AI Auto Tube Review: Is AI Auto Tube’s Youtube Automation the key to Massive Monetary Growth?

March 31, 2024

AI Auto Tube is an online course by Tristan Bull, where he teaches aspiring YouTube entrepreneurs to create, manage, and monetize multiple Faceless YouTube channels using ChatGPT. You learn to build an automated system that funnels your channels into a fully-fledged, long-term, and profit-producing business that works for you 24/7. A case study by SpeakAi showed how one YouTuber used ChatGPT to generate 100 video ideas in just 1 hour, significantly increasing their channel's growth.

There are no Ai Auto Tube online reviews because of its recent launch. The only available feedback comes exclusively from Tristan’s students, who report positive experiences from the program.

This course promises to leverage ChatGPT to revolutionize how you approach YouTube content creation. AI Auto Tube aims to reduce content creators' workload while maximizing your channels' potential. The question is, does it deliver on these promises? In this AI Auto Tube review, we'll delve into the course's content, its practical application, and the real-world results it produced. We'll review Tristan Bull's claims and evaluate whether this business model truly holds the key to unlocking massive monetary growth online.

AI AutoTube Pros and Cons


Exclusive access to training resources and bonus offers.

The training modules are comprehensive and thoroughly covered each topic.

The course was created by a founder of successful faceless YouTube business with 15 years of experience in online business.


The course is not budget-friendly.

Oversimplified claims on the success of running YouTube business.

No external reviews from TrustPilot, Reddit and Quora.


The price is $2,497, including access to two bonus courses post-purchase.

Refund Policy

The course offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


AI Auto Tube was launched in 2023.


Students have seen positive outcomes after joining the program. Tristan Bull is recognized for his success in online and YouTube businesses, demonstrating a sound track record.

How Does AI Auto Tube Leverage The YouTube Automation Business Model? 

AI Autotube leverages the Youtube Automation business model by using AI to mimic the success patterns of top earners. It crafts videos ready for viral success and monetization, bypassing the need for on-camera presence or manual editing.

This system quickly produces engaging content aligned with YouTube's monetization criteria. It enhances revenue potential by embedding multiple income streams into each video, optimizing and streamlining YouTube channel operation.

How can AI Auto Tube Scale Your YouTube Automation Business Faster?

AI AutoTube scale your YouTube automation business growth by using AI to quickly generate high-quality, viral content that meets YouTube Partner Program requirements for swift monetization. AI seamlessly transforms scripts into polished videos, eliminating the need for your on-camera presence or complex editing.

  • AI Powered Content Creation: AI Autotube uses AI to produce high-quality, viral-worthy video content quickly, significantly reducing the time and effort required for video production.
  • Monetization Efficiency: Implements strategies to swiftly meet YouTube Partner Program requirements, facilitating faster monetization of channels.
  • Automated Script Generation: The ChatGPT script prompts crafts optimized video scripts, streamlining the content creation process.
  • No On-Camera Work Required: AI handles video production and voice overs, eliminating the need for personal filming or voice recording.
  • Multiple Income Streams: It also incorporates additional monetization methods, such as selling digital assets and promoting affiliate products. 
  • Passive Income Potential: Automating content creation and monetization enables the establishment of a passive income stream, requiring minimal ongoing effort.

What is AI Auto Tube?

AI Auto Tube is an online course for creating profitable YouTube channels across various niches using ChatGPT-trained AI. This AI replicates successful YouTuber strategies to produce high-quality video script templates. It focuses on automating channels that are all connected to multiple income streams, transforming them into long-term profit-making businesses.

The course teaches using AI to craft digital assets that cater to audience preferences and promoting an affiliate product as a monetization strategy. After purchasing, you get immediate access to the course and Tristan's exclusive offers.

Is AI Auto Tube Profitable?

