Jeff Miller’s Agency BTS Masterclass Review: How is the Course’s Agency Model Different From Other Businesses?

March 23, 2024

Agency BTS (Behind-The-Scenes) Masterclass is a lead generation course by Jeff Miller, teaching you to create ads within 30 minutes. It is a 2 hours and 30-minute program teaching Facebook and YouTube ads. Additionally, these ads guarantees to get 4 to 8 clients a month. The ads Jeff teaches are his own Product Market Fit Hypothesis and Mad Lib Ads to attract clients. It teaches how Jeff operates on high profit margins (75%) and how you can recreate your agency. Jeff's experience since college led him to launch CoolBeans Digital in 2017. The program provides templates, scripts, automation, funnels, and past courses. Jeff also offers The Agency School. It is a paid-community aside from the private Facebook community that comes with the program.

Agency BTS Masterclass receives a lot of positive feedback based on their website, Facebook, and YouTube. Majority praises Jeff’s strategies for helping them keep clients and get new clients. Almost all positive reviews mention how Jeff simplified their processes and commends how helpful his program is to them. However, there are also negative comments found on their Facebook profile mentioning it is a fraud with no additional context. There is also 1 person saying not to buy the course. 

Over 97.1% of the United States’s population is using the internet according to Statista. It shows that if your website is ranking on top of search engines, the easier it is to catch your target audience. Hubspot's report shows that 1,877 generated leads a month. Additionally, 50% are considering lead generation as their priority in campaigns. Data from ViB (B2B Marketing News Roundup) shows 41% of marketers mention leads as one challenge they face. So with the proper understanding of lead generation and marketing techniques, you will succeed.

In this Agency BTS Masterclass review, you learn the pros and cons of the program, content. Additionally, you learn how Jeff’s program differs from other businesses. It tackles who the program is for, if students are getting results, and Jeff Miller’s claims. You also learn the lead generation's profitability and discover a new business model with local lead generation.

Agency BTS Masterclass Review: Pros and Cons


Agency BTS Masterclass has a private Facebook community.

Jeff Miller has first-hand experience of building his own agency from scratch.

Agency BTS Masterclass offers a 1-on-1 session with Jeff Miller.


Agency BTS Masterclass only has 2 hours and a half worth of masterclass.

The Agency School (Jeff’s paid community) costs more than Agency BTS Masterclass.

Agency BTS Masterclass’s refund policy is only 3 days (72 hours).


The price of Agency BTS Masterclass is $297. Jeff offers a limited offer of $27 promo.


The training of Agency BTS Masterclass is self-paced video format.


The group of Agency BTS Masterclass is a private Facebook group with 62.7K members. Jeff also offers The Agency School, which is an upgraded community with 216 members.

Refund Policy

The refund policy of Agency BTS Masterclass is a 3-day money-back guarantee.


Agency BTS Masterclass started in 2022.


Jeff Miller is known for building his own agency and succeeding. He is a guest speaker for YouTube channels like DUDE Agency, Joel Kaplan, Clicks Geek, Masters of Fate Brotherhood, and more.

How is Agency BTS Masterclass’s Agency Model Different From Other Businesses?

Agency BTS Masterclass’ model differs from other businesses because Jeff offers a simplified version of his agency processes. Instead of spending hours on tedious tasks like demo calls and cold calling, you target your potential clients through Google and Facebook ads. Additionally, get information through a Google document for customer acquisition. Unlike other agencies whose clients ask for a refund whenever they are dissatisfied with the results, and so on. Jeff’s shows you how to use 1 CRM to run ads, test ads, and create national campaigns within 72 hours of launching your ads. The program helps lessen your agency involvement as most repetitive tasks are automated. Jeff takes pride in how he built his 7-figure agency and wants to share how he is currently doing it.

Agency BTS Masterclass is an instant shortcut for building your own agency because most tasks are automated. Jeff’s simplified version proves his knowledge of scaling his agency. Some students who use the exact version are showing their profit through the website. Jacob Gonzalez shows that he spent $400 in ads but earned $3,000 in return. McKinsey’s report shows businesses (31%) use automation for at least 1 function in their business. Different case studies show that businesses who adopt automation through their processes want to improve their business quality and not replace employees.

What is Agency BTS Masterclass?

Agency BTS Masterclass is a program that teaches Jeff's agency model in getting 8 clients while operating on 75% profit margin. It teaches a 30 minute approach on getting clients using Facebook ads you created for 15 minutes. Additionally, it teaches how to use 1 CRM tool and build your entire system for only 30 minutes. Jeff shows how you can improve your agency without the intense experience in copywriting, funnels, and medical buying.

What Do You Get With Agency BTS Masterclass?

You get over 3 hours' worth of video content strategies, systems, and personal practical advice from Agency BTS Masterclass. You also get access to Jeff’s Facebook Ads Agency Scaling Secrets community with thousands (62.7K) of members. Additionally, the program includes hiring and funnel pages templates and email scripts.

