Hernan Vazquez’s AI Ads Machine Review: Is AI the Next Big Thing in Social Media Marketing?

October 20, 2023

AI Ads Machine by Hernan Vazquez is an ad course that focuses on using artificial intelligence (AI) like ChatGPT to create faster Facebook ads. Hernan teaches his framework of using AI tools to create Facebook ads even without AI experience. You will learn how to use AI technology to create quality images and videos that you can use in ad campaigns to capture the attention of potential consumers. 

The United States, being the biggest market for social media ads in the world, makes this business model profitable. According to Hootsuite, Facebook is still the most used application, with over 2.93 billion users. The ad revenue for Facebook is expected to increase by 2024 by $75.11 billion. And ZipRecruiter’s data shows the average salary of an advertising manager is $37 an hour with a yearly income of $77,070. It is profitable if you have the acquired skills and knowledge needed to be successful. You also have to spend a lot of time researching and familiarizing yourself with the latest trends in social media marketing. Based on eMarketers data, although the cost of Facebook ads decreased by 18% in 2022. It is expected to increase by $75.11 billion in 2024. According to WebFX, average Facebook ads cost $1 to $500 a month. Statista’s data shows that Facebook is the preferred platform of 90% marketers which makes it saturated and competitive. And since paid ads are expensive. If you don’t have the budget to spend for ads, you can end up losing money. Even the usage of AI requires knowledge in using the right prompts to get the data or content you want.  

This AI Ads Machine Review, learn how the course can help you make money, course content, pros and cons, who is it for, and who is it not for. I tackle how the course creator, his net worth, and claims. I also discuss if AI is helpful with advertising and marketing. And if AI is the future of advertising, or is there a better way to earn passive money without competing with a saturated market. 

AI Ads Machine Pros And Cons


AI Ads Machine is affordable even with the upsells.

Hernan Vazquez has worked with a lot of successful entrepreneurs.

The website is full of successful students.

AI Ads Machine teaches you how to use AI even without experience.

Hernan Vazquez’s private community.


There are no other online reviews.

The website does not disclose course modules.

No guarantee for success even after finishing the course.


The basic cost of AI Ads Machine is $27.

AI Ads Machine + 10 Profitable Sales Funnels OR The Digital Marketer's Guide to ChatGPT: $64

AI Ads Machine + 10 Profitable Sales Funnels + The Digital Marketer's Guide to ChatGPT: $101


The training of AI Ads Machine is self-paced within 30 days.


The private group of AI Ads Machine is not disclosed on the website.

Refund Policy

The refund policy of AI Ads Machine is a 30 day money-back guarantee.




Hernan Vazquez has a good online reputation, but there are no other reviews about him or the course found online. 

What Is AI Ads Machine?

AI Ads Machine is a Facebook ad course that allows you to generate million dollars using AI. The course uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create copies, images, and videos. It teaches you Hernan’s ChatGPT prompts you to copy and make your ad creation process easier and faster. Hernan perfected this framework for 7 years and has now generated millions from Facebook ads. This is the same technique Hernan uses in his own marketing agency. You’ll learn how to create, scale, and manage Facebooks ads that will buy your product or service.

Who Is AI Ads Machine For?

AI Ads Machine is for advertisers, ad content creators, ad managers who want to use AI or ChatGPT in creating a faster advertising campaign or personalized ads. The course is also for anyone who wants to know what prompts to use in ChatGPT. You can also take this course if you want to learn under Hernan Vazquez and learn his strategies.

Who Is AI Ads Machine Not For?

AI Ads Machine is not for online entrepreneurs who are using social media marketing to increase sales. If you are not interested in knowing ChatGPT prompts, this is not for you. The course is not for you if generating AI content for Facebook ads is unrelated to your business.

What’s Included In AI Ads Machine?

  • Templates of images and copies to capture customer’s attention using AI generated content.
  • Guide to build customer trust.
  • Entice customers that can afford the product or service.
  • Grow authority and earn online impressions.
  • Learn how to use AI to create content in seconds.
  • Access to worksheets, templates, and videos teaching how to use AI for Facebook ads.
  • Step-by-step instructions on creating ad creatives and campaigns.

“Super Rad” AI Ads Machine Bonuses:

AI Ads Machine ChatGPT “Mother Prompt” Methods

Learn the ChatGPT prompts you can use for all Facebook ad copies. Hernan says that this bonus course costs a lot for the price of the admission.