AI Auto Tube can be profitable for individuals who effectively implement its strategies and leverage AI automation to create income-generating YouTube channels and digital assets. A 2020 study by TubeBuddy found that multi-channel creators earned 26% more on average than single-channel creators, highlighting the potential for increased profitability through diversification. However, consistent analysis and adaptation based on your UTM data are key to unlocking the full earning power of YouTube automation.

Will AI Auto Tube Make You Earn Money Faster With ChatGPT?

Yes, AI Auto Tube can expedite your earnings with ChatGPT by automating the creation of high-quality YouTube videos. AI Auto Tube's ChatGPT prompt system will allow you to generate scripts and content streamline the content creation process, allowing you to produce videos more efficiently.

This helps you publish content faster, attract a larger audience, and potentially start monetizing your YouTube channels quicker than manual content creation methods. Statista's 2023 report projects the global AI video market to hit $43.9 billion by 2028, highlighting AI's significant growth and its potential for video-centric businesses.

What do you Get Inside AI Auto Tube?

Module 1: How To Create Multiple AI YouTube Channels

Module 1 focuses on creating automated AI-driven YouTube businesses for long-term profit. It teaches correct ChatGPT and AI usage, AI training with successful YouTube strategies, identifying profitable YouTube niches, avoiding unprofitable ones, and strategies for competing in tough niches. This module also includes a researched list of profitable niches.

Module 2: How to Harness AI for Massive YouTube Growth

Module 2 guides you on setting up and growing YouTube channels using AI. It includes using AI and ChatGPT for market dominance, automating channel setup, understanding YouTube settings, creating multiple channels, and designing channel graphics and logos. It provides step-by-step instructions for beginners.

Module 3: Advanced AI Automation Made Easy

Module 3 focuses on advanced AI strategies for YouTube business success. It covers managing multiple AI niche channels, mastering the YouTube algorithm, optimizing channels for profit, and an AI keyword strategy for organic growth. It includes learning how to use AI for rapid channel growth, revenue maximization, and improved search rankings.

Module 4: Use AI to Create Years Worth Of Content in Just Days

Module 4 focuses on harnessing ChatGPT to efficiently generate evergreen content for YouTube. It teaches the Viral Video Formula for high-view videos, the AI Evergreen Video Formula for sustained impact, advanced strategies for AI-driven video creation, and methods to identify topics with high viral potential.

Module 5: Rapidly Create Viral AI Content

Module 5 is about automating YouTube content creation using AI. It teaches creating high-quality, daily videos, using advanced AI for script generation, realistic voice overs, and viral video strategies. The module covers creating compelling thumbnails, titles, and bulk content for sustained automation. It also focuses on optimal video lengths, posting schedules, viewer engagement optimization, and avoiding critical mistakes in YouTube content creation.

Module 6: The Ultimate YouTube Monetization System

Module 6 dives into setting up multiple income streams on autopilot, marketing tactics to boost conversions, and automating the entire monetization process for continuous and effortless income generation. It teaches building a massive following, using AI to build trust and loyalty, and a dedicated customer base.

Module 7:  Creating Evergreen Income Streams Using AI

Module 7 is an advanced training on creating digital assets with AI for the automated system built in Module 6. It introduces the 7 Figure “No Sales” System for high conversions, using artificial intelligence for customer-friendly selling without being pushy. The goal is to transform AI YouTube channels into a source of paying customers and automate the process to build a high-quality, AI-driven “Money Machine.”

Does AI Auto Tube Offer Any Bonuses?

Yes, AI Auto Tube offers 2 bonuses after purchasing the course.

Bonus #1: AI Super Affiliate System

Bonus #1, "The AI Super Affiliate System," covers automated affiliate marketing using AI on YouTube. It focuses on high conversion strategies, finding top-performing and high-ticket affiliate programs, and using recurring commission opportunities.

The bonus include key features, 3 Day Promo Template for quick implementation and the 7 Figure Book Club Method for additional revenue streams. It emphasizes setting up the entire affiliate system with AI plugins for efficiency.

