Joshua Harris’ AI Growth Hub Review: What is an AI Sales System?

May 9, 2024

agency growth secrets review

The AI Growth Hub by Josh Harris aims to optimize sales and marketing processes, especially in remote high-ticket closing. Their suite includes AI Sales Systems, AI Outbound tool, and AI Audiences. Together, these tools help optimizes client interactions, improve lead generation and conversion, and boost the return on advertising spend (ROAS) by up to 30-40%. The program involves step-by-step guidance, practical exercises, mentorship calls, and ongoing support.

Joshua Harris positioned his AI Sales System as a revolutionary tool for business scaling. He claimed it enhances sales by automating personalized conversations, follow-ups, and lead management. However, some critiques on Ripoff Report labeled him and his works as a fraud. There are also inherent challenges with AI integration in sales. This includes the need for true personalization, data security concerns, and high upfront and maintenance costs. Some people also prefer talking to actual humans to AI.

People have positive remarks about Josh Harris and his AI Growth Hub. Testimonials suggest that his strategies and tools helped them succeed. For instance, Philip Meese built his business to a six-figure level. Luis Trevino earned three times his investment within five weeks of joining Josh's program. However, it faces criticism for its lack of transparent pricing. There's also an absence of verifiable success stories outside its marketing channels.

This AI Growth Hub review will cover its pros and cons, content, cost, testimonials, and many more. It will also cover another source of passive income that is truly scalable. 

Agency Growth Secrets Reviwe Pros and Cons


Joshua Harris offers lessons based on his practical experience. 

The AI Growth Hub offers personal support and guidance. 

Purchasing Josh Harris's AI Sales System offers access to exclusive groups, resources, and templates.


The AI Growth Hub has no upfront pricing available. 

There is no guarantee that these tools work for everyone. 

There are no success stories found outside its platform. 


The AI Growth Hub has no upfront pricing available on its website. 


The training involves a combination of structured, step-by-step guidance, practical hands-on exercises, regular mentorship calls, and access to a community for ongoing support and networking.

Refund Policy

The AI Growth Hub has no refund policy in its platform. 


AI Growth Hub started in 2020. 


Josh Harris's reputation is positive. He has 14,653 followers in LinkedIn, 10,000 on Facebook, 2871 on Instagram, 698 in YouTube, and 123 on TikTok. He also appeared in Entrepreneur Success & Huffington. 

What is AI Sales System? 

The AI Sales System is a solution designed to enhance sales processes. It aims to boost sales through personalized, one-on-one conversations, using AI. This system allows you to connect to your CRM to work with your leads. It automates the follow-up process and guarantees that it nurtures leads until they are prepared to make a purchase.

Josh highlighted the role of AI Sales System in helping your agency grow without hiring more setters, spending more money on ads, or changing a single step of your funnel. Josh promises that this AI outperforms human setters in terms of automation, consistency, and reliability. It can perform split testing, identification of funnel weaknesses, and profit maximization with ease. Moreover, Josh emphasized that his system allows scaling without relying on new leads. It also addresses the rising ad costs, strict platform policies, and competition.

 Here’s how the Agency Growth Secrets' AI Sales System works: 

  • Step 1: Customize and enhance your marketing funnels across various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., to build your pipeline effectively.
  • Step 2: Use AI to increase call volumes significantly by following up with leads, without requiring additional human labor.
  • Step 3: Scales your sales team's efforts by supplying a continuous stream of highly qualified leads ready for closing.

What are the Benefits of Agency Growth Secret's AI Sales System? 

  • 2-5 times increase in booked calls.
  • 85-95% show-up rate for calls.
  • Record-high Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).
  • Reduced payroll and operational costs
  • Increased consistency in lead flow and sales

Why AI Sales System is Better Than Human Setter?

The AI Sales System is better than human setters for several reasons: 

  • High volume of touch points: AI Sales System can manage the high volume of touchpoints required to close leads (e.g., 21 touchpoints for each lead, amounting to 6,300 touch points per month for 10 daily leads). Human setters can typically manage only 3-5 follow-ups per lead.
  • Scalability: Human setters often face high turnover rates because of the demanding nature of the job. This leads to a cycle of hiring and training that drains resources. Human setters' performance relies on motivation, which is difficult to scale. 
  • Consistency and reliability:  Human setters vary in performance. This leads to inconsistent follow-ups and potentially lost sales. The AI system ensures consistent and reliable follow-up on leads. It can operate all day, every day, without the lapses in performance that humans are subject to.
  • Reduced overhead costs: By automating follow-up processes, the system reduces the need for a large team of human setters, saving overall costs. 
  • Psychological barriers: Setters, like closers, prefer dealing with warm leads. This limits opportunities for closing more sales. Human psychology, motivation issues, or personal circumstances do not affect AI. It can engage with leads of all ages. 