Generate Ad Copies for Facebook

Aside from learning the prompts, you will also get ChatGPT templates for Facebook ads. Hernan’s confident you won’t get this course anywhere.

Learn how to generate AI Images

You will learn Hernan’s formula of using AI images for Instagram and Facebook ads.

Create videos that consumers watch

This is Hernan’s technique of using AI video ads that will generate views for a shorter period.

How Does AI Ads Machine Help You Make Money As A Social Media Marketer?

AI Ads Machine will help you make money as a social media marketer by teaching students to create and launching Facebook ads to earn millions. The course will teach you how to use an AI tool such as ChatGPT to create faster ad contents.

Who Is Hernan Vazquez?

Hernan Vazquez is a digital marketer and the creator of AI Ads Machine. He was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He graduated at Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora with a degree in public relations, humanities and social sciences in 2010. Herman is the founder and CEO of Hernan Vazquez Media LLC in 2015 and co-founded Semantic Mastery in 2014.

Hernan worked as a marketing director for CardoneKern for 9 months. He trained over 25 media buyers and bought media operations. He then worked for Frank Kern Inc as their Marketing Director. In charge of mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs in increasing their revenue to get more customers. Herman then co-founded Semantic Mastery in 2021. A company that helps agency owners and online consultants to gather clients and boost revenue.

Hernan’s 14 years of digital marketing experience helped him work for successful people in the field such as Dean Grazioi, Tony Robbins, Dan Henry, Lionel Messi, Paul Getter, Agora Publishing, Frank Kern, Jeff Lerner, and Patrick Bet-David.

How Is Hernan Vazquez Affiliated with Jeff Lerner?

Hernan Vazquez' owns many companies and one is Scale Driven. It focuses on digital marketing that aids online creators, businesses and entrepreneurs in marketing and advertising campaigns. Now, one of the biggest clients Scale Driven worked with is Jeff Lerner, who owned Entre Institute. Entre Institute is an online platform that teaches entrepreneurs Jeff’s strategy for a top-notch business and a “healthy life”. Jeff Lerner is a business owner and a content creator and a master of lifestyle.

How Much Is Hernan Vazquez’s Net Worth?

Hernan Vazquez’s net worth is unknown. But Hernan mentions that his strategy and technique has generated over $200 millions' worth for all his successful clients. Herman also mentions that with Facebook ad, he generates 7 to 8 digits with one ad campaign.

How Is Hernan Vazquez As An Entrepreneur?

Hernan Vazquez is a genuine entrepreneur that lives by his teachings. He wants to share the teachings he gathered from his years of experience in digital marketing. But he offers a lot of upsells through his other services.

Hernan Vazquez Claims

Herman Vazquez claims that  you can create successful Facebook Ads using a generative AI tool, ChatGPT. He claims that his framework will help you generate and earn millions. He also claims that AI Ads Machine will teach you to use AI even without AI advertising knowledge. Herman also claims that using AI in content creation will help you and your business save time while earning more.

Hernan Vazquez Claims DEBUNKED

Hernan Vazquez’s claim of creating a successful Facebook Ad using artificial intelligence is true, to an extent. Even if you use AI to make your process easier and efficient, there is no guarantee that it’s the outcome you want. And would want to use it on your ad campaigns. Note that AI is not 100% accurate. Backs up by PwC’s data that says AI still has the potential to improve accuracy up to 80% only. Here are common concerns about social media marketing and the usage of AI in digital marketing:

Hard to Capture Consumers Attention

One concern with using digital marketing is the consumer’s short attention span. According to Golden Steps, the average human who uses mobile devices has decreased to 8.25 since 2003. That is why quality content is important in capturing the attention of your target audience. Without it, your ad campaigns are a bust and you lose money.

Many Competitions

Social media digital marketing is so saturated that it is hard to get ahead of your competitors. And if Facebook is your chosen platform, you are competing with at least 93% of online businesses. According to WordStream, out of those 93% businesses, 86% use Facebook ads.

AI Dependent

A human has creativity and intuition that is lacking in AI. Although helpful in most times, depending on AI removes the knowledge, skills and imagination that are enhanced with experience.

Paid Ads are Expensive

Spend money on extra tools if you want to spend your time more efficiently. Especially if you want to incorporate AI in your process. That is an extra cost. One most used AI tool is ChatGPT, and ChatGPT Plus costs $20 a month. Paid ads are already expensive on their own. If you have the extra money, this may be for you.

