Tom Donnelly’s 30-Day Laundromat Ownership Mastery Review: What Is A Laundromat Business?

April 15, 2024

30-Day Laundromat Ownership Mastery by Tom Donnelly is a 30 day laundromat owning course that teaches how you can buy the best laundromat location and earn $15,000 a month. Tom uses this technique and now has 3 laundromat businesses with $98,000 revenue for his first laundromat purchase. You will get how you can lessen your initial investment of buying a laundromat through private loan and seller financing. His technique requires you to look for locations personally and talk to sellers. This will allow you to get lower prices than online listings. The course tackles everything you need to know from sourcing locations, creating a deal with the seller, renovations, and management. 

There are no other student testimonials of the 30-Day Laundromat Ownership Mastery aside from the screenshots found on the website. It is still new and that could be one reason there are no online reviews of the course. The program is on its early access and is still on the works for its release date. 

This 30-Day Laundromat Ownership Mastery review, we will cover the course content, the pros and cons, who Tom Donnelly is, his claims, and if owning a laundromat is worth it. Additionally, we discuss if there is a better business model that offers a passive business that you can start with a low initial investment.

Tom Donnelly’s 30-Day Laundromat Ownership Mastery Review: Pros and Cons


Tom Donnelly uses the same system and owned 3 laundromats owning 6 figures.

Tom answers students' questions.

You can request topics for the course and Tom will include it in his future lessons.

The 30-Day Laundromat Ownership Mastery course offers early access discounts.


A laundromat business requires you to be physically present.

The 30-Day Laundromat Ownership Mastery has no student testimonials found online because the course is still new.

The initial investment needed to buy a laundromat is expensive.


The price of 30-Day Laundromat Ownership Mastery is $497 for the limited time offer and the original price is $2,500.


The group of 30-Day Laundromat Ownership Mastery is a private Facebook group with 48 members.

Refund Policy

The refund policy of 30-Day Laundromat Ownership Mastery is a 30 day money-back guarantee.


The 30-Day Laundromat Ownership Mastery started in 2023


The training of 30-Day Laundromat Ownership Mastery is a 30 day video format with weekly Q&A livestream.


Tom Donnelly’s reputation as a laundromat investor is good. He was invited for a real estate and laundromat discussion on Laundromat Resource Podcast.

What Is A Laundromat Business?

A laundromat business is a kind of business that includes coin-operated self-service laundry machines or laundry facilities for your customers. It can be washers, driers, or both. Your customers can operate your automated machines without your presence, which makes this business a true passive income. As long as your machines are well-kept, clean, and working, your customers can use them.

IBIS World estimates the increase in the laundromats' market size in the United States for 2024 to 2029. Majority of successful laundromat business owners take advantage of their location. Your prices and services are factors you should consider because it differs from other laundromat businesses. Additionally, Future Market Insights report shows the US demand for laundry facilities in 2023 increase by 3.8%.

What is Seller Financing?

Seller Financing is an agreement between the real estate seller and buyer, wherein the seller asks the buyer to sign the mortgage instead of a bank mortgage. Tom says this is what he did in buying 3 laundromats in 18 months. It is a cheaper option to buy a laundromat instead of spending too much money on owning a laundromat. He mentions how sellers are open to this setup and teaches how you can do it to your own laundromat business.

What Do You Get With The 30-Day Laundromat Ownership Mastery?

You get a lifetime access to 30-Day Laundromat Ownership Mastery's lesson, Tom's 30-day checklist, laundromat contests with other students, and Tom's laundromat analysis calculator. You get access to 30-Day Laundromat Ownership Mastery's private Facebook community, where Tom answers questions and concerns daily. Additionally, you gain access to livestreams and Q&A (weekly) with Tom and his creators and coaches. 

30-Day Laundromat Ownership Mastery Module

Day 1: Mindset of A Top 10% Laundromat Owner

Tom teaches the basic foundation for you to own a 6 figure laundromat business. You learn how to create a vision and goal for your business. It also teaches how you can organize your planning and how to set up a business LLC.

Day 2: Laying the Foundation For Your 6 Figure Laundromat Business

You learn what kind of mindset a laundromat owner should have. Tom teaches how limiting beliefs can hinder you from your success. He then shows the actions you should do to break it down.

Day 3: Find The Absolute Best Laundromats To Purchase

Tom makes sure that you know how to choose the best laundromat and make a significant investment of your money. It teaches how to do market research to find good locations and what locations to avoid. It also shows how to look at your competitors to know how they compare to your laundromat.

Day 4: How Partnerships Can Fast Track Your Success

This is where you should decide if you want to have a partner or solo. Tom explains how you can distinguish when to buy the business on your own. And how a partnership can sometimes help you achieve success faster. If you do, go for a partnership. Tom shares how you can set up a correct partnership.

Day 5: Quick-Start Market Research

On the 5th day, you learn how you can start looking for your first laundromat location. It includes lessons on consumer demand, profitability, market research, and opportunities.

