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8 Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily in 2024 (Benefits & Drawbacks)

March 22, 2024

every day paying affiliate programs

The affiliate programs that pay daily in 2024 are:

  1. WarriorPlus
  2. JVZoo
  3. CPAlead
  4. AdCraX Affiliates
  6. TerraLeads
  7. Mobidea
  8. Rapid Action Profits

Affiliate programs like Amazon, eBay Partner Network, and ShareASale usually pay on a monthly basis. However, there are popular affiliate programs which pay daily. Some even release affiliate commissions weekly or quarterly. Whenever an affiliate marketer drives a successful referral or action, they receive a percentage of commission. It can be through the Pay-Per-Sale (PPS) or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) method. According to MagicLinks, PPS is more profitable because the commissions are bigger and there's less risk for click fraud.

In Spencer Mecham's YouTube video entitled $0 - $3,000,000 - My Affiliate Marketing Journey, he highlighted the profitability of affiliate marketing. Spencer hit a $3M affiliate revenue in a single platform within 5 years of starting his journey. However, achieving this amount is only possible with affiliate programs that are reputable and have many product offerings. You also need to perform web traffic analysis and monitor specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and changing market dynamics to adjust your affiliate marketing strategies accordingly.

Is there anything worse than waiting to get paid by an affiliate program? That’s your money. And you earned it. So why should you have to wait a single day? In fact, there are a few affiliate programs out there that pay out earnings every single day, while some even offer instant commission payouts the second you make a sale. If getting paid right away is a top priority for you, then you should definitely check out these top-paying affiliate programs that pay daily in 2024. I know this because I tried my hand at affiliate programs for a while and the financial turnaround was decent, to say the least. However, my real profits came from a business model that is more lucrative, sustainable, and scalable.

1. WarriorPlus

affiliate programs that pay daily

WarriorPlus is an affiliate program that focuses on educational and software products, and it’s one of the most trusted programs in the digital product world. Thousands of affiliates already use WarriorPlus, and most only have good things to say about it.

Because WarriorPlus is software-focused, it should come as no surprise that their affiliate program and overall system is very powerful, stable, and easy to use. It’s a constantly evolving digital ecosystem with a thriving community of vendors and affiliates.

And yes, you do have the potential for instant payments. If you have a list of active subscribers in certain niches, referring sales will result in instantaneous payments–straight to your PayPal account.

According to Quora user Prosper Noah, making money on WarriorPlus is easy if you know what to sell and how to look for solid offers. He made $180 in just 15 days when he first started.

2. JVZoo

JVZoo doesn’t hide the fact that you’ll get paid instant commissions. In fact, they brag about it right underneath their listing on Google’s search page. JVZoo’s affiliate market focuses mostly on digital products but from a wide range of niches. Their categories are E-Commerce, Business, Health/Fitness, Self-Improvement, and Software.

Most of the time, you’ll be selling things like books, software, and online courses. But with 9.5 million products to choose from, you’ve got plenty of options no matter what your niche might be.

To make things easier for affiliates, JVZoo even has a search function that lets you find products perfect for your specific niche. Simply type in a few keywords, filter by niche, and pick the top sellers to find the best affiliate products in JVZoo’s database.

This is one of the most well-known affiliate programs on the web, and it’s definitely a company that you can trust.

Finally, the support system that JVZoo offers is tremendous. They really go the extra mile, whether you’re an affiliate or a vendor. If you want more detailed information about this affiliate network, check out my JVZoo review.

Roshni Dhal's Quora comment highlighted how she makes $500-$1K daily on the JVZoo platform. This is her earning potential with only a year and a half of experience.

3. CPAlead

CPAlead is a leading company offering iOS and Android installs to mobile application developers and networks. This company connects potential clients with CPI (Cost Per Install) networks. CPAlead lets you earn commissions on a daily basis. According to their website, they don't miss a single payment.

CPAlead has paid over $100M to affiliate marketers across 180 countries. They also have a 5% bonus for referring friends and other interested individuals. This makes it a lucrative option for those wanting to get paid daily while earning based on their performance.

You can choose to get paid via Payoneer, Paypal, Payoneer, ACH, Wire, and Check. CPAlead also claims to give out heftier rewards to high-performing marketers. Some examples of these items include iPads, trophies, and t-shirts.

