Shaun Ghavami’s 10XBNB Review: Start Airbnb with No Money via Co-hosting?

March 13, 2024

The 10XBNB is an online coaching program established by Shaun Ghavami and his partner, Ari Rahmanian. This online course teaches learners how to make money from Airbnb using the co-hosting strategy.

The 10XBNB program promises to teach students how to build a highly profitable Airbnb co-hosting business from scratch. By following Ghavami's proven system, students achieved $5,000-$10,000 per month in revenue. But the sad truth about the business is that the average Airbnb host earns under $10,000 in a year which makes the income less than $27 per day.

Some doubt the reliability of the program and its ability to help people start an Airbnb business even without money. Does the course actually deliver on its promises? This 10XBNB review will explore if Airbnb co-hosting is a way to start an Airbnb listing without money. It will also take a closer look at what 10XBNB is, Who Shaun Ghavami is, and what his online coaching program offers.

Shaun Ghavami's 10XBNB Review: Pros and Cons


Offers expert guidance from Shaun Ghavami and Ari Rahmanian.

Provides tips and strategies for co-hosting multiple properties at once.

The program does not require previous experience on Airbnb co-hosting.

The online program is accessible from anywhere in the world as long as there is internet connection.


Expensive fee for signing up to the program.

Program is not fit for novice hosts who want more flexibility because of the program’s strict rules.


The 10XBNB has three packages. The DIY Package has a $7,000 upfront fee, the Done-With-You VIP package has a $10,000 upfront fee, and the Done-For-You Diamond Package has a one-time fee of $30,000.


The 10XBNB is a self-paced online and in-person coaching course.


The 10XBNB has a private Facebook Group.

Refund Policy

The 10XBNB does not have a refund policy.


The 10XBNB program was launched in 2018.


Shaun Ghavami has combined followers / subscribers of 104k in Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Can Airbnb Co-Hosting be a Way to Start an Airbnb Listing Even Without Money?

Yes, Airbnb co-hosting can be a way to start an Airbnb listing even without money as per the first hand experience of Shaun Ghavami. Before starting 10XBNB, Ghavami listed a spare room in his apartment for $65 per night. This gave him the idea of Airbnb co-hosting business. After perfecting the unique concept of co-hosting, Ghavami and his friend Ari Rahmanian created 10XBNB. The coaching program primarily aims to help individuals generate a passive income through Airbnb co-hosting.

Airbnb co-hosting is when a person helps an Airbnb host or home owner in managing their rentals. Co-hosting can be an income source as a side gig or a full-time job. Co-hosts perform tasks like customer communications, handling listings, and property cleanup. According to the official Airbnb website, co-hosts can be "trusted friends, partners, or someone from a professional team" hired to fulfill the responsibilities. 

Who Is 10XBNB For?

The 10XBNB program is for anyone interested in becoming an Airbnb co-host. It also appeals to an aspiring entrepreneur or individuals aiming to gain financial freedom and success through the Airbnb market. Ghavami’s online coaching program is for people looking to start a side hustle or build a full-time Airbnb business. The 10XBNB provides the training and tools they need to get started with co-hosting on Airbnb to have a passive income and achieve financial freedom.

How Does 10XBNB Help You Make Money?

10XBNB helps individuals make money through their co-hosting services. The program teaches learners on how to attract a property owner, manage a real estate property, and take a cut with every booking. They offer guidance into optimizing pricing to increase bookings and revenue. 10XBNB co-hosts have the experience to set competitive rates that will attract more guests while still generating profits for the Airbnb host.

Using the 10XBNB's co-hosting services allows hosts to make more money from their Airbnb properties with little additional effort on their part. 10XBNB co-hosts do the work, and Airbnb hosts reap the rewards making it a perfect host system to earn passive income.

What Do You Get With the 10XBNB Course?

The 10XBNB course can get you a wealth of valuable resources and tools for building a successful Airbnb co-hosting business. Included in the course are:

  • Comprehensive video training modules covering how to find profitable Airbnb listings, build a co-hosting portfolio, optimize pricing strategy, improve guest experience and more.

  • Access to Shaun's vetted list of tools and services for co-hosting on Airbnb including pricing, messaging, cleaning and maintenance software.

  • Exclusive access to a private Facebook community where students can connect, ask questions and share valuable insights with Shaun and other successful co-hosts.

  • Templates for reaching out to new hosts, creating listing descriptions, house manuals, pricing strategy and contracts.

  • Ongoing monthly coaching calls with Shaun where students can ask questions and get guidance for overcoming obstacles or challenges in their business.

10XBNB Reviews

The 10XBNB has received mixed reviews from various platforms. There are reviews praising the course and the creator for their extensive information and assistance they give the learners. There are also reviews claiming that the program is a scam, too expensive and even likened to a multi-level marketing scheme.

10XBNB Reddit Reviews

10XBNB Reddit reviews from real hosts who tried the course were mostly negative. Many felt the content was basic, not worth the high cost, and could easily be found for free online. Other reviews called some of the advice "unethical" or even "illegal." One of the reviews also mentioned that the 10XBNB is a multi-level marketing scheme. 