“Guarantee Free” Proposal

Jeff gives a document template that lessens the hassle of the negotiation and proposal process. Additionally, get guaranteed signatures without over-promising, but keeping clients happy.

30-Minute SOP

You will learn Jeff’s standard operating procedure (SOP) on client fulfillment within 30 minutes without using management softwares. It teaches how 1 software is enough to set up everything in less possible time.

5-Sentence Script

Jeff teaches the 5 sentences script that increases their own agency’s show rate by 30% to 50%.

Lead Quality Checklist

Get the Agency BTS Masterclass checklist that will help you get customers. Additionally, it teaches you how to guarantee your clients amazing deals. It not only helps their business, but also yours.

Agency BTS Masterclass Bonus Content:

  • Weekly ad review calls - It is a weekly Zoom call with Jeff and some members of the program. The goal of the call is to give comments and feedback to your ads before launching them.
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 support - Jeff gives unlimited support to students on a 1-on-1 weekly Zoom call, where he gives advice and offers solutions. You can also ask him other agency or ad questions.
  • All past courses - You gain access to all Agency BTS Masterclass courses (new and old). It includes all Jeff’s lectures and masterclasses.
  • Private community - You will gain access to the program’s Private Agency School Group on Facebook. Connect with like-minded individuals and industry leaders. Gain access to previous questions Jeff answered in the group and never miss updates.

Who is Agency BTS Masterclass for?

Agency BTS Masterclass is for beginners and entrepreneurs who want to start their own lead generation agency. It is for aspiring business owners who are passionate about building their own agency. The program calls on anyone. Since every lesson and strategies can help improve any agency businesses. It is for people who look up to Jeff and want to recreate their own agency. Additionally, it is for existing agency owners struggling to get clients and deals. Since it teaches how to get 4 to 8 clients on autopilot.

Are Agency BTS Masterclass Students Getting Results?

Yes, Agency BTS Masterclass students are getting results based on students' testimonials and comments found on their platform. The website shows student videos and screenshots that prove there are several people who apply for the program. There are no other reviews aside from their website, Facebook, and YouTube. There is also no Trustpilot review.

Joe Lind thanks Jeff for simplifying their processes and has been working with him for 3 years. He says that it is the greatest decision he’s ever made for his agency. Additionally, he commends the 1-on-1 sessions he had with Jeff, as it helped him double their agency revenue.

Jay Lopez is a former nurse, mother, and the owner of J Lopez Enterprises (marketing agency) from New Jersey. Jay’s 6 month experience in marketing led her from being recognized by Tai Lopez. Tai is an entrepreneur, investor and a business millionaire from California. Her challenges include long processes, development, and management, which are overcome with determination and innovation.

Agency Scaling Secret’s Facebook page has 119 reviews, with a rating of 4.2. Only a few reviews can be seen while some are spam reviews. Rayan Khan from Fall River, Massachusetts who recommended the program as he closed a deal within a day of joining. Additionally, he commends how easy it is to follow Jeff’s process and instructions. While Demitri Peynado (Demo Max) from Bristol, United Kingdom mentions how the program saved his clients’ campaigns. He also mentioned how his agency received sales calls because of Agency BTS Masterclass.

There are also negative reviews found on Agency BTS Masterclass’s Facebook profile. David Walton from June 2023 posted a review about Jeff not knowing what he was talking about ‌ agency strategies and probably failed at gathering subscriptions. Jeff responded by saying David is not a client and just wants to boost his business. 

On Agency BTS Masterclass’s Facebook shows some negative reviews. Although it is not detailed or why they commented is unknown. Based on the commenter’s profile, both Jindrulak and Mohammad are in the e-commerce business that may have purchased the course for additional knowledge and information.

Who is Jeff Miller?

Jeff Miller is content creator, coach, agency owner and the founder of Agency BTS Masterclass and The Agency School from Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He studied at Florida International University in 2007 as a Chapman scholar studying finance. After 3 years, he studied at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in 2010 as a business scholar. Then 2 years later, he studied again at Washington University in St. Louis, mastering Business Administration for another 2 years. 

Jeff shares that while he was in college, he started building websites. While gaining a following for their news website with Odesk, landing page, and Mailchimp. His interest grew more while he was working for Miami’s Community Newspaper for 4 years, building websites and landing pages. In 2011, Jeff became a Semi Finalist for Startup Weekend building a news technology. After a year, transferred to Intel Corporation where he worked as a management consultant for 2 years. Then, in 2015, Jeff handled operations for Ericsson for more than a year in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Jeff founded his own business in 2017, CoolBeans Digital, that works by offering outsourcing technical solutions agencies. 

Through the years, Jeff was featured on different YouTube channels like DUDE Agency, Clicks Geek, Joel Kaplan, GoHighLevel Queen and more. He shares how he launched his own agency, how to pre-test (A/B Testing) campaigns, and how to grow your own agencies. Jeff’s social media are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

What is The Agency School?

