Amazon Arbitrage University Review: Dropshipping vs Arbitrage

February 22, 2023

Amazon Arbitrage University is an online course created by Garret Rozell. It teaches you how to become an Amazon seller with 4 different selling methods; private label, wholesale, retail, and online arbitrage. Garret focuses on arbitrage, which is a great method for beginners as it requires low start-up costs. You can start a business for as low as $100. However, there are other fees you need to take account which can go up depending on the item, such as order fulfillment and storage fees, which we will discuss further below. Their course includes setting up your Amazon FBA seller account and advanced strategies to automate and scale your business. They provide templates and lists of sources to help you get started.

Amazon Arbitrage University is an affordable Amazon FBA course for all the information they provide. It can be useful if you’re interested in selling on Amazon but don’t know which business model suits you. However, a lot of the information they share can be found elsewhere online.

Also, Garret shares a lot of his techniques on his YouTube channel. And, they provide templates and lists of sources to help you get started faster. However, there aren’t any testimonials or reviews about the course from outside sources. There isn’t a lot of information about the course itself. Oddly, their terms and conditions reroute you to a course by Rich Khun.

Despite the lack of information on the course itself, Garret Rozell is a respected online professional seller. Being an Amazon seller can help you generate income online but there is a lot of risk involved. You would need to purchase products and pay Amazon seller fees to keep your business afloat. Your profit would also depend on how many sales you make and how many cheap sellable products you can find. If you’re looking for a business model that doesn’t require handling physical products, you may be interested in local lead generation

Dropshipping vs Arbitrage 

  • Requires little to no capital to get started. 
  • Easy to set up and get started. 
  • No need for storage or keeping inventory. 
  • Limited control over branding and product quality. 
  • Lack of product information and inventory. 
  • Easy to get started and scale up. 
  • Requires low capital to get started.
  • You can build a higher profit margin in a shorter period of time. 
  • Requires more investment to get started.
  • You need to do a lot of product research. 

You can find more in-depth analysis of retail arbitrage vs dropshipping here.

What Is Amazon Arbitrage University? 

Amazon Arbitrage University

Amazon Arbitrage University is an online course by Garret Rozell. It teaches you how to become an Amazon seller through 4 different methods; wholesale, retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, and private label. They cover how to sell on amazon with a tight budget, advanced sourcing methods, and how to automate your Amazon FBA business.


You get unlimited access to the course. 

They includes templates to help you get started. 

They cover other selling methods. 

Their course includes selling on a tight budget. 


There aren't any reviews from outside sources. 

You need to complete tasks to qualify for the refund. 

Their terms and conditions reroute you to another course. 



Refund Policy

30 Day money-back guarantee


There isn't any information on when the course was created. 


Garret Rozell has a good online reputation but there aren't any reviews on the course itself. 

Who Is Garret Rozell? 

Garret Rozell

Garret Rozell is an online business guru and entrepreneur. He was self-employed since he graduated college, reselling used items from local stores like goodwill online. Since then, he has scaled his Amazon arbitrage business to 7 figures in yearly sales. He started his YouTube channel in 2013 and began sharing information about ecommerce in 2018. 

Who Is Amazon Arbitrage University For?

Amazon Arbitrage University is for anyone interested in Amazon selling. It can be for beginner or experienced Amazon seller as they cover different selling methods. The course includes how to set up your Amazon seller account and how to use the Amazon seller app. They provide different tips on how to get started and how to scale up your business by finding different suppliers. Their methods and strategies found great success within the USA, Canada, and the UK.

How Much Does Amazon Arbitrage University Cost? 

Amazon Arbitrage University originally costs $2997. However, if you view their free training, the price goes down to $497, for a “limited” time only. 

Amazon Arbitrage University price

Does Amazon Arbitrage University Offer Refunds? 

Amazon Arbitrage University has a 30-day refund policy. You need to finish all the tasks so that you qualify for the refund. 

What Will You Learn From Amazon Arbitrage University? 