In Mike Moller's YouTube video on CPAlead Review, he discussed how beginners can earn around $100 daily. Mike said that you can earn commissions from various tasks that require specific actions. He also suggested testing the waters first before fully committing.

4. AdCraX Affiliates

affiliate programs that pay daily

AdCraX Affiliates is a little bit different because it focuses solely on the mobile market. With this system, you can easily monetize your apps, games, and sites that might appear on a mobile/smartphone system.

While some of their monetization efforts are on a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) basis, this company also focuses on launching brand campaigns on an affiliate basis. But perhaps most importantly, AdCraX Affiliates does give the option for daily payments.

AdCraX pays its affiliates through direct bank transfers or via PayPal. This means that this affiliate program is available anywhere in the world.

This company also offers 24/7 support and platform resources like banners, links, and many more. According to Scott Max's review of the program, AdCraX doesn't have any hidden fees whatsoever.

5. is an affiliate program that claims to be the number one for working with Nutra Vertical. But what is Nutra Vertical? “Nutra” is short for Nutraceuticals, which includes all kinds of different niches within the basic umbrella of healthcare. Some niches within Nutra Vertical include skincare, weight loss, vitamins, testosterone, and many more.

If you’re running a blog with a healthcare focus, you’ll probably find some pretty amazing products to promote with With 50 different niches and almost 2,500 different offers, you’re bound to find something good. only started back in 2016, so it’s still relatively new to the game. But make no mistake, tons of people are making a lot of money with this system.

The program’s dashboard and UI are also incredibly modern, and its streamlined design allows you to keep track of your affiliate endeavors quickly and easily.

Does this affiliate program pay daily? No.

It pays out twice per day. That’s a whole lot better than many of the programs in this article, so if you want to get paid often, you should definitely check out

Joey Babineau's YouTube video entitled From $0 to $10,000 - 3 Profit-Boosting NUTRA AFFILIATE Strategies With Dr.Cash talks about how a certain affiliate marketer make $10,000 daily. This is based on information from VidTao's newsletter. This affiliate makes significant money by using Nutra video sales letters on YouTube.

6. TerraLeads

TerraLeads bills itself as the “world’s first CPA Hub.” This Russian company takes full control of almost every aspect of the process, including manufacturing its own products in Europe. That’s why they call themselves a “Hub,” as they are the merchant, the publisher, and the network.

What kinds of products do they create and promote? This is another affiliate program which focuses on the “Nutra” market. Usually, you’ll be promoting things like skincare products, weight loss aids, and health foods. Because these products are produced in Europe and meet the standards of clinical trials put in place by the EU, they’re generally seen as more trustworthy than nutra products from other areas around the globe. Because of this, you’ll feel confident that you’re promoting safe and effective products.

TerraLeads also has a great interface that makes it easy to keep track of your affiliate marketing efforts without much hassle. Affiliates have the potential to earn considerable amounts of money. But that’s not all. When you start promoting this company, you’ll also earn rewards called “T-Coins.” These rewards can be traded in for some pretty amazing prizes, including TVs, segways, and even cars.

But what about their payment system? Well, you can rest assured that TerraLeads pays you instantly as soon as a representative approves your sale at their call center. All in all, this is a rather promising option.

7. Mobidea

Mobidea is another well-known affiliate network with a focus on Mobile CPA advertising. With this Cost Per Action System, you have the potential to promote a wide variety of different products and earn consistent payments. Some of their top categories include things like Beauty, Health, Games, Dating, and Videos.

Their system is pretty solid, and they offer tracking technology and great support in many different languages.

And yes, there is an option to be paid every day. Normally, this is limited to payments on every business day, but if you’re a VIP member, you can get paid on weekends too. Mobidea sends your earning through PayPal, Paxum, FirstchoicePay, or Payoneer. However, choosing the bank transfer option means you get your income twice a week.

According to Quora comments from Amit Singh and Abdul Nazeef, Mobidea is among their top CPA marketing platforms in the 21st century. They also mentioned how easy it is for beginners to get accepted into the program. Reddit user Cintrondigital also concurs saying that the best way to make money in Mobidea is by continuously tracking and optimizing your campaigns.