Day 6: The Number One Best Way To Acquire a Laundromat

You learn how lead generation works in collecting numbers of laundromats. Tom mentions that he source laundromats himself. And that’s when he finds cheaper laundromats for sale because he talks directly to the owner.

Day 7: In Depth Laundromat Evaluation

Tom teaches how you can understand the financial health of your potential laundromat by looking at the age of the machines, store revenues, utility bills, per day machine turns, and other revenue streams. It will help you show how the laundromat is currently earning and give an estimate to what you’ll earn once you buy it.

Day 8: Talk to Laundromat Owners Like a Pro

Tom teaches the questions you should be asking before buying a laundromat. It should include knowing how the store is performing because not all laundromats owners who contact you are not worth buying.

Day 9: Make Irresistible Offers

Aside from learning how to make offers that laundromat owners find hard to resist. You will also learn how to feel good about how you move forward with your offers.

Day 10: Creative Finance: Buying With Low Money Down

Tom says that this is important because you learn how to create financial strategies. Buy a laundromat with the lowest money possible. His tactic is how he takes advantage of seller financing.

Day 11: Due Diligence From A-Z

Tom shares how to buy the best investment that will leave you happy with your purchase. It teaches the legal requirements you should do before making a purchase.

Day 12: Machine Distributors: Your Secret To Profits

You learn how you can build a connection with machine distributors. Tom shares that it is important to build a relationship with them because they know where the best resource in the industry is. And it could help you when you plan to remodel your store.

Day 13-14: Coin Collection & What To Look For

These 2 day lessons show you how to meet with your seller. It teaches what you should look for in your potential laundromat. See what is happening behind the business.

Day 15: Create a Top 1% Business Plan

You get access to Tom’s business plan that he uses on his own business. He teaches marketing strategies and opportunities. It includes adding a new revenue system like a new machine. A new machine can boost your revenues in an instant.

Day 16: Tax Advantages

Tom explains how to pay the least amount of tax money. He shows how you can depreciate your assets to save money on taxes.

Day 17: Scaling Profits And Increasing Revenue

You learn how to increase your profit without creating more work for yourself. It teaches how you can increase the vending prices, add a fluff and fold service, add new vending machines or ATMs, and slot machines.

Day 18: How To Get The Best Lease Possible

Tom explains that the lease is something you want to know before starting your own business. It teaches the important things you want to work out with your landlord before starting your own business.

Day 19: Smooth Business Ownership Transition

Tom says that the contract transition is what you should focus on before buying. It mentions how to cover important details such as the service contract, utilities, Wi-Fi security, and keys. He added that you won’t be able to see or contact the seller again. So it’s best to know everything before parting ways.

Day 20: Managing Employees and Cleaners

You learn how you can manage your employees so you can relax and keep your laundromat business as a passive income. Tom shares that he only visits his laundromats twice a year because he loves traveling.

Day 21: Exceptional Customer Service To Boost Revenue

Learn how you can train your employees how to interact with your customers. Tom shares how you can copy what he does in his own business.

Day 22: Getting 5 Star Reviews and Loyalty Programs

Tom teaches that excellent customer service can lead to getting 5 star reviews. He teaches how you can get high reviews accompanied by loyalty cards and programs.

Day 23: Branding Like A Pro

You learn how you can make your laundry business as passive as possible. Tom shares from his own experience of owning 3 laundromats while having his own freedom.

Day 24: Advertising Made Easy

Tom shares how you can advertise your laundromat using social media ads. And shows you how you can do it easily.

Day 25: Make Your Laundromat Passive

A detailed example will be Tom’s experience of how he manages the business even without the need to be physically present. He shares his techniques and what he does to keep it that way.

Day 26: Scaling Your Laundromat Portfolio Fast

Tom shares how you can scale your laundromat portfolio. It can help boost the revenue you’re getting on your business and increase your value.

Day 27: Flipping Laundromats For Cashflow

After purchasing a laundromat, it will be your choice to keep the business or increase its value, then sell it for a higher price. Tom shows you how you can increase your laundromat’s value by enhancing the services, renovations, and adding new machines.

Day 28-30: Wealth Building Strategies

The last 3 days show you how you can increase your income using Tom’s strategies to make more money. It includes ensuring your savings, debt, and tax. It will help you know how to budget your monthly income and rotate your investment.

Who Is The 30-Day Laundromat Ownership Mastery For?

30-Day Laundromat Ownership Mastery is for:

  • Beginners and people with no experience and want the easy way of learning how to own a laundromat and earn $15,000 a month. Tom says that beginners can follow the program since it is designed based on beginners’ needs.
  • People who have $10,000 and want to invest in buying a laundromat for passive income.
  • Real estate investors and laundromat investors who want to widen their knowledge in investing and want to add having a laundromat to their list of businesses.

Are Students Of The 30-Day Laundromat Ownership Mastery Successful?

It is hard to say if the students of 30-Day Laundromat Ownership Mastery are successful because the course is new and there are no other reviews that can be found online. The only student reviews are the ones found on the website. Even the private Facebook group has 48 members. It shows that the course is still blooming and is gaining students.