Bonus #2: AI Nitro Newsletters System

Bonus #2, "The AI Nitro Newsletters System," focuses on creating and monetizing AI-generated newsletters. It covers setting up a paid newsletter system, creating a year's worth of content with AI, and strategies for maintaining subscriber interest. The bonus also includes tips for promoting the newsletter and integrating it with YouTube to attract paying subscribers efficiently.

How Much Does AI Auto Tube Cost?

Autotube ai is priced at $2,497, a 75% reduction compared to standard coaching programs. There's a special offer for $997 on their landing page, significantly lower than the regular price. You gain instant access when you enroll today.

Are the Students of  AI Auto Tube Getting Results?

Tristan's program delivers positive results, demonstrated by his students' success stories and testimonials, which he actively showcases in the behind-the-scenes loom video we received from him.

ai auto tube review

Craig says that his YouTube channel has taken off and already made 7 sales from the mini course and made his first affiliate sale of 120$ commission.

ai auto tube review

Sharell also shared his success story, revealing that he is already making 200$ on Clickbank through affiliate commisions taught by Tristan in the bonus course.

ai auto tube review

Given these reviews are provided by Tristan Bull and the lack of external reviews about the course, take all reviews with a grain of salt.

Does AI Auto Tube Have a Good Reputation?

AI Auto Tube has a positive reputation due to its track record helping users automate YouTube channels effectively. Its credibility stems from the success stories of students who have achieved substantial views and earnings. 

Graham, another one of Tristan's students, has seen substantial results, gaining 71,000 views in just two months and also earning $4,000 as an affiliate marketer.

ai auto tube review

Is AI Auto Tube Worth it?

AI Auto Tube is worth it for aspiring YouTubers aiming to generate income through YouTube, online digital asset sales and commissions. It provides a comprehensive system that automates AI-driven content creation and monetization. This approach simplifies content creation, making it accessible even to beginners. The inclusion of multiple income streams enhances revenue potential of this business model.

AI Auto Tube is a legitimate course. This program equips you with practical strategies to automate your YouTube channel successfully, allowing you to go beyond dependence on the YouTube Partnership Program. Tristan has a proven track record of owning successful faceless YouTube businesses and has shown his expertise and teaching style on this program.

Who is Tristan Bull?

Tristan Bull is the creator of AI Auto Tube and one of Frank Kern’s top students. Tristan is a highly experienced entrepreneur with a notable track record in online business. He has accumulated over 15 years of expertise, achieving earnings exceeding seven figures. Tristan is recognized for founding a successful faceless YouTube business and achieving success in e-commerce on platforms like Shopify and Amazon.

He is proficient in affiliate marketing, software as a service (SaaS), and online consulting. Tristan Bull's substantial experience and achievements establish him as a prominent figure in online income generation.

Tristan Bull's Claims:

ai auto tube review

Tristan Bull claims that AI Auto Tube can help users achieve a six-figure annual income from YouTube without prior experience or appearing on camera. He promises a quick setup of a fully functional YouTube business with multiple income streams, leveraging AI to automate the management of multiple YouTube channels.

Tristan asserts that users can access a proven system connected to various income sources, ensuring full monetization. He positions AI Auto Tube as a comprehensive, user-friendly solution for significant financial gains in the YouTube business. Lead generation agency "Klose Brothers" reported generating $100,000 in their first year, highlighting the potential for quicker income than building a YouTube audience.

Tristan Bull's Claims Debunked:

Tristan Bull's claims hold some elements of truth, but they're likely oversimplified and may create unrealistic expectations. Statistics from YouTube Creator Academy show that only 7% of channels earn more than $10,000 annually. Success depends on factors like niche, YouTube's personalization algorithms, and viral video strategies, which may be challenging for beginners. 

Some AI tools can automate tasks like content creation, video editing, scheduling, and keyword research. However, AI cannot replace human creativity, engagement, and community building, which are crucial for long-term success. According to a study from the Pew Research Center, viewers place a high value on authenticity and human connection with online content. 