What is the AI Growth Hub?

The AI Growth Hub by Josh Harris provides powerful AI technologies that help businesses grow by improving sales and marketing. Their offerings include AI Sales Systems, which enhance how businesses manage and interact with potential clients by making lead scoring more accurate.

They also have an AI Outbound tool, an email marketing solution that helps attract and secure more customers through tailored and effective communications. This tool helps businesses to expand their customer base. It helps make email marketing more efficient, personalized, and scalable. It's particularly useful for companies looking to improve their lead acquisition and conversion through targeted, data-driven email strategies.

Additionally, their AI Audiences tool uses machine learning to increase advertising returns by 30-40%. It guarantees effective utilization of every dollar spent on advertising. Together, these tools aim to boost sales efficiency and advertising effectiveness for companies of various sizes.

Who is the AI Growth Hub For?

  • Companies struggling with the high volume of touchpoints required to close sales 
  • Businesses aiming to scale their operations without increasing human labor costs
  • Organizations facing high turnover rates among their sales setters
  • Sales teams with inconsistent performance
  • Businesses seeking to optimize sales processes
  • Companies wanting to reduce payroll and operating costs
  • Businesses needing to improve lead follow-Up
  • Organizations with a focus on data-driven sales strategies
  • Marketing agencies and service providers

How Much Does the Tools in AI Growth Hub Cost?

The AI Growth Hub cost does not appear on any of Josh Harris' platforms. He mentioned in one of his videos that it will be determined after booking a call with him and his team. During this call, Josh and his team will determine if they accept you. This is because of capacity issues. They can only accommodate certain number of people. 

Are the Students of AI Growth Hub Getting Results?

Yes, students of AI Growth Hub are getting results. This is based on the success stories from their website and social media platform. In Josh's YouTube channel, you can find several reviews posted by different people. These reviews were mostly about how the program helped them in scaling their businesses. However, you can't find external sources that report how successful his program is.

In Josh Harris's LinkedIn profile, 9 people recommended him. One of them is John Hetterich from Sales Team Accelerator. He called Josh a marketing and business genius. John said that Josh Harris has provided him with tools, guidance, and knowledge to grow his business. Tyson Knauf is a banker turned full time digital marketing consultant who initially struggled with getting clients through cold calling. Tyson said that Josh helped him build his business to over 6-figures a month by giving him the right knowledge, skills, and system. 

Josh Harris has clients across various sectors. Every testimonial on his platforms emphasizes how he offers useful tools, practical advice, and customized coaching. All of it leading to financial gains and professional independence for his clients. Here are some of his successful clients: 

Wesley Christensen is a mental performance consultant who aids people in mastering their mindset to maximize potential. Initially earning less than $2,000 a month, Wesley quickly tripled his income within a month after joining Josh's program. Josh's guidance helped him make sales from his first phone call despite no prior experience. Wesley said he has applied the marketing skills he learned to his coaching business. 

Chris Zankowicz is high-ticket sales professional turned digital marketer. His agency started earning $54,000 per week within 36 days from using AI Sales System. 

Who is Joshua Harris?

Joshua Harris is an entrepreneur who cut his teeth in sales and marketing. He is the CEO and founder of digital marketing agencies called Harris Internet (2008 - 2016), Agency Growth Secrets (2016-2020), and AI Growth Hub (2020-present). Josh remains committed to mentoring fellow business owners. He also launched a website designed to help military veterans transition into entrepreneurship. Additionally, Harris is part of the Oracles, an exclusive group of entrepreneurs. He frequently contributes to platforms like Medium,, and LinkedIn. Josh is married with two daughters and lives in Largo, Florida. 

He also appeared in Entrepreneur, Success, and Huffington. Once he hit a certain figure within his own agency, he really felt like he really must have been onto something. Knowing that there are countless agencies out there that struggle to achieve similar success, he tried his hand at using his experiences to help them hit revenue milestones that they didn't think were possible. 

Other Programs by Joshua Harris

The Agency Growth Secrets 

The Agency Growth Secrets is an advanced data-targeting firm that uses artificial intelligence to enhance marketing campaign effectiveness, calls to sales conversion, and many more. Josh Harris developed this program to help those who are interested in starting or growing a digital marketing agency. Josh Harris has updated the course several times, but the focus remains on helping local businesses get more customers. However, the course already expired in 2020. They replaced this program with the AI Growth Hub in same year. 

