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How to Realistically Make $100K a Year Online in 2023, Personal Story

July 9, 2020

In this blog post, I’ll share with you my personal story of going from broke & unhappy working at a 9 to 5 job that I hated to making over $100K a year within my first year of starting my online lead generation business and today I make $50K per month from the internet.

How did I get there?

I invested in my future by joining this lead generation coaching program.

We have a private Facebook group (which is where I got that above FB post pic by Erin) and it’s just amazing what can happen with the right system and a mentor that’s willing to show you everything.

Invest in your skillsets and it’ll pay you for the rest of your life.

I’ve tried other online businesses as well such as Shopify Dropshippping, Amazon FBA, Affiliate Marketing.

Lead Generation has been by far the most reliable way for me to continually increase my income, there’s virtually no ceiling to my earning potential.

So let me break this business down for you, why its so effective, and why I believe its the most realistic way to build you $100K per year online income fast. Most importantly its going to be all passive income as well once the business is all set-up.

What is Lead Generation?

Instead of me trying to explain to you in words, let me just show you one of my lead generation sites.

This the future of online business.

The biggest transportation & hospitality business of the world: Uber & AirBnb doesn’t own any vehicles or infrastructure.

These companies simply connect the customer to a local service provider. & Make a percentage of each transaction.

This is exactly what myself and other students are doing inside our lead generation program, where we have a system taught exclusively to us that allows us to predictably go into any market and begin generating leads with free traffic.

Once we do the initial work of setting up our lead generation properties, it keeps making money for us month after month with virtually no maintenance because these digital assets generate free traffic.

And there is a HUGE DEMAND for this now because many small business owners didn’t grow up with the internet, they’ve got no clue how to do online marketing but they are realizing more and more every year that they need it bad.

Also the fact that there’s so many cities and within each city there’s so many industries that you can generate leads for.

This is the categories provided by, which is where many local companies go to buy leads.

I mean there’s even more niches than this when you start digging deeper.

I’m generating leads in many of these different niches above.

You could literally make $100K a year or $10K per month just working with local companies in your hometown. Although you don’t have to stay local, I’m based in Michigan and I’ve got a lot of clients in Michigan but I’ve also got plenty of clients in other states as well.

Its truly the most hands-free, passive income opportunity I’ve ever found. & It has allowed me to have a life know that I never imagined was possible.

Once you have this skill, you’ll not only be able to achieve financial freedom like I have, but also financial confidence.

Financial confidence is this knowing that no matter what happens to your finances or assets, you have the skills to be able to gain everything back & more. You have this confidence about money, and it really changes you on a deep level as a man or woman.

How Does Lead Generation Compare with Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing has simply become oversaturated at this point.

There’s way too much competition.

After I had already established my lead generation business, I started few affiliate sites just to test it out and diversify my income stream.

Many of those sites didn’t rank.

1 site ranked after 1.5 years, and its making me $350 per month. It was an Amazon affiliate site about indoor grills.

I also did affiliate marketing using Facebook ads, just wasn’t consistent. FB ads performance fluctuate so much that I had to spend 2 hours per day just to maintain all of my ads, it was a constant struggle to make sure I was being profitable instead of losing money.

At best, I made $2000-$3000 profit.

Now 3 years into building my lead generation business to multiple six figures, I now have the capital to invest in a huge authority site like this blog:

Authority blogs take more time and cash to actually produce results because you have to compete for keywords on a national/global level. Instead of local which is much easier.

I’ve talked to many other high-level SEO experts, and they all agree that going into local is the way to go if you’re a beginner.

Get to $10K per month first with local lead gen before you tackle other projects. For example, I’m now ranking a nation level CBD site, and its taking much longer and a lot more money required to begin seeing results.

How Does Lead Generation Compare with Amazon FBA Business?

There’s a lot of talk out there about the Amazon FBA business. Many courses are coming out talking teaching this business model.

Its really quite simple.

You look up products that are selling well, find a supplier for it, buy bulk, slap your own label/brand to it, and begin selling.

The key is to find a niche that’s not too competitive but still has enough monthly sales volume for it to make you enough money.

First few product launches didn’t really succeed for me.

The first product was way too low of a price, it was a bundle of these cool multi-color shoestring.

After Amazon FBA Fees and everything it just wasn’t making much money at all.

I failed few more times but the key was I never gave up and stuck with it. I was learning with each failed launch.

