides students in creating many passive income streams. YoungMin shares 5 secrets about earning a millionaire mindset, coming from his own experience in launching a successful online business generating 7-digits. The predicted eCommerce purchase is 95% by 2024 and 71% of people preferring online deals. The program shows the potential profit of owning an online business when done right. 

The Elite Musician reviews are positive, earning a 4.5 star rating on Trustpilot from 16 reviews. Former students praise YoungMin in guiding musicians to create a successful online business. The private community he provides is well enjoyed for building connections among same minded individuals. 

This Elite Musician review covers topics such as the pros and cons, course content, who the course is for, and if students are successful. I share student reviews to show the different perspectives of former students. This review discusses YoungMin’s 5 secrets of achieving a millionaire mindset, his background, and his claims. I address whether YoungMin's music business is worth it or is there a better alternative for online business?

The Elite Musician Review: Pros And Cons


YoungMin You is known as a successful musician owning a 7-digit online business.

24/7 chat support for questions and concerns.

Private student community.

Weekly support calls with YoungMin You and coaches.


Action-based refund policy gives no assurance of gaining a refund without proper evidence of following the lesson first.

It is challenging to start an online business.


The price is a one-time payment of $2,997 or a 3 month plan of $1,200.


The group is a private community.

Refund Policy

The refund policy is a 90-day action based money-back guarantee.




The training is a 90 day self-paced format.


The reputation of YoungMin You is positive as a self-made millionaire in the music industry. YoungMin received the Billboard Chart Top 10 interviewed by Google.

5 Secrets Of The Elite Musician To Achieve Millionaire Mindset

  • Turn Your Passion Into A Mission. YoungMin’s secret is learning to say no. According to him, it is important to stop activities that don’t produce results. Focus on defining your 10-year vision and find a mission that can affect everyone. He differentiates personal and business missions. Your personal mission represents your desired outcome at the end of your life, while a business mission reflects the result customers desire when they engage with your service or product. 
  • Define Your Audience & Marketing Strategy. The secret and best marketing strategy: transforming followers into customers. YoungMin’s approach is to increase online presence while targeting your ideal audience. The key is to help your audience discover their true potential, creating authentic and natural sales. A good online presence not only supports this process, but also enhances your authority. And as your authority grows, followers are more likely to share your content with others, expanding organically.
  • Build an Irresistible Offer. You gain access to YoungMin’s templates and blueprints he used to build his business to 6 to 7 figures. The secret is to create many offers to establish a sustainable online business. The goal is not only to attract views, but converting views into buyers. 
  • Automate Your Sales System. YoungMin elaborates the importance of automating your systems for efficiency. His teachings cover setting up SMS marketing and email marketing to connect with your audience. The key is to automate most of your online sales, creating many streams of passive income. 
  • Scale Your Business. After automating your system, the secret is to scale your business through influencers, organic, and paid marketing. YoungMin gives detailed steps using his customer value pyramid to guide you through the process. The approach lets you enjoy additional time to pursue your passions, such as creating music and building a studio. YoungMin shares lessons about publishing, licensing, and creating education courses to maximize profits. He teaches you where to find affordable freelancers and virtual assistants to help you with common tasks.

What Is The Elite Musician?

The Elite Musician is an e-commerce coaching service for musicians by YoungMin You. YoungMin teaches students and musicians to take advantage of their love for music to sell products and services to earn money. The course aims to help students create a sustainable passive income stream by offering more deals. 

The Elite Musician’s is a 12-week course with a combination of video modules starting from finding your mission to outsourcing tasks to freelancers. Enrolled students receive access to TEM talks that new musicians will enjoy.

What Do You Get From The Elite Musician?

  • The Elite Musician 12-Week course Modules
  • Lifetime Access to video system and trainings
  • 3 Weekly coaching call (with YoungMin, social media coach, and Lead coach)
  • 24/7 Chat support
  • Mastermind forum and community
  • Monthly Momentum Mixer
  • TEM Talks for new musicians
  • Templates, examples, sheet music and lists of tools and software

The Elite Musician 12-Week Course

  • Week 1: Transform Your Passion Into A Business
  • Week 2: Quickly Grow Your Customers And Fans
  • Week 3: Spotify, Social Media, and YouTube Marketing Strategies
  • Week 4: Create Value Pyramid for Customers and Products
  • Week 5: Email Automation
  • Week 6: Create Offers
  • Week 7: YoungMin You’s Blueprint Implementation
  • Week 8: 24/7 Funnels
  • Week 9: Grow Sales with Paid, Influencer, and Organic Marketing
  • Week 10: Be Your Own Boss
  • Week 11: Find Inspiration and Purpose
  • Week 12: Outsource Tasks to Freelancers and Virtual Assistants

The Elite Musician Bonus Content

The Million Dollar Viral Funnel Template

Learn how YoungMin created the copies, bundle offer, pricing, upsells, sales page and checkout pages.

