Brad Sugars 30X Life Review: Is It Worth Enrolling In This 30-Day Life Coaching Course?

June 19, 2024

30X Life is a coaching course developed and mentored by the Australian guru Brad Sugars. It is a 30-day program where you spend 30 minutes a day on progressive topics that are curated by Brad himself, guaranteed to bring success to life, business, and wealth. The principles taught in 30X Life are lessons taken from Brad's 30-year career as a life and business coach. He claims these principles are the reasons he became a multi-million entrepreneur with 9 successful businesses.

It is worth enrolling in Brad's 30-Day Life coaching program. With only $99 in upfront costs, you get exclusive access to a 15-hour in-depth training with Brad. The course also includes a 30-day live Zoom coaching where you can ask questions and build a network with your co-participants. You'll also get a workbook to track daily progress and growth with the 30X Life program package. However, results can vary from one person to another.

30X Life is a legit course. However, the program is relatively new, so there are no raw reviews from students yet. The success rate of a life coaching course is also hard to measure since it's subjective. Moreover, the man behind 30X Life is a controversial figure. Brad Sugars faced several lawsuits for using deceit and fraudulent information to solicit new franchisees for Action International. Although 30X Life is a legit course hosted on a legitimate website, the company backing it has many gray areas.

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30X Life Pros and Cons


15 hours of in-depth video training with Brad Sugars himself

Live Zoom coaching calls where you can ask questions and build a network with other participants

Daily insights on 10 core skills you need to master

Workbook to track daily progress and growth

Bonus lessons on 30X learning, productivity, and quick cash


30X Life is relatively new and there are no unsolicited reviews online to back its worthiness

Brad Sugars is notorious for upselling

There are many controversies on the credibility and business practices of Brad Sugars

Some negative reviews on Brad's past courses (and franchises) include "the biggest scam ever" and "not worth buying"


30X Life costs $99 upfront


100% money-back guarantee


Action International was founded in 1993. The company changed its name to ActionCOACH Global in 2005.


30 years in the industry, Brad is the CEO of 9 companies and the multi-million dollar coaching franchise ActionCOACH

June 19, 2024

Brad S. is a financial manipulator who lacks empathy. I work in mental health and have seen his customers consistently lose money. He constantly advertises on YouTube to lure people into his scam. If his methods worked, he wouldn’t need to advertise so much. He’s facing a court case in Australia, which is why he left the country. Positive reviews are written during training, but no one gets consistent results. Former employees confirm this and all eventually leave. Please stay away from him.

Amanda Jenkins

1.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

What Will Be Covered in the 30 Days of 30X Life?

Goal Planning

  • Day 1: Think Big coaches you on how to get a massive set of dreams and goals. 
  • Day 2: Success Formula that Brad has been teaching for over 20 years. 
  • Day 3: Have Formula coach you on how to make your dreams and goals a part of your life. 
  • Day 4: Identity Iceberg proactively builds who you need to be so you can become who you want to be.


  • Day 5: Point of Power coaches you on how you can create the life you want.
  • Day 6: Change Formula helps create the change you want and not allow the change you don’t want.
  • Day 7: Quality of Life teaches you how to build a higher level of living.
  • Day 8: Categories + Roles build the structure of who you need to be.
  • Day 9: Comfort Zone coaches the steps on how to break through your comfort zone.


  • Day 10: Learning teaches the best learning practices you can apply in life.
  • Day 11: Generalist vs Specialist helps you structure a life that builds real results for you through a specialist mindset.

Effective Communication

  • Day 12: Communication teaches about communication practices that you can apply in your relationships. 
  • Day 13: Behaviors coaches key behaviors that successful people possess.

Self Management

  • Day 14: Confidence + Esteem teaches the importance of confidence and self-esteem in aiming for a successful life. 
  • Day 15: Self Discipline coaches the importance of managing yourself and how it affects your ability to solve problems.


  • Day 16: Problem-Solving coaches an effective method that helped Brad handle the problems he encountered in his businesses. 
  • Day 17: Being Present teaches the importance of focusing on the "now" in creating the results you want to achieve. 
  • Day 18: The Law of Attraction concept is broken down so you can apply it daily in your life.