Joshua Harris' Claims

Joshua Harris used to claim that his software aggregates tons of data from different industries to identify people that are buyers. From age, interests, demographics, and all other features, the AI collects the data to find the most ideal customers for your FB ads. Now, he claims that his AI Sales System is a transformative tool for coaches, consultants, agencies, and service providers looking to scale their businesses.

He states that the system can statistically increase sales by personalizing 1-on-1 conversations at scale. It optimizes sales processes through automated AI-driven follow-ups, scheduling, and lead management. He  added that it is more efficient than traditional human appointment setters. Josh emphasizes that using his system can double your call volume in 30 days or fewer without spending more money on setters or ads. Moreover, he also claimed that no one has ever done his method before. 

Joshua Harris' Claims Debunked

Some feedback on Agency Growth Secrets from people who have actually invested in their program is a bit concerning. A feedback on Ripoff Report said that Josh is a liar and fraud who took advantage and steal someone's money. However, it is also wise to note that sometimes people pour a bunch of money into something, thinking that the rewards will just start rolling in.

Also, integrating AI into sales process has some key issues and concerns. This includes:  

  • Lack of actual personalization: AI can simulate personalization to an extent. But, it might not fully grasp the subtleties of human emotions or the complexity of certain responses. This can lead to interactions that feel generic or insincere to prospects. AI's lack of genuine connection on a human level can be a drawback. Some clients might prefer personal interaction
  • Data privacy and security concerns: Using AI to process and analyze lead data raises concerns about data privacy and security. 
  • Integration with existing systems: Integrating AI tools into existing sales processes and systems (CRM, email marketing platforms, etc.) can be technically challenging. Compatibility issues may arise anytime. 
  • Over-reliance on technology: This can reduce the sales team's ability to engage deeply with prospects without the aid of AI.
  • Training and onboarding: AI systems require significant initial training to perform effectively. The need for continuous updating and training can be time consuming and costly. 
  • Misinterpretation of data: AI might misinterpret complex human behaviors or indirect expressions of interest, leading to inappropriate follow-up actions.
  • Costs: While AI can save money in the long term, initial setup, training, and integration costs may be huge for smaller businesses.
  • Technology failures: AI systems can malfunction or produce unexpected results. This can lead to missed opportunities or damage to customer relationships because of errors.

Navigating these challenges requires a balanced approach. This means combining the strengths of AI in handling data and automation with the irreplaceable value of human insight and empathy in sales interactions. As mentioned by kundrew1 in a Reddit thread, AI will not completely replace salespeople. In fact, it is only a tool that makes salespeople more efficient. 

Why Local Lead Generation is the Best Way For Local Businesses to Scale?

Local lead generation is the best way for local businesses to scale for several reasons. First, it focuses directly on attracting potential customers within a specific geographic area. This allows business to create highly tailored marketing strategies without relying on AI.  This leads to higher conversion rates and customer loyalty. Plus, it can provide a quicker return on investment too. Local businesses can employ local lead generation services for as low as $500. 


Second, local lead generation uses initiatives like local SEO and content marketing for local audiences. These are usually very cost-effective ways of reaching potential customers. According to Search Engine Roundtable, 46% of Google searches are with local intent, and 78 % buy locally after searching. This means having a website ranked locally can help local businesses scale their business even further. 

Third, employing AI tools to scale your business often needs significant upfront and maintenance cost. For example, it may make more calls and follow-ups than a human setter, but it does not guarantee conversion or sales. With local lead generation, businesses can even negotiate different payment schemes. 

Local lead generation providers can generate a passive income of $500 to $3,000 per month. By managing multiple websites, you can expand a local lead generation agency into a highly profitable online business. If you preferred a path to residual 6 figure income using free traffic and local businesses, local lead generation is the business for you. 

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  1. Josh Harris says whatever he feels he needs to hook small struggling businesses. Including a money back guarantee. When the system that isn’t even his own system fails, Joshua A Harris becomes a ghost. The number he used to reach you is just one of the created numbers he uses for this supposed automated Email/text messaging system. He takes advantage of vulnerable businesses and he is the consummate salesman that gives sales a bad name.

    This clearly seems to be yet another new venture for Josh, and he may have helped others with other systems. For us, 0 results and $6500 over 3 months is a pretty steep price to pay for being someone else’s guinea pig! He either has no idea
    what he’s doing with this “service” or he is a complete con artist. Either way, my company
    expects a full refund!

    If this article is even remotely legit, I suggest you do more research on this guy.

    1. sorry to hear your experience, this is why I proudly stand behind our lead gen program, providing on-going live coaching 2x weekly since 2014

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