10XBNB Trustpilot Reviews

10XBNB has received mostly positive reviews on Trustpilot, an independent review platform. Out of over 600 reviews, 10XBNB has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Many reviewers praise the training, support, and systems provided to help co-hosts succeed. They also appreciate the flexibility and freedom of co-hosting with 10XBNB.

Is 10XBNB Worth It?

Yes, 10XBNB is worth it for those who are willing to learn and put in the time and effort in finding property prospects they can list for co-hosting. The 10XBNB program offers exclusive access to information that is not available anywhere else. Learners of this course can also have the opportunity to be guided by proven Airbnb Superhosts, Shaun Ghavami and ari Rahmanian. To add to that, students of the 10XBNB have access to a team of experts ready to answer any questions and help with any challenges they may encounter.

Can 10xbnb really help you make money on Airbnb? Yes, because the 10XBNB program teaches individuals everything they need to know about leveraging other people’s properties to make money on Airbnb. It showcases tips on how to attract property owners, manage a real estate property and take a cut with every booking.

Who Is Shaun Ghavami?

Shaun Ghavami is the creator of 10XBNB, a company that offers co-hosting services to help Airbnb hosts scale their business. Before becoming an expert in Airbnb co-hosting business, Ghavami had a 9-to-5 career.

Later on, Ghavami found a purpose for a spare room in his apartment and listed it on Airbnb for $65 per night. This gave him a passive income and the idea to start his own Airbnb business. Ghavami and his college friend, Ari Rahmanian, saw the potential to break free from the corporate retirement plan and build an Airbnb business.

They founded 10XBNB, a coaching program that equips aspiring hosts with the knowledge and strategies to succeed on Airbnb. They were the first to introduce this new idea in the market in 2017. In 2018, they were able to scale their business, accommodating over $5million worth of bookings. Through 10XBNB, Ghavami shares his proprietary pricing formulas, unconventional marketing methods, and the tips and tricks of co-listing. 

Retreat is another company Ghavami co-founded with Rahmanian. It is a company that manages properties with expertise on vacation rental properties. Through this company, property investors and owners have the chance to maximize their potential to earn by ensuring that their guests can have a luxurious experience. 

Shaun Ghavami and Ari Rahmanian are now known as serial entrepreneurs, Airbnb Superhosts, and real estate investors. They have a portfolio of over $100 million of premium real estate. Both Ghavami and Rahmanian are currently included in the top 1% among all the hosts of Airbnb. This is due to the successes they achieved in the property management field. To add to that, they have received 5-star reviews globally for 1,000+ listings.

What Is Shaun Ghavami's Claim?

Shaun Ghavami claims that by following his system, the students can earn passive income through Airbnb co-hosting even with little or no money. He claims that with the knowledge and skills gained from the 10XBNB course, Airbnb co-hosting presents an opportunity for both financial gain and freedom of time.

Shaun Ghavami's Claims Debunked

Students must enroll in the program for a hefty price. This debunks Ghavami’s claims of starting an Airbnb business even with little to no money. A review of the program from a student reveals that he spent $10,000 and over 50 hours but failed to find any property prospects.

Shaun Ghavami’s claims are unrealistic for most co-hosts based on analysis from industry experts and co-host reviews. They say finding available properties to list is a challenge. This means, without any property prospects to list, they do not earn or have a passive income.

Is Airbnb Worth It in 2024?

Yes, Airbnb is worth it in 2024 because market analysis shows that in 2023, it has garnered $9.91 billion revenue worldwide. In 2024, the Airbnb market showed slow progress but it is still profitable.

Airbnb’s wealth creation is valued at more than $4 billion as of November 2023. The company also recently acquired HotelTonight for over $400 million. This means that the Airbnb landscape has the potential to gain market share and increase its profit margins.

Skip Airbnb Co-Hosting Complications and Try Local Lead Generation

Shaun Ghavami's 10XBNB course provides helpful tips for maximizing Airbnb income and building a sustainable co-hosting business. The 10XBNB program offers a practical roadmap to get started into the Airbnb business even with little to no money. But the program is not perfect and may not work for everyone. 

While the course offers expert aid into the business, potential students need to spend a big amount of money to sign up and put in hard work. Co-hosting properties also require ample availability of properties within the area for the business to succeed.

The local lead generation biz doesn't have these challenges. Instead of managing properties, you are build websites you can rent out to local business owners. More importantly, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars just to get started. Local lead generation only requires you to have a minimal investment plus a good understanding of how web page ranking works. After creating a web page, you can rank it in Google and it will automatically generate leads. These leads can last for a long time and can generate the passive income that you need.

With this business model, you are not a co-host but a digital real estate owner. You can earn anywhere between $500 to $3,000 per month from happy business owners who benefit from the leads you bring. As such, you won't have to worry about the stresses of managing Airbnb bookings, responding to customer inquiries round the clock, or repairing properties. Even better, you can build and rent out several lead gen sites at the same time to multiply your potential profits.  

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