Interpersonal Relationships

  • Day 19: Relationships coaches good practices that help nurture personal and professional relationships. "It doesn't get easier, but you get better at relationships," Brad says. 
  • Day 20: Friendship lessons and how you can make lifelong ones. 
  • Day 21: Parenting lessons and practical tips that you can apply in life. Based on Brad's personal parenting experience as a proud father of 5.

Stress Management

  • Day 22: Health and Fitness discuss the role of health and fitness in achieving a happy life.
  • Day 23: Meditation practices that you can use daily to stay calm and centered. 
  • Day 24: Depression talks with Brad based on his personal experience as a Las Vegas mass shooting survivor, how it affected him, and how he recovered from it.


  • Day 25: Happiness lessons and the importance of keeping a positive outlook. 
  • Day 26: Leadership roles in the family, team, and business.


  • Day 27: Charisma and what it takes to be a charismatic person. 
  • Day 28: What Others Think coaches about keeping peace within yourself and not allowing other people's opinions to affect your way of living.
  • Day 29: Philanthropy and the role of charity works in achieving a successful life. 
  • Day 30: Action Plan guides you in putting together a life structure that works for you.

Who is the Founder of ActionCOACH?

Brad Sugars is the founder of ActionCOACH. Formerly Action International, the business changed its name in 2005. Brad's first stint as a life coach was when he teamed up with Robert Kiyosaki and taught business and marketing to Kiyosaki’s students. The program with Kiyosaki became a hit and inspired him to start Action International in 1993.

What started from his humble Brisbane bedroom, Action International has finally caught the attention of the global audiences. As of writing, ActionCOACH has over 1,000 offices in 22 countries and is ranked in the top 100 world’s best franchises. In his over 30 years as an executive coach, Brad Sugars shared the stage with the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, John Maxwell, and Allan Pease. He's also co-authored books with Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, and Mark Victor Hansen.

Who is Brad Sugars?

Bradley J Sugars is a motivational coach, keynote speaker, bestselling author, and influential entrepreneur. He was born in Brisbane, Australia, on the 28th of May 1971. Brad graduated from the Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Business-Accounting.

Brad dreamed of being a business coach. In high school, he would save money to watch Jim Rohn preach on stage, and his passion for business grew with him. Brad always believed that the "hustle and grind" mentality was not enough to propel him to the pedestal. He knew that small business owners like him need to invest in personal skills to achieve exponential growth.

Brad Sugars lives a very luxurious life and often flaunts his wealth online. He has a penchant for luxury cars and million-dollar houses. His famous Brisbane mansion settled on a 4-hectare property and had an 18-seater theater, gym, tennis court, and a 3500-bottle cellar with built-in temperature control. It was later sold to Nathan Tinkler (Australian mining magnate) when he moved from Australia to the US after his franchisees sued him for fraud.

Who is Brad Sugars?

Yes, Brad Sugars is an experienced life and business coach. He has been in the coaching business for 30 years. Brad was voted as one of the Most Admired Entrepreneurs by the readers of E-Spy Magazine. A distinction that’s only been given to the biggest names in business, like Henry Ford and Richard Branson. While ActionCOACH is top 25 of the Fastest Growing Franchises in the world and the #1 business consulting franchise.

Other awards given to Brad Sugars include: 

  • Top 50 Entrepreneurs in the US in 2007
  • Top 5 CEOs in North America at the American Business Awards in 2009

What Businesses Does Brad Sugars Own?

ActionCOACH Global (1993 to present)

Formerly Action International, ActionCOACH is Brad's main business. His coaching brand helped over 40,000 business owners and companies. Today, a team of 1,000 coaches is present in 70 countries and works with over 18,000 companies coaching on entrepreneurship, sales, and other topics.

Luv4 Marketing (2010 to present)

It is a digital marketing franchise and global online marketing agency. The company specializes in SEO, lead generation, social media marketing, and pay-per-click (PPC).

Engage and Glow Global (2012 to present)

A coaching business and training company that helps businesses empower and engage their employees. The company provides personalized programs for employees based on the workplace structure, company culture, industry standards, and other factors.

Urban Clean National Office Cleaning Franchise (2017 to present)

Professional cleaning service provider for companies and corporations. Urban Clean employs professional cleaners that are certified and reliable.

AddingZEROS (2018 to Present)

A coaching firm that focuses on the development, training, and skills enhancement of top-level executives. They help CEOs and executives lead and manage their organizations through practical business coaching.