Viral Ad Collection

A collection of YoungMin’s viral ads earning $1.5 million. Learn how to create your own and sell in the most natural way.

An Action-Based Guarantee

A 100% action-based money-back guarantee with an extra $1,000 for wasting your time.

Who Is The Elite Musician For?

  1. New musicians looking to build their own music-infused online business. The Elite Musician is a 3 month course based on YoungMin’s 10 year experience. 

  2. Musicians who want to create a successful online business by selling products within their industry. YoungMan and his team offer guidance, tools, and principles to success.

  3. Struggling musicians looking for financial independence. It is for exhausted musicians sick of their teaching cycle and want to reclaim control over their time. People who are passionate about music but abandoned it for a stable 9 to 5 job.

Are The Students Of The Elite Musician Successful?

Yes, the students of the Elite Musician are successful based on the 24 reviews posted on the website. A combination of video and screen testimonials plus 10 reviews from Trustpilot.

Charles Czczepanek, a pianist and Lead Coach of The Elite Musician, is an example. He praises the course and YoungMin for his personal growth as a musician. Charles emphasizes the powerful community built by YoungMin, describing it as having a family. He transitioned from a 9 to 5 job, earning $1,000 a month to owning a full-time online business, generating $8,000 a month. 

Raluca Bojoy Hofmeyer, a musician and YoungMin’s colleague at Wheaton College, holds YoungMin in high esteem for his expertise and knowledge. Raluca appreciates the insights shared by YoungMin and looks forward to learning more from him. The website highlights Raluca receiving an income of 8 times bigger. But it is not mentioned in her video testimonial.

The Elite Musician Review on Trustpilot

The Elite Musician has positive reviews on Trustpilot with 4.5 stars from ‌16 reviews. The reviews span from 2022 to the present, providing insights from both past and current students. Comments emphasize the success achieved through the 90-day course with hard work while maintaining a positive mindset.

In Tiffany Evans' comment titled “Dreams Do Come True,” she commends YoungMin and his wife for giving a simple and straightforward explanation of the course. She expresses gratitude for valuable insights into discovering products, using tools, and crafting a website. Tiffany credits her life transformation to the coaches and shares her accomplishment of creating 10 songs in 12 weeks. She mentions that the course is suitable for musicians and in-person music teachers, aiding to build a strong online presence.

The latest review from Kat Marie shares the clarity the course brought into her musician journey. She thanks YoungMin’s belief in her skills and unique abilities. Kat appreciates the community, highlighting the valuable friendships she formed.

YoungMin You Academy Review Reddit

In a Reddit discussion about learning to play the piano, they are asking about the credibility of YoungMin You’s teaching methods. Some users recommend YouTube tutorials instead of enrolling in YoungMin You’s Academy. They argue that learning in person offers a personal and focused experience. A self-taught pianist in the conversation shares his satisfaction with YouTube tutorials. There is also advice given for those considering the course is to manage realistic expectations. As it lacks the 1-on-1 feedback you get with a personal music education.

A Reddit user who bought YoungMin’s piano course shares their disappointment, considering it a poor investment. The comment critiques the content, labeling it as shallow, and suggests other programs offering a better value for money.

An amateur pianist shares regret over the purchased course, feeling it did not justify the cost. It mentions the lack of practice in the course, with YoungMin doing most of the talking. The only positive aspect mentioned is the access to songs from the ads. Overall, not worth the money spent. The reviewer suggests an alternative, recommending the Simply Piano app as a more helpful option for learning the piano, which is more helpful than the course.

The Elite Musician Review Issue

There are several reviews on both the website and Trustpilot that appear repetitive from similar individuals. This repetition doesn’t show fake reviews, but it can be a way to prove several successful students took the course. YoungMin hides the surname of similar reviewers on different screenshots on the website. 