Change in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is always changing. It is because of advancement in technologies. Not being able to apply the changes that come with digital marketing will increase the chance of applying outdated techniques that don’t work.


The accuracy of AI is still being developed. Artificial intelligence can only imitate or copy the thinking of a human. Wrong prompts in AI can produce wrong data. Majority of AI users mention that they train their AI algorithms into producing the correct information or data.

Is AI Ads Machine Worth It?

AI Ads Machine is worth it if you’re planning to include AI in your content ad creation process. If you want to adapt in the changing world of digital marketing and want to speed up the process of your ad campaigns. AI Ads Machine basic course only cost $27, which is affordable. It’s up to you if you want to include other offers of the course, but ‌it will only cost you $101 for the upsells.

Does AI Help With Advertising?

Yes, AI helps with advertising by giving prompt solutions and answers to ad copy creation. Even Google adapts the advancement in technology with Performance Max. Performance Max uses Google AI technologies to help you with your ad campaign goals. Google says that online entrepreneurs who use the AI algorithm of Performance Max have gained an 18% conversion rate for CPA that those people who don’t. Not only does AI expedite the creation of ad campaigns, but it has shown greater results than people who don’t use AI.

Is AI Good Or Bad For Marketing?

AI is good for marketing if used wisely. AI Ads Machine focuses on using ChatGPT to optimize and increase results with less time than the traditional way of ad campaigns. SimilarWeb data shows that ChatGPT is growing since 2022 with over 100M users compared to other apps. 

An experiment made by Hootsuite compared the American generated content versus AI-generated content. Results show that 44% said that AI-generated content is as good as human-generated, while 40% disagreed . This shows that there are more people who think that AI can be actually better than humans. Although contradicting data from Hootsuite shows that 47% agreed that AI-generated content can never be on par with the created content of a human. 

Whether you include artificial intelligence in the content creation process or ad marketing, it is up to you. It is never a problem to see for yourself if integrating AI can be good or bad for your business.

Other AI Courses

  • Google Ads Masters by Oliver Pestalozzi is an online workshop that teaches you what to do to have a successful Google ad campaign. Oliver gives examples of his past Google ad campaigns and how you can do it for your own online business.
  • 6 Figure Agency by Billy Willson offers an online course for teaching people how to create your dream Facebook ads. If you want to learn how to manage, create, and optimize Facebook ads this 2023, this course is for you.
  • Creative Testing Mastery by Will Perry teaches “elite-training” for media buyers and online entrepreneurs in creating ad tests that will generate more profit. This course focuses on 3 social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, TikTok, and Facebook.

Is AI The Future Of Advertising?

AI is the future of advertising if you can use it to its full potential. Data from Hackernoon shows that 82% of marketers use AI to improve content creation by 2023. While 79% believe that using AI helped them improve the quality of their creative outputs. And AI Ads Machine teaches you to use AI to make ad creation easier. 

According to PRNewswire, the estimated market in marketing and digital advertising is $786.2 billion in 2026. That means if you want to start this business model, it is not too late. But again, paid ads are not cheap, spend a lot of money on the content creation process plus the ad campaigns. And the results vary depending on the product or service you offer. Based on Techjury’s PPC statistics shows that retargeting ads are most likely to attract consumers to purchase a product or service. And HawkeMedia suggested that brands should put at least 10% to 40% of their budget for retargeting ads. If you don’t have all the right skills needed for your paid ads to be successful. You are not only losing time, but also money. 

All challenges mentioned in this article are not applicable to local lead generation. With local lead generation, you don’t compete on a global scale. As long as you rank on search engines such as Google, you earn passive money. The competition is also low because you target local niches or businesses that only compete with only 3 or 4 local businesses.

Local lead generation

In local lead generation, you don’t have to spend a lot of money before you see the results, unlike social media marketing. Aside from the low start up investment, it also has a high Return on Investment. Like this local tree website I created years ago with only $500. After creation, I optimized the website for it to rank and get free traffic. I didn’t have to spend money on promoting the website since it will rank for itself. I attached a local number for potential consumers to call. Then I offer the leads I get from my website to a local tree service and they pay for it. The amount they pay for the leads is up to you. You are the master. You are in control. Until now, that local tree website I created years ago is still earning me $2,000 a month. The more you create websites that target local niches, the more money you earn. I teach a local lead generation course if you want to learn how I do it.

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