Setting up a successful YouTube business takes time and dedication. A 2021 VidIQ report found that the average time to reach 1 million subscribers on YouTube is 6 years. AI Auto Tube might offer some helpful strategies and guidance, but the magic formula for YouTube success lies in hard work, dedication, and high-quality relevant videos that resonate with your audience.

AI Auto Tube Alternatives

  • YouTube Business Academy - George Vlasyev and Ron Rauwerda's YouTube Business Academy is a 6-module course that teaches beginners how to create viral YouTube Shorts, aiming for 1 million views in less than 30 days.
  • Affiliate Marketing Dude  - This is an online course by Razvan Paraschiv that teaches people how to make money through YouTube automation. It targets individuals aspiring to earn from YouTube without appearing in their videos.
  • Grow Channels- It is an online course for learning YouTube automation to earn money through high-value marketing techniques without being on camera. It aims to deliver actionable content for aspiring YouTubers.
  • Part-Time YouTuber Academy - It offers lessons on monetizing your YouTube channel through AdSense, affiliate marketing, and brand deals, ensuring a steady income stream. The course is worth it if you plan to create an educational YouTube channel.
  • Automate Channels - A comprehensive course about YouTube automation teaching you to earn over $5,000 monthly within a year. Caleb Boxx's program comprises 78 step-by-step lessons.

How to Make Money Using AI? 

  • Learn AI Skills: Acquire relevant skills in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science through online courses, certifications, or formal education.
  • Build a Portfolio: Create a portfolio showcasing your AI projects, including machine learning models, data analysis, and other AI-related work.
  • Freelance AI Projects: Join freelance platforms like Upwork or Freelancer to offer your AI services to businesses or individuals seeking help with AI projects.
  • Offer Consultation Services: Position yourself as an AI consultant and advise businesses looking to implement AI solutions or optimize their processes using AI.
  • Create and Sell AI Products: Develop AI products such as software tools, plugins, or datasets that can be sold to businesses or individuals looking to integrate AI capabilities into their systems.
  • Provide AI Training: Offer training sessions, workshops, or online courses to individuals or organizations looking to improve their AI skills.
  • Build and Monetize AI Apps: Develop AI-powered mobile apps or web applications. Monetize them through advertisements, in-app purchases, or subscription models.
  • Freelance Writing on AI: Write articles or create content related to AI for blogs, publications, or online platforms. You can earn money through content creation or sponsored posts.
  • Offer AI-Driven Services: Provide specialized AI services, such as natural language processing, computer vision, or predictive analytics, to businesses needing specific AI expertise.

How Do I Do AI Automation?

  • Define Your Objectives: Clearly outline the tasks and processes you want to automate using AI.
  • Choose Automation Tools: Select suitable AI and automation tools based on your requirements and the nature of the tasks.
  • Select AI Models: Choose appropriate machine learning or deep learning models for the specific tasks you aim to automate.
  • Train Models: Train the selected AI models using the prepared data to enable them to perform the desired automation tasks.
  • Integration with Systems: Integrate the trained models into your existing systems or workflows for seamless automation.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance: Implement continuous tracking of your automated processes and establish a maintenance plan for updates and improvements.
  • Feedback Loop: Establish a feedback mechanism to collect user input and data, allowing the AI system to learn and adapt over time.
  • User Training: Train your users and stakeholders on effectively interacting with the automated systems. 

How Does the Local Lead Generation Business Model Compare to YouTube Business?

Local lead generation business model is more profitable than a YouTube business because it's tied to revenue generation for clients, making its value clear and quantifiable. The demand for leads is consistently high, providing stability and resilience in various economic conditions. 


This business model aligns well with B2B interactions and is ‌ more predictable and profitable than B2C models. Unlike the fluctuating ad revenues on YouTube, it allows for more predictable revenue through structured pricing models. Local lead generation offers a stable and scalable business opportunity and establishes you as a crucial partner in your client's growth.

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