8. Rapid Action Profits

Rounding out the end of this list, we have Rapid Action Profits. Some affiliate marketers have expressed some doubt about this program, and it’s probably not as active as it once was. However, most affiliate marketers out there today know that this program pays instant commissions, so it automatically earns a spot on our list.

This program focuses on software and learning products, and there are a few affiliates out there who have positive things to say about Rapid Action Profits. While it might not be the most popular option out there, it’s a solid example of a program which pays daily, instant commissions.

Chris Sutton, a Rapid Action Profits user, commented on the Warrior Forum about how satisfied he is with the services RAP provides. He's been doing RAP for over 11 years. Chris recommends Rapid Action Profits to other affiliate marketers wanting to earn daily income.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily

Benefits of Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily

Fast payment schedule

Various payment methods available

Low risk, high profit (because these programs are free to join)

Flexible work hours

Wide array of affiliate products to choose from

Drawbacks of Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily

Affiliate commissions aren't stable

Competition is high for most of these affiliate programs

Needs time and effort for online marketing and content creation

Difficult to capture loyal customers as a beginner

Strict third-party policies

Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily: Final Thoughts

Look, there are quite a few affiliate programs out there which won’t make you wait for your hard earned cash. Getting paid every day is a pretty sweet deal, and any of these programs should appeal if this is a major priority for you. Should you really choose an affiliate program based on how often you get paid? That’s debatable.

Does it even matter if you have to wait a week for your next paycheck? Do you really need that money every single day? Maybe you’re dealing with certain unique circumstances that make daily payments essential. But speaking in general terms, most affiliate marketers take more factors into account than just payment frequency when they’re choosing a program. Reddit user Northlondonsfinest revealed how he earns $12K-$13K monthly in net profit with affiliate marketing. And since the market is getting more saturated, constant optimization through SEO is pivotal.

There are probably more pressing matters to consider. Things like commission rates, the trustworthiness of the affiliate program, and the products being offered are all very important factors to think about. For the most part, these things matter a whole lot more than simply getting paid every single day. But maybe you’re trying to decide between two affiliate programs–and payment frequency becomes the “tiebreaker.” Regardless, it probably makes sense to choose the program which offers daily paydays.

In any case, most of the affiliate programs we’ve mentioned today are pretty solid choices. These programs and networks generally have a lot more to offer than just a great pay schedule, so we encourage you to check each one out and dig a little deeper. Hopefully, this article brings you one step closer to instant commissions and daily payments.

What I Believe is Better Than Affiliate Marketing in 2024

In my opinion, affiliate marketing is way too saturated today.

With local lead generation, we're ranking sites in local niches. This means you're competing with 20 local companies instead of thousands of affiliate marketers.

I have sites from 2015 still making me $750 to $2,000 per month.

Lead gen has always outperformed any of my affiliate marketing sites today because...

  • there's little to no maintenance needed
  • there are a lot more niches that are easy competition because you are going into local search instead of national/global
  • high commission because many of these leads produce jobs that generate thousands instead of affiliate products that's only worth like $100-$200

For me, lead generation for local businesses still fits the criteria of what I’m looking for in a business that I can work from home and take with me when I go on vacation:

•  Passive Income is a real option. Set up lead gen sites one time and receive compensation for months and years long after it’s brought in the first check.

•  Stack up multiple, profitable projects to increase your passive income volume with less than a day’s worth of work for each.

•  Following the same formula that mainstream companies like Uber and Airbnb utilize to turn profits, you can generate referrals and send them to service providers, taking a cut on the back end of the sale.

•  Working from a laptop, your monthly profits could rival the annual salary of some of the most affluent and highly-compensated careers, like surgeons and lawyers.

You aren’t required to go through it alone though. I stumbled upon what is now our coaching program, which guides you toward the financial stability with step-by-step training videos that you can follow along as you build your first project (and continue to have access to this as you continue with your new business venture). 

If you want passive income or more profits in a side hustle than simply getting an hourly wage for a part-time job–above and beyond your full-time gig–then local lead generation may end up being just the thing for you. This local lead gen coaching program has allowed me to quit my 9 to 5 in 2015, and I've been self-employed ever since.

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  2. 1. warrior Plus is no longer instant payments. You have to have a wallet where your money is deposited. One week payment.

    2. Rapid Action Profits is not an affiliate marketplace anymore. For 197.00 you create your own affiliate network.

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