I finally had my first success selling kitchen glassware sets, putting extra creative touches on the packaging, brand, design, logo made all the difference for me.

Even though I was selling a product that was very similar to the competition, by putting extra care on the logo, design & packaging I was able to distinguish myself from the competition and produce a certain *feel* to the product that increased my conversions & allowed my product listing to rise in the rankings.

I was making $2000-$3000 per month with it.

What Drove Me Away from Amazon FBA?

Ultimately I decided to double down on my lead generation business, because of the following reasons.

  • I achieved success with Amazon in 2016, now in 2023, it has gotten considerably more competitive. Some are saying FBA business is dead, especially in 2016 they disallowed incentivized reviews which has made ranking a lot more difficult
  • More competition means longer to rank and the prices going doing
  • 15-25% fees for using FBA
  • Many product niches are dominated by very tough competition
  • Competitors can copy your product
  • Hassle of dealing with on-going customer order fulfillment, complaints, bad reviews
  • Difficult to scale multiple products because of on-going work required to manage each product individually
  • Less Control Over My Rankings compared to lead gen or SEO

The physical product business gets pretty labor intensive, every week or so, you have to make sure your inventory is good, make sure you’re ordering inventory in advance, suppliers might have inventory issues at times, preparing for the holidays (increase shipment), monitoring reviews & sales, making sure everything is on point.

Not to mention once you do few product launches, the whole process of finding a new supplier, ordering samples & doing private labeling is not very fun and takes a long time to work with overseas suppliers.

Even though Amazon FBA helps the scalability of a physical goods business greatly, its still not as hands-free and scalable as selling a digital product, which btw is also nearly 100% profit margins.

This is the big reason why many Amazon FBA & E-Commerce guys & gals transition into selling courses as their primary business.

This is also why I went back to focusing on my lead generation business as my bread & butter, a digital service-based business with pure profits & passive income, hands down the best way to make money online.

Also selling physical products wasn’t fulfilling to me after a while, since its all about selling products that other people are already selling, you don’t feel like you’re bringing true value to people’s lives.

The results I’m able to produce with lead generation has been life changing for my clients.

Why Lead Generation Business is My Top Choice

For me the number 1 factor is that the opportunities are so endless with this business model. When you have greater skills than 98% of the online marketers out there, there’s nothing stopping you from continually adding new passive income flows everyday.

Here’s some other great reasons.

  • Business Runs on Free Traffic (Free Traffic = Passive Income
  • Once a Lead Gen Site Ranks, It Requires Hardly Any Maintenance
  • No On-going Customer Order Fulfillment
  • Easier Competition (Only compete with local companies)
  • Make a Big Impact for A Business Owner’s Life, More Personal Relationship with Your Client
  • Make $100K a Year or $10K per Month with Only Handful of Clients (I have clients that pay me $2000-$3000 per month)
  • Higher Barrier of Entry (More Skills Needed, Keeps the Competition Out)


Making $100K a year online can be a lot simpler than you think, when you break it down.

I have local lead gen clients paying me $1K-$2K per month.

So to make $100K a year, you only need like 8 to 10 clients.

With so many cities in the US & Globabally each with its own market and so many different industries/profession in each city that are hungry for more leads.

Once you have this skill to generate leads online with free traffic.

You can literally cut your own paycheck and create a life of freedom.

I went from working at a job that I hated only making $35K a year, putting in 40 hours per week, dreading every Mondays and hoping that the weekends would come sooner, just wasting my life away.

To now waking up everyday excited to go to work because I work for myself now and everyday I work, I get to increase my income.

I’ve come to realize that your income is a direct reflection of how much value you’re able to bring to the marketplace.

If you wanna make $10K per month, just deliver $10K worth of value every month.

The easiest way I’ve found is to build lead generation sites, that go to work everyday for you so that you can make money while you sleep, create an online business where you don’t have to trade in your time for money.

This lead gen program is what I set me free and made me a multiple 6 figure earner on the internet.

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  2. Hi Ippei, thank’s for the value you share. Lead Gen sounds like a great business model but in much smaller markets is not as easy as in the US. I’m from PerĂș, the cities are small and most people don’t go to Google to find those type of businesses. Others recomendations (friends, family, etc) is still the way to go. Also, the business owners don’t see the value yet and they are not willing to pay you for selling them leads and if they do, they will pay not much at all.
    The model is still in the future for us and going local in cities like mine is still very limited. If you have to choose another business model for beginners like me, what woul you recommend. Thank you!

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