Raluca Bojoy Hofmeyer’s multiple reviews on the website are an example. It’s possible she genuinely loves the course and wants to share her positive experience multiple times. But there is also a chance that YoungMin requested this review to create the impression of having students. This could be misleading for potential students, as they might assume a huge student enrollment for the course. This observation can be a factor in evaluating if this is the course for you.

Is The Elite Musician Worth It?

The Elite Musician is worth it if you're passionate about music and dream of building an online business around it. Youngman’s reputation as a self-made millionaire is a plus, especially if you admire his success and follow him. But consider the course price, as it is on the expensive side. If you believe in YoungMin’s approach and have the budget, the course might alight with your goals and aspirations in the music industry.

Who Is YoungMin You?

YoungMin You, a self-taught musician from South Korea, transformed his dream into a reality. Inspired by his sister and restricted by their financial resources, he learned to play by watching YouTube tutorials. At 15, he became an international student in the US, majoring in music composition at Wheaton College until 2016. During this time, he composed music, collaborated with professional musicians, and found his wife, Chantelle. YoungMin achieved his dream of becoming a Billboard Charting Artist, released an album, and earned recognition from Google. 

In 2021, YoungMin founded The Elite Musician, helping musicians turn their love for music into a profitable business. He built his online presence and gained 61,000 on Facebook, 24.6K on Instagram, and 93.6K on YouTube. YoungMin, recognized for his unique piano videos in unique settings, like a moving yacht or by a frozen lake. He spends most of his time creating content on social media while assisting fellow musicians to monetize their passion for music.

YoungMin You Claim

Information found on YoungMin You’s website’s “About” section, he claims that he comes from a poor family in South Korea, living in a 50-square-feet apartment. YoungMin describes his journey from a starting musician to achieving millionaire status. Another claim is that enrolling in the course is the quickest way of establishing an online business providing financial freedom.

YoungMin You Claim DEBUNKED

A 50-square-feet apartment might suggest that YoungMin You didn’t come from a wealthy family, but it does not mean they are poor. He attended Wheaton College as an international student at 15. Consider the current tuition fees at Wheaton College, which amount to $59,768 for the 2024-2025 academic year, equal to ₩77,378,641, it shows that YoungMin’s family may not be financially struggling. There are factors like plane tickets and accommodation expenses to consider, which are not cheap. 

YoungMin presents starting an online business straightforward, but it's important to note that many businesses only become profitable after 2 to 3 years. Success differs based on factors like niche, business type, costs involved, and the owner’s perseverance. While you can start your online business during the 90-day course, it doesn’t guarantee immediate profitability. Each journey is unique, and success in online business is different, especially for beginners who start from scratch. 

Is Starting An Online Music Business Worth It?

Yes, starting an online music business is worth if you have the capital, a positive mindset, and a willingness to invest time in learning. The music niche offers various profitable opportunities, such as providing musical instruments or coaching services, as supported by a Quora discussion. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2021, 80% of startup businesses only survive for a year. That’s why success depends on thorough research in understanding the business model and product research or service in demand within the niche.

Any online business can be profitable when done right. A huge number of Americans enjoy music, as shown on Statista’s data reports global music revenue reaching $28.8 billion in 2022. It is important to understand the steps involved in starting an online business to increase your chance of success in this competitive industry.

Why Local Lead Generation Business Is The Best Online Business You Should Try? 

Local lead generation is a better investment of your money for achieving financial freedom with minimal risk and lower online competition compared with other online businesses. Unlike starting an online business that demands a huge upfront investment, local lead generation is cheaper. You also need to invest money in your learning, especially if you’re a beginner. The needed research and marketing skills needed to find the right product or services to offer. Let alone finding the niche to go for.

In local lead generation, the initial investment is $500. Time spent on researching is lessened because you focus on targeting local businesses in a specific city or town. This minimizes the risk of low-profit margins since your earning is based on the ranking of your website on search engines. Like other online businesses, local lead generation is a long-term business that requires patience.


Look at this tree care website I created in 2015 using local lead generation and I am still earning $2,000 a month. It proves that as long as you rank on search engines, you continuously earn. I rarely update this website which makes it low maintenance with a high profit. I offer a local lead generation program for those interested in learning on how I earn passive income using lead generation.

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