The Agency School is an Agency BTS Masterclass upgraded version of Jeff Miller’s private community on Skool that cost $297/month. It is a paid-only community with daily coaching sessions with Jeff, assets reviews, weekly workshops, homework, and a compilation of all previous workshops. The upgrade includes lessons on getting clients using Jeff’s Mad Lib Ads and Product Market Fit Hypothesis (PMF). Additionally, it teaches advanced lessons on launching YouTube ad campaigns for $5 that will generate $100 to $1,000 a day.

Jeff Miller’s Claims

Jeff Miller claims that you will know how his agency gets 4 to 8 clients a month while operating with a high profit margin (75%) that you can do in 30 minutes. Another claim is that you can get results that will cause happy and fulfilled clients with Agency BTS Masterclass. You can also see on the website that Jeff claims that the program he offers is all you need to autopilot your agency.

Jeff Miller’s Claims: DEBUNKED

The claim of Jeff Miller is unrealistic because his results may not be like all agency owners who buy Agency BTS Masterclass. Although he claims that you can copy his strategies and techniques, it does not mean that it will be a success, depending on the type of agency and budget you have. Additionally, even if you adopt automation to your processes to your agency, it can only eliminate some tasks, but not all. Marcus Merell, the VP of Technology Strategy at Sauce Labs, mentions how “some code is too difficult to write automation”. It means that it may sound appetizing. It is still not possible to run your agency on autopilot. Unless you spend too much money on hiring a team that will do all the work for you. 

A Reddit thread talking about how agencies earn high profit margin mentions that outsourcing tasks to freelancers are better than hiring an in-house team. But it depends on how much your agency is earning and your budget. Even with outsourcing tasks to freelancers, he is earning 40% profit margin. Promethean Research’s report among 45,000 agencies shows that the average profit margin in the US is 16% which proves that Jeff’s 75% profit margin is an over promise.

Is a Lead Generation Business Profitable?

Yes, a local lead generation business is profitable because the revenue you’ll receive per industry is different and it varies in your expertise to rank on SERPs. Hubspot proves that the average lead cost is $198.44. Although 18% do not know how much they spend per lead, 4% pays more than $1,000. 

A lengthy Reddit thread by LilKrypto in 2000 shows his 18 month lead generation journey. It included his asking price, revenue, processes and a summary of his post. He shares how he created a ranking website that generates leads, then he transfers them to the actual business owner.

He shows his 1 year income using lead generation. Additionally, it shows that he is earning between $384 to $2,039 per month. It shows how his income improved through the years with consistency and patience. Additionally, it shows that with his rank and rent lead generation business; he spends 1 to 2 hours a week checking rankings and calls.

Are Lead Generation Business Opportunities Worth It in 2024?

Yes, lead generation business opportunities are worth it in 2024 because profitability is massive compared to other businesses. Once you’ve mastered how to rank on search engines (SERPs), business owners will pay you for your services. Semrush’s State of Content report in 2022 shows that out of 1,500 marketers, 36% say that lead generation is the goal of their marketing strategies. While 37% of marketers want to increase website traffic. The other 45% want to increase brand awareness. Additionally, Hubspot’s Marketing Strategy Report in 2024 proves that lead generation as one of the top 3 metrics used for a successful marketing strategy.

Fierywaterr, a Reddit member since 2022, posted a thread in the same year sharing how lead generation worked for him despite trying dropshipping and affiliate marketing. He mentions how starting his own lead generation business cost little compared to other businesses. Additionally, the best part is it did not stress him out.

Build Your Dream Online Business in 2024 With Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is your dream online business in 2024 since it's easier to target an audience rather than a larger scale. It is better than targeting people all over the country, which will be difficult and harder to rank. The skill needed for you to build your own local lead generation business is learnable. Additionally, the scalability of this business model is endless. 

The competition with local lead generation is lessened because you will work on a niche targeting a local town. Statista’s report shows at least 97.1% of people from the United States are using the internet. It shows a large population to target. The chances of ranking on SERPs increase as you compete with only 2 to 5 local businesses. The skills needed are effective communication skills, data and research, SEO, basic web design, and copywriting. These skills can be learned within 6 months, depending on your commitment and patience. Local lead generation differs from advertising, which boosts brand awareness. The goal is to rank on search engines to generate leads. Plus, your business doesn’t stop when you have 1 ranking website. You can create many ranking websites that can increase your revenue throughout the years.


Local lead generation works with picking a local business (niche) and building a website around it. After website creation, you need to optimize it using both off-site and on-site using SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you rank your website on top or Google’s first page. You can target keywords to help your website rank faster. You won’t need to pay for ads unlike other lead generation businesses, which will save money. When your website is ranked, you can partner with the local business and choose who you want to work with. 

Build your own local lead generation business and watch your passive income grow. I built a local lead generation website in 2017 with a $500 initial investment. Additionally, I am still earning at least $2,000 of monthly passive income.

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