The screenshot shows 3 student reviews found on the website. It includes the student’s first name and their stories of how they successfully used Tom’s strategies. Ryan H says that he made $180,000 in 1 year. While Matt T mentions that he bought 2 laundromats in ‌a year. And Sam P complemented the program for being the “streamlined way” for owning a laundromat.

Tom shows 2 more screenshots from personal conversations from his students. Sam H thanks Tom for the program and his technique of reaching out to laundromat owners as the best way to source locations. While the other screenshot shows the student gaining confidence to buy a laundromat thanks to the course.

Who Is Tom Donnelly?

Tom Donnelly is an RV owner, self-employed, laundromat owner, real estate investor, laundromat investor and the creator of 30-Day Laundromat Ownership Mastery from Homer Glen, Illinois. He lives in his RV and loves traveling where he is currently living at Solana Beach, California. He studied at Western Illinois University in 2003, where he studied Business Administration. In 2005, he also studied in NHL Hogeschool where he focused on business, trade, and commerce. And Tom has been an ambassador for Yoga 4 Homeless since 2015.  

Tom was an assistant manager for Enterprise Rent-A-Car in 2007, where he practiced sales and became the top 10 sales leader for 2 months. After 2 years, Tom founded the Cheekytraveler offering family travel packages. He worked for Groupon in 2010 and worked as a sales director and an account executive for 10 years. In between 2018, he co-founded Kaizen Rentals for VRBO and Airbnb investors from California, North Carolina, Texas, Florida, and Tennessee.

He became an investor in 2018, where he co-founded Throop Donnelly LLC, a real estate investment for class B and C families. And he started his laundromat journey in 2019, where he was looking for a way to earn money and build wealth quickly. In 2020, Tom became the CEO of TDM Holdings, LLC, where he offers lead sourcing and laundromat property investment in Atlanta. He co-founded a real estate firm in 2021, TJ Capital LLC, where they buy, sell, and build real estate.

What Is Tom Donnelly’s Claim?

Tom Donnelly claims that you will earn a passive income of $15,000 a month by owning laundromats. You will learn everything to know about how to start your own business within 30 days. Tom says that a laundromat business has a 95% success rate that will help you leave your 9 to 5 working hours.

Tom Donnelly’s Claim Debunked

Tom Donnelly’s claim is hard to achieve, especially if you have a limited budget to spend on your business. The amount of money you need to invest in a laundromat is $200,000 to $500,000, depending on the size. If you want a bigger sized laundromat, you will need to spend more. The starting cost depends if you are starting or are you purchasing a previous laundromat.

You need to spend money on your laundromat industry. Monthly operating costs like water, electricity, cleaning products, payroll, and rental. Entrepreneur says that a laundromat owner who earns $30,000 a year nets $10,500 for a good month. Remember that your income is connected to your monthly expenses. Since Tom claims that you'll earn $15,000 a month. Imagine how long you need to wait before you get your ROI back.

Is A Laundromat Business Worth It?

A laundromat business is worth it if you have the money to invest and if you can wait years before it becomes successful. The profitability of owning a laundromat has a 94.8% success rate compared to retail (47%) and restaurant (20%). A good laundromat ROI is between 20%  to 30% of your total income. The average estimated cost of purchasing a laundromat property is between $200,000 to $1,000,000, according to research. Even if Tom used seller financing, he still paid $10,000 for his first laundromat. The price depends if you are purchasing an existing laundromat or you’re building one from scratch. 

The benefits of having your own laundromat business are having low labor cost, easy inventory, easy to manage, and the flexibility of offering a passive business. A small laundromat on average earns $5,000 to $25,000. 30-Day Laundromat Ownership Mastery mentions how you can earn a revenue of $15,000 a month proves the profitability of this business. 

As much as other businesses, owning a laundromat has its downside. The risk of running a laundromat includes high utility costs on laundry equipment, washer machine, dryer, and water. It also includes paying more money on safety measures, security, hiring, and location expenses. This is apart from the initial upfront payment for purchasing the laundromat. Tom’s method is to teach you how you can hire and train your employees. Employees left alone is an enormous responsibility. You need to find an employee with a high morale that you can trust to be left alone in your business. 

Create A Low-Cost Passive Income Business With Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is a better option for a true low-cost passive income business because you can do it in the comfort of your home. It does not need for you to physically source locations so you can do it anywhere. This business model does not require a higher upfront investment, unlike buying a laundromat business. It only costs $500 to start your business. And you don’t need to pay for ads since you are targeting organic traffic using SEO to rank on Google.

Similar to owning multiple laundromats, owning many local lead generation websites earns you more money. Local lead generation works by targeting a local business or niche from a local town or city and creating a website around it. And since you are targeting local businesses, competition is low. As long as your website is ranking on Google, you can earn up to $2,000 a month. It has a low-cost maintenance of $30 a month to maintain, which differs from owning a laundromat that requires regular maintenance. You rarely need to edit your website, which makes it a true passive income. The scalability is easy to repeat as you can rank and rent more websites. Local lead generation is my business model for financial freedom, offering a passive income that does not require a big upfront investment.
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