Bucketlist Life Coaching (2018 to Present)

An online training platform for life coaches. It's a coaching program that trains and empowers aspiring coaches and equips them with the skills they need to affect millions of lives worldwide.

What Are Books by Bradley J Sugars?

The Business Coach: A Millionaire Entrepreneur Reveals the 6 Critical Steps to Business Success (Instant Success)

Instant Systems (Instant Success)

Billionaire in Training: Build Businesses, Grow Enterprises, and Make Your Fortune (Instant Success)

Instant Cashflow (Instant Success)

Instant Team Building (Instant Success)

Instant Leads

Instant Sales

Successful Franchising (Instant Success)

Real Estate Coach (Instant Success)

Instant Referrals

Instant Profit (Instant Success)

Instant Advertising

Instant Repeat Business: Loyalty

Instant Promotions (Instant Success)

Buying Customers

Cash, Customers, and Ads That Sell

Billionaire In Training- Because Millionaire Just Isn't Rich Enough

Instant Sales: Everything In You

Reddit discussion on Brad's business books:

"Underwhelming in the extreme" was Alec Hogg's comment on Brad Sugar's book "Buying Customers" in an interview with him:

What Are Books by Bradley J Sugars?

Yes, Brad Sugars has been in several controversies and lawsuits throughout his 30-year coaching career. The Sydney Morning Herald calls him the “hard-sell, get-rich-quick” business person because of his questionable practices. Perhaps the biggest issue that surrounds Brad Sugars is his ex-franchisees' lawsuits and complaints. Many believe that changing Action International's name in 2005 is a desperate attempt to clear the company's name online from franchisee backlash.

Ex-franchisees claim that they have been deceitfully presented with fraudulent data to entice them to buy an Action franchise. As a result, many folks lost their life savings and retirement fund in what they thought was an investment that will bring them more wealth. Brad Sugars is also notorious for upselling programs and top-up courses to those who took the first bait.

These are excerpts from a RipOff Report:

According to an ex-franchisee, this is how the Action franchise scheme works:

There's a review I found for ActionCOACH (2009) posted on from an ex-employee:

This review on Trustpilot referred to Brad Sugars as a scam and a fraud. The writer did not mention the course he was referring to. But, 30X Life has already been launched by the time this review was published:

Brad Sugars Live (UK Tour) Feedback From A Participant

Not all that's been said about Brad Sugars is negative. Em Wilson, a participant in Brad Sugar's live coaching for the UK audience at the Ageas Bowl, Southampton, shares her personal experience:

Em's post on LinkedIn gained positive comments too:

Alternative Coaching Courses

Jazmine Torres’ Let’s Jazz It Up

Jazmine is a life and business coach that provides personalized services to her clients. She offers 1-on-1 calls and chat support to monitor each client's progress. Let's Jazz It Up coaching packages range from $80 to $150.

ron rauwerda youtube business academy review

Tanner Chidester's Elite CEO

Tanner is the owner of two 7-figure businesses and the man behind the Elite CEO business mentoring program. He specializes in affiliate marketing, sales funnels, and high-ticket affiliate marketing. An Elite CEO course starts at $37.

Other 30X Courses by Brad Sugars

30X Wealth is a passive income investing course. This course promises to show proven systematic ways to secure an excellent financial future while putting in less work. A program designed to grow your wealth exponentially by creating more income streams.

30X Business is a 30-day business course that promises to grow your business by 30%. This program teaches a business model that maximizes profits, a targeted marketing plan, and vital business principles applicable to all industries.

In Summary

30X Life is a promising coaching course. At a strategic price point of $99, marketed and coached by THE Brad Sugars, this course is enticing to many hopefuls. The downside is that we don't have enough feedback from actual participants to say if the course delivers what it promises. The measure of success is also subjective, so a principle could work for one, but not for the other. Brad Sugars has been in the coaching business for three decades. His fans, the public, ex-franchisees, and ex-employees/ex-coaches have varying opinions of him and his business. Although there are many negative comments on Brad, he still has a fanbase and gets a full house on his live coaching tours.

If you're a risk taker and have $99 to splurge, a coaching course with Brad Sugars could be worth a try. After all, the course promises a 100% guaranteed refund if you're not satisfied. But if you're still skeptical and can't get past his controversies, better invest in a no-risk course.

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