  • Setting up you account - They teach you how to set up your Amazon seller account and how to use the Amazon seller app. They cover what you need to know to get your Amazon store off the ground. 
  • Shipping - The course covers how you can get your chosen products to Amazon’s warehouse so they can handle order fulfillment. 
  • Sourcing Strategies and Techniques - They cover different techniques for finding good suppliers. They tackle looking for suppliers for wholesale, retail, and online arbitrage. Their course included basic and advanced strategies, as well as getting access to sponsored brands. They provide contacting templates as well to help you establish a relationship with your suppliers. 
  • Automation - Once you’ve set up your Amazon store, they cover how to streamline and automate your Amazon business. This will allow you to spend less time on managing your Amazon seller account.
  • Scaling your business - Amazon Arbitrage University covers advanced methods for higher profit margins. They go over strategies to help you earn $10,000 per month in passive income.

What Does Amazon Arbitrage University Offer? 

Full Access To The Course Curriculum 

You get access to the full curriculum that covers different selling methods on Amazon. The course includes training videos and templates.

Brand Ungating Guides 

You get access to a training material and templates that will help you build relationships with top brands and unlock top selling categories on Amazon.

List Of Vetted Wholesale Suppliers 

You receive a list of trustworthy suppliers where you can receive high discounts on bulk products.

AMZ Private Label Course 

You get over 45 videos and PDF’s on how to create a unique brand and products which you can sell on Amazon FBA.

Is Arbitrage Legal On Amazon?

Yes, arbitrage is legal on Amazon. Reselling items does not go against their policies. As long as the item is in proper condition and does not go against Amazon’s terms, you won’t face any legal backlash. It would be best to keep any receipts you have from the store that your products are sources for credibility, just in case. Additionally, check the policies of the brands you’re sourcing your items from. There are certain brands that don’t allow reselling or require a permit. Reselling items on Amazon is legal by itself. However, the marketplace has strict rules that you would need to abide by. 

How Much Does It Cost To Start An Online Arbitrage Business On Amazon?  

You can get started with an online arbitrage business for as low as $100, according to sellerapp. However, it would still depend on the products you want to resell and how much inventory you want to keep. Besides the cost of inventory, there are also Amazon FBA fees. You need to have an Amazon Seller Central Pro Subscription, which costs $39.99 per month and other additional fees, depending on your products. This would allow you more access to Amazon’s benefits, such as order fulfillment, no payment for every item sold, and unlimited product listing. 

Online arbitrage

How Much Can You Make With Online Arbitrage? 

How much you earn with online arbitrage depends on your capital, your product, and how many sales you make. You have the possibility of making a profit of $200 -$1,000 within your first 6-9 months, according to tacticalarbitrage. This is considering that you find a decent product, market it well enough, and keep up with demand regularly.

Retail vs Online Arbitrage 

Retail Arbitrage
  • You have more control  product quality. 
  • Low capital to get started 
  • You can generate long-term traffic. 
  • You would need to go to physical stores. 
  • Product research for deals and low prices takes time. 
Online Arbitrage
  • You can do everything completely remote. 
  • Easy to scale and you won't need to store any products. 
  • Takes a lot of product research 
  • You can't qualify the products yourself. 

Amazon Arbitrage University Review and Testimonials 

Garret Rozell has a good online presence. I couldn’t find any negative comments on his social media profile. A lot of his viewers on YouTube find that the information that he shares is useful. He even has viewers from different countries who find value in his content. However, Amazon Arbitrage University does not have any reviews or testimonials from outside sources.

Conclusion: Is Amazon Arbitrage University Worth It? 

Amazon Arbitrage University is a good course if you want to become an Amazon seller. They provide a lot of value and information if you’re still figuring out how to get started. There are also a lot of useful tips and strategies that you can learn for free on Garret’s YouTube channel and training video. It’s more affordable compared to other Amazon courses but they also provide fewer services. If you’re somebody who likes to learn by yourself at your own pace, then this may be the course for you.

Selling on Amazon is a good way to earn income online. However, it’s not really passive. You would need to do a lot of product research to keep up with the trends and continue to be profitable. The amount of risk involved depends on your chosen business method but you still need to have some capital to pay Amazon fees. If you’re looking for a business model that doesn’t rely on third party seller, you may be interested in local lead generation. You are in complete control of your business as you would own the platform. All you need to do is build your own website that will generate free traffic for you. This will allow you to rent out a piece of your digital real estate to local business owners. So you won’t need to worry about paying for inventory or product research, as you won’